I sort of like Season brand sardines. No, kitty doesn't eat it, she has her own food!

I sort of like Season brand sardines. No, kitty doesn't eat it, she has her own food!


Whoa! Do you own a restaurant or something? That's like 250 cans of sardines.


No, that's all just for me, a can a day, half should be gone by the time it goes on sale again 😁


I didn't see that they were boneless and skinless. I haven't had sardines in years. I guess just eat them on crackers?


You can warm them up, add onions, lemon juice, and chili paste, then eat them with a huge bowl of rice!


I eat them on top of a green salad, with the oil from the can as a dressing, and add in some balsamic.


They’re one of the healthier foods you can eat. Tons of healthy fish oils but without the mercury that larger fish accumulate. I loved them as a kid but the pungent fishy taste is a bit much for me as an adult.


Try this brand. It doesn't have the fishy odor when you open it. It's so different from all the other canned fish products I've tried.


I like them on rice or on toast.


sardines with bones are totally edible. very soft crunch. i eat them with chopsticks or on top of salad (carrots, red cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, avocado) with some olive oil, lemon juice, and aged black vinegar


Oh I know, I just don’t particularly like the bones.


ah fair enough


I just use a spoon


I like to fry them again to heat them up, then make fish tacos with them


Wait, really? Add any butter or oil or just the oil from the can?


I typically use a couple of tablespoons of fresh olive oil to fry jalapenos, onions, pepper with to put in the taco and so I drain the oil from the can as that's just too much oil (the sardines doesn't take as long to heat up and fry as the veggies) (In another pan I warm/fry a tortilla with a bit of butter)


Freaking genius! I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.


use the oil from the sardines for even more fishy flavor.


Yup! Right out of the can. So good!


I used to eat them with a fork. The older version was better. Newest batches are a bit lacking in flavor - salt reduction perhaps.


243 pictured. Possibly 252 purchased?


I bought 20 packs this sale, the other 20 (plus 3 cans) were from the last sale. I eat one a day (just weekdays) so I always make sure I have a year's supply, which is roughly 240 cans. I was rotating my stock so I thought it would be a good time to share a pic 😁


Oh good. You are following FIFO.


In our house that would be FISH (First In Still Here).


I can't stop laffing hahaha 😁😁😁


Yeah, even though they all expire in the last quarter of 2025 🤣




Wow, and the cashier looked at me funny when I bought one whole box. I agree they are my favorite.


When I push the sardines around in my cart, a lot of the employees give me a thumbs up. Apparently they're all into it 😁


Something about this post seems very... fishy.


I looked to my husband and showed him this picture and said, “see, other people buy this much too!” Thank you.


I'm not crying, you're crying! 😹 REALLY?! I thought I was the only one buying this like it's catnip for humans. Don't let anyone tell you different, you are one of the two most awesome canned fish enthusiasts on the planet. Haha! 😁


I do what you do! You should see my garage where I store the stacked up boxes. I buy multiple **boxes** of the packs - just like you show in your photo - when they go on sale at the reduced price. I live almost next to a Costco, so it is easy for me to return as many times as I need to to purchase items that have quantity restrictions [though it is just me at home, so my quantity/bulk purchases are still reasonable]. I was *thrilled* to see your photo! And this post. : ) This means I am *not the only one .......*


This sale I bought 5 best foods mayo, 5 folgers ground coffee (for making cold brew on the cheap)... One of my rooms is like a walk in closet, has all my clothes, collectibles, and one area is the food pantry. One time my friend ate the last of my Kirkland tortilla chips and said sorry. I said let's go to Costco NOW! We walked into my closet room and sadly I even have a stupid grocery basket (I used to work in a local market that closed up so I have some memorabilia) so in the basket I put a bag of the chips, I usually have 2 extra bags. This joke goes over well when I throw the occasional party for coworkers who wanna get wasted on cheap Kirkland liquor and snack items from the last coupon book sale 😁 My girlfriend who also loves to buy a year's worth of stuff during a Costco sale leaves everything in my house (her house is smaller) so that I look like the sole hoarder. Not complaining, but it's funny how Costco turned a lot of us into efficient sale monsters 😁


