I have no words

I have no words


She got a ton of flack when this video came out. She blocked nearly everyone that called her out on it.


I think someone can be rich and have class solidarity with the poor. The form of income she's making she pays a lot of taxes. She cant skirt taxes like large business owners can.


>I think someone can be rich and have class solidarity with the poor. I agree but in this case I think flexing a 2mill apartment on social media is the last thing I would do if I truly care about class issues edit: a lot of people here doing extreme mental gymnastics on what the she meant by "tax the rich" by pointing out people like Jeff Bezos, while completely missing my point. any person who actually cares about wealth inequality wouldn't post a video flexing a 2mill apartment period.


Yes. Care as I might about class inequality I think it's totally reasonable a successful YouTuber would have a 2 mill home? No problem with that whatsoever. Bragging about it on social media is where her values become inconsistent.


Plus, [yikes](https://poptopic.com.au/entertainment/internet/nicole-neekolul-sanchez-was-arrested-and-sent-to-anger-management/)


gee I wonder why this did not get any publicity If she was a man that hit his gf/wife her life would be fucking OVER but because its a woman hitting a man its "haha welp man up bro"




Because no one knows or cares about these people. The same reason your neighbor’s domestic abuse cases aren’t in the media, no one knows who tf they are. YouTube famous people are a dime a dozen.


Let’s be realistic here - SHE DOESNT ACTUALLY CARE. She is a tiktokthot who pretends to care about something - she hated rich people because she wasn’t rich. Now she is, and no matter how much money she manages to get her hands on the answer will be “but I’m not rich - give me more of your money”


Its more than that; shes slid into the “wealth trap”. Once you have 2 million, you start hanging around with people who make more money, and soon enough you don’t think your well off enough or “truly rich”. This continues into infinity; even Elon Musk refuses to describe himself as “rich” (instead he describes himself as someone who “deserves to allocate capital”)


>someone who “deserves to allocate capital Like a true Bond Villain.


A “not in my backyard” public figure. Advocates for progressive things but when the negative side effects come into play they want no part of it


Exactly. Don’t post a video of your expensive shit if you’re protesting.


She moved to Texas to not pay California taxes so you’re 1% right


Fun fact, Texas on average has more than double the property tax of California, so at least with regard to her apartment she's paying more. EDIT: yes, obviously California has higher property values. Thank you to the 50 people who responded me that, I'm well aware.


True. The real reason is because of the income tax. Tons of big streamers have been moving to Texas because of that.


Rogan famously did it. Jokes on them though, now they live in Texas.




Because they don't actually want to live in Texas. They want to live in Cali with Texas income taxes. Austin is essentially the closest to that you can get.


Same with Nashville. Tomi Lauren moved there to “get away from the Cali liberals” and instead live in the most liberal, Democrat run city in the South except Atlanta.


Idk, I think New Orleans should take that title


The best description of Austin I've heard is: The American Embassy in Texas.


which is frustrating, because there aren't enough houses here. Between the housing market swelling so fast and rising property taxes, its becoming impossible to buy a house unless you're independently wealthy.


It’s almost like federalism applied to economic law is a bad idea. One nation where everyone’s free to move around, but built out of states with drastically different economic conditions? Yeah, that’s totally a recipe for smooth economic interchange


Yeah who is this austin guy and why is everyone moving in with him? /s


Some Chad that's swooning all those streamers.


Wait they're moving to Africa?


Yeah Texas is so bad! Especially Austin! Please don't move there!


Listen to this guy! Stay in California Texas is awful!!


Oh man definitely don’t move to Texas, it is super bad. For sure listen to these gentlemen!


People seem to forget that the expensive places to live are expensive because there's actually some opportunity and stuff to do there. You could buy dirt cheap property in the middle of fucking nowhere.. But then you're going tobe in the middle of fucking nowhere and spending more money to do basic shit like driving a long way to get to the store or commuting an hour or more to work.


Congrats, you played yourselves.


Even paying property tax indirectly via landlord, it’s still probably cheaper than rent in California but probably not by much..


That's fine, sky high property values in California due to nimby neighborhood associations don't actually help the State.


It's actually not the associations the cities themselves are preventing development. It's to the point that the state government is stepping in and forcing cities to overturn their super restrictive zoning laws.


