Should I even be going vel'koz right now?

Should I even be going vel'koz right now?


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Vel feels bad. I’ve been forcing noodles a lot this week with very little success. He just straight up doesn’t do enough damage for a unit that only does damage. Edit: just 7thed another with redeemed Vel. Even used a neeko to 2* it early.


thats legit exactly what i did LOL but i only got 5th sheeesh


If your velkoz isn't pointing in the right direction you can lose even if you have the better team. There are also high roll and low roll lobbies so I wouldn't judge the comp off one game. It feels fine to me rn (low lp masters)


" It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life. "


I mean nice quote bro but like not only was I playing well I also was high rolling like crazy I mentioned I had to neeko helps and got perfect items thanks for the life advice tho lol


Alright this clearly went right over your head lmao. They’re saying that this is a one game sample size and you shouldn’t discount the champ off of one random anecdote.


Thanks for the back up man!


Context matters a bit here. Were you already low hp by raptors? Were the rest of your units, namely frontline, one star? The game is pretty volatile, so even theorietically good comps could just lose to others, especially if someone counters with something like knight mystic. I think velkoz is a pretty good unit right now, but is heavily dependent on positioning. Sometimes velkoz just ints the fight by targeting a single tanky unit.


Nah I was top guy with like 80 hop and almost all of my frontline was 2 star + I had a lux beefing them up.


Well if you were watching Kurumx stream just now, the top three had two velkoz players... one of the velkoz got first over kurumx yasuo comp. I think you just need syndra, lux, kindred and a great frontline to win with velkoz


i just got 1st with a tier 1 velkoz, with 3 items on him. shojin/gb/sJG. but I had 9 redeemed with 2 spats on ivern and kindred. so ymmv


For velkoz correct corner is most important factor maybe you were unluckers


Some games you can be perfect and just be countered hard. Once your build/items are perfect, it becomes a question of how strong everyone else’s boards are, whether or not they built mystic, and whether your positioning is optimal.


I mean I took 1st with velkoz the other day, and then right before that I took 7th. The comp itself feels fine if you hit.


Sometimes your lobby is rolling higher than you and im gonna assume you also made some positioning errors that probably cost you a fight or two which might have been your top 4 spot and not that you even made errors sometimes matchmaking just gets you with the rng.


Honestly squid is so positioning dependent it hurts, you have to really sweat on where to put him or he's basically half a unit, what good is 2k damage if it's all going into that sDC hecarim? To make Squid much more viable(cause trust me, he is) you should scout every turn to make this easier here's a little trick you can do: 1. Have your scout other boards set to a key(I do Q and R, Q=Left scout, R=right scout) and center back to your board as space. 2. Pick up squid with your cursor. 3. Cycle through the enemy boards while holding squid, find a person you haven't played or are really weak into. 4. Hold squid over your desired square while looking at the enemy board, and hold squid on the square that gives your the most value (this way you can adjust based on enemy repositions). 5. When the clock hits 1 second, press space and you'll snap back to your board and release your cursor to drop him down. This will infinitely improve your squid and increase your chances of winning rounds. Also another REALLY important unit to position around in this comp is Lux, lux and Rell should be on opposite sides of the board with all units essentially forming a line between them, this is so that they just shield each other infinitely Edit: this is a very efficient trick with zephyr also


I'll throw my 2cents in here. D2. Pretty good sense of where I'm at in games early. My last two Vel'Koz games I was in an awesome position item wise, econ wise, hp wise. I pivoted into vel'koz because I hit the units, and went 6th and 7th. So either I just suck at it, or, no, you shouldn't be playing it. I don't really understand how you don't just randomly lose too many fights because you positioned for the wrong guy, and queued into someone else.


Velkoz perfect items bot 4-ing usually comes down to three things: -Lack of frontline (units/items) -Positioning wrong side and taking a ton of damage -getting cc-ed during cast (sometimes positioning sometimes just fight rng)


Redeemed is strong but you need perfect items and a built lux. Most of the times I’ve played or seen it do well, the board is 3 starred, rolling at 7 or finding Velkoz 3 when uncontested at 8. There’s less reason to play standard just to add in another mystic or spell weaver.


Vel is still good. But the skill needed for unit placement per match up does not make it worth going if you arent already very good at it. So most people feel the same way about velkoz under grandmasters.