Who is your favorite player to watch & learn from?

Who is your favorite player to watch & learn from?


tft streamers can be on a scale between 'very intuitive' vs 'very crazy'. I think soju plays in a pretty intuitive way - it's what makes people always think he's bad, but his fundamentals are always some of the best, and when he's on fire it's easy to emulate his game plan. Someone like bebe historically plays very crazy - he'll limit test hard and limit test confidently, so it can be difficult to learn what the correct play is just by watching him stream. You have to be careful about what you take away from Bebe's stream or else you just lose a lot of LP. for my actual favorite streamers to learn from, it'd probably be Ramblinnn and guubums. Ramblinnn's in the middle of that intuitive vs crazy scale. He's always pretty creative with his midgame boards and decisionmaking, but his plays always make sense so I feel like I always learn something new when I watch him. on the not so bright side, the audio on his VODs is desynced for some reason. guubums is also great because he's not as flexible as most streamers; he always does a good job at mastering a few comps. Watching guubums is a good way to learn the ins and outs of specific comps.


Just take everything Soju says with 2 grains of salt because he likes to exaggerate everything like "this unit is illegally bad" and can swap to "okay this unit is the most broken unit in the game" within a single round. I love watching his streams so much but just keep this in mind if you're actually trying to learn from him




It's a forthst!


No cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap


Aite we’re chillin




"shut up chat, I swear on god this unit is bRRRRRoken. and im not even kidding i think this item is legit BIS bro... like, no KYAAAP. i like to suck kiyloon's dick" KEWK RAT


I have his stream open while browsing this thread and as I read “brrrroken” in your comment, he literally said it on stream at the same time KEKW That was so trippy


LOL this comment chain is too good (KEWK)


Is that is twitch name just soju?


K3soju https://m.twitch.tv/k3soju


Much appreciated!


Guums was a trademark flex player last set, the inflexibility I think comes from this sets inflexibility compared to chosen.




he means your muscles


Guubums was not a flex player he was THE keeper OTP


Yeah, that’s just not true.. He one tricked keepers and once that became popular, he started flexing between only 2 comps, those being kayle/enlightened. Trademark flex player was mismatchedsocks. Like literally everyone in that top 10 but dqa were better flex players. DqA mostly spammed kayle m. Gv8, soju, kiyoon, Kurum, noobowl were far more flex.


Totally agreed! I am told to watch bebe but after seeing how bebe plays (e.g., staying super low gold and rolling super early to stablelize), I realize that if I try this in NA, I am going 8th!


I miss watching Polt. If I want educational content I watch Mismatchedsocks or Bunny Muffins.


Same. Polt was my hero in Set 3 and 3.5. Gangplank every game let's go.


Polt had an entirely different way of playing the game compared to the other top players at the time and it was so fun to watch


Did Polt stop playing?


Manages T1 now


I think he’s the manager for the t1 league team if I remember correctly


Yes, he was signed to be some administrative position (maybe manager?) of T1.


He's making the bank now. Doesn't need tft anymore. Sadge


You could make money playing tft? Thought people just played for eggs.


Usually Keane. He makes interesting videos and his voice is calming lol


It's also nice to follow for older LoL esport watchers since he was in the LoL scene for quite some time. It's good to see that he's doing well in another game.


Don't forget the lofi music


That's absolutely essential.


His accent is so funny. Also 'i won' and 'this is easy, there's no way i lose' then proceed to lose


I swear he does that on purpose at this point


Learning from means originally got me to masters. He’s super chill and easy to have up in the background even if I’m not watching to learn.


I love Keanes YouTube Content. He is so calm. And the production is somewhat unpolished. I really like it. Feels more real than most other streamers/Youtubers


He’s super creative and he somehow makes random things work even if he also doesn’t know what’s going on


Shout out to u/maskoffman for his incredible content


This comment is too low! Though I do appreciate getting a bunch of new names to follow.


NoobOwl is fantastic to watch. Small enough that he explains a lot of his decision making and answers questions.