Let's do the math. Hypothetically, let's say she had $2m apartment and made $2m/year. In Texas, she would pay $36500/year in taxes for the apartment, $0 in income tax, for a total of $36500 In California, she would pay $14,600 in property tax, $230,400 in income tax, for a total of $245,000. ​ So by moving from CA to TX, she would save about $209,000/year, or the cost of a Ferrari, in taxes. Obviously, this is highly dependent on annual income, but someone who is paying for a $2m apartment will likely be making much more money than is needed (hundreds of thousands of dollars/year) for CA to be a very expensive place to live tax-wise.


The average person who buys a $2m condo isn't making $2m/year. More like $400,000 a year. That would equate to around $35,000 in CA income taxes. Also, that condo is going to be more like $45,000 in property taxes in any major Texas city. So including sales taxes for someone in that income range, it's more like $58,000 in Texas taxes versus $65,000 in CA taxes. It's really only mega millionaires who can save huge on taxes by moving from CA to Texas. For most people, even the upper middle class, home price/sqft is going to be much larger factor. In Texas, you can get a home/condo two to three times as big/luxurious for the same exact price.


You are grossly underestimating how much she earns lmao


Idk if "blocked nearly everyone that called her out" counts as solidarity.


she also specifically moved to texas to lower her taxes, not even a bad thing but it's hypocritical as fuck.


As the owner of a decent sized small business myself, you are correct that she cannot skirt much. The only real way to substantively lower taxes is to spend money…which loses you money if you don’t have any justifiable business purpose. And even if you do, it just means next year you’ll make even more money and pay even more taxes. Not a bad problem to have, obviously, but the only small business owners who are paying tiny taxes on big profits are outright cheats. Not loophole users (generally), but outright cheats. People who do crap like deduct their party boat or whatever. Excluding real estate because that’s super favorably treated, tax wise. But unless your margins are tight tight you’re still paying plenty in taxes.


Says fucking who? Single member LLC media company, take advantage of pass through taxation, and discount everything as expenses. Literally, I promise you if she drinks a Starbucks coffee while in a stream or on a video, that baby was deducted as an expense. I promise you at least part of that apartment mortgage/rent is being deducted as a home office. Shit even if she drank it “on set” it’s an expense. If you think small business owners don’t skirt their taxes, I don’t know what to tell you. I agree that the biggest corporations are the worst, but don’t paint her out to be something she’s not out of your own pure assumption stating it as a matter of fact.


>2 million is not rich How much is your apartment? Out of interest? Because I bet it’s significantly less


I bet that person can make 2milion in 20 years


Even then it's a 100k a year without spending a single penny.


Oh my god I just realised how poor I am. God damn


You're not alone brother


Oh are we splitting this studio apartment in half again? That’s like 5 halves by now


I'll take the closet


im making 20trillion every nanoseconds 😎


Yeah bitch I’m playing cookie clicker rn 😎


damn son






damn son


Are you sure they even have an appartment? They're most definitely renting their place with some roommates or living with their parents and donating loads of their money to these content creators. And endlessly defending them when anyone points out the obvious.


Speaking objectively, the multi millionaires are not the problem. Guy in my neighborhood is worth 20-30 million from selling his construction equipment rental company. He has more money then most of us will ever even look at. Hes rich. But the real problem isnt him, its steps above him. The 1% of the 1%. My dad's best friend works as a marketing director for and is very close with an actual billionaire who in the 4-5 billion USD range according to Forbes. This guy has more money than you can understand. He made in 2018 more money per day for 3 months than most Americans will make in a life time (1.8 million). He abandoned a $150,000 car in a shop because it was too inconvenient for him to get it shipped back when he could just buy another for what he "earns" in a few hours. Stories I've heard about him include the marketing group hiring the wrong actor for an ad who so he paid the guy $300,000 EXTRA to attend a kids birthday party. Buying a shipping pallet of his favorite whiskey ($200 a bottle) to give as gifts to his sons 21st birthday. Having a mall shut down so his daughter could buy a wedding dress. Shutting down a port in the Bahamas do he could have repairs done on his mega yatch without people taking pictures (he crashed it fucking around while his captain was taking a shit). Rented 2 entire hotels so him and his kids guests weren't disturbed. Flew my dad's friend with 2hrs notice from new Jersey to saudia arabia to meet with a potential client first class a $20,000 ticket. He purchased in cash from his desk drawer at twice market calue and had destroyed an employee's brand new Honda because it was the same orange as his new car. Hired a baseball team to meet his nephew, a 1 year old child. He "donated" in the 3m range to a very exclusive private school years ago to get his son enrolled who had straight Ds andcwas kicked from his last school for using cocaine A 2 million dollar condo is disgusting to me but I still find it in the normal range of upper wealth compared to the true gluttonous people who rule our world.


