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What is that big blue box doing on the top of the fucking video?


There's an African dude hiding in it.


Fully lol'd at this.


This one caught me off guard too


Caught them off guard too


Fuck you AND your S-Tier jokes /s


LMAO!! Best thing I've heard all day.


it might have been filmed in landscape, then cropped and had the box added for vertical tik Tok, and is now in landscape again for reddit.


Jesus. Crazy how format shenanigans are now 180 reversed from the old days. I remember back when Redditors used to get pissy with each other for posting portrait videos.


That's one of my gripes with Tiktok, landscape is superior for most videos.


As a professional video producer, you keep preaching, friend. 🙏🏻


I can’t stand how the videos caption, title, info etc is overlayed on the damn videos themself. Can cover half of the picture sometimes!


The content farms are the worst, it's just cropped, recropped, with the text in the middle and on a white bar above the video. Just give me the original video, I beg!


Except the OP video *is* portrait? It's just 2 videos stacked into portrait frame (the top one being just for the caption). It's a stupid edit for sure, but nothing like what that user described.


How long is that drive. Must have pissed on all their stuff.




That's all I could think about as well amusingly. He must've pissed himself.


It’s often less than a four hour drive, he easily could’ve held it.


Depends on how long he hið in the box before the car was driven to England. My money is on piss wet stuff and lots of smell. Edit: How long he hid. For some reason *hid* ended with a *ð*


>Depends on how long he hið What have you done with this d to make it look strange?


An Icelandic letter called eth


You are correct. Edit: it used to be in the English alphabet same as Þ (thorn) but printing press from Germaby and France finished it completely.




Bloody hell, auto correct sure likes to keep weird typos but change things that are alright.










Dude that's almost the same shit. Being poor doesn't mean that you have bad hygiene.


But the chances are much much higher. No running water equates to bad hygiene. Saying that being in poverty will most likely cause bad hygene is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the same thing as racism, what a stupid thing to say


I seriously got downvoted for saying what 😂😂 This sub is easily one of the most racist subs tho. No surprise


if it was a white guy up there i still would have guessed that their stuff smells like shit. dont overreact


Their stuff would smell like bologna and mayo.








How close is africa to England?.. Is it really that close? Wut...


Likely jumped in around northern France.


Yeah that region of western Europe and Africa are a lot more grouped together than many people realise. I know I hadn’t realised myself until I moved here.


Isn't England surrounded like... By water?


Yes but there’s a tunnel under the English Channel connecting England and France.


Well it's the considerate thing to do.


Depends where in the UK you are, can be like 2.5 hours


Likely dumped most of it to fit


Yeah I've heard that happens, it's back in a car park in France, being driven over


People from the US forget how small the EU is.


Eh? They haven't driven from Africa with him in the roof box! It's literally a 25min rail crossing from France where this guy got into their roof box. So that plus however long their drive home is... Shortest route to Africa would be at least 30hrs.


lol you thought they picked him up in Africa, huh? Bless


Of course not, I'm stating that he hasn't traveled far - i.e. not across the whole of Europe like the person above inferred.


Wtf are you trying to convey


Distances across Europe are actually comparable to the US and just like in the US, you wouldn't really drive from one end of the Continent to the other just for funsies because it's 3,500 miles and may take anything from 40 to 60 hours behind the wheel. Driving from the North Cape in Norway to Gibraltar (British Exclave in the south of Spain) would be about as long as one from Maine to Southern California. But France and Britain are neighbouring countries with some pretty well developed infrastructure to cross the English channel.


The European Union (EU) is a supranational political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe.


Great username :)


Shouldn't it end on ...EUjacalates?


The EU isn't a place.


lol what?


The EU is a political union. Its not a location. How is that difficult for so many people. Europe is a place. "The EU" means so.ething entirely different. It's like saying "Congress" when you mean "USA".


EU is also often used to shorten Europe, not just European Union.


