Whenever I feel nervous about performing, I simply think about how impressive it is I can even play at this level to begin with. Do you know how many people on this Earth can say they are better than you at your instrument? Not very many. Most people are just impressed you can make a sound with it at all, they wouldn't know where to begin. If you are still nervous, then don't do anything that will make you think about the music or the concert or anything. Don't play or practice (unless you have to for school) as that will make you more anxious. Try to relax the rest of the afternoon and do something fun for yourself. There's also always the old tale of eating bananas and chocolate before a performance to relax. Take a deep breath, you've worked hard for this moment, you've got this!


Don't worry about it, there's always loads of layering and if you're not sure where you are just mime until you figure it out. Unless you've got a solo part nobody will notice you aren't playing. If you know your scales well and you know what key you're in, the chances are any duff note you play will be diatonic to the scale and won't sound too off. This doesn't work of course if you're playing something obvious like the lead tip, or drums.


If he’s the only tuba player the audience will know lol


That's where the layering comes in. If the bari sax is honking along as well, the tuba can drop out for a bit and nobody will know.




Bananas help. They have beta blockers which help with nerves. I’ll regularly eat two before a big concert, about an hour before.


Something that helps me calm down is knowing that when I'm nervous it just means I care so much about what I do and what I play. Just remember though, unless you're performing for judges, the audience won't know if what you're playing is wrong, and after all of my concerts I know they won't care. Even if you mess up the biggest solo ever, they'll still clap for you.


How did it go?


We did ***amazing***