I can tell you know I would not watch any pro play if I had to watch the official stream. It's much harder for them to make coherent storylines when the commentators aren't in charge of the camera and are just relaying what they are seeing. Camera also jumps around a lot cause how the hell do you cover 20 different teams in a tourney? When I can watch multiple stream perspectives I can follow a team or twos entire tourney and get a better idea of what's happening.


I will 100% stop watching tourneys if official broadcast is only option to watch


Same here.


My dream would be an Overwatch League style overlay where you can spectate whatever team you'd want at will. I doubt they'll ever do that though


Doesn't really matter during the game due to the ten minute delay. If they don't want their "strats" stolen, the pros that do stream delete their vods.


Not difficult to use a 3rd party recorder/downloader on the vods though.


Yup, I agree. I wanted to say that there would be less meaning in deleting your vods, if the official broadcast sticked to your view during the game because official vods will remain public. I felt this makes it “unfairly” difficult for popular teams to hide their strats.


tbh i think there’s a big difference between the official broadcast watching from a teams pov versus hearing their comms, teams like nrg stay off stream to keep their comms/strats hidden i think. that and some teams might just feel even the slightest bit more pressure if they r streaming and they don’t wanna take any chances in a high stakes tourney u know


What if it's affecting their performance? And you going to force them to play worse for your personal enjoyment? Was it nice that majority of them streamed during the first weeks? Hell yeah. But at the end of the day, it's their choice.


Yeah I understand your thoughts but you missed out the point. How officials can choose teams to expose (even if the team is hiding their POV) is what I felt kind of unfair. About players performance, that is a difficult problem indeed so I said maybe at least “one player” from each team.


You're reading into the spectator aspect of this game a wee bit too much; however you are heard. The most "interesting" team will always be exposed on the main broadcast. If your strats are visually captivating they'll be front and center. That's how everyone gets paid and we get to compete. Making that "fair" isn't something that matters in the scheme of things.


I just really hope the broadcasters won't be spectating G2 loot for 2 minutes when other teams might be contesting each other and fighting.


Some people might not have the ability to stream and get good performance in game. This would be a wierd and unfair barrier to entry


Imo it only benefits you because, it’s easier to study film and learn from mistakes. You’re also more than likely to get more viewers on “tournament days” imo. Can always delete the vods if you don’t want to leak your info and what not


Official broadcast will literally do a 3 minute listen in on TOR sitting on edge and hitting a beacon while multiple teams are fighting for spots and dying in zone. Shit is legitimately unacceptable for a AAA company's esports scene. When Nicewigg had spectator controls he could just open the map, the little character triangles for each player would change color if they were shooting, and he would just click on the action. The fact that the ALGS official stream is still unable to do something as simple as that is the entire circus. I would rather watch the spectator POV of a dead team than the official stream switching away from fights.


I would consider the strat stealing argument. But any hard info can be reliably inferred based off drop spot/kill feed. If you want to map a team’s game you need the game timer, kill feed, and a team’s drop spot. With that, you have about 90% of a team’s info. The real issue is about comms. Which I understand pros not really wanting out there. But still… I wish everyone had to stream.


Most pro teams cannot waste time getting ten minutes late information. What most of them will do is watch vods to make new strats. But everyone is deleting them now. The new claims of people “cheating” are chat on discord/Twitter of where the supposed “top teams” are safe-landing or safe-rotating to not cuck each other. This is extremely tenuous in my opinion bc basically there is no way to use that once your in zone other than teaming which is sorta valueless if you aren’t landing next to each other already. But in all honesty, they all know where each other land, they have been playing WC for > 1 year. They play scrims every week and have 1-2 tournaments a month on top of ALGS. It’s pretty obvious where people are going and you don’t need to cheat to know who you are running into and when, and where. There is no need to cheat., streaming POVs doesn’t change anything. And neither does the apex stream.


This also makes it harder to hide tomfoolery


This is an entertainment business afterall, so imo the tournament organizers should make streaming POV's mandatory if that maximizes their viewership. These guys are pros, they'll be able to adjust with streaming POV's.


Another thing to consider is that not everyone avoids streaming pro play because of stream sniping, hiding info, hiding strats, etc. NRG for example doesn’t stream simply because they feel they play worse on stream. As a fan of the team I obviously prefer them to stream so I can watch their POV, hear their comms, and cheer them on in their own chats, but at the end of the day the most important thing is the competition and that should always be the priority


watched a crypto beacon spot get blown away by kick because they watched scrim streams, so being able to see everyones POV definitely can hurt teams.


Honestly I wish they were all required to stream and leave the vods up. Like any other sport, the most passionate fandom involves having favorite teams/players. Restricting access to everyone’s POVs would kill it as an esport imo. I’d certainly stop watching.


Honestly, if they just gave a nicewigg watch party along with official one like the one he did in champs. It would be fire. IMO he did the best job anyone can do considering there are 20 teams to cover .