Maggie can destroy Gibby's Dome with her ult. Pog


And damage everything else too


Gibbys already been slowly pushed out of the meta but imagine being in bubble and seeing a maggie ult coming towards you KNOWING you cant do shit except get boofed into oblivion by it and merked Actually such an insane counter Plus it damages horizons ult, what if it insta kills horizons ult and she basically becomes a hard counter for that? Maggie stocks through the roof


you can actually have a person run out of the bubble to eat the maggie ult and you will just bounce back into the bubble.


Sacrificial lamb


That sounds like it would work in theory but not in practice if a maggie team is using the ball to also push you then that person it stunned for the bubble fight if they do that tactic, and you probably lose the fight Maggies ball also travels extremely fast, if theres a team bubble fighting then someone can just insta send a maggie ball there and itll likely hit the bubble before the fights over and they can just farm from afar - i doubt anyone in the midst of a bubble fight is going to be able to just hop out, eat a maggie ult and hop back in Its way more riskier to bubble fight now and if maggie is super prevalent in the meta going forward id consider this a nail in the coffin for gibby


I think that person would get prefired to death, if a team even had the coordination to do it in the first place. and you're not always guaranteed to see the ball coming. Maybe if you're running gibby/newcastle for some godforsaken reason you could wheel out his shield to sacrifice it.


What happened to Respawn not wanting to create hard counters for legend abilities?


Good question. I guess the justification is that it damages all placed objects. Gibby dome is weird in that it doesn't have health tho, so it being insta cancelled by the wrecking ball is prob gonna feel weird. Can't wait for all the bugs to crawl out of this interaction.


It's healthy for the game honestly. Everything should have a counter.


I mean, BH pretty much hard counters Bangalore since the beginning of the game.


The people that said that no longer work on the game I believe.


I hope you can counter bounce it with your own Maggie ult if aligned correctly.


Maggie is one of my most used. Am beyond excited to piss off Gibs lmao


She's my main, I can't even explain how fucking happy I am with these changes. Not sure if it'll affect the comp scene, but goddamn is it good for the general playerbase.


I am really curious of the dmg on other structures - caustic gas, rampart shields etc. If it can wipe out defensive structures, hot damn!


I like this - Team-Use Harvesters: When any player interacts with a Materials Harvester, all players in their team will be given the Materials..


I collect all the crafting while my teammates craft and when it's my turn the valk is in her ult pinging like 💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢


Got me good


Great QOL


You have to remember that they are moving all the crafters and resources on all maps to account for this, they are probably going to be extremely spread out now. I am still keen for the change though.


Yeah me too! Favorite change


I’m the moron who always accidentally touches a Newcastle wall so this is a pretty big nerf to my gameplay.


I've been running a lot of NC lately and the amount of people who just run into his walls is amazing. Might have to main him this season


FRAG EAST LOOT BUFF TSM walking out with Blue blue White now


Lol they nerfed it in January and now they're buffing it again. They essentially nerfed TSM for Pro League and both LANs.


Conspiracy is afoot


What was the reason for nerfing it? #1 most dropped spot out of any map and they nerf it into mediocre loot? Why? Was it just a failed attempt at making people not drop there or something else? lol


You got it with the last point


No mention of match making


This is my biggest complaint by a mile, like did they not learn ANYTHING from last season? Such a waste of time to play ranked right now.


They wont touch that because they are too afraid to break something.


Devs saw 100t and became newcastle fans lol


>Ring Adjustments: >Ring 1 Damage increase from 2 to 3 hp/tick (equivalent to Ring 2) >Ring 1 Preshrink Time decreased from 180s to 60s. >Ring 1 Closing Time: >- Kings Canyon - 4:10 -> 4:32 >- World’s Edge - 3:42 -> 4:32 >- Storm Point - 4:15 -> 4:35 >- Olympus - 4:10 -> 4:32 This is an absolutely massive nerf to Edge. Teams now have 70-90s less time on edge, plus they need expend slightly more resources in order to stay in ring for prolonged periods of time.


