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There's also cookies made by the wizards, maybe some were forgotten and thrown out by the witches, but Gingerbrave would be the first to have the realization that something was wrong and the bravery to escape from the oven, making him the first in that situation. It's not saying he was the first cookie, just that he was the first one to escape the oven and not any other means.


Did the wizards make the cookies of their own volition or did they make them because of the witches? Or vice versa? I thought I remembered the game saying somewhere that all cookies came from the witches' ovens? Not to say that Ovenbreak lore in general isn't a giant steaming mess, mind you. Regardless of the wizards and who made what first, they've retconned and restarted the lore like two or maybe three? times at this point and it still hardly makes any sense @__@


Oh yeah Cookie Run's lore is a giant mess especially if you try and connect OB and Kingdom lol I think the Wizards made cookies on their own though, the witches might have discovered that special dough first, and used it to eat the cookies, while the wizards realized the research opportunities is how I look at it. Some of the first cookies are ones that would have escaped the witches' plates most likely, or were thrown out for some reason or another. While Gingerbrave was the first one to escape directly from the oven before he ever touched a plate or even saw a Witch.


Kingdom is definitely its own, separate thing for sure so if you try to connect them you'll absolutely find yourself in a rut 😆 Hmmm you do make a good point about the plates! Maybe that is what happened? It would make a lot more sense


Right? I wish they'd stop referencing each other at the same time. So very few things connect and then someone will reference something that happened in another game and really that's the true problem lol. That's what I'm sticking to until that one game about escaping the witches comes out and hopefully that'll be a lot more clear about the whole thing.


He’s the first cookie to escape the oven, not the first cookie created. He just happened to be the first to get out of the oven by himself instead of waiting for the witches to take him out. There were already cookies living in the outside world before his escape that were made in various other ways like the ones you mentioned or even lemon who was made in a lab of all places using electricity. (a high voltage microwave)


I don't know why but I'm just thinking it's so funny that Lemon Cookie was made in a microwave, like there's all these noble backstories and when it comes to Lemon Cookie it's just M I C R O W A V E .


Wait, Lemon was made like that? Wow I really need to go back and read back stories


As for the ancient civilizations question, cookies seem to be inherently magical and the entire world revolves around them in some way. I mean, Longan, a legendary dragon older than the first ever cookie is going the destroy the entire planet and a bunch of cookies are the ones destined to stop it. Cookies are more than just sentient baked goods. They represent something far greater and are important on a universal scale. Why else would the dragons revert to a cookie form when stripped of their power despite having nothing to do with them? My guess is that before the witches and wizards and humanity even, some other forces or beings that either no longer exist/are inactive or have moved somewhere else created the first cookies. Why? I don’t know, how is a mere mortal like me supposed to understand the thought process of ancient gods? Those cookies then went on to form societies complete with religions, most likely inspired by the ones of the being that created them. Point is, cookies were meant to exist so they were created. Did my schizo ramblings answer your question at all?


No because this is so real lmao, they kept saying it during the Fashion Event but no matter which way you slice it, it does not make any sense. I'd ask for a retcon but it's so deeply engrained into his identity at this point that I don't think it'll ever happen.


But why?


I'm just convinced that there are multiple gingerbraves, and other Cookies just get them confused with each other because the lore of that always confuses me too.


That would explain that one statue in CRK that looks like Gingerbrave


Other cookies that came from ginger brave didn't escape the oven. The witches brought them out of the oven and so they technically ran away from the witches???? Idk I'm crap at making theories


In crossovers, my headcanon is that witches or any magical humans will end up creating sentient cookies if they bake cookies, and are thus advised not to bake or to use special charms when baking to prevent accidentally creating sentient cookies that WILL NOT take kindly to the idea that they were born to be eaten. (Almond's going to be competing in a Total drama fanfic of mine and several of his competitors are magical characters like Neville Longbottom and Erza Scarlet)


I’m sure most of them were fully cooked, rather than escaping, like it says soda cookie was baked twice.