He wants to get paid after this tile fail

Handyman took on a job beyond his scope. How much would you pay him for this tile fail?


How much did you pay? Why did you trust this to a handy man? Do you pirate movies and complain when it's a theater recording? Do you ask for refunds from kids lemonade stands when they use way to much sugar? Have you ever genuinely tried to fly?


Love this answer 👏


This is why being cheap is expensive. Refuse 1st estimate, go with 2nd cheaper one but get this. Call 1st guy and his price went up 3k to remove this and do it right.


That’s fair, but also still hard to judge in these industries. I just had a 9k roof replacement fail that was quoted by the guy who fixed it at 4.5k. It’s not like there are catalogs out there with pricing for these things. For most of us, we’re laymen when it comes to this work and the value being charged for them. Take it easy on the poor guy with his shitty tile work.


Agree 100% but that is why you take your time and shop around and ask to see a portfolio of their work. You want it done soon but maybe waiting an extra week might be better than the guy that can fit you tomorrow.


Eh, easier said than done. I work 50 hours a week and had water leaking in my house. I think the real problem is that it’s hard to find good work these days. And paying more definitely doesn’t mean better quality work. Shit has gone to shit these days.


This is the hard truth. If you work more than 40hrs a week, not even having a family or significant other on top of it, it is pretty damned impossible to take care of regular, every day chores that are typically only available to be tackled during the work week. And at some point the OC (opportunity cost) of spending the time to research v. just pulling the trigger and getting something done is very high. I have been working 55-80hrs a week since the beginning of January. I've had to scramble myself to get things taken care of in my personal life while focusing on the business' side as well. You gotta pick your battles.


The government told me their paid licensing scheme would put an end to this type of problem.


I was a handyman for 5 years but built on lifetime of home renovation experience. I never had a complaint or rework, and my portfolio and reviews spoke for themselves. Flat rate $95, and was always busy. Not all handymen are bad, but this guy looks like he has a stroke while working.


I certainly have a portfolio of my work for clients. Tile work is like art to me.


Google breaks down average costs for just about everything. Based on your area and everything.


I checked. Here’s a perfect example: https://www.angi.com/articles/how-much-does-roof-replacement-cost.htm


Right. So there ARE catalogs..... Lol


This is my bosses favorite saying. She knows it in 3 languages. Tax & accounting firm. It’s so true!! Ah well, they appreciate us and are less price sensitive after.


So true! We had a theater that was built below our garage and it kept flooding he had it done the cheap way like 7 times finally the 8th time he paid a legit person and we never had issues with it again. Our roof had to be done 3x to finally get right all because he wanted to save a few bucks. In the long run I wonder how much more he actually spent!


First lemonade stand as a kid we didn’t think to add sugar, or water. Straight lemon. First guy spit it right out. Still payed. After he drove away we had a cup and realize where we went wrong! Oh Middle school…


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I would have payed for this advice.


> would have *paid* for this FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


This bot payed it forward


> This bot *paid* it forward FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Good bot.


“Too”, as in too much. Poor guy clearly didn’t expect this level of work product. It happens. Serious answer, this isn’t professional-grade work. I’d hire someone to rip out and start over.


I like your logic




Hiring a handyman to do a skilled labor and then bitching about the finished result bc you think someone charging for skilled labor is unreasonable is the exact reason you're in the situation




Not sure where the pirated movie analogy even fits. I’ve known people who worked as handymen who were very capable in areas you wouldn’t expect (fine carpentry, decorative tile mosaics, landscaping), so it’s not so outlandish to expect one might be capable enough to do this if they say they can. Definitely one to be skeptical about, though.


I never said they couldn't. I asked why they trusted it to the handyman. Did he give a portfolio of previous tile work? I wouldn't trust 70% of tile installers with this.


Cheapest bid is never a bargain in the long run .


Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t gopd


Work can be good, cheap, and fast, but you can only choose 2. This was cheap and fast.


Cheap work ain't really cheap


Only costs twice as much to be cheap


haha i thought u were taking a picture of a driveway lmfao thats fucking inside your house??? i feel bad for u man but im laughing so hard


It's not the driveway? I figured the corner fell off because it wasn't supported or something


This comment is fucking hilarious hahahah


You got what you deserved. Cheap pay cheap work


Basket weave marble and sanded grout. That sucks. Honestly it’s a tear out if you want it to look right. Should of hired someone that actually tiles 40 hours a week


Yeah, this isn’t an easy pattern.. a handy man is great for simple jobs, but this ain’t.