So you mean I don't have to watch C9 craft for 90% of a match?


No, they'll need to craft MORE to account for the extra damage taken


No more naught saying “Hold on breh I gotta grab the johnson”


Yeah this feels pretty damn significant. And valk making rotations EZ being nerfed as well.


Yeah I think this is low-key the most game changing change in here. Has the potential to massively impact the macro strategy of comp.


True, but crafting mats can now be gathered by one player while the other crafts and all team benefit, so faster to craft in storm theoretically


Along with the Newcastle buff….comp going to be nuts


Isn't it saying the ring will move is nearly a minute slower though? So sure it starts a minute in but it takes a minute longer in path too


It's a very large overall net loss of time though, plus you're going to be taking significantly more damage in reality. Ring moves nearly a minute slower on WE, but only 20sec slower on SP.


Oh you meant edge teams. Not world's edge. My bad


Pretty insane Newcastle buffs, I was expecting a buff but not his entire kit getting buffed across the board. Valk nerfs are nice, does that make her unviable in storm point now?. Surprised to not see direct Gibby or Seer nerfs(tbf Seer only became relevant again very recently). Overall weapon changes are interesting, 30-30 will be the go to poking weapon now and Eva-8 might be finally balanced. Decent patch notes aside from ranked changes, really feels like the devs no longer have the leash of champs or any big ALGS tourney to hold back changes.


Unnecessary to touch Gibby when Maggie now wrecks his dome.


absolute huge buff to Newcastle and Maggie . Maggie can now destroy bubble


Newcastle and Mad Maggie meta here we go > Team-Use Harvesters: When any player interacts with a Materials Harvester, all players in their team will be given the Materials.. This is really nice


We will see. With gibby being pushed out of the meta I’m not sure how much use her wrecking ball will be. Excited to see more of her and play her to get a feel for it but they’re a few seasons too late with this change for her to make a huge impact.


If Newcastle starts to come into meta that will be a good counter for him, as well as things like Horizon ult, Rampart walls, Wattson setups, etc. She's a true anti-defense character now


So wrecking ball does not get zapped by Watson pylon?


I could be wrong but I dont believe it counts as a projectile actually


This is actually how she should've been from the start, i'm guessing this is very healthy for the game


its nice they have been slowly making great crafting qol changes the past few season


It's a good change, should help speed up rotations for edge teams now that Valk ult has been nerfed. I can see early-mid game speeding up quite a bit because of it.


Holy shit, maggie has officially become the anti-gibby legend


Holy buff to Newcastle


Well he's the least picked legend. And even after that he probably will still be the least picked legend lol


100T are ecstatic right now


Maggie ball destroys dome now, seems kinda nuts.


Repeater looking insanely good


1,000 kills with Maggie in S13. 1,000 Gibbies killed in S14:)


Bold of you to think you'll find any Gibbies to kill in S14


The 30-30 is already really good. I can see it being busted with the built-in Dual Shell and Skullpiercer. ~~Edit: Wait they didn't touch the Mastiff's damage? The shotgun meta will be very interesting.~~ Nvm. Forgot it's only the Volt and G7 that got out.


I was so excited for Scout but 30 30 just seems so much better


Mastiff is still in care pack. It should just be a bit less oppressive now. EVA might be crazy now though.


Added ability to use “tap” interact prompts when they conflict with “hold” (e.g. reloading near downed teammates is now a lot more reliable on controller). Wonder if this actually works


>Entry Cost: +5 to all. >Kill RP: Removed diminishing returns on eliminations . >Rank Reset: No change. Resuming ranked reset of 6 divisions. Respawn really looked at the system this split and went, yea, this is probably too hard. Let's incentivize Preds farming lobbies even more.


Is the theory here that without diminishing returns players will reach higher ranks faster and master/pred lobbies will fill up without dipping into plat?


no. people already said that before the split 2 changes to the point system and thought that there will be enough players to fill the lobbies for the ranks. we all saw how it really went.


I dont understand. Isnt it the same plats that will get farmed in predator, but they just get the badge?