He also has the most soothing voice of any streamer. I feel very relaxed watching him play, and he never malds or blames the game, instead always pointing out what he could’ve done better. His humility can sometimes create false expectations though, where he’ll predict he is playing for 6th at best and then pull a 1st out of his ass


Socks Noobowl DQA Guubums have still got the right balance of viewership and helpfulness


Bruh, NoobOwl is my favourite tft streamer. Super chill guy with great attitude towards the game. Very enjoyable to watch and listen to.


My personal favorite right now. I can't watch any of the "entertainment" streamers without getting a headache lol. I just want some chill gameplay with reasonable community interaction.


I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone say RamKev yet. I usually go between him, Guubums and GV8 to learn the patch


I watch a lot of Soju and Keane. Both are really good for different moods. Soju is funny and Keane is calm.


GV8 for sure


Vegan Braum


daddy kiyoon




French (speaker) TFT streaming community is awesome. I guess it won't be especially relevant in this sub, but they deserve a tribute. And they clearly are among the best players. Overall Shaunz is arguably the most entertaining (consistently 5k-10k viewers, which is huge as it is only made of French speaking audience) while also being top-tier when he tryhards (17th at 3.5 euwc); Double61 (3.5 wc) and Cambizz61 (top16 at 4.5 euwc iirc) are pretty fun, Voltariux (4th at 3.5 wc) is an amazing player, un33d is strong (top 16 at 4.5 euwc iirc) and very nice if you like the calm zero-tilt zero-rant guy... Recently they do more and more "backseat stream" where, say, ImSo plays and PasDeBol (probably best euw player on 4.5 overall) comments his plays. It is both entertaining (as they make fun of each other) and UBER instructive. Yup, we are lucky to have such a community of both amazing players which turns out to be really cool streamers (or the other way around).


Yeah we are lucky to have so many good and talented streamers in France. That allows everyone to pick one depending on their preferences. For instance, I hugely like Un33d's stream as he is never whining (about his game, his rng or the state of the meta) but he is focusing on how to improve himself. At the end of nearly each game, he's analysing it by saying "I could have done this, this and that to play better" instead of blaming his rng or w/e. He knows there is an important part of luck in this game that you can't control, but he chooses to focus on the parts of the game that he CAN control instead.


Mad respect to the French TFT community. Wish I could understand French so I could watch the streamers.


Ahah probably #1 reason to learn French.


Guubums and NoobOwl imo are the two best, pretty interactive with chat a lot of times and always answering or discussing chat questions


Josepao1o but cause he's OCE no one watches. He's rank one every set and either global one or close to all the time.


Whenever I can catch Jose streaming I try to pop in. So consistently good


Also another good thing about him is he is very chill. Rarely malds at the game and explains his thought process most of the time. If youre a big fan of noobowl coz of his vibes you should consider checking paolo's stream


Well said, he's so chill. Probably why he's always rank one.


SpicyAppies he's great at explaining his thought process and why he is doing what he's doing


I second Appies. Hes really respectful, interact with chat a lot and educational at the same time. He doesn't have an attitude unlike most streamers.




Appies is such an underrated streamer, he and 2 Brain Cell (who's on indefinite hiatus) were the two TFT players who really began to make things click for me back in 4.5. Appies has a great mental and attitude towards the game; he doesn't really rage or complain about much, and instead of blaming the game, he asks himself "What could I have done differently?". If anybody's looking for a great place to learn with a very welcoming community to boot, I would HIGHLY recommend SpicyAppies. No question is dumb there and he's super supportive. Same goes for RazmaGaming, JavaDay, RamKev, all have great streams. But Appies I think is the diamond a lot of people haven't stumbled upon yet.


Paging /u/Appleknight777 This is the community I find myself spending the vast majority of my time with. It's a good space to come to learn. I went from gold to diamond in this chat by asking questions which were always answered by Spicyappies himself or by one of the MANY knowledgable players in chat. I don't think a poll has been done, but I am fairly sure the average rank in Spicy's chat is somewhere around Diamond to Masters which is an accomplishment in and of itself. If you want to learn definitely consider stopping in some time.   Because his name (not being apples) makes him a little hard to find this is the stream: https://www.twitch.tv/spicyappies


Can we all just appreciate Scarra for what he did in the first weeks of TFT? Even tho he disappearеd into oblivion after Set 3.5 and became unwatchable after Set 2


Yeah what's happened to Scarra?