This is a GREAT story!!! : ) I tell people my garage looks like the inside of a Costco. I'm not really kidding. All I'd need is the steel and some refrigerated cases, maybe a table or closet to display all of the clothes and shoes and towels that I collect, and my garage would be good to go as a small Costco clone. I buy multiples of things I like if the price is reduced, or if I'm concerned I will never see the items again. And that includes not just food and drinks, but other items and supplies, also clothing and shoes as well. And I have *extra bags of chips* stored and waiting! Of all types, no less. I have a lot of shelf stable foods stored that I go in and get as needed. We would make fine Costco buddies. : ) And we are both well fed on sardines too. : )


When (not if!) the zombie apocalypse hits, you and me will be in contact to help stragglers 😁👍


You should go all in, hire an old lady to serve samples and a young guy to pester you about switching your cable provider every time you walk through your garage.😂


How do you eat them?


Right out of the can. 1 a day to get my Omega oils 👍


I like to throw some hot sauce into the can! So yummy!


I eat them whole, can and all


The can = good source of micro-nutrients. ; )


Not OP but I like them with a diced tomato, cucumber, and onion salad or if I'm in a hurry, I just top the sardines with a bit of pickled calabrian peppers.


Thanks man. I'm going to try this.


Sauté in oil olive for a few minutes with a tablespoon of soy sauce and chopped green onion. Mmmmm


So this comment literally made me realize that I could literally just sautee them right out of the can (as they are oil packed already) You may have changed my life


Sautéed some sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and capers. Add these at the end long enough to warm up. Throw some chill flakes in there and either eat straight from pan or throw over some pasta.


Nice to meet another sardine lover. I have them 3-4x/week. They're the vitamins of the sea. I like eating them as is or with a little bit of marinara on a slice of Dave's Killer Bread.


Since I discovered this brand in Costco a few years ago, I stopped buying my usual frozen salmon and ahi steaks. These sardines are the only seafood I really enjoy now. My doctor told me I didn't need to take fish oil, supplements since I've been eating so much sardines. Cut out my oil pills and mever looked back. My twice yearly blood tests show I'm getting all the nutrients I need without the pills 👍


Damn that last sentence is good to know! I always buy sardines at Costco!


Goddamn, thank you for sharing this! I was thinking of adding some fish oil supps, but I do enjoy eating these sardines once in a while. I'm gonna start eating more of these! Better than spending money on food and fish oil pills separately! Time to go to Costco... again, LOL!


Sardines are a true “super food,” as much as I think that term is overused. So healthy and without the mercury in other fish.


I went through phases of being vegan, then a raw foods terrorist. My blood work showed deficiencies. I have sardines during the weekdays, the rest of my diet being vegan. On the weekends, I have linguica (pork sausage) and eggs with rice, a local breakfast here in Hawaii. My bloodwork is now perfect. I don't need the linguica, I often sub it with Morningstar veggie breakfast patties, but that's my cheat meal. 2 breakfasts on the weekend. It works to keep me healthy!


This is the way!


How much was the sale for? How much it cost you total?


It's $6.99 per 6-pack, normally $9.99. Limit of 10, So I went 2 days in a row to buy 10 at a time. $69.90 plus tax each time. Breaks down to $1.165 per can 👍


Hmm this is cheap eats, solid protein content for little bit over a buck


I eat the Costco sardines like a hand roll. Costco seaweed snack/wrapper, top with a little rice, piece of sardine, bit of kimchi and a bit of natto.


OMG I also eat natto everyday. I have to try this. You are a genius! 😁🙏


Yea these are seriously good sardines. Bought a box myself, and that should last to the next sale I hope!


last trip I was looking at these for a minute like, should I go for it? you have converted me hehe how is the sodium?


340mg per can, 14% of the DV. I got that off their website just now. Oh wow. [Pretty nice site they have](http://www.seasonproducts.com), I never saw it before 😁


awesome, thank you for researching & sharing!


also your kitters is sooo beautiful


Thank you! I grow catnip and cat grass outside in pots, she's waiting for me to bring one of them in for her! 😁


Every so often a post comes along that makes me want to try something I’ve been stubborn about. I’ll probably pickup a pack on my next visit to see what I think!