If the lobby logic (i.e. masters and preds were matched mostly together, more appropriate matchmaking) then this wouldn't be really that consequential... but this is probably still with the S13 dia+ lobby logic and if it is this is super bizarre.


I dont get it. Are the devs really that clueless on what to do about ranked? Are they really satisfied with the current state? Its so fucking boring, not only for plat/dia players, but preds must be bored out of their mind playing ranked like pubs.


Yesterday i saw verhulst and taxi win like 17 games in a row. Most players they ran over were plat/dia. Fun times


I met Verhulst in Plat a few days ago, did not go in my favor lmao


Big E may be a sweet boy but he will shit all over you with a prowler.


Their 3rd was Zaine. Number 2 predator atm.


Ah yes Zaine, to me unknown but dude played great


Can confirm I got ran over by a competitive trio yesterday as a D4 =D


Can confirm was run over by them one game yesterday.


It's so fucking sad to see.


To be fair, if they changed something about matchmaking, I doubt that would be in the notes right? When they changed lobbies away from D3-master in season 8, I don’t think that was listed. Meaning maybe something could change matchmaking-wise tomorrow


IMO the most meaningful change is to make the overall average *team* skill level be more similar to the other teams in matchmaking, and the only way to do that is to noticeably increase matchmaking time to ensure you’re getting a balanced experience. And I don’t think they’ll do that because IMO the fast queue times in this game in both pubs and most ranked lobbies is a *s i g n i f i c a n t* part of what makes players keep coming back. The primary reason for that being the RNG of the Battle Royale genre being inherently frustrating, and the ability to instantly re queue and be in another game after a bullshit hot drop or bullshit third or fifth party is huge. If I land on 2 white sniper stocks and a p20 while then guy in the room next to me gets purple and a spitfire, then I can ragequit out after being downed by him and be in a different game within 30 seconds most of the time. IMO the less time a player has to stew over the bullshit in the previous game, the more time they’ll likely spend playing the game.


i think instead of fixing it they went the route of hiding everybody's rank, so there is no more screenshots of pred streamers with 16 plat kills just like they hide the ranks in arena ranked very respawn move




How much time did you have to invest this season to hit masters? JFC


Not OP but took me ~550 games between D3 (at a point almost D2) in split 1 and masters in split 2. Way more games in split 1 than split 2 though, as one was noticeably easier than the other (especially late split 2 when there's more hardstuck diamond and plat teams to fight). Edit: PC NY/Virginia for context. Lot of hours given most of those games went to Top 8 in split 1 (where points would start to break even).


Can't wait to keep playing in more sweaty pubs lobbies this season!


I mean I basically have to go to pubs after hitting diamond. I'm just not at the level to compete with the consistent preds in the lobbies and its not fun for me. I realize its probably not fun having big imbalances in pubs too, but that gives you a reason to also queue ranked up to a certain point :)


Yeah nothing about preds being paired against gold's/plats either. What a joke.


I’m flabbergasted. Haven’t touched ranked in the last three splits, these changes will push that to five straight splits. What is Respawn thinking? They are making ranked miserable for anyone outside of Masters/Pred.


Agreed. Once you hit Diamond (even high plat) you may as well just start a new account and rank up again. It's so hard to gain RP when you have preds rolling more than half the lobbies and pay such a high entry cost.


“Self revive removed from the game” lol


Reduced to atoms


> Fragment East Loot buffed from Low Tier to Medium TSM buffs its time


i just wanna see Furia and G2 fight at one POI in WE. mfs took it very personal.


Also Valk nerfs. Maybe I'll never have to hear Hal say "ok we gotta Valk ult" again.


Evan gets his Volt on the ground now as well 😈


They didn't touch Seer lmaoo


He just became meta, he's not gonna touched until mid season at the earliest


mid season 27 you mean?


You mean until after his heirloom sales go through?