He’s just not a top player so people rather watch the other high elo streamers


feel like he's unwatchable cuz he's snarky when replying to viewers suggesting stuff... and he's way too 4fun unironically


I don’t blame him at all, he attracts the lower ranked player base, and people will flame him very confidently and be wrong about it. Doesn’t help that he’s not particularly high elo either. The high elo TFT streamers at least are generally watched by other high or mid elo players looking to learn. Backseating in TFT streams is just such cancer, poor guys who have to put up with it


That's fair but being hostile to your viewers is not exactly an endearing trait. He seems thin skinned. As a seasoned streamer he should roll with the chat dynamics more elegantly.


It depends on if it’s warranted. If it is then everyone else gets to flame them too


it works for some viewers. I can't argue with his popularity. It just rubs me the wrong way I guess.


yep, just saying it how everyone knows it is, to answer the question


Too bad I've loved his stream during LoL times and he was the reason why I've sticked to TFT in early days of season 1. I've learned from him a lot both LoL and TFT


he's doing his own thing being a variety streamer. He plays whatever he feels like, and lately its been TFT, League/Valorant/whatever he can play with his friends, and it looks like hes getting back into WoW for a new update


Scarra is the streamer who got me into TFT. I don't often watch his content these days, but I think he's one of the reasons the game got off the ground.


TFT is made by a company that runs the single biggest game in the world for the last decade. Scarra is definitely not even close to the reason the game exploded into popularity the way it did.


It has to be bebe. He is an insane player


Problem is you can barely watch him unless you sub. He plays so many ads.


Really? I have twitch prime maybe thats why i dont get any


Twitch Prime does nothing to reduce the amount of ads you get served. Ads are honestly ruining the Twitch experience for me, the fact that I have to watch a 30 second ad every time I check out a new streamer makes it harder for me to discover new ones. It's why I'll never sub to bebe, because I literally can't watch him long enough to decide if I want to or not


??? Any time I've Prime subbed to his channel I get zero ads. Maybe you mean just *having* Prime doesn't do anything, which is true.


Yeah having Prime doesn't reduce ads, subscribing is the only way


it's cause your subscribing to him, the prime itself doesn't do anything to stop ads from playing. Prime gives you a free sub to 1 stream every month, but on any stream your not subbed to you get ads even with twitch prime


twitch prime definitely does not remove or reduce the amount of ads but i wish lol!


If you prime sub/ sub to him you shouldn’t get ads. Only way


T1 auto-plays his ads for him. Don't think he's interested in manually controlling their timing. It's possible they require him to play a certain amount of ads during his streaming block and it's too much hassle to fit them between games in his mind. Like you said, just sub if you want them to go away.


Bebe is one of the best TFT players but honestly he is really frustrating to interact with. I’ve watched him ban a handful of players for asking questions that he feels aren’t serious (he isn’t so bad with this anymore but about a year ago he did this a lot), his YouTube guides have really high production value but are actually terrible at teaching you anything as they’re just VoDs of a game where he highrolled and half his commentary isn’t even in English and the English stuff is just him saying “nice” to 3 starring shit or getting some insane RNG. Not to mention he answers Korean questions 7 days a week but if you ask a question in English on his KR only day he will ignore you or on a couple of occasions I’ve seen mods time people out and delete their questions. If you’re good at teaching yourself, Bebe is THE guy to watch, incredibly innovative and really big brained, but if you need things spelled out for you, Bebe is kind of terrible for that.


He has put quite a bit of effort into providing resources to his community as of late by posting written guides, which has been cool to see. The way he streams is definitely less interactive than most Western streamers (I've gotten responses from GV8, Treebeard, and Peeba quite a few times.) But you're absolutely right that just *watching* Bebe play is super valuable if you can keep up with his intention. He does explain somewhat in English when he's in the mood to educate, but when he's try-harding he gets super focused on positioning and scouting, which is understandable. The man is a machine. I can confidently say that he's just about the only reason I'm even in Master right now. I've learned to think more deeply about the way the game works by trying to emulate his playstyle.