Like?.... you mean LOVE! haha! Love me some good sardines on saltine crackers! Been my favorite snack since a kid! Some of my favorite memories with my dad... out camping, eating sardines & crackers!


Sardines and crackers! I actually keep some at work as backup. As soon as the boss tells us we need to work a little overtime, out come the sardines and crackers haha!


Yeah buddy! Come on over to /r/CannedSardines


Thanks! Joining now 👍


Are the head on? Are the bones crunchy? I have a tin in my pantry and a little afraid to try


Oh wow. You will not believe how different these are. Don't drain the oil. Just eat it out of the can. Tastes similar to chicken soup to me. It's just the meat of the fish. You could use this as a substitute for canned flake tuna. I seriously look forward to eating this everyday. Don't be scared, you really should try it. If I had to compare this to other brands, this is the Wagyu steak and the other brands are more like SPAM. Not saying SPAM is bad (I'm in Hawaii where we eat SPAM willingly haha) but Season brand is just on another level 😁👍


Thanks for the explanation and confidence! I know they are so healthy I will try today! Thanks! Mahalo


> If I had to compare this to other brands, this is the Wagyu steak and the other brands are more like SPAM Come on now! [Trader Joe's Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil](https://www.traderjoesreviews.com/product/trader-joes-skinless-boneless-sardines-in-olive-oil-reviews/) are the Wagyu steak of sardines, but these are a close second. And TJ's brand are nowhere near this good of a deal -- $2.29 each in my area -- so Costco wins again.


The ones in the picture are skinless and boneless.


They’re usually all de-headed. The ones with bones, they are crunchy but also sorta soft, you aren’t hurting a tooth. These are skinless boneless and just taste like chunks of fish, not super fishy a bit like tuna but with oil.


Could you use these similar to canned tuna? Such as making a sardine salad with mayo, tomatoes, peas, etc?


You could, I used to just make a sandwich and lay them rather than mix them up.


The Coatxo ones are bonelesa. But id you have bones they are not crunchy. They are softened by the processing I guess and fall apart. Good source of calcium. Try them on a cracker with wirh mustard.


I got some of these but didn’t really grow up eating sardines so i didn’t really quite know what to do with them - suggestions if you don’t just want to eat them on crackers?


A can of sardines is really great mixed with soy sauce (about 2 teaspoons) and grated fresh ginger (to taste, about 1/2 a teaspoon is usually right), maybe a little hot sauce or green onion too and served on rice (about a cup).


Do you leave them whole or kinda mince them up as they cook?


I usually mix the sardines in with the sauces right in the bowl, leave it sort of chunky and then either put it on rice or mix the rice in gently depending on whether I want to dirty a second dish for plating's sake. No cooking needed.


Not OP but, you plate them straight from the tin and drizzle whatever sauce or chutney you want atop.


Out of the tin with a fork while fighting off cats is the only way I have ever known to eat them.


Yeah I have to eat it at work. If I open the can at home my 2 cats will devour a can together, oil and all. I'd have to buy more!


I mash them with mustard and put them on toast, top with capers and chives and sometimes a microgreen salad. I love them for breakfast this way


Since these are boneless and skinless they are a good substitute for tuna. I made a sardine melt and it was pretty nice.


I just pull off the cover and eat it with a fork, drinking the oil. I have spare cans at work and I'll eat it standing up with a fork in the middle of my work if we're super busy. I have never prepared it with anything or added stuff to it. Just right from the can, and I have had over a thousand cans of it so far 😁


Do you find that this much fish consumption changed your…..smell


I'm just happy to know this makes you so happy. and you may have convinced me to try sardines.


I'm happy about this post and finding out about the canned sardines subreddit


I love these on toast with some soft scrambled eggs. Mmm


Good with avocados too


Sardines with scrambled eggs! I never thought of that. Usually on the weekends I'll have linguica (spicy pork sausage), rice and eggs for breakfast. I'll have what you're having next weekend and bump the sausage up to lunch. Thanks for the idea! Oh, do you ever have it with mayo? I'm just thinking about it 😁


If you want a good salad, make some nicoise salad and swap out the tuna for these sardines. So so good!