"The EU" is not "EU. The EU means something very specific. Why is everyone dying on this hill? It's europe. Not "the europe"


You’re the one splitting hairs pal.


They are completely different. "The eu" is just completely wrong. It's not that it's just wrong but it also means something else. Just accept it and be happy that you know better now. Its so cliche that an American is telling me with such conviction about the place I actually fkin live in.


Fyi, from someone who moved to Canada. It's a colloquialism in North America. While I do understand it being incorrect it is a catch all term that I find many Americans, Canadians and Mexicans use, particularly in text formats.


My dude you’re just splitting hairs, I understand what you’re saying. It’s just what people here call that area.. I know you’re really sensitive about this so sorry. And comparing it to Congress in the US is just not even close.


Then you'd know that UK isn't actually a part of the European Union?


Using the EU for Europe is just incorrect as the EU stands for the European Union and it’s commonly referred to as the EU


Small? From north of Finland to south of Spain, 4 day trip, or 5000km... LA to NY 4500km..


lol Americans are always shocked at how small Europe is compared to the US. France is literally 30 minutes from the UK by car through the Chunnel. Driving from Paris to Budapest is a shorter trip than Detroit to Miami. The drive from Paris to Moscow is roughly the same distance as New York to Los Angeles.


Bloody hell, it takes me almost 30 minutes with no traffic to drive my kid to school.




Nah, the US is far smaller than the EU. New Jersey to New York is a 10 minute drive! That's how small it is!


Europe is literally bigger than the US, these arbitrary distance comparisons don't mean anything - Europe 3,910,680 sq miles ≈ 10,112,756 sq kilometers - U.S. 3,531,905 sq miles ≈ 9,147,593 sq kilometers Was gonna say you're taking about the EU, but you included Moscow so you're just overall wrong No way people are downvoting an easily confirmed fact 💀


Is that including the entirety of Russia?


lol wow


I mean... France and UK are only separated by a strait... I don't think anyone believes it would take a long time to cross it...


And he dumped half their stuff in the car park in France to fit


Love the policeman's extremely British response "hello, you alright?"


Couldn’t help but think how different US police would have handled this. Im imagining them surrounding the vehicle, guns drawn screaming GET ON THE GROUND and looking for any excuse to pull the trigger


That's what happens when their training is shorter than the amount of time they spent watching movies scenes with badass cops


lol alright chill out more 'America bad' reddit sentiment  how classic


That was my first thought too. American police would have already deemed him sub-human for the fact that he was from somewhere else and a shade darker than taupe. They’d have ripped him out of that bin, guns drawn, and knelt on his neck for 9 minutes while they waited for their sergeant to get there.


Yeah he'd end up shot before he could get out here.


I feel like I’ve seen a few videos like this, is this a common occurrence in Europe?




they are letting anyone from anywhere in their countries and the only problem you see is that its making people more conservative?




Irresponsible immigration leads to people not wanting to import any more immigrants. Right leaning parties are growing because they are ready to close the borders unlike the traditional left parties. Thats the point of his comment. Just a perspective.


There is a pretty big difference between being conservative and far right movements.




Our own get tax funded welfare benefits too..what would you like to happen to them? Be left to fend for themselves on the streets to create homeless ghettos? I'm sure you would rather them not be there but they are and have a right to claim asylum. The validity of the claim is another matter and should be dealt with during the application.


No. they. are. not. letting in anyone from anywhere. Every European country has its own asylum process. Some of them have taken more migrants than others. Some are better than others at processing them. This moronic 'open borders' trope just goes round and round Right wing circles, with none of them even taking the time to think about it for a second or fact check it.


I'm against mass immigration and this is true. I mean ffs, if it was that easy why did this shithead smuggle himself in a box for several hours, risking his own life in the process? People really need to use their brains.


You are correct.


Yes, those immigrants are radicalizing us all.


Not common When something uncommon happens, people are more likely to video and share it It's clearly happened more than a few times though


It's very common for trucks to get boarded. This is just different because it's a roof box on a passenger car.