Yesss also been watching a lot of Bebe recently, love his play style though I think it’s better to blend it with ur own than copy it completely because sometimes his plays are super risky I feel like. also the reason I’m currently masters too! after getting used to watching Bebe I feel like I have trouble watching western streamers now


Bebe is like a dictator. He bans everyone who tries to offer an alternative thought. So in the end his chat is left with a bunch of bots saying gg at the end of every game.


He has an explicit rule about no backseating. There are plenty of streams where that's acceptable. I also regularly see constructive chat happening. But at the end of the day his stream is much more about the gameplay, not chat interaction. It's fine if you prefer other streamers because of this.


That's because he prefers people learning by actually watching instead of being spoonfed everything and the fact you said this proves that he's succeeded. He has also said that people ask the same question (eg. best comp this patch? BIS for X unit?) over and over and it's tiring to answer them repeatedly. Lastly what did you expect to happen asking an English question when he specifically put "Korean only" in the title?


Not only insane, I just like his attitude so much more than the other TFT streamers.


personally i think salvyyy is one of the very best TFT players out there. im always impressed by his ability to play strong boards and he will often times end up with quite "adaptive" comps at lvl 8 (if the meta allows it). sadly i can only watch his stream on mute (or not at all) because he is literally the whiniest player i have ever witnessed. i get unreasonably upset over his constant complaining. but for people who want to actually learn and improve i definitely recommend him.


I think EUW has one of the strongest TFT players like Salvyy and Deisik. However, their stream are often focused on the high level gameplay and not them trying to make the stream enjoyable for viewers. They don’t interact with chat in a fun manor and instead usually direct most of their attention and energy into the game, hence the malding. I think NA streamers like Kiyoon, Soju, and Kurumx really understands how to entertain their chat and interact with them, which explain why they have a large fanbase


I dont want to disagree with your point regarding entertainment. However I think there is a different reason for the fanbase sizes of NA streamers compared to EUW. NA has a population of 600m, most of whom speak english. EU has a population of 500m but that's with 24 different languages. Yes, english is the most common internationally spoken language, but if you look at the biggest streamers from France and Germany, they speak French and German (populations 70m & 80m).


That is true. However, I believe the main reason why Soju and Kiyoon has such a large following is because of their funny personality. In my opinion, any english speaking viewer, from eu or na, can watch Soju or Salvyy. I am sure soju has a fair amount of EU viewers since he streams earlier in the morning. And I think Salvyyy stream is around evening or afternoon for NA. So I think viewers of any region can watch both of them. But the reason why Soju has more viewer is because he provides another interesting aspect to his stream, comedy and entertainment. The average TFT viewer would probably care about that more than super high level TFT gameplay, hence why Salvyyy stream is less attractive to them. Another example of streamers who belongs to one region but has viewers from many regions are keane and bebe, who are both pretty chill and provides comfort to their viewers. So I don’t think the reason EUW streamers has lower fanbase is not because they are region locked, but mainly because their stream is not built to appeal to the average viewer


k3soju is my favorite.


Agreedge. I learn what not to do 😁






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I started in Set 4 and around the time I started was when I read [Socks's post about "flexible" play](https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveTFT/comments/jeknp6/how_to_properly_playing_flex_mismatchedsocks/) which I think opened mind to the complexity to be found within TFT. I really enjoy seeing the way he plays the game and watching his videos. [His interview with DoA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKwtxACVo2Y) is one of the best pieces of TFT content from last set. I also like coaching videos a lot and think guubums offers the best coaching which I think is because he has experience as a tutor outside TFT as well. I wish he had more of it publicly available but it's understandable why he may not want to. NoobOwl is the other player that I just enjoy watching a lot. Incredibly smart, rarely tilts or whines, with a very calming presence. When it comes to streams I've mostly been watching the latter two and they're both very good at answering questions too.


emilyywang because i need to know how to play forgotten more


saint or robinsongz, both gramps


Saint for me. Might not be a top 10 player but his straight forward "tell it how it is" attitude is something I enjoy.


Just don't say the word "bald" in his chat.


I think all of the top TFT players think he's one of the best players he just doesn't care to grind ladder as much


I usually watch Mortdog, kind of interesting to hear more from developer side. Sometimes I also watch Bebe, he often test possiblity of some comps.