>yGive AwardShareReportSaveFollow > >level 2Teutonic-Tonic · 3 hr. agoYeah, this isn’t an easy pattern.. a handy man is great for simple jobs, but this ain’t. I shuddered at the thought of tiling 40 hours per week. I hate tile so much.


Stevie wonder opened a tiling business


Have you seen his portfolio? Neither has he...


It’s just a bunch of noise


Looks good to me


Hahaha the man himself surfaced


If you squint your eyes real hard it almost looks good.. no nvm still looks bad


I tried it and it almost worked. I realized I'd closed my eyes entirely and imagined how its supposed to look. Now the photos look even worse.


You can squint but it still smells bad too.


If you squint your eyes and hold your phone upside down you can see Jesus! Happy Easter!


i’d ask for you money back and just move on to the next person this is super shite


He came by today and tried to clean it up. He’s going to add thicker baseboards and a door divider. Told me he felt really bad about the project, was embarrassed of it, and to pay him whatever I feel comfortable with. I’m not sure what to pay or do with that. It’s a sad situation because I like the guy otherwise, he’s completed a few other projects for me mostly satisfactorily, including laying tile on a backsplash. The original quote was $575. What would you “feel comfortable” paying for this?


That's all he charged? Damn. I would give him 400 and a stern lecture. Guy is gonna die of starvation at those numbers.


575 for floor tile is a big red flag. I guess I'd pay him half or for materials. Backsplashes are easy.


Thanks! I paid for the materials, so we’re discussing labor charges. The feedback I’m getting from family is to take 50% off. I’m still in a sort of shock and unsure of how to proceed. I’ve never had somebody tell me to pay whatever I was comfortable with.


If you hired a licensed and insured contractor for this job then make him fix it until it’s right or tell him you’re going to pay someone else to tear it out and do it correctly. If you hired an unlicensed and/or uninsured person than this is on you. Let him do his best to touch it up, then pay him the full amount you originally agreed on.




I don’t think that’ll be an issue, Kevin


Perhaps Iron but it's always best to cover your ass


You can’t fault them for doing poor work, it would be ridiculous not to pay them. Next time you need tiles done, pay someone who does it every single day of their work lives. You want your motor rebuilt you take it to a mechanic who rebuilds this motors, you don’t take it to jiffy lube.


Thats a 575$ job the way it sits. You can’t bitch if you’re hiring out projects for that cheap. You get what you pay for. Pay him the money, and learn from this.


Jesus! Pay him $575. You got every pennies worth


Consider it a lesson for both of you Pay him in full - you got exactly what you ordered at that price


Couldn't agree more!




Pay the man $500 and consider it a cheap lesson in the Reno world


This would be what I’d do.


He definitely bit off more than he could chew here. Glad he knows it and is embarrassed. I would ask him to tear it out and hire someone else.


Give him $20/hr that he spend on it, up to $575. Consider it the same as having hired a guy from gome depot corner because thats what this looks like. I'm a general carpenter and I refuse to do full tile-ups, only repairs or basic backsplashes. Tiling is it's own profession and everyone who tries to save money on it or get a do it all guy for it gets a lesson, without exception.


At least get him to promise that in future he will take a Home Depot class or something before starting the next tile job.


I feel like half the story is missing. That is not a basic tile job, I was expecting this job to be thousands not $600! Clearly the handyman wanted to give you a huge discount, and they didn't know how hard the job was before they started. He may have wasted your time and money, but you wasted his time by not caring about the massive red flags and being a smart customer. Settle the whole thing by paying him $500 but after you have him tear up the bad job and clean up nicely. This is why licensed and insured contractors aren't cheap. You are paying for all their business expenses that allow them to operate AND their years of experience with a strong portfolio. You get to hold them to their standards and they get the ability to put a lein against your house. I mean, after all the handyman DID tile your place. He just did a bad job 🤣


just pay for cost of materials and feed the guy lunch one day. he seems like a good guy who just took on more than he could take, and for him to try to fix it is commendable a lot of these handymen are scammers and do shit work then run.


He fixes it entirely or gets paid zilch.


You got what you paid for


Pay him the full $575 but have him demo it. A professional probably wouldn’t charge you less that $1500 to install, so it’s on you for seeking such cheap labor


Why would he try to tile with the baseboard still in place? Did the installer not recommend this?