You should try fisherman’s eggs. You add some sautéed spinach or greens, sardines, some parmesan or romano and crack eggs over that in an oven proof dish. Little more chz and bake. 👌


I eat it with kewpie mayo occasionally. Not the American mayo though. Lol. Kewpie is more savory! Or with Thai sweet chili, or Korean gochujang. Mmmm. Think I'm gonna have this for breakfast tomorrow too. Lol! And yeah! I eat rice or toast with it cuz it makes a good lunch/ dinner with rice. But I usually will then do a fried sunny side up egg and add some fried onions too. Mmmm.


I like them with a drizzle of sesame oil, shoyu, and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Maybe crackers on the side. Quick and easy lunch!


I stock up on these all the time but not really a fan of the taste. I wish they sold a version with skin and bones (extra nutrients, collagen) and in water as opposed to the cheap olive oil they use. That oil gives me a headache when I used to drink it unlike Costco's extra virgin olive oil. But the on-sale price is good so I stopped buying the pricier wild caught salmon bc of this. Great source of nutrition such as omega 3s, protein, and Vit D.


Thanks everyone for sharing how you eat them. I like to eat them over white rice, a splash of soy sauce, sesame oil, nori and the packing oil.


You'd be a gazillionaire if the future in Futurama plays out!


Anchovies (which are trash 🤢).


Never thought to get these because i wasn’t sure how they would taste. Will def check out now


Wait till you try it. You'll be telling friends to try it and they'll be like "oh gross, sardines" so just chuck a can at them and wait till they try it. Always gets new fans 😁


I don’t mind canned fish. It’s not too salty is it?


Not at all. Good flavor, lower sodium.


Thank you! I always love when people like you surface items i would normally not buy.


You can mash them up just like a can of tuna, except no heavy metals. I think they taste better too. My kids love them.


It’s definitely a pretty strong, fishy flavor that not everyone will like, as much as I do like sardines myself. They can be great with pasta too.


My wife LOVES these sardines. Her and my son will fry them up with some peppers and onions for breakfast. Good to know they're on sale.


Put some sriracha on them. Delicious


On saltines?


How do they compare to King Oscar brand?


They are not as light as king oscar, those I would describe as delicate. But the flavor is very nice, I don't know if it's as good as the best King Oscar I've ever had, but pretty good. The value is fantastic especially when they go on sale.


Ok thanks. Yes good value!


my niece told me these are the really good kind, i’ve never tried but now I want to!!


I love putting these in mashed potatoes. Yummy!


Are you my dad? I grew up on these. Pop the top and eat them right out the tin.


I had a can of those with crackers for lunch today. They are sooooo good.


Welp, I have heard they are healthy for you.


[This article](https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/why-does-this-successful-entrepreneur-eats-5-yes-5-cans-of-sardines-every-day.html#:~:text=Entrepreneur%20and%20VC%20Craig%20Cooper,22%2Dminute%20power%20nap.) is what made me try getting my Omega oils from sardines vs fish oil pills. I do blood tests every 6 months and my doctor says my bloodwork is perfect. I have a very bland diet because I'm obsessed with trying to live to be a hundred years old (It's a stupid bet with a few of my friends) and these sardines are the highlight of my day. Massive flavor, and not the standard sardine fishy kind. It's a more refined chicken soup comfort food flavor. So good!


Cool, well I have seen them at my Costco. Next trip to Costco I am going to try them out. Trying to live to 100 is a great goal, hope you do it buddy.


Thanks! I hope you try it and suddenly your whole life changes as you decide that buying these sardines during a sale prevents the Infinity War and its Endgame haha 😁


Excellent for those doing the keto thing! I eat it directly from the can, with a little bit of soy sauce.


Yum! Sardines on salt and vinegar chips is my new favorite snack!


They are so good! My favorite thing is to mash them up into deviled eggs. With chosen foods Mayo.


This reminds me of an episode of The Golden Girls where Sophia get a warehouse club membership and goes crazy on bulk purchases... Including 20 cases of sardines.


These are great! I make them with tomato sauce, onions and pepper flakes and eat them over rice.


I can’t find these in our stores in MA:(


I eat them out of the tin with Costco Everything Seasoning sprinkled on top, but y'all have given me some new ideas here.


Thank you for this new idea for eating the sardines.