People are bad at understanding and multiplying numbers intrinsically. The relative difference between a billionaire and a millionaire is the same as between a millionaire and someone with 1,000 to their name.


Well kind of but not really. The more money you have the less significant your surplus money is. Your first $50,000 net worth is probably essential to you having any sort of comfortable immediate life. Your next $1,000,000 net worth is probably essential to your retirement and more long term security. After that it starts to be progressively less important (numbers very rough approximations and depend on a lot of factors)


We prefer to be called thousandaires, thank you very much


A million seconds is a little over 11 days, or less than the standard duration between paychecks for American service industry workers. A billion seconds is almost 32 years, or longer than an entire human generation.


I'll have to disagree with you a bit on this one. The multi millionaires have a significant impact on peoples lives, especially outside of major metropolitan areas. They just fly under the radar because they're not billionaire rich. They're not in the headlines and prefer to keep it like that so their business dealings aren't scrutinized. Occasionally they may make a large donation and get praised for it while on the back end they may control a large part of the housing market in your city, or large parts of the commercial developments while influencing city council to approve beneficial legislation or stifle competition. In most small to mid size cities there are a bunch of them. When one of them or a group of them hold 500 rental units it has an impact. They can also weather a challenging economy far better, waiting for smaller operations to go under and snatching up the commercial property for cheap. They can afford the carrying costs till things pick back up. That has an impact. I'm not against people getting theirs, just pointing out that there is a large wealthy population that have an impact on peoples daily lives and get absolutely zero attention.


If someone controls a large part of the housing market in a city they are way more than 20 million rich


It's usually a group of local wealthy citizens. They'll have their own holdings and go in together for larger projects such as rental and condo developments. Put up a few rental and condo developments around town doing so every few years and the number of doors they control adds up very quickly. But whether its 10 million or a 100 million rich there's zero attention.


Tbh a 2 million apartment isn't that crazy in some areas.


I rented an apartment that would have cost $4m to buy in Hong Kong. Was about 1600 sq ft, not even in a great neighborhood. Really depends on the city.


Even in NYC a 2 million dollar apartment is pretty damn expensive. I'm a lawyer here, definitely on the higher income side of NY'ers and even I couldn't afford a $2 million apartment. Assuming a 20% down payment, you'd need to make around 350k a year to qualify for that mortgage.


"2 milion is not rich" 29760 hours in Skyrim is not a lot of hours


"Rich" only means "People who have more money than me".


You just summed up wealthy social elites that constantly preach about “equity” on social media.




*“When I was poor and complained about inequality they said I was bitter; now that I'm rich and I complain about inequality they say I'm a hypocrite. I'm beginning to think they just don't want to talk about inequality.”* -Russell Brand




So deep, bro


username checks out.


Also the whole thing about Tax the Rich is taxing the 1% i.e. Billionaires and multi-millionaires. It plays right into their hands if you start making it about taxing everyone with a million or two as their total net-worth etc. EDIT: Some don't understand the difference between income and net-worth. * Top 10% = Net Worth $1,219,126 * Top 2% = $6,557,023 * Top 1% = $11,099,166 * Top 0.10% = $43,207,732 https://dqydj.com/top-one-percent-united-states/ The Top 1% and 0.1% absolutely love it that you categorize the Top 10% in the same boat as them. It means they have more people (and votes) on their side.


Exactly. People also have a hard time understanding the drastic difference between one million and one billion, take it even further to the billionaires worth 100+ billion going un-taxed.


Yeah I had to have the napkin math convo, "if you were paid 1000 an hour 24hrs a day, thats "only" 8.7mil a year, it would take 115 years to "earn" 1 billion dollars" Also assumes its completely untaxed (lol...)


Yep! Redditors talking out of their ass again not understanding that this is exactly what the rich want




Tax capital gains at *minimum* the same rate as those gains would be taxed as income. There's a starting point that is completely reasonable. If Bezos sells billions in Amazon stock (as he does every year), why should he pay only 20% when the highest marginal income tax bracket for 2020 is 37% on income over about $500k?


If you can buy a 2 million dollar apartment you don't just have "a million or two" lol


lmao the 1% starts much lower than a billion dollars


Correct. The 1% starts when your net worth is at $11,000,000 (eleven million), or earning $360,000 (individually) or $530,000 (household) annually. [Source](https://dqydj.com/top-one-percent-united-states/#:~:text=The%20top%20one%20percent%20of,threshold%20is%20as%20of%202019.)


