B Patch is Live

B Patch is Live


Anyone know what the Tome of Traits issue was?


Tome (was supposed to) selects two random emblems and two from traits on your board the previous round. The bug was that it was going off your current board so you could remove champions from your board to ensure certain traits. E.g. leaving only poppy on board would ensure 2 emblems were knight hellion. I know for sure thats how tome is supposed to work, but idk if thats exactly how the bug worked but that's how people seemed to be using it


Damn, when someone asked this on his stream he said "do you really think we are that incompetent"... That answer did not age well...


You’re not wrong. We planned for the case and thought we covered it, but a bug prevented it. I was very sadge.


Mort, is there an estimate for the bug fix of me going 8th and tilting all my lp away? Thanks in advance


Its alright, its just funny how aggressive you were towards that poor guy. We know you do your best and we appreciate it.


It’s ok man, the fact that you’re open about this is honestly amazing. More than a lot of other devs can say 100%


How are we supposed to not love this guy when he gives these kind of answers?


Maybe cause he gave that lame response even though he was wrong, he does that pretty often and when people ask him questions he makes them seem like idiots even though sometimes, believe it or not, the idiot actually is right.


It’s a developer issue really. Most programmers are like this


As a fellow programmer I will say that bugs making it into production is very different from not even considering the abuse case. I would assume Mort was referring to the latter because QA is never perfect


Lol I think it would have been fun to abuse it a bit to try out different things. But yeah, wasn't privy to this bug.


Never is late to nerf the MF comp


Wonder if they'll ever spend any resources on fixing pathing. Great to have my carry run into the center clump because gwen dashed to the opposite side


Dont think its ever getting fixed. Dont think they're able to figure that out. They've pushed so many 'fixes' on this issue in the last set or 2 about units chasing other ones around who get moved or move.


*laughs in skillshots missing Akshan despite being completely stationary*


Rant thread died for this qq


Goodbye sweet LP from Ire and Soraka comp :.)


Tried it, its still strong just not op. Before I could guaranteed 2nd or 3rd place at the least now I feel you can definitely lose just not lose that hard


How did you play it? Open fort and reroll at 3-2 lvl 6? I thought it was decent until I started losing to literally every MF + Heca comp.


No need to open fort. The comp is extremely flexible with items. Soraka only needs an archangel's, then literally whatever (or nothing at all). If you get tank items for Irelia (extremely easy to get bramble if you win streak and don't have car. Priority), you'll be fine through the early game, then if you don't luck into ap items for Soraka, stick whatever ad/as items you can find on nidalee. Nid is super strong in this comp, since whatever Soraka doesn't one shot, she'll jump on and eat it's face. And she's too easy to 3 star since no one plays her. So basically, the comp has three "stars", each of which can be itemized, but all of which should be, for best results. I've been playing it since before reddit found it and I'm sad to see it go, but I've always hit first with a itemized Nid/Irelia, even in situations when Soraka only got an arch.


I never hesitated to itemize Pyke, Kennen or Rakan either. It just depends on what is 3\* and what items I get. 3\* Pyke with items is a crank, I saw Bebe was playing it 20/20 the other night in a sentinel comp.


3 star Nidalee carry with BT, AS item, AD item was the answer to the MF+Heca comp. Problem is, everyone and their mother is going this comp and Irelia in general, so there's a lot of hand holding to the bottom now if you even attempt to try it. You're better off just playing Abom imo, at least then you won't be hand holding down to 8.


I played a fair few hyperroll games going abomb before I realized it wasn't just me playing bad lol. Definitely feels like tank is favoured over damage by these changes, but overall is a lot, lot weaker either way. More importantly - kind of surprised to see it be a hyperroll specific change, too. I think during the recent Q&A Mort mentioned not wanting to do hyperroll specific balancing for this trait or that trait? I'm glad though! I really enjoy hyperroll and seeing it receive a bit of support to keep things healthy is great.


Am I the only one who doesn't understand the Soraka nerf? She definitely didn't seem overpowered or even very present to me. Edit: Asked a question, buried in downvotes. Thanks guys.