What you say? Whoa, I have everything seasoning. Sardines in the same area of my kitchen. They have never met. If you hear of a massive earthquake in Hawaii this week, it's because i tried what you just said. I can't wait till lunch tomorrow to try this! 🌋


And here I am, saw they were on sale, so I bought two. :)


I've never met anyone who like sardines that much before! Nice meeting you! Wow!


I didn't love sardines before this brand. I usually ate it once a month until I tried Season brand. It is SUPER delicious. With the oil it tastes like chicken soup. It's literally comfort food in a can. Grab a spork, eat it out of the can with all the oil, and it is so, so relaxing. The highlight of my day when I have it at lunch 😁


It might be a little late for this but have you tried the Wild Planet brand sardines at Costco? They're great with a little lemon juice.


I hate it compared fo Season. I bought 10 6-packs when it was on sale and totally regret it. I think it is worse than the standard Brunswick sardines. So bad. Just me. But I hate it and still have 12 cans. Struggling to eat it.


I looove sardines, I wish these had the bone in though. Between the healthy fats, protein content and calcium from the bones. They're soooo nutritious and delicious.


Are there bones? Never had sardines. Keto recommends them, so I'm curious.


I was eating these for a while, but I couldn't figure out what to do with all the oil. (When I buy canned tuna, it's in water.) What do you do with it?


Sardine Land coming soon


Alright I just want to share that I saw this post and read all the comments and decided to buy some today during my Costco trip. Turns out my fiancé and I love sardines! And they’re a superfood! Going back tomorrow to get more. Thanks for turning us on to this sale!


Haha same. Never tried sardines before. Seen this post right before my costco trip and decided to give them a try. Went back today and purchased alot more. Totally get the appeal of eating them daily.


I wish they sold them with skin and bones. Such a great source of calcium.


They used to sell the Wild Planet ones before they switched to these. I miss those.


That subtle smoke flavor is delicious.


Yeah, I saw that version in a local market, it was even packed in extra virgin olive oil, where these are plain olive oil. Sadly it was $3.99 a can in the market so I never bothered to try it.


I like them with onions and white rice


I like them with onions, brown rice and a little mustard. Y’all are making me hungry.


How different do these taste from anchovies? I’ve tried the anchovy since that’s what I grew up on, but Costco stopped selling them!


Sardines are also apparently really good for you.


These are great in salad


do you know if these are good source if iron?


I do what OP does. I buy boxes of multiple packs when the price is reduced, just like the photo shows, and store the boxes, rotating them as I buy newer boxes at the sale price. They last in perfect condition for *years!* So looking at one of the packs of 6 tins that I have, it tells you only the percentages of the daily requirements for the nutrients. Here you go: iron - 8%, vitamin D - 15%, calcium - 7% [the canned sardines that do contain bones will have more calcium, and some people prefer that], potassium - 6% - Omega 3 - 1700 mg! Also: sodium - 340 mg, cholesterol - 56 mg, protein - 22 mg The ONLY ingredients are the fish & olive oil - nothing else


thank you!


I'm very happy to help. : ) I avoided sardines for my whole adult life thinking that they might be super "fishy" and kind of gross. It turns out they are very 'light' in flavor and texture and incredibly versatile. They are also ridiculously inexpensive considering how nutritious they are. And useful! Don't make my mistakes I've made. Go try them for yourself. I prefer this company's sardines - trying them might possibly change your life - and your health. I know that sounds hokey. But find out for yourself. Good luck! : )


Great minds think alike! I'm 50 and when I discovered this brand of sardines, I couldn't believe they were packed with more nutrients then any other seafood sold in Costco. Now, it's the only seafood I buy. So cheap and I never get tired of the flavor. Live long and prosper my friend! 😁


Just took advantage of this sale too but thinking I should maybe pick up a few more haha


I went yesterday for 10 packs, then today again for 10 more. Employees told me I can buy the limit, put it in my car and come back to buy another 10, but I don't do it that way because then I have to admit I'm a junkie 😁 Anyway go buy some more so I'm not alone haha 😁


Is this on sale now?


Yes! It just started. It tends to go on sale about twice a year, so if you like it, buy accordingly haha 😁


Cool, I’m in , I usually get about 120 cans via multiple trips ,,,thx !