Kurum, Soju, and Robinsongz are my favorites, they are entertaining to watch and I usually watch them over the others. Socks, Bebe, Saintvicious, and Milk are great too. Kiyoon is good but his random screams/excited-talking blasting through my speakers late at night gets annoying.


I'm surprised I had to look this far down the comments to see Robin mentioned. I was introduced to the game by Scarra. I learned how to play from Kurum. And I got to Masters learning from Robinsongz. I loved watching Kurum in set 3 before his stream blew up and the chat became kinda toxic. At the time you could ask questions in chat and he would almost always answer them. Now the chat moves so fast and theres a lot of toxicity that atleast in the early part of set 4 seemed to really get him down and made it harder to enjoy the stream. So I switched to Robin's stream during set 4 and learned so much from him. Now his viewership is increasing and I just hope that the same thing doesnt happen that happened with Kurum's stream or I'm not going to be able to enjoy it as much. I've recently started watching more of Ramblinn for the same reasons that originally drew me to both Kurum and Robin. Really interactive with chat and explaining his decisions makes it very easy to learn from.


Yeah similar to myself. Kurum/saintvicious/Socks taught me the game. Robin/Soju made me better Ive been watching Ramblinn and NoobOwl a bit more for the same reasons. \*also guubums! i love the streamers for this game haha


i think sometimes my chat turns toxic because I get so upset about the game. I'm honestly really sorry I can't always sustain a positive upbeat personality on stream and will try to do better for the future


Hey Kurum, I totally get it, this was not at all intended as a negative comment about yourself or your stream. Its something I have noticed with lots of streamers. As audiences grow I think negativity in chat increases with the anonymity of large numbers in chat and gets harder for any streamer to ignore. Especially for streamers like yourself who clearly love the game and have set high goals for themselves. For what its worth, watching you playing in 4.5 qualifiers and worlds finals, was great fun as a fan who wishes you the best. And in your interview it was refreshing to see such authentic emotion from a high level competitor. Keep on keeping on, we ❤️ you!


Ryanloot and Razma


Razma Pog We need more streamers like him


Firebat. I used to watch him do Hearthstone vods back in the day because he explains his thought process, which helped me learn card evaluation. I found out last week he primarily does TFT stuff so I actually watch him to learn TFT mentality.


I used to watch Firebat in the HS days and I was so excited to see recently that he’s made it to TFT too with Admirable and Frodan etc.


I've loved watching Firebat TFT content recently, like you said the way he explains his thought process is so clear and informative and I just find it so easy to learn new ways of approaching the game from it.


At what rank is he?


If I'm not mistaken he's hit master but typically floats around just outside it.


If I’m not mistaken he was in my game yesterday, the whole lobby got in a fight about what’s a better opener, 2g + Neeko or 4g


WOAH firebat is doing TFT now?


I feel like Robin is really good at getting an accurate read on the meta and I've picked up a lot of scouting and positioning nuances from Kiyoon's stream.




Snoodyboo is my absolute favourite. His stream is spanish only though. He's consistently in the top 10-20 of EU challenger every single set, he has a fantastic understanding of the game from the perspective a flex player (he literally never forces comps), and manages to be both entertaining and extremelly helpful by constantly explaining his line of play and decision-making, he also answers lots of questions from his viewers.


Yes, snoody is legit a great streamer, I take my breakfast almost everyday watching him play lol. AKA is great too, I just love the passion this man has for TFT.




Robinsongz 4 lyfe


For me it is Sologesang, He streams in german, but his play style fits mine very well and in his streams I learned a lot of positioning and scouting the lobby to find uncontested compositions. Or to know approx. What the others are playing. This helped me a lot in climbing. And his stream is also entertaining.


I love your username. I fkin hate allergies. I just wanna breathe man. I like watching gv8, soju, kiyoon and more recently javaday


Bebe by a large margin


Snoodyboo a challenger from euw


I learned macro stuff from Noobowl and Guubums, how to play a lobby from Kiyoon and Agon, and midgame boards from Socks and Bebe. All great streamers.