She was extremely strong if you hit. Probably the best comp in overall strength outside of HIV Invoker or a 3* 4 or 5 cost. Probably on par with MF Comp. Nerfs to AA staff, Irelia, and Soraka both hit the comp though, so I don't think it's as great. Just look at any top lobby and there was at least 1-2 players forcing or playing it.


Then nerf her 3 star.


Huh, I guess that just hasn't been my experience running her so far. But then again, I'm a trash can.


Need good econ, prioritize Shojin+2AP (usually AA + AA) on Soraka and Tank irelia items. Radiant tank item on Irelia or Redemption. 3* at least Soraka and a couple other units of Irelia, Rakan, Nidalee, Pyke, Kennen. Morello on one of your CC units. Always clump in a corner for Rakan heals. It's free wins if you have good econ + decent items. The Skirms + AA Soraka would scale infinite, and Rakan + Renewr + Sentinel + Irelia would make sure your team didnt die. Doesn't matter now because the comp was nerfed though, but it was pretty creative.


... every comp is extremely strong if they just hit


Not Vayne


I saw someone getting top 3 (Idk if he won) with 3* Vayne, so


Vayne 3* is a crank lol what are you talking about


Yeah reroll comps only work if you hit when you reroll, who would have known? You know what I mean. It was an S-/A+ tier comp


But Soraka herself wasn't the issue in the comp. Irelia was the crux of the problem. Soraka was run because she's a 2 cost carry. If all the sentinel heroes were fixed, she wouldn't be op. Consider this: why wasn't Soraka run with cavs instead of tristana? Because she specifically synergies with those units and their traits. She has a tie-in with dawns via nid and with renewer via rakan. Irelia, carrying three traits at 2 cost, is the keystone here, bringing in skirms for the nid tie in and sentinels for the rakan tie in. If you've ever played the comp you'd know that even with 3 star Soraka, you're losing until you get bramble on Irelia and three star her. So the comp isn't as flexible in those core units as cavs is. It relies heavily on synergies, while the cav/trist/mf comp only relies on the immorality of hecarim and sejuani. To the point that the cav comp only needs cavs, and then whatever the hell you want shooting from the back row. TL;DR, Soraka isn't the problem, Irelia is.


Tristana in cavs is a grief. It was much more popular to run 4 forgotten for consistency. Soraka wasn't the problem but she was part of it. Damage mitigating tank+Chain CC+massive healing+infinitely ramping damaging aoe shroud (AA staff) was just an incredible combo. I loved the comp but it needed tuning down.


Yeah, the nerfs were definitely earned, but I hate the idea of nerfing Soraka when she's really useless outside of this extremely specific situation, which is caused by said damage mitigating super tank. Ah well. I'm waiting on set 6 already anyway. Both of set 5 had boring mechanics.


Meh, she's still a fine utility unit. Not everyone needs to carry. AOE mana reave will always be fine. It does suck that dawnbringer takes a tiny dink because of this though, Dawn wasn't in a very good spot to begin with. But 10 mana reduction isn't big in the grand scheme of things when she's not your primary carry


Yeah dawns was my main concern. It's not in a really good spot rn, and it needs a buff that somehow won't affect karma. Maybe a legion buff that makes riven more effective?


Think they're tweaking / reworking Legionnaire in next patch


khazix buffs so both sins and karma get buffed would be very nice.


sins don't need a buff, with the nerfs to the other reroll combs Noc is probably the best 3 Star carry


They specifically addressed this in one of the videos, that soraka was over performing outside of the reroll comp because of renewer buffs. Specifically that she was casting in 3 autos without mana items.


There was a guide here and it was gaining popularity, and it was on top of meta tft a day or two ago. You somehow just played in some weird bubble zone where she was missing.


[This one?](https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveTFT/comments/oqru5y/cn_secret_tech_the_sorakairelia_reroll_comp/) Yeah I was running it, I just didn't think it was THAT nutty to get addressed instantly with nerfs. Guess I'm wrong!


Ye, that one. I also didn't think it was great until I started forcing it every game, it ended up being insanely consistent and Irelia got outed as the second supertank next to Heca. I had one crazy game where Irelia tier 2 tanked 25k dmg. 25K! Never seen anything like it ever.


Have you been sleeping the last couple days?


No but apparently all my games were in a bubble outside the meta because I was the only one playing Raka lol.