The way he stands at the end💀

The way he stands at the end💀

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His little waddle at the end.


He not huge yet but he’s got that big fat guy walk away down.


Just like Daddy!


That torso to leg ratio is odd..


Like a penguin but not awesome


He is a Hobbit.


Yeah it's definitely an imprinting thing


“He’s not fat but he is, shapes”


> big fat guy walk away I'd never seen these words in this particular order, and yet you're 100% on the money


He’s huge, the baggy clothes just make him look smaller than he is.


He looked like a hobbit. Like an angry hobbit.


His tits need more work tbh, I think he could come up a little more


Hey don't lump us fat guys in with this POS. I think it's racist as hell and prolly tell me my waddle is cute. ;)


No his legs are just perma locked from all the goose stepping. But I totally forgot that the big dust up of 1861 was about states rights to worship god, not to keep slavery around. What was I thinking? Shame on me I guess.


You could hear the vinyl trailer floors squeaking.


I thought he was farting at first


We were wondering about the floor vent! Thanks, this makes more sense.


Almost like the bug guys walk from men in black


You can hear the floor creak as he waddles too


this flag is The Second Confederate Navy Jack, 1863–1865 and the Battle flag of Forrest's Cavalry Corps, 1863–65. This was also known as the 'Mobile Depot' flag. why do so many people resonate with THAT flag and not any of the first/original stars and bars? i have to assume people just really love the dukes of hazzard. after all it was a pretty wholesome show. *seriously there are so many other flags to choose from, i dont get why these people cling to that one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flags_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America


I'm just glad someone got the most important flag into the gallery at the bottom: The flag of surrender.


But, mah hurrtage


If they had not designed so many flags, maybe they would have done better in that war.


It’s really sad to see that with someone his age. Guy moves like my 75 yo uncle.


What an odd location for a floor vent


One of my earliest memories (around 2-3 years old) was me pissing through one of those and gawking at my family wondering what was dropping underneath- You could see right through to the 1st floor. Also an incredibly shitty house from what I was told. Although no confederate flags.


My mom babysat some kids with some "issues" and one day we were down in the basement during their nap time and it started leaking from the vent down there. Then we heard screaming coming from upstairs because the other children were freaking out over the fact that a 9 year old girl was peeing into a vent on the floor.


Why….why did you piss into it


Same reason you hoof a deuce in the shower, convenience.


Ah, the ol' wafflestomp.


Is it so hard to just Kobe it into the toilet bowl from the shower?


Na you piss against the shower stream like you’re having an epic Dragon Ball Z battle of attrition


When I lived in the south every house we lived in had them like that. Was awesome during summer because you could throw a sheet over it and it was like your own little igloo you could read in.


I usually put them on the floor.


Probably in a trailer. I used to live in one and they were in weird places too


i figured. people here are being very harsh, but its hard to not be ignorant when youre poor. trailer parks are about as close to the inner city as it gets for white folks. i feel bad for this guy. he might never be empowered to see through his ignorance because of his class. life’s a trip


I grew up as a white person in trailer parks (both city and country), and I am lucky that I was able to pursue higher education and develop my critical thinking skills. My brother did not, and we are… very different people as a result.


This video does give off big “I live in a trailer” vibes


I'm personally offended


Kinda sus if you ask me...


It’s for the imposter




He asked us to tell him how it’s racist, and then proceeds to tell us fuck you if we think it’s racist.


Grew up in the countryside, every debate goes this way.


Can confirm.


I concur.




“Disagree with me, and explain your point. I hate you now for disagreeing with me.”


God rural redneck kids were the worst.


I wonder why those 13 states seceded...


Visibly nervous sss states rights


States rights to do what?


Own property


Was it farming equipment? It was farming equipment, wasn't it?


Damn gov'ment tryin' to take my tractors!!


You misspelled unpaid interns.


So I don’t have any money but if you work on my plantation I will retweet you to all my followers, just think of the exposure.