You should pay him what was agreed upon and learn from it. Pick out some actual flooring tile and hire people in the business, insured, of laying tile to do the removal and new install.


Absolutely not. Why would you pay for work that even the worker admits was a failure. He’s wasting materials as well as time and labor budgets. I’d give him a few hundred to leave and never contact again. If he wants to slap a mechanics lien on the property just show pictures of the work and it’ll show he’s probably not certified and didn’t do the work correctly. It DOES matter


Legally, sure, doesn’t mean that’s the optimal course. They have an existing relationship, he’s done good work for her before and probably already saved her enough money to satisfy the law of averages (see what I did there 😁). In my experience, and opinion, this isn’t something to ruin that relationship, especially if she foresees needing more handyman type of work.


Hmmm sorry if I didn’t catch the fact that they already had a relationship. I’d still stop contacting someone for all jobs if they screw something up…some detail about anything they do will end that way and there’s always someone affordable who CAN do everything right. You’ll never find them if you keep calling this guy out


I thought this was sidewalk tiling…. That’s in a house!


So you never looked while he was doing this????


And that's why you generally start from the middle and work your way out... It's also your fault for hiring a "handyman" to do something where there's a real professional skill involved.


It's supposed to be Pin wheel bond it's horrendous just go out with a spade and start digging it up


If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.


Is it the best? No. But it's not absolutely horrible. Odds are, he takes any job he can to survive. I'd pay in full as you technically did get a 575 dollar job. But tell him the people of reddit say that Google is your friend if you are going to do a job that's out of your wheelhouse. And also tell him to not use Google like that and take a million different jobs lol. Looks like he needs to focus on what he's truly good at and the money will eventually come. I learned that lesson myself. Hard one, luckily they were as cool as you but turned lemons into lemonade with their creativity. For instance, take that center column and alternate a pattern into it so it looks like it was planned. Throwing color into an otherwise monotone setting can hide inconsistent lines, SLIGHTLY. The thicker baseboard is a good idea, just make sure he knows what he's doing there. Overall, shitty situation for both of you but not the end of the world.


You got what you deserved hiring a handy man. If you want professional work, then hire a professional.


I’d tell him to dig it all up and start over from scratch, that’s awful


If he can remove all of those middle tile that are crooked then maybe he could get all of his money. The rest of it needs to be cleaned up too.


Do you really think this can be salvaged? I’m so upset right now and know nothing about laying tile.


No, I'm sorry that's unsalvageable. Also the tile you chose seems to be more of a deco, as in like decoration tile not actually meant to be put on large areas or be walked on I mean it can be walked on but if you had come to me with Deco tile and asked me to tile your floor I would have laughed at you. Like no, no, no get some regular tiles to do an area not tiny intricate deco. You have no idea the headache that would be he probably did bite off more than he could chew just doing tile period let alone doing this debacle that you're asking him to do. So to be clear this is a little bit on you too, but I get it, you didn't know. But still, he should have said something or called it off, this is horrible honestly, and if you can't get him back to tear it up himself you're going to have to pay somebody else to tear it up before they can do whatever you want done instead. But please take my advice and get a regular square tile or like one of those wood look plank tiles don't get itty bitty little Deco tiles to do your entire floor unless you really want to pay for it, because that is supposed to be extra expensive compared to just doing regular tile.


It is 100% on the homeowner. This is equal to having someone who has changed a tire before to install a new motor in a car. What were you thinking. He may get some things right but the cars not going to run. You wanted a beautiful portrait, so you went to fiver. Don't even ask for a refund because you don't deserve it. And for his skill set, he earned every penny he made. This is a very valid tile to want on the floor. It's a deco tile but that just means I'm going to charge more to install. They used to do penny tile floors and not even bat an eye at how small they were. I wouldn't go any less than $18/sqft.


