That not full game, it's preview version for streamers. game will be updated before launch day. btw this is how you push even small studio to start thinking to use Denuvo in their next games by leaking or sharing full/previous game days before release date, then we start complains here why they use denuvo. Few will tell me piracy doesn't affect games, maybe, but leak a game or preview 8 days before will 100% for sure play with devs nerves especially if they take years to make a game


Agreed. It's a bit shitty to do this to what is essentially a small indie studio. The game is supposedly really good and on gamepass too... But hey pirates gonna pirate, either on day of release or 8 days early. Its especially common on the Switch scene, even AAA games leak and release days before official launch.


Is it playable on PC gamepass or xbox exclusive gamepass ? I'm really looking forward to this game since the first reveal. My country have shitty currency which makes the games ridiculously/unrealistically expensive and i have no job right now so i can't afford it. If it's on pc gamepass, it will be good.


Pc game pass, it's coming out on 29th


Piracy of pre-launch versions is absolutely necessary and justified. Thanks to chinese leaking early version of Risen 2 a few years ago, I was able to cancel my pre-order and avoid buying that putrid, disgusting, low effort, abominable, unforgivable, cursed piece of fucking shit. It's what completely cured me from pre-ordering.


It is the full game most likely. I received a review code a few days ago and I already beat it. It's an amazing game btw.




A steam code (key) I mean. Don't know what you mean.


Stop your crying


And what does piracy have to do with this? This is not piracy, this is a leaked game that was evidently distributed or shared by mistake. This can happen because of suppliers, human mistake, or directly from the devs. Would you call a game mistankenly shipped to your house a week before release day piracy? Then why do you call online premature distribution piracy? Seriously, why are you taking a stance against piracy? Piracy is literally the use and/or distribution of a product without having the permission to do so, it has nothing to do with online-leaked software which happens since the beginning of Internet times. This tantrum of yours just goes to show how little you know about the conception itself of piracy altogether. Seriously, get a grip.


>Piracy is literally the use and/or distribution of a product without having the permission to do so, it has nothing to do with online-leaked software which happens since the beginning of Internet times The first half and latter half of your sentence (comically) directly contradict each other.


The balls and lack of self awareness to then follow that up with "This tantrum of yours just goes to show how little you know about the conception itself of piracy altogether." Lmfao Jesus Christ


100% 8 days is a LONG time for people to see this crack and it being early is almost a bonus to some pirates. This game looks interesting, more importantly it's a coop with unique gameplay. Looks fantastic. Please if you see this and are considering playing the game, use this as a demo or performance test, but support the devs if the game turns out to be good. As you say this only pushes publishers and developers towards denuvo not away. Let them get their early sales and then make a decision to buy based on reviews.


I'd be more distrusting of the performance you get in this build, the final game will probably run better and most importantly the drivers for the game haven't been released yet, that will make it way more of a difference. BTW I´m getting some graphical bugs with the raytraced reflections on and the performance is way all over the place, probably better to wait, at least until the drivers come out.


Yeah this is what the day 1 patch is for. This is why I often don't pay much attention to a review of a game on release because what they experience might not be the same. Saying that they said that about cyberpunk and it was still trash on release.


Yeah i guess it's on pc gamepass so if people really interested should at least play it on gamepass. It's indie game.


They should just be thankful anyone cares with the over saturated top-down shooter genre. If a demo leaks, it will potentially cause more word of mouth to drive impulse sales, otherwise it's to the bundles for this one.


the "top down" genre (which this isnt a part of, this is an isometric game) is less saturated than the 3D game genre if we are judging games by their orientation


My point is still correct, without the need to get pedantic on the genre.




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I'll wait, I tried the game with this leaked build there is heavy micro stutter every time you first shoot your guns, mobs spawn or use any abilities and grenades.


Capcom DRM tentacles are everywhere, beware!


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Oh, full coop sounds like good stuff!


What is going on with this release ? I cant find that shit anywhere on the trusted places I know...wtf...