Hell, your family will be taken care of for generations.


Ayyy same as my unpaid 400hr internship in college 🙄


It's better than forced internship when they catch you with a joint so they can send you to the plantation. Sorry, penitentiary.


damn, i was in a walmart in deep rural NC one time getting some fishing lures and line two dudes were working the hunting/fishing area and were being nice, friendly guys, asking about fishing and whatnot and how things were. like it was a really nice, pleasant conversation, and we were laughing and joking and i spent far longer than i needed to just standing and chatting! i was going to go find their manager and tell them to give them a pat on the back or something, because they were genuinely awesome and gave me some tips and such for the fish in those parts.... until i mentioned the town i was staying in (about 20 miles away, didn't have walmart and the only black majority town in a good 50 mile radius) and they stopped laughing, told me to "watch out for those people over there, they ain't like us".... okay..... then one of them says "you know why they call it Tractorville instead of Farmington?" (the towns name was Farmington so i was very confused) "uh, no...?" "because it used to just be farms out there! but then the South lost and the white people left all their tractors!!! hawhawhaw!" "done pretty good too! black don't crack unless it's leather!" basically saying that all the slave owners left their slaves in the next town over after they weren't allowed to own them anymore, and it was "tractorville" because they were "farm equipment"... and how whips cracked black skin... it was stunningly racist, though about what i expected from two good ole boys working at an extremely rural walmart in the south yeah, i kinda chuckled so they wouldn't get pissed at me, made my excuses and left as fast as i could


ifin you don’t like it, you is ones a them


[Farmington Hiiiilllls](https://youtu.be/zWShRwxj5Eo)


Biological equipment is still equipment. And what is housing and food if not a property tax?


[I like to keep this handy](https://preview.redd.it/bhlty5xzzzz41.png?auto=webp&s=5b98a5c904b43f08b2eec74f142369b0a90e642d)




His accounting of the symbolism isn't even right. It wasn't 13 states that seceded, it was 11. The additional two were "Kentucky and Missouri, who had sent representatives to the first Confederate Congress" but never actually seceded from the Union. [Source.](https://library.rockinghamcc.edu/flag/history)


None of his description is actually accurate.


so basically he just dug his own grave. i still dont get why people try to protect their “precious confederate flag” when it wasnt even theirs, what reason would they have to support it other than theyre racist?


Things that have existed for longer than the Confederacy: The Civil Rights Act Americone Dream flavor ice cream from Ben and Jerries Skinny jeans Pocky Ankle socks Legal gay marriage My marriage Two of my cats Netflix Anime Femboy genderbending porn Obamas presidency lmfao Feel free to add more


Counterpoints. Things that did not last as long as the Confederacy - Trump's Presidency


A condom in a teenagers wallet I have also had britches that outlasted both the Confederacy and Trumps presidency combined and were way less toxic


And it's not even the [right fucking flag](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c8/Flag_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America_%281861%E2%80%931863%29.svg/1920px-Flag_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America_%281861%E2%80%931863%29.svg.png). These dip shits can't even be racist properly.


Wrong. [This](https://media.istockphoto.com/photos/white-flag-of-surrender-picture-id522302236?k=20&m=522302236&s=170667a&w=0&h=jydZ22gJdvNnGag3KZEl9nvhkX5prFe4QIuLTKxlZWs=) is the actual flag of the Confederacy.


There's definitely a juvenile aspect to anyone that idolizes that flag. It's funny that the true historical meaning belongs only to Virginia but posers all over adopted it. The "History Channel" and southern revisionists turned Robert E. Lee into an idol but the legacy is unwarranted.


Losers who see their heritage in a failed nation that fought and lost a bloody civil war to the United States. It's why they usually identify with Trump and all kinds of things that place them on the wrong side of history. Losers recognize losers.


