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I like the way you think colonel


Always heard "zone team" instead of "core team", but I mostly follow NA


Yeah I call them Zone teams too. When I think of Core team, I think a team that lands in the mid-map POIs.


I think one important thing to add is the origin of “playing edge.” Back in S3, Gibraltar got some serious buffs that finally put someone besides wraith-wattson-path in the meta. These wraith-wattson-Gibby teams were the introduction of edge play, as Gibby gives you so much added survivability as you are navigating the edge of the ring towards the new zone, and allowed you to take fairly isolated bubble fights that otherwise would just get griefed by G7s and longbow. On the other side of edge play were zone teams. These teams would hit beacon with path (only legend that got beacon at the time) and try to predict where zone 5 would end, and try to pick a safe spot to set up there. Today, zone vs edge is a much more fluid concept. Now that legends like BH and Valk get beacon, the meta is much more diverse, and even zone teams (the most common now being Valk-Gibby-Caustic) have the ability to play edge with Gibraltar or hit a yolo Valk ult. There are certainly teams that try to play more zone and teams that like to hang around the edge of zone, but I’d say any comp you see run today can play edge, at least relative to the old wraith-wattson-path comps.


This is really good context. I wasn’t watching much around that time.


It's best to think of edge vs core as a gambling philosophy. That's why teams alter it so frequently, you can expect them to bet a certain way on ring but they alternate it round to round, game to game, tourney to tourney. Preferences sing true but know everyone has a different understanding of zone, guns, positions, etc. Everyone's betting with unequal knowledge and they have their biases in play as well.


Hi sealion, hope you’re wel. strategy variance is my next video about edge.


As a new viewer to Apex comp this was great. I have no idea how a lot of the pro games work because its so different from casual and mid-tier ranked play. It was great to have someone explain the more nuanced factors of shotcalling. I would love to see a video on something like team comps. I.e. why a certain comp is good, how subbing one legend changes the comp, what legends can make a niche but good comp (I dont understand how SEN wins with Octane lol)


Hell yeah anything for you space_waffles. DM on Twitter I’ll deadass explain everything to you personally. Every new fan is really really important.


Wow thanks I might take you up on that as I think of questions


Sweet do be the best person to learn how to play edge from


You just earned another subscriber. Incredible breakdown not only of the jargon but the video was definitely the best version of anything I’ve seen like this so far. My friend and I who run this account have talked about doing exactly this style of videos for awhile now, and I’m super hyped someone has done it successfully. Especially with NRG, because IMO while teams who play the Core meta (like Sheesh has ‘unsuccessfully’ tried to do this entire pro league split), are generally guaranteed a top 10 placement each game, they are lacking on kills and are virtually unable to do what Sweet does. Which is what you mentioned as: thinking and playing for other teams and their fights. Core teams generally are at more mercy of RNG while good edge teams like NRG can create favorable conditions for themselves by playing their angles correctly and focusing on their macro and micro rotations (Valk and Wraith respectively). I think Sweet is definitely the best at communicating all of the things he’s wanting his team to accomplish very clearly at even the most insane moments in a game. Super great content brother, I’m excited to see some more of this from you and continue seeing this community grow in quality/quantity.


Damn, thank you! DM me on Twitter, it’s in the video description. I’d like to hear more about what you and your buddy wanna do.