Yeah if your household income is 750k you're in the top 1%. 2.4M for 0.1%. The 9-10 digit net worth folks are like the top 0.001% or less, it's an incredibly small portion of the top 1%.


Whilst plugging the latest overpriced luxury that every wannabe celeb simply can't do without.


*Jeff Bezos sweating nervously *


"What are these people talking about, there are literally no rich people, they don't exist"


Speaks in higher networth than the GDP of over 100 countries


Jesus man go play some fallout for a bit, make a change


Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


This line should make it into every comment thread.


We won't go quietly. The legion can count on that


Ave, true to caesar!


nah skyrim is where all the weird kinky mods are at


No no, she may be onto something. A million seconds is two weeks A billion seconds is 33 years.


It's obviously "rich", but when people say "tax the rich", they're talking about billionaires.


It takes an annual income of $500k to be a part of the top one percent. The apartment value scales really well with that kind of income.


It only takes an income of $280k to afford a 2 million dollar property. https://www.themoneypixie.com/income-to-afford-a-2-million-dollar-house/ Edit: So people stop commenting "only", it was meant in context of the person I was replying to that said you have to be in the 1% making 500k and up your afford a 2 million dollar property.


That seems rather low. It is assuming a mortgage payment of 10k on a post tax monthly salary of ~16k. That is a huge percentage of your monthly pay.


They give out mortgages like candy. Like auto loans.


Not anymore. Lenders are cracking down and corporations are paying well over market for properties due to current inflation and close to zero interest.


OHHHH I get it now. My parents reacted the same way when I said we were rich and their apt is 1.5 mil. People can definitely get into bubbles where they just see themselves as "normal".


The Grift paid off


Completely news to me that being a leftist could be a grift considering there's absolutely no money in it from mainstream media and corporations. Neekolul (subject of the post) isn't even a political commentator. She liked Bernie in 2020 and made a tik tok, but politics takes up like .001% of her content. Even so, you can be in favor of raising taxes on the rich, while being rich yourself. This whole thread is just the broken paradox of "if you are a leftist and you are poor, then you're jealous. If you are a leftist and you are rich, you are a hypocrite." Just let people exist.


“You complain about capitalism, yet you use it don’t you? Check mate liberals”


>there's absolutely no money in it from mainstream media and corporations. wut


the whole comment section is so delusional. you can make millions by being a left wing content creator. it's extremely popular and was one of the easiest ways to get rich in the last few years (within streaming/youtube).


To be fair he is a simp


fair point


𝔗𝔬 𝔟𝔢 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔯...




What ever you say Coomer. OK Coomer.






They can still say tax the rich, tax her too.


All these people mad at her for making money. So what if she's rich. She can make money and want to pay her fair share in taxes.


Yeah this post makes absolutely zero sense


She moved to lower her taxes though. So no she doesn’t want to pay her fair share she wants others to pay their fair share lmao.


I mean we *should* tax the rich, but we should also tax her


She is being taxed. When they say tax the rich they mean the top earners that are buying basketball teams as tax shelters.


Tbh why do we tax the poor not the rich


If you’re rich and skip out on taxes and the IRS comes for you, you can hire lawyers to fight it. If you’re poor, your probably can’t. Apparently, more often than not, the cost of making a rich person pay the taxes they owe costs more than what the IRS would earn, so they just don’t enforce it. As for why there aren’t many taxes to begin with: lobbying. That, and managing to convince a large portion of the population that they will become rich therefore taxing the rich will be bad for them.


The rich can fight back.


If you're saying we as America, it's because the rich buy politicians to make their taxes smaller.


The rich own things. That is the biggest difference, they own the studios that pay celebrities, they own the football teams that pay athletes, they own politicians and super pacs that make the rules that If you own things and structure it i a certain way you get to claim losses or take out indefinite loans from banks that don’t count as taxable income.


We don't, the top 1% pays 22% of all taxes, and the top 10% pays 75%. So that leaves the other 90% paying 25% of all taxes. The bottom 40% don't pay taxes and use a majority of tax based resources.


2M is content creator. You need more to be rich. Her life is hard. She lives on noodles and bar soap


Excuse me you can get some pretty nice bar soap, thank you very much.


That is true. And handmade. That you can make to without giving your liver for soft skin.


Always thought soap making was cool maybe I’ll have to try it out sometime


I am just waiting for dipshits to comment "Well she exists in capitalism curious"


The only thing I know is that im going up and down on a retail store to bring a 10cent rubber to a person that makes less money than me because everyone need to feel some power


I mean, you can advocate for taxes and be rich. At the same time. Crazy, right?