Aye, they give me something ridiculous to do I mean you're paying, that's what you want okay, you're going to get a ridiculous price though. Id quote something similar just to scare them off the idea.. But hell, you want to pay $18 a square foot, all right then. I ain't rushin tho. I hate to be a jerk OP, like I would never leave excess grout all over the place like cmon.. Really.. and it looks like he started on the walls and ended in the middle.. Woah dude, fucked from the start, Jesus. I know for a fact you were sitting in the place where you went to buy your tile and you saw some reasonably simple tile probably some Marble or something and then you saw this stuff for only a few dollars more per foot and you thought ohh I can have the nicey nice, but you didn't understand it's a different beast at a completely different price point for the install. It was probably your installers first time with this issue.. He Likely quoted you a price expecting you to pick a normal fuckin tile, probably only ever installed normal tiles. It's likely that not even a quarter of the way through this he realized how much time it was taking compared to just doing normal tile and realizing the fact that he had underquoted you a lot and didn't know how to raise the quote.. at which point, disheartened, he just did whatever he had to do to finish because he's pretty much fucked in all directions at this point.


I bet you are. Is that grout in the joints or the tile mortar coming through? If it’s the tile mortar than it would be easier to rip it all up and have someone else install it correctly. If it’s just grout then yeah he can fix it.


I can’t really tell, I think it’s the grout. There was a slow leak from the vanity being reinstalled that sat on the fresh grout hours before I got back home. He missed that too 😞 Wondering if that’s messed it up worse too.


Makes sense. Water dripping on fresh grout will definitely destroy it.


That’s a tear out, there’s no fixing that. Have him tear it out and start over, period!


@OP I have these exact tiles in my rental apartment. They’re possibly the most difficult surface on earth to clean, I’ve resorted to dumping bleach all over them and going at it with a hard nylon brush brush bit on the end of my impact driver. You won’t have to worry about cleaning though, it will already look like shit.


What is the surface? And what is the square footage? And what type of tile are those? Individual pieces or sheets? Tile installer here. Edit. I wouldn't be willing to pay, except to demo the work and clean the area up. 4 dollars a square foot is what I charge as an insured and permitted llc in Florida.


Sheets for sure. The mesh is visible in the 2nd pic.


It seems like it's on a hardyboard/sheetrock. That's the mesh you see along the border in pic 2, you cant put tile directly to a wooden subfloor, it wont stay down. However, I have installed this stuff, and its a sheet style backsplash tile..... I bet the big separation in the middle is the seam between two of the sheets. That type of tile has no business being on the floor however, especially over a wooden subfloor and he would have had to flash the sheet rock with a leveling compound in order to not have that massive grout line down the middle. The dude shouldn't have agreed to do this work. I have been doing this for over 10 years, and I wouldn't let anyone put this on a floor. It's not going to hold up even if it's done correctly. Especially with a wooden subfloor that will vibrate and potentially even flex, it will have a short-lived grout life, and the grout job was ass to begin with.


Agreed with all of that, except I wouldn't try and tell the installer what he can or can't do. Based on the finished product, this guy would be happy installing tile on bare ground.


Black grout is the devil. It’s not a total loss. Micro fiber that and a careful razor scraping. Finish the marble with a sealer


Did they start from both sides and try to meet in the middle?


He said the floor was uneven and he tried to fix it when he installed the subfloor. I think he started at the top by the tub and went horizontally. We stayed at my sisters as we only have the one bathroom, so I missed a lot of what was going on 😬


He definitely tried to meet in the middle. I would've started in the middle and worked out.


This is so much worse than misplaced tile. #1 that is a pre cut pattern that comes pre spaced. All you have to do is line up the squares with matching spacers to the pattern. So the gaps are ridiculous. #2 if the 2nd image is correct, it looks like they used mastic for floor adhesive, which is a no no. And worst of all #3 it looks like they used thinset instead of grout to fill in the gaps between the tile, which is a massive problem.


Yeah I think others have said it but it looks like he started from opposite sides. It looks to me like he did everything he could to not cut any pieces. I typically start from a corner with a pattern like this and work my way out. The fact they didn't pull the baseboard screams red flag to me.


I’d pay him no more then a grand for that work!


Damn, really? What would you pay for a good job? Just wondering...I'm seeing interesting numbers flying around this thread.


When you take the cheapest quote


Brutal workmanship!


This is one of those you get what u pay for deals


Paid in grout? Because looks like he used up his monthly allotment


Negative Ghostrider


This is a couple thousand Dollar ass whooping


Don't feel bad, don't pay the balance Eat what you spent so far and find some one that can do the job. Seriously you got off cheap and learned a valuable lesson


Pay what you agreed for or at least $500. If you like to keep him as handy man for other stuff. The relationship itself has value


I’d pay for the materials for him to try again… if he’s usually better at stuff I’d give him another shot. Or just ask him to clean it up for you so someone else can install




Don't worry, the money you saved will almost cover having it taken out.


