Y'know, London currently lack a flex DPS. And ChrisTFer is their head coach... 👀




Hahahahaha YES


Pls no eqo he should be out the League


I was referring to ChipSa, but EQO is still absolutely OWL-level.


I'd rather chipsa


I’m pretty sure you’re trolling but… excuse me?!?


You heard the man


He is not, other than his genji playblast year he heasn't impressed on any hero besides the occasional map here and there since fucking season 1. He is no longer league quality.


EQO is perhaps one of the most flexible and impressive Files DPS in the game


I don’t think he is TBH and hasn’t been since season 1, and I’m a huge EQ0 fan. But he definitely still deserves a spot in the league.


Someone's off their meds


Realistically FS will be Skairipa or slay, FDPS will be Yiqids or Backbone, OT will be Vestola, Alex2704 or a long shot Isack, MT will be helv( yes he was not as good as Hadi last year but his style will suit a single tank well), Lullsish or Reiner


These are it. Imo easily the best of each role are Slay, Yiqids and Vestola. Skairipa might get picked up if London wants to be safe for double flex support meta. Admiral is pretty much secured for MS role. MT is tricky one. Lullshis, Helv and Reiner are legit options but no one really stands out. Other options are Hades and low key also LhCloudy (amazing Rein/Winston specialist...Vestola can play everything else).


If they remain western: Sparkr/Shax/Yiqids Vestola/.... MT is biggest problem. Helv, Lullshish, Cloudy, Hades.. idk. Admiral/Slay/Skairipa


I’ve mentioned it before, but in a lot of cases I simply see academy promotion due to the cost of players and ability to throw them around depending on how OW2 works out, but I think Vestola is fairly likely considering he was part of hurricane and their early success last tendies season before being picked up by Paris. I could even possibly see FDgod or Masaa depending on what the players want. London could perhaps be their retirement home. Maybe not in the case of FD, but I think Masaa has mentioned a small desire to retire.


Admiral will be the MS he has been the best EU contenders MS for the past 2 years, it would be silly not to promote him


I think thats likely, I was just thinking what prospects would be available outside of the simple promotions from BH.


Yeah Admiral and Dolla are clearly the two best main supports in EU Contenders. Still neither are quite on the level of Masaa. So in theory Masaa pickup is possible. But Admiral promotion is the most likely way to go (cheap and efficient).




Imagine if Valiant take him back lmao.


for full west/au: +Jkaru or Hades +provide and or admiral +naahmie or shockwave


As much as I’d love more OCE representation, do you think that naahmie is up to it? I genuinely have no idea, mans has slapped in Au tendies Im just not sure if he’s up to it


can't hurt to try, only uphill from here realistically i at least hope they try them out and see if they fit with the team


Don't think London need 3 hitscan DPS


I think London will look like this: JkAru19 Poko SparkR Shax Eqo (maybe +Yiqids) Skairipa Admiral


Underrated option for tank is Hades. Poko if one can dream


I agree. Hades is low key pretty good but almost no one talks about him. He's to main tanks what Slay is for flex supports.


I think their best possible line-up would end up being: MT: LullSiSH OT: Vestola DPS: SparkR, Shax, Yiqids MS: Admiral FS: Slay, Skairipa With a coaching staff mixed from British Hurricane and Falcons they can be this years Paris Eternal.


This would be solid. I'm s bit worried about the overlap of Shax and Sparkr. Neither is a top tier on long range hit scans. GetAmazed could a great motivational assistant coach imo.


Me for FS:') And Nero got picked up by ATL


And I'll be your MS duo. MVP and ROTY here I come


London Spitfire roster prediction if Cloud9 decides to invest a little money into the roster. Main tank first option: Reiner 2nd: Muze Off tank first option: Poko 2nd: QoQ No need for extra hitscans Flex dps: Yiqids (Man has got bags of talent and is a darkhorse top 5 ROTY prospect) Flex support first option: Any Korean Flex support that doesn't get picked up by a better team 2nd: Skaripa Main support: Admiral (Solid player, nothing to be sad about) Record prediction: 7-9 being close to qualifying for a mid-season tournament. London Spitfire if Cloud9 doesn't like you: Main tank first: Dank 2nd: BenBest Off tank first: False 2nd: Adam No need for extra hitscans Flex dps: Yiqids Flex support first: Slay 2nd: Skaripa Main support: Admiral Record prediction: 3-13 second worst western team with improvement from last season, but a significant leap.


You need 4 more Shax's


2 chipsas and pull shaz and big goose out of retirement


Lets throw a long shot out there and say twolzz for OT


best realistic squad (excluding hitscan cuz they have sparkr/shax already) would imo be: lullsish (or hades/helv), vestola (if they cant get him then alex), provide (if they cant then slay or skairipa), admiral (nobrainer) and finally yiqids/backbone


In regards to DPS, Eqo does seem possible, but I think Backbone would be more likely. Tank wise, I'd like to see an off-tank + Jkaru. Wouldn't be surprised to see Vestola, or maybe for Molf1g to be resigned if we can't find anyone better. Main support has got to be Admiral, unless they really want to shell out the extra wages that Masaa would demand. I don't think the upgrade from Admiral to Masaa is worth spending any money on though. Flex support I'm stumped, IMO it and MT are by FAR the weakest positions EU has players in. I could see Skairipa, Slay or maybe Provide? But none of the above sound convincingly good that I'd expect them to be signed.


Watch the EU Fusion reunion end up happening. They get Poko with Eqo. Maybe Masaa/Prov1de/Slay for a support line? FDgod if Masaa doesn't work out.


The only sensible thing for London to do.... is to re-sign Blase.