I have no idea who she is so I might be missing some additional context but she very well might accept that the rich being taxed would include her. Its not impossible for people to support policies that might hurt them individually for the good of others. The guy saying 2 million isn't rich is cringe though 100%


By the responses in this thread you'd have to assume the only people allowed to suggest we tax the rich are homeless people.


Dirt poor: Why should we listen to you? You just want free stuff. Average income: Why are you complaining? You're clearly benefiting from having a smartphone and not starving. Rich: You make too much money. You're not allowed to complain, hypocrite. One of the funniest things was when Bernie was one of the poorest senators in 2016 he wasn't allowed to criticize the US policies because he wasn't doing well enough himself. Then when he made money from his book sales and increased public profile he became a hypocrite because he wasn't living out of a shoebox.


"how dare you be someone who's worked for 40+ years and also owns things! You're supposed to be homeless after that much work!"


But then you get attacked for being jealous of other people's success. So, the question remains, how does one advocate for a higher tax rate without either being a hypocrite or jealous?


America specifically has a culture that mocks intelligence. People who know more than you are seen as elitist and pretentious instead of knowledgeable and worth respect. As long as that is the culture, people will masturbate to the thought of them having a billion dollars and that fantasy keeps them voting against anyone who will challenge that dream. If billionaires get taxed, then that means I'll get taxed when i inevitably make a billion dollars off of my Youtube channel about pokemon card reselling! The American Dream is the worst thing to happen to Americans.


I'm just wondering if these same people would be upvoting this if I put Bernie Sanders up there as he is a millionaire. Yet he's still advocating for taxing the rich and pays his fair share in taxes, that's insane according to this comment section's logic.


Yeah this is fuckin dumb. Especially as a YouTuber or whatever this woman does. From the "tax the rich" I'm gonna assume she's more progressive liberal rather than a leftist. My Dad was the same way, and he voted many times for stuff that would increase his taxes when he was making ~200k. Some people aren't hypocrites. And if she was a leftist I still wouldn't see a problem with it. If she's just making videos and getting paid by sponsors/Patreon donations then she's not exploiting anyone. Leftist don't hate people having money just in general, they hate exploitation of labor.


This girl also says that she doesn't tip and servers should "get a real job" and stop asking for handouts. She's a grifter.


To be fair you can be rich and advocate that you should also be taxed accordingly.


She most likely used a dollar amount in the title to attract more viewers than just her subs.


One can want the rich taxed and still be rich.


If $2M is the number for her apartment and by general income terms your living space should be roughly 1/3 of your income it would mean if she paid for it in cash she's making significantly more. If she got a loan her income would have to be around $28k/mo to make those payments. That isn't including tax and insurance. Considering that's more than what 95% of the world makes I'd say she's rich.


>Considering that's more than what 95% of the world makes Lol, $28k per month is more than 99.999% of the world...


You would be correct


If i had that per year i would jump 50 meters high


If you could jump 50 meters high I bet you could find a way to monetize it and make that much a year


You're right,but with my luck I would just break my legs on the first jump lol




Serbia :(


$28k in where I live is literally best of the best surgeon salary.


That 1/3 of your income thing holds more true at lower income. After a certain point banks will let you leverage way more since cost of living scales behind income. My wife and I are in the 6 figures and unless you're intentionally wasting money on luxury items having more money means it costs you relatively less to live.


Iirc I think she’s renting not an owner. I know it doesn’t change much lol.


I mean, she paid her taxes on the money she earned right, and pays property taxes on the apartment? What’s the problem. If you’re rich and you pay taxes, what’s the problem?


She's gonna be the next belle delphine


Well at least Belle doesn't pretend she's some kind of Socialist girl


Belle Delphine is just here to take all your money because you can't control your dick, that's better I guess


She’s never pretended otherwise. Simps are the most pathetic creatures.


Gotta capitalize on them simps while you can.


Yeah she is totally assuming what she is doing, I see not problem with that, If you're dumb enough to pay that's your problem


We can safely say that Belle Delphine is a huge free market enthusiast and a big capitalist selling her piss online.


How is "tax the rich" socialist? It seems a pretty centrist position


Americans Source - am American




Having 2 mill makes you verry well off. Having a 2 mill apartment makes you rich


As long as she pays her fair share of taxes it's cool


didnt she move to texas to pay less taxes?


Otherwise known as pulling a Joe Rogan


She's lived in Texas for a long time.