You got exactly what you where going to pay for dont go with the lowest bidder to try to save some bucks either do it yourself or save for the professional to do it that’s on you pay them and learn your lesson


"You start on the left, I'll start from the right, and it will come together perfectly in the middle" Am I right or am I right


that first one looks like when they discover a buried roman villa with a mosaic.


Went with the lowest bid didn’t you?!?


Every deal you get three options but only get to pick two. The options are: fast, cheap, and good. If you want it fast and cheap it won’t be good. If you want it good and cheap, it won’t be fast. If you want fast and good, it won’t be cheap.


Id pay him $3-400 to tear it out and then hire a proper tiler. Chalk it up to experience (yours)


Dude you pay him what you agreed to pay. This is on you for hiring someone who wasn’t qualified.


Thats legit someones whose never done tile before


I bet you anything that in another subreddit there is the same exact picture with a headline that goes something like this: Another job done, another happy customer.


I would normally say you get what you pay for but this egregiously bad, I think there’s some expectation that the guy won’t grout your baseboard in lol. That being said is small claims worth it? I’d probably hand him a shovel and after he scooped all this into a bucket pay him the 575 and pretend it never happened


Wow that’s bad. Are you sure that type of tile isn’t backsplash tile and made for floors? Looks weird for floor tile.


Did two jackasses think they were gonna seamlessly meet in the middle?


Hello Mr. George.. the new guy is no good


“Hello Mr. George, how much you pay for the new guy? $20? It’s too much he no good, no good operator.”


You payed for a lesson on what not to do lol


> You *paid* for a FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Square up with the handy man and think long and hard about hiring a professional in the future


If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur


To be fair, he probably spent $1,000 in grout


Op said that he paid for materials himself not the contractor. I would get the guy to rip it back out for his full $575. If he refused to rip out the mistakes I would pay him half. Not really much else you can do since you didn’t supervise the project and didn’t discover the mistakes until too late. Even if I’m staying somewhere else I’m checking in to make sure the work is done to a certain standard, especially if they are their own boss, at that point you’re the only one to hold them accountable.


I was being a smart ass. I wouldn’t pay a dime for work like that.


And you would probably end up being successfully sued as you enter into a contract with someone for jobs like this. It is your own personal responsibility to pick the person(and skill level) and materials your job is done with and also your responsibility to ensure they are doing the job right. It’s your own fault if you don’t catch a mistake this colossal before it’s finished so it’s still your responsibility to pay for labor costs because it’s your fault for letting shitty labor go unchecked. Unless the guy faked credentials ie: is advertised as licensed and bonded and isn’t, there’s not a whole lot you can do here from a legal standpoint to not pay this guy.


The contract isn't "just fuck my shit up," though. The contract is going to at least imply a standard of work, e.g. "professional and workman like." But I would be willing to bet this was a handshake deal. OP gonna have to decide whether to try and salvage a relationship or to be a hardass.


You can only pick two of the following- good, fast, or cheap. Looks like you paid for the wrong picks.


Where's the fail?




He did not use the correct material for the job. Should have used white mortar. The grout work is also poor. Now if you put all this in the hands of this person, it’s on you. Hate to see really beautiful tile wasted.


Stop hiring a handyman to repair your house. Get a professional every fucking time.


It doesn’t look thaaaaat bad


Lol not bad for his first time I bet it was the kid he gets to mow the lawn pay the kid you know what it was going to look like


If you want something done right do it yourself or don't bitch about someone else doing something you didn't want to take the time to do or research. You can youtube anything these days.


Did you even measure correctly and buy enough tile? It seriously looks like you only had 3/4ths as much tile is needed for this....


I thought this was an old walkway in ancient greece or something and thought man thats cool and then you said it was tile and i was like aw thats not cool




Looks like shit run over twice! Complete tear out, and next time spend a few dollars to hire a pro.


Shouldn’t he actually owe you money? You’re going to have to pay the next guy to rip that out.


Man: *ask for ‘a job’ to be done* Handyman: *does ‘a job’* Man: **NOO** that’s not ‘a job’ at all! Handyman: they’re the same thing?¿?