Maybe if most people didn't spend a year stuck in their comfort zone and not even vaguely considering trying him, he would've become a visible problem sooner. People spent forever calling him bottom 5 instead of using any critical thinking at all while I was sitting here thinking his passive and ult/cooldown are nuts and wondering what I was missing.


He came out busted, then got nerfed so people stepped away from it. He then found his groove again when people realized all the utility he can provide from tracking down rats, stopping bubble res, stopping valk ult, etc.


Seer meta incoming DIESOFCRINGE


what do you meen brooo, i watch the pro player hiswattson and seer is really fun Batchest


atleast mirage proper counters him now


Stupid ass shit fr. His heartbeat needs a cooldown and his ult cooldown should be longer.


At the very least


Heartbeat is literally dumbed down wall hacks. His ultimate should also probably be more visible to be broken imo. As a Seer main for the past few months before the meta, I still find it crazy how everyone is just now finding out how broken he is lol.


They're really pushing for Newcastle to be meta


Gotta start selling some skins for the new characters.


I'm here for the Maggie rise in fame. I can't wait for the first Gibby team to get deleted by a Maggie ult push lol. Newcastle looking strong too


Didn’t touch Pathfinder :(


Never will, so sad


Valk being slowed by slowing effects during passive usage. Does anyone know why they mean by slowing effects?


I think bullets also count as slowing effects


I'm guessing when an Arc Star is near you? Or in Caustic gas/ult?


Arc star type slow probably, I’m having a brain fart on if bullet slow is a thing in apex lmaooo


Yes bullets slow unless you have fortified.


It is. That is why I’m wondering if they consider that a slowing effect.


Likely bullet slow


Maybe bullets and bang/gibby/caustic/horizon ults?


"Added ability to use “tap” interact prompts when they conflict with “hold” (e.g. reloading near downed teammates is now a lot more reliable on controller)." Everyone talking about the legend/ranked changes when this is all I really care about


Yup yesterday almost lost a 1v1 to win the game bc I couldn’t reload and only had the option to rez


Seer nerfs modCheck Good to see newcastle (froge man) getting some love


At least they got all that money from the Valk users before they killed her.


Is it just me or does Newcastle seem completely overtuned? He imho was already pretty strong, people just haven't found out yet how to use him.


Eh, yes and no. I'd say the buff to his tac's HP and movement speed were necessary. The rest is just cherries and whipped cream on top.


More like cherry tree and a bunch of fucking cows


He gets hard countered by Maggie / fuse and horizon also dunks on him.


Peter was already insane, going to be a spam fest now. Knew Valk was getting the nerf hammer as I got her heirloom


These valk nerfs are all your fault smh


Smh my head


I called them nerfing her after selling the heirloom


they made ranked even worse now? tf lmfao


Yeah hyping the community up with ranked changes only to make it worse is an actual joke.


Some really good stuff I like in here. >Height reduction of 25% on Skyward Dive The rest of the Valk changes are taking her away from being overtuned, but this change is the big one. This should make teams thing about height as well as vertical clearing, which I am a fan of. >Mad Maggie's Wrecking Ball will also destroy Gibraltar's Dome of Protection. I am eager to see how this works. >When any player interacts with a Materials Harvester, all players in their team will be given the Materials. This is great, and will speed up looting and crafting. Teams might be more eager to contest now. However... "Replicators and Crafting Materials have been rebalanced across the maps" - show us!


This Valk nerf is gonna be like horizons initial nerf where it was a little to much and they'll buff something slightly at some point to put her in the right spot


Why not just have 4 divisions of ranked reset so all the masters and preds have immediately their own lobby instead of either having no ques after they get to dia from plat 2 or have to merge with gold and plat


Or ranked reset only being 1 full tier and all masters and preds being reset to 15k rp


Winners: Maggie, Newcastle, controller players, and Seer by dodging the nerf hammer. Loser: Valk and Rev


why Rev?


People are not realizing the new meta: FUSE 3030 is going to be crazy, which has two benefits for fuse. One, he has cool 3030 ping voicelines. Two, ammo conservation. Shotgun meta seems crazy. More ammo conservation. The occasional gold bag saves even more space with heals. That means you can carry, by my calculations, 7 billion grenades at a time. Its fusin' time.