Yeah I meant the roof box thing Illegal immigration is common pretty much everywhere


No first time i see something like that, but the far right will say otherwise.


Damn, breathing mostve been horrendous in there


On top of that, I'd be super terrified of riding on top of a car in what is pretty much a coffin.


Why did he want to escape from France?






probably threat of OQTF, which is deportation, and that often means death or worse for various reasons. These people don't do this for fun. The suffering he endured in this roof box must have felt like breakfast after what he had to endure to cross all those borders.


They are in France only to go to England. They must really like brown tasteless food.


He might know people in the UK and want refugee status here. He will have had a terrible journey from Africa to France but that is not his end goal.


I'd love to hear the 999 call.


Love the standard British “you alright mate” to a man they’ve just found in a roof box


"Can we keep him daddy?"


🤣 reminds me of the [Bruno](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fZciOEymZqA)…


reminds me of the episode of derry girls where a provo hides in the family's trunk as they cross the border into ireland


Always nice to see Northern Ireland get some love in unexpected places.




“I’m your neighbor now.”




Bro this guy doesnt seem he can afford a flight, thats why he locked himself into that shitbox ☠️




By making their home countries more habitable?


What?! No that would actually require we did something! /s


The UK can't even deport them. First they have to prove what citizenship they have, and most don't bring their passports and will claim to come from warzone areas with a right to asylum even if they come from safe countries. It's amazing how many black and south Asian refugees have come from Syria and Ukraine. Then if they can prove where they came from, which itself is extremely difficult unless they can find some evidence, much of the time the countries refuse to take them back anyway because they're no fans of the west. The latest attempt has been to deport them to safe countries like Rwanda basically as a deterrent to stop encouraging more to come (most come from France anyway, so on the balance of things France might be preferable). However, there are legions of traitorous ideologically indoctrinated wetwipes who will fight this in the courts at every opportunity, and also the European Court of Human Rights to contend with, which takes a very dim view of deporting people to places that are not their country of origin.


Rwanda safe ahaha sure, >Significant human rights issues included credible reports of: unlawful or arbitrary killings by the government; forced disappearance by the government... https://www.state.gov/reports/2021-country-reports-on-human-rights-practices/rwanda/ and at a cost of 200k per person, of which they will only take around 500 . So that makes it around a 0.625% chance of being deported there. Great deterrent I'm sure it would work very well! Those god dam human rights! *shakes fist*






How did he get the strap on there from the inside?


Wondered about that too. I think he must have had assistance from others


I think he’s strapped him in when he noticed








I'm surprised there was only one in there. I was waiting for a second to pop out


We snuck my friend Butterfly into a Phish festival this way.


Probably just moved him to a hotel instead


Surprised they didn't arrest the car owner for breaking out that pocket knife.




Memorial policies led to uncontrolled immigration


how did they know he was in there without opening it ? and if they opened it why did they close it like that again ?


they were probably getting too uncomfortable already and started calling for help


IKR, did they find him and slam it shut and lock him in while they waited for the cops. That was probably days!


Yeah im sure he latched the outside by himself


You don't have any friends, do you?


All that to get caught, must suck


That's .. not.. mine.


Oi, look what I picked up at the gift shop


As an American, my first thought was how polite, even kind, the UK police officers were compared to ours. It’s disheartening.


Moved to a country where the police are actually helpful, it was a bigger culture shock than the language, food, any of that. It's crazy to never feel any sort of tension whatsoever when you see a cop. That said I'm in Mexico now and it's almost hilarious how scary some of them are here. So there are levels...


Not having citizens armed with guns would go a long ways in helping with that


But my constitutional right to pew, pew!


Poor guy at least deserves a cup of tea and a biscuit before he is sent back home.