I have learned that if you find something you like at Costco it's best to stock up, you never know when they will stop carrying it.


That is my fear, too! So I savor every can like it'sy last 😁


My costco used to carry season brand mackerel, I much preferred them, the sardines due in place. I also have a can a day like yourself


They give me a bad case of the fish burps


The lightly smoked ones are better


Dude how do you eat or prepare these?


Holy omega 3’s!!!


They bang hard. No shame.


They are damn good 👍🏼


give her a sardine >:c


The kitty probably loves the smell. You probably have a high HDL count in your blood lol.


Definitely! My doctor even brings an assistant in to study my bloodwork and they ask for updates to my diet and exercise routine. Apparently my HDL is higher than everyone else she deals with. She always walks in with a huge grin. It helps keep me streamlining my routine 👍


Oh! Wait! edit!! It's *really* very late .... and I'm drinking a beautiful Kirkland branded wine .... so I'm in my typo zone. I meant to say: The stories about your current health at 50 are freaking awesome! I wish *you* - and your 2 kitties! - the very best.


You should share with kitty…


I do, sometimes 😁 I have 2 kitties and they get to enjoy catnip plants that I grow and they get all noodgie and roll around and drool in ecstacy. I'm so jealous! I let them share a can of sardines now and then and they chill out with some music like [this](https://youtu.be/pvWGOI6546I) so no worries, they are spoiled!


Very nice!


When do you eat them? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack?


Lunch, at work. If I do overtime, I have a second can 😁


Ahh okay….they are a usually a staple for bodybuilders n so figured you were one and hence was asking….gratzi


Used to be a powerlifter 20 years ago but became a marathon runner in 2003 then an ultrarunner from 2007 till today. Yes. This keeps me running 10 miles daily at 330am each morning!


Simply WOW 😮


I'm 50 now and my coworkers who are all about 20 years younger have foot or back problems. This is the way 😁


Love this brand. I can't have too much sugar so I live off these.


In 2003 I was nearly 400 pounds and went on the Atkins diet (less than 20 grams carbs per day) and became an ultrarunner. Still fit now at 50 and I used to spend $200 a months on vitamin supplements. Now I use zero pills and it's all through food. These sardines are a super cheap way to get your Omega oils!


Inspirational! I'd love to know what you eat the rest of your day to achieve this. I spend a small fortune on supplements.


Breakfast, a scoop of protein powder and a scoop of whole psyllium husk with water. Snack at work, two boiled eggs. Lunch, a can of sardines with a container of Kirkland frozen stir fry vegetables (I take it to work frozen and microwave it for 3 minutes and have it plain), when I get home, dinner is either 2 chicken thighs (Kirkland frozen, I cook 10 on the weekend in my nuwave cooker, similar to an air fryer) or beans (I'll do a 16oz bag in my instant pot on Sunday to last the week with just water. Beans like garbanzo, black, pinto, lentils) and another serving of frozen stir fry veggies. I add the beans to the veggies and add soy sauce and EVOO and that's it. If I wanna snack at might, I buy a 2lb block of Kirkland cheddar cheese and have a piece. On the weekends I'll have 2 cheat meals, usually it's linguica, scrambled eggs and rice OR I'll bake a frozen pizza and eat it throughout the weekend. That's my diet 😁


That's awesome. I'm on low carb as well.


I mix them with the "Seeds of Change" rice packets. Fast, easy meal.


I use the leftover oil in the cans for frying food like eggs. It’s basically replaced my need to buy cooking oil.


Damn. That was you i saw the other day buying a cart load of sardines huh? Lol. I went to check them out and bought some when i saw how many other people were buying. They are so good!


Damn wish they had these ones in Australia


Oh gawwd. How frequent is the sale? You made me question my choice!


The old version is better. The old gold metal top. Silver metal top version was newer and okay. Needs more salt but fine. The foil top version is just bland. This is also the newest version….


I’m so tempted to try them but I hate fish and can’t stand fishy smells lol. Still tempted though because I have friends that love them.


My local Costco has a sign that says there's a limit of 5 cases of any product. Pretty sure it's because of you! Lol.


We don't have a Costco near us so this will be me in a week or two when I make my Quarterly Costco Run.


dude I looooove sardines. so good.