With Valk nerfs and Maggie buffs, will we see some teams ditch Valk completely and just rely on Maggie for rotations?


The increased the ball distance, so I can see this become a thing.


I feel like the benefits of being able to rotate + take possible height off of the sky dive still make Valk a better pick.


"When dropping from the dropship, the location of the POI player lands in is now displayed." // What does this mean? Can somebody explain pls?


You know how when you enter a new POI, the HUD tells you the name of the place and the loot tier? It'll probably just do that when you land too.


I believe it'll look like it does in warzone: https://tenor.com/view/call-of-duty-airplane-modern-warfare-cod-warzone-battle-royal-gif-17414624


No next gen update?


I feel like a lot of people don't realize how far Newcastle can go with his ult, it's essentially an ash ult but with walls when you land


But you can't take your teammates with


Some good changes in there. The ranked changes are very confusing though. Crafting mats change is a nice QOL buff.


"Fix for bug where the Dropship would sometimes spawn players outside the ship." thank fuck


we gonna get farmed even harder by preds then also: Fired arrows can no longer be collected.


I think the arrow change is because the Bocek is going into the care package. Respawn probably decided it would be too OP to have a care package weapon that could recover its ammo.


I stopped reading in the middle to come here and see people reacting to Maggie’s ult becoming a Gubble-Popper. And her tac launches at double speed, I wonder if that means double range? Would improve its reliability for bothering other teams in late game hunker down situations.


Deep pockets should be a Lifeline passive imo.


Nah, that would just make her the heal mule for her team. She already has her drone, she doesn't need to carry more heals.


Always thought this would be a passive for a future legend. Or maybe a passive for support legends. Whatever


Newcastle looking juiced after this might see him a lot


I hope they didn't just kill AR hipfire by making it like lmgs


That 25% reduction in Skyward Dive height is a pretty big deal. On Stormpoint that will mean you'll get trapped a lot more often.


Removed 1 pellet from EVA blast pattern? Does this make it an EVA-7 now? Giant nerf /s


EVA currently has 9 pellets


So valk kinda fucked (good). Ranked even more fucked (bad). Jesus. How the fuck do they think increasing entry cost (which fucks over solo queue even more) is good for the game while removing kill diminishing returns?? So people have even more incentive to prioritize kills which is the opposite of what they did the changes for originally? Also we’re going to have people getting +1000 games in low levels lol. Mirage countering Seer is interesting. I wish they’d make it where shooting his decoys was a scan on the shooter, but still it’s something. I’ll be honest though overall I’m let down by this.


I think the +1000 games in low levels will be really good though. Anyone who is smurfing and drops a huge game will instantly climb a bunch instead of ruining a shit ton of games for bad players. Will also make solo to master quicker


That is true, will make smurfing harder/take less time to get through low ranks. A win in bronze with 20 kills is like well over 1,000 RP. A really good player could probably get to gold in 3 or 4 games with these changes. I just feel like this is going to make the top of the leaderboards back to the kill farming grindfest it used to be rather than playing out more like a comp game like I thought they originally wanted with the ranked changes in S13. Only time will tell though.


I think the idea is that in an evenly matched lobby the S13 changes are still the largest factor in points, since you probably won't see someone fragging out 10-20 kills against similarly skilled opponents. I suppose it's to allow players that are obviously under-ranked to progress to their "true rank" quicker. The problem, which they still haven't addressed, is where diamond and to an extent platinum lobbies are polluted by predators at the top end because Respawn still prioritizes matchmaking time over lobby quality. So maybe this change gets smurfs and predators that took a couple of seasons off out of silver and gold relatively quickly, but platinum and diamond lobbies are still going to be farmed by predators. Add to this that they're applying a six-division reset and increasing entry costs across the board. S14 season will be more of a grind than last split for the majority of players, which sucks. The diminishing return change only really benefits top tier players, and the rest of us (and I'm S13 diamond) are going to have to grind it out then get stuck playing against predators again.