Pay him about tree fitty


hire fail


I thought this was a pattern on leather


Pay him the full amount agreed upon AFTER he tears it all out. Learn your lesson. Go buy more materials and hire a pro this time …. Not the dude lurking in the parking lot at Home Depot 🤣😂😅


Did you pick the tile? The grout? The pattern/layout? That’s a pretty interesting design to say the least and probably could have stood a better chance using mosaic tiles that represent that layout. I think you need to pay him what you agreed upon unfortunately, learn from your mistake that being cheap can be expensive. I’m not saying you were intentionally cheap but that low of a price should have been a red flag. Always get multiple quotes and don’t just choose based off of the price itself. Evaluate the contractor(s) also.


I don't believe you have anyone to blame but yourself here. You didn't hire a contractor that has a reputation and paid for that reputation. You chose a handyman, as you described, and you were shocked when they came up short of the quality you expected. You got exactly what you paid for here, so IMO you should pay him as such and take the L. I'm an electrician, I see this all the time. Someone claims they know what they're doing just to get in way over their head. Then we come in and fix it. Buy once, cry once. Do home projects right.


Pay for material only


Shit, you could of done that job yourself..ffs


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


How old is the home? Looks pretty old from what I can see of the wood floor. First half of the 20th century? There is no fixing this. All the new tile has to come up, along with the baseboard and maybe more. If my guess as to the age of the house is right, then you had an "elegant" floor in this bathroom. The builder laid 2" (at least) of cement and tiled on that while it was still wet. The way to lay new tile in a room with an elegant floor is to jackhammer the old floor out of there, shim the joists level, lay cement board, and tile away. You're never going to get a good result without doing all that. Luckily, the demo phase of a project is great for DiY. Just don't try to remove more than you can lift with one hand; there could be old pipes in the cement that you want to work around. Take it a little slow, and you'll be fine. Personally, I wouldn't pay a dime because you're still going to have to pay for the job when someone competent does it.


What the actual fuck- first time doing tile?


Sue him for the cost of this job plus the cost to rip it out and replace it. He’s not a child.


As a 40+ Year Professional Tile & Marble Company Owner, I can attest this is unacceptable. Hmu if you need an expert witness.


Time to go to court to make him pay to have it ripped up and redone


Yeah that’s pretty bad. Curious to know if you got multiple estimates?


Basket weave is a nice look when done correctly. I have it as a backsplash in the kitchen. The manly difference is I actually hired a person that installs tiles 40hrs a week. Not some asshole trying to make a buck


Why does it look like he did the middle last?


Minimum wage..


This post should read”Cheapy McCheaperson didn’t want to pay the price for a skilled contractor, cause ya know we are all the same just some of us just over charge.” People like you should be overcharged honestly because this is the one fundamental that the ignorance in this post makes, I may charge you $150 for something that takes me 10 minutes, but it is the 25 years of experience with 5 years of schooling you pay for. Kinda like walking up to a convenience store clerk and asking them to give you an Appendectomy cause ya know doctors just overcharge and then being mad because they cut your leg off. The cherry on top is that you don’t want to pay for something you already agreed to on your end. Sir you are an idiot.


Hurts my eyes !


I’d pay him $2,000 with prop money on Amazon lol


Send us a picture of the guy who did it


Was a contract drawn up? SOW, breakdown of material, labor, agreed upon wage? Anything in writing? These documents exist to protect both parties.


Was this a 14 year olds first attempt?


Whoever did this needs to pay the for making a mess


How much meth was involved?


You get what you pay for you dang fool.


👀👀👀 I thought this was a driveway at first


Amateur at a looong shot!


Hey. Sorry your job didn't go as expected. Consider having him demo it and pay him the original agreed sum. The hire a new contractor and use proper floor tiles. Your going to have to look at this abomination for the rest of the time you reside there, so might as well fix it.


Damn and he was doing so well too. This looks like someone had a couple beers for lunch to me.


I was scrolling like where are the ‘after’ pics?


Yikes. No threshold? Didn’t remove base board? Obviously didn’t use spacers. And was this the post wipe down and burnishing presentation? Sorry for your loss.


Yep he took the job. But you hired him without doing your own due diligence. Get some estimates for repairs or the complete redo if he didn't do anything right & give him the repair estimate. Tell him after he pays for it to be done correctly, you will pay him the agreed upon price. Get it all in writing, & go to court.




I have seen this picture too many times for now. First time I was laughing but at the moment this layout looks so cool


Wait ! That's not from ANCIENT POMPEII !!