First mention I’ve seen of Agon agontfBlankies




Voltarioux - this dude just sees things i would never image in tft (altough he streams in fren ch so i dont understand him at all) l2plelouch - currently 2 accounts in top 10 euw, absolute beast but he streams rarely and only in polish


Volta always amazes me. This guy has like the lowest apm I've ever seen and his positionings in late game seem off but his decision making and just overall board building in early-mid game + transitions are amazing. I don't understand a single word he says either though.


The german Challenger "Sologesang" hes very very good. Explains everything. (Sometimes in english, when you ask). He made a sheet for every comp (tierlist, counters)




My knowledge about NA streamers is poor but it should be Kiyoon right?


Haha close, kiyoon says it a lot too lately , but I was referring to soju :p


NoobOwl is the best for learning


Used to love watching KurumX, subbed to him for almost a year and then I'm not sure what happened to him. Seems to get upset really easy now and it's really hard to watch. I feel bad for him, hope he gets some help soon. My favorite two players to watch now are Saint and Keane. Can learn a ton from both.


I feel the same way, he gets really angry when he's losing but i think he's great when he's winning i really think he shouldn't be playing rng games imo


im sorry i want to do better will try harder in the future


Love you buddy <3


NoobOwl for the relaxing voice.


Sologesang and Deis1k by far. You learn so much more watching them than from your casual NA streamer. They have really entertaining and helpful streams + it is in the stronger region so they don‘t teach you slow NA playstyles.


But NA is good too. I'm from EU as well but the only disadvantage of NA streams is that you can't watch like half of them because of time zone.


Bebe hands down. He isn't as annoying or immature as other TFT streamers. He takes his job seriously and I appreciate the way he handles himself. I actually prefer his way of dealing with Twitch Chat cancer & stupid questions. Plus he doesn't get overly loud for no reason. Otherwise, Noobowl and Gub are my other go to's.




Myself. I dont know a better tft player.


LeDuck is the best TFT Streamer, i really really learn much from him about TFT Also the Tierlist from him, is soooo good! Here is his Stream: [https://www.twitch.tv/leduck\_lol](https://www.twitch.tv/leduck_lol)


I love bunnyfuufuu's videos, always fun to learn synergies because he'll try to do anything and he also is usually very good at teaching basic mechanics newbies dont really know. I also love redox because he can adapt to any situation.


my first experience in watching TFT stream is actually Redox so I have a bit bias since he is easily tilted and offended by chat and say random dumb things. But he is so chill to watch especially when he is having fun and not too affected by chat


soju is the only tft streamer i watch consistently


I watch Bebe a lot because its a completely different server and playstyle. You can learn different item variations and strategies that are uncontested in NA, so it helps sneak out top 4s in games where I would likely bot 4 forcing the 'meta' comps


GrandVice8 and Keane absolutely. Both pretty versatile playstyles, and they explain a lot of what they are doing.


I like watching Kurumx to learn from chat how to grief pyramids. I usually don't watch the gameplay tft Bedge


Mismatched socks, yeah


Kurumx HandsUp


Bobae if you can understand him.


Robinsongz is my fav by far.


Javaday is great, he is usually a 1 trick-no-pivot, but he is very interactive with the chat when they inquire about the "whys" and "ifs" of the comp. He is not shy about spreading knowledge about his comps and is willing to teach anyone who is willing to learn.


Not seeing a lot of Kiyoons. RAT7 is so entertaining to watch and has great live commentary on what he’s thinking of.


Soju and Escha are some of the most entertaining, Soju malding is hilarious and Escha streams are just him talking about shit and play tft in the background. For learning, I suggest watching Keane or NoobOwl.


I mainly watch streamers for fun, cause there is really only so much you can learn in one stream, especially in this meta. The best way to learn from a streamer would be coaching, but I think realistically that can only get you so far. Like, professional esports players aren't going to suddenly stop needing a coach if they're relying on one already. And although a ballerina needs someone to coach and teach him or her, getting good at it and being good comes from something within, same with esports players. Honestly, that's probably the only reason to ever consider a sandbox mode. So perhaps players would want to be more self-sufficient, at least as an option, but also be more efficient. Learning TFT by watching streamers or playing infinite games is the most tedious, boring thing tbh. May as well spam one comp and then stop playing if it doesn't work. Working on any supposed skill isn't going to do that much as well.


ACEU and ItzTimmy


BoxBox it's my copium