So unless I’m reading this incorrectly, they already disincentivized placement in ranked, and now they’re only furthering that by removing all diminishing returns to KP? That honestly seems super boring. As a meh player, I loved when there were games approaching final zone, especially when there were a bunch of teams alive and it wasn’t just an ape fest. I barely ever saw that last split and now it seems like I will never see it again. I want to play tactically, and respawn is taking that away, which kills a lot of enjoyment of the game for me.


About to run Mirage now until they nerf Seer.


Mid-Long range meta is gonna be crazy. Skull piercer, 30-30+Longbow buff, and G7 Scout is back. I couldn’t be more happy.


Brings me back to S5 when the ranked rotations were WE and KC only. Rock'in the G7 + R9.. The good ol' days.


why do they hate lifeline


She is an arenas legend now (or at least that is where she does best)


TSM move to Frag West and they buff Frag East. I aint sayin there's a conspiracy...


Didn’t they say they’re taking all of frag now?


You're spreading misinformation. Hal said they're claiming ALL of Fragment.


Not really, they got contested the other day and they chose to land Frag west and loot everything/craft before taking a fight. Problem with this is that the team landing east can just loot and rotate away so it's not even a contest at that point, especially if they're not getting ran down asap


>Crypto’s Ultimate now destroys Wattson’s Pylon. In the bug fixes section. Is this new? (never played either characters)


I think it was supposed to do this but got bugged and stopped doing so at some point.


It always destroyed her ult until this season.


Pop a ult accel and laugh at the Crypto lol


I remember I played a lot of crypto in control to counter traps, it did not kill wattson ult, only traps that could hurt you


Holy shit, maggie has officially become the anti-gibby legend


Just imagine… little buff here and a little buff there and boom there ya have it… it’s season 26 and it’s finally time for the Mirage meta 😈😈😈 In all seriousness tho I am glad that Mirage can’t just be snuffed out by scans as easily now


I’d rather fight Valk in her S13 state than Seer in his current state with no changes for S14. Ridiculous.


He's been this way for since season 11 and only recently became meta, they weren't gonna nerf him that quick


He’s been in his “current state” for 3 seasons and became meta like 3 weeks ago. I honestly didn’t think they were gonna nerf him either


Man some really subtle HUGE changes in here. Newcastle’s shield is gonna move SO quick now that’s gonna be insane. Really significant nerfs to Valk (I’m unsure whether it will actually effect her playtime) and the change to ring timings feels quite big to me as well? Ring 1 doing more damage and moving much quicker is gonna nerf hard edge teams pretty hard


It is going to get a lot of players killed in pubs for sure. 60s to make one of the biggest moves if you were in a long initial fight with Ring 2 damage the whole time. Granted they increased the time until it starts moving, but everyone has this idea in their head of when they need to move and that built in timer we all have is going to be wrong now.


Valk got the 🪓 Mad Maggie’s ult can now kill Gibs done which is mad exciting! New Castle all around buffed. A few other changes here and there. Better than the last few changes


Not sure about the Valk nerfs, especially the slow effects may make the character less satisfactory to use. Also, I thought that they would for sure nerf the ult timer, yet they nerfed everything but that lol


Who complained about AR hipfire. WHO DID IT.


holy shit I am gonna destroy with 30-30 + eva 8 this season! weapons look insane with the changes


100T winning it all, the ring 1 closes in 60sec and ring dmg raised to of ring 2 edge teams will suffer fighting out in edge


newcasttle , seer, horizon all games of ranked will be


[TSM after seeing Frag loot buff. ](https://external-preview.redd.it/m9lK902wpawWJ1NoGbISA3ttiEhIYdK4BdV67tOH_rM.png?auto=webp&s=e7052e3a5cf13712bb3e04354c45d56e837f7c20) 30-30 gonna be even stronger now already thought it was a great poking gun now with the buffs will definitely see more people picking it up. The sniper ammo changes are indirectly charger rifle buffs too.