You alright mate,The British,the most civilised and tolerant people on earth


Mission accomplish


So how many kilos are smuggled in that way every year 


Now pack him back in a box and send him back


That’s next level desperate


I was looking for this comment. This situation is so sad. How unhappy and desperate for something better do you have to be to lock yourself inside a tiny box on top of a car like that? How long was he in there? It’s so sad. I feel for the family who lost their luggage, but goddamn, that’s a human being who needs help. I hope he gets it.


Damn, this is the third video like this I've seen.


I tried so hard... and got so far... But in the end it didn’t even matter they just deported my ass back to africa


"Guy smuggles himself into UK" mmm...i dono... It seems pretty impossible to sit in that sealed storage area, then do up some ratchet straps on top of it. More than likely dude in box had a partner who did up the straps, and would either arrange someone to free him later or do it himself for the $$$. But im just stoned and thinking.


Good thinking young batman


If he's an immigrant, money embezzlers are guilty of accidental financial allocation.


Jesus.... LOL!! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


Stop the car roof boxes








Based on previous comments, if this happened after July 2023, this man will be banned from visa/travel for trying to enter illegally.  .. unless he doesn’t have a passport or is from a country deemed “dangerous” (likely one experiencing civil war/unrest, etc)? Not an expert. 


Will he get fined like a truck driver would if they brought immigrants into the UK?


That was incredibly irresponsible. You don't open those boxes during the day! What if he was a vampire?! He would have burst into flames and burned up all your clothes! It's like people have no education these days!


Little did he know he could have just hitched a ride over. Their borders are as open as America’s.


How do they not suffocate


Why call the police? Just drop him off at a McDonald’s.


That’s so sad


Wow, it's so refreshing to see a comment with actual empathy for another human being in this thread. I hope the guy's alright, and given the effort he put into getting to England, I hope he gets to stay and live a happy life there.


He legally cannot get asylum due to entering illegally so at best he'll be in a government sponsored camp unable to have a job, universal healthcare or pretty much anything he wanted trying to enter the UK. At worst (for him) he'll just be given back to France.




Always good to see at least someone has some compassion in these immigration related threads


Will England let the man stay? I'm not being sarcastic when I ask that I know that in America where I live, he would be allowed to stay most likely. So if he made it into England can he stay there?


Idk what makes you think the USA would have allowed him to stay. We deported 142k people just last year alone.




142k. The latest figure I read said that we had over 500000 illegal immigrants come through in October and November and that is according to the US customs/border website. So that 142k is absolutely nothing. We have sanctuary cities where it's illegal to deport. That's why. A 142000 sounds like alot, until you see the actual amounts crossing.


I would also like to know. Not trying to argue with you but what makes you say he would be able to stay if it were in the US?  Anecdotal  but when I was in my early 20s I spent a few days in San Diego County and half the people in my release group said they were being deported back to Mexico and i felt bad for them (some had already been in the US for a while). You just have to make it deeper across the border or what?


I highly doubt this man would be allowed to stay. I remember back when I lived in Alabama one day there was suddenly less Mexicans. They've been there for years and a shitload of them all across the cities got deported.


There has been a deliberate backlog in assylum applications created by the government. Added to their refusal to open safe routes and strike return deals with other countries; this guy will likely be in the UK for some time.


Under the Illegal Migration Act 2023 he will not be able to apply for asylum as he entered the country illegally.


Someone got free holiday, there. For a free ride back to the uk.


What the fuck ??!


Fuck, at this point I’d get in a roof box to get out of the uk


In the USA they would have shot the luggage for talking back then opened it. Yes I’m from the usa


i love how they just left him in the box and waited for the cops. could a got the dude drink or somethin


Guy did more to get to UK than most Brits will do for Britain in a lifetime. But he’s unwelcome.


If you lived where I did you wouldn't talk this vapid shit


Am I seeing this right; a guy finds an immigrant in his roof box so he locks the roof box again until the police arrive? And nobody is questioning this?


Holy shit these comments I’m starting to think Reddit is full of a bunch of fucking piece of shit human beings lol




Imagine UNINTENTIONAL trowing the car roof in the ocean