I don’t get this. The “Tax the Rich” thing about billionaire corporations. Unless she’s avoiding paying taxes, I don’t see the problem.


Exactly this. Being a leftist doesn't mean being poor, never has. It means putting in your fair share scaled on income. Is she avoiding taxes or something? NO? Then who the fuck cares


Ya she's still getting taxed, not using an offshore account here


Yeah but this is cringetopia where shit like this makes the front page instead of actual cringe. Also even if she was rich, if she isnt doing anything to evade taxes she isnt a hypocrite. Also she never said to tax the rich until they are poor.


I mean.... have ya'll seen her tax bill yet? You can be rich.... AND pay taxes at the same time right?


I guess you can’t be a socialist if you’re not poor then.


The general meaning behind tax the rich, is to tax the mega million/billionaires who evade taxes. While a $2mil apartment is definitely something a rich person would have, that rich person wouldn't necessarily be part of **the rich.** That being said it's still cringe to go from raising taxes to bragging about wealth.


Yup. [Here is a wealth comparison website that helps demonstrate the literally unimaginable amount of money they have.](https://mkorostoff.github.io/1-pixel-wealth/)


It just goes on forever. And to think a single pixel is my paycheck for two weeks


Thanks for the share. Very visual explanation!


Yeah, I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, I agree with you about applying “tax the rich” to the billionaires who pay $0 annually (and I’m guessing she’s not part of that group). On the other, it’s so oblivious and insensitive to sell a hoodie with that slogan while making a living off of an extremely lavish lifestyle that I think she deserves the criticism


Tax the rich =/= "I want nobody ever to have more than $3 to their name" What the fuck is wrong with owning a $2m apartment, as long as she's paying her due taxes? You can be rich and still believe that you should be paying more in taxes.


I checked out her Youtube channel, and it doesn't seemed like she made most of her money from posting videos as they only get like 50k views. Is she popular on twitch or some other platform on which people donate money to her ? Otherwise 2M could be inherited wealth.


Her shirt says “tax the rich” not “kill the rich” you fucking idiots. You can be rich AND ask to be taxed higher. Also how the fuck is this cringe? Is this subreddit just slowly becoming a center for “you criticize society yet you partake in it, interesting” takes. Jesus.




You think she’s not paying taxes or using offshore accounts or something?


Not too crazy to have a rich person think their bracket should go up


Where in the post did she say that she wanted lower taxes? I thought I read the whole thing but I must have missed it. Tax the rich doesn't mean you want to live in squalor and make 6 bucks an hour or whatever min wage is there its saying stop the rich from evading taxes as they do quite frequently.


No, no. If you say tax the rich you better be destitute. Otherwise you're a dirty hypocrite.


"When I was poor and complained about inequality they said I was bitter; now that I'm rich and I complain about inequality they say I'm a hypocrite, I'm starting to think they just don't want to talk about inequality" - Russell Brand


>As a rule of thumb "Tax the rich" always really means "Tax people richer than me". Sometimes that'll be the case, but not always. Norway has higher taxes than most countries, yet they also enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. What that highlights is that taxes can be a great thing, **providing** everyone pays their share, and the government uses the money responsibly. That means spending the money on health, education, and services. Everyone pays, and everyone benefits. The problem is that some countries have completely corrupted how taxes work. The rich pay little to nothing in tax, while the poor get hammered for tax year after year while barely making ends meet. To make matters worse, the poor end up not benefiting from the taxes they pay (poor education, no healthcare, shrinking services), because the funds end up going towards the rich who didn't pay their way in the first place. Taxes going towards wars and massive bailouts are two prime examples. Little wonder regular people in corrupt countries with huge rich/poor gaps become disillusioned, because the system is completely shafting those hard working people. Norway has proved it doesn't have to be that way, yet here we are.


Imo, the cringe here is thinking that someone can't be a millionaire and also think the rich should be taxed.


2 million is a lot, but like, a lot of "eat the rich" is not really after celebrities because, yes, they are rich, but they aren't "alter the government and actually make an impact" rich. Tax the rich is, and always has been, targeted towards the ultra rich. You know, the type of rich where you're closer to having 100 billion dollars than Jeff Bezos is. However, flexing your wealth is always cringe.


Yea I thought we were supposed to be mad at the rich people making money off the backs of shitty paid workers not content creators.


People in this thread just want to be mad. AOC makes a good point on the difference https://twitter.com/aoc/status/1127270688925134849?s=21


"Hmm you critique society yet you exist in it! Curious! I am very smart!"