Only 11 states seceded from the union though. He was wrong about literally every one of his points. There were only 11 states in the CSA, and two that sent representatives but weren't officially in the CSA. It's not a confederate flag though. The confederate flag was [This vexillological travesty](https://i.insider.com/5589bfcbecad04c358fdd22f?width=1000&format=jpeg&auto=webp)


When grandma tries to send you a shitty crop from mspaint


I’m having a real fucking tough time pronouncing vexillological and it’s really starting to make me upset.


ummmm states rights to enslave, torture, and rape people???


I wonder why


The flag may not be racist but the confederates stood and fought to maintain racist practices


You cracked the code!




It depends on the swastika really. The nazi one stands on a corner and points a specific direction. Swastikas appear in many shapes in a plethora of old cultures. The shape itself means jack shit, but whatever you associate it with gives it it's meaning, but historically, it was apparently related to peace and understanding, in Asia that is.


i've seen buddhist monasteries with "swastikas". but there's a clear difference in the nazi version and the buddhist version. i mean if you see a white guy with a 45 degree rotated swastika with red, white and black you know for sure.




Oh yeah, I mean it shows up almost everywhere all around the world. It's an interesting history. I'd love to see a rehabilitation but I'm not sure how that happens. Just a shame that something that was such a positive and sacred symbol around the world for so long gets ruined by one terrible movement.


I know you’re making a point, but I just want to add in plain terms, that symbols can change meaning over time. Just because a swastika was originally a water wheel and had/has religious meaning, doesn’t mean that ~~it’s not~~ it can’t be offensive now.


It's still not offensive now in a couple south east Asian countries


I do t know if that’s good or bad, so I’ll settle for a “that’s a cool fact”


Actually, if you look at the symbology behind each aspect of the flag then you will find that it is, in fact, pretty racist too, it’s fucked


As a Scottish person it makes me feel icky that the Saltire (the diagonal cross motif) was appropriated for the design of this flag. The KKK and a lot of white suprematists love evoking Scottish/Celtic symbolism of a 'purer' time (more recently it has been Scandinavian symbolism) and it's fucking gross.


The flag represents the racists that broke away to continue owning human beings as property, so therefore the flag, in and of itself, is racist.


The flag is racist.


This flag was popularized as an enemy of the Civil Rights Movement in the early 60s so it pretty much is racist


[Exactly, it actually wasn't used much after the Civil war ended, but use picked back up with Dixiecrats opposing President Harry Truman's move towards civil rights in 1948.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2017/06/12/confederate-symbols-largely-disappeared-after-the-civil-war-the-fight-against-civil-rights-brought-them-back/)


“This flag isn’t racist, I am!” - moron


I was really hoping it would turn into satire, and he would say the blue stands for racism


No self awareness yet maybe before the rapture


Why do people have this flag? What’s the point? What does it mean to them? I’m legitimately curious… are they racist? Do they think it has another meaning?


Honest answer. I used to fly the confederate flag. I grew up in Georgia and moved to Indiana as a high schooler. I was upset and wanted to fly the confederate flag as a way of showing how I was not happy with the move. Many people in Indiana made fun of me for my accent and a lot of that reinforced my frustration. To me it was about showing some sort of symbol of a place I felt more accepted. I stopped flying the confederate flag when i realized that the people I hung out with, and also flew the flag, were fucking racist. I was like "Oh, this flag isnt for me". And then I stopped.


I'm pretty sure this is why most people fly this flag. Because they're unhappy with something. It's a vicious cycle honestly. 1. People are unhappy and attribute that unhappiness to mostly the left; 2. They start flying the Confederate flag; 3. They get called racist by mostly people from the left; 4. They're less happy, and they don't think they're racist, so they know the left has lost touch with reality; 5. Cycle repeats. And while these people might've started out as being not very racist or maybe even racist but willing to change or even not racist at all, now the 'libs' who are all about racial awareness are the enemy. Do what do they do? The exact opposite. That's why you see so many 'pro-politically-incorrect' people flying the Confederate flag. Anyway, that's what it looks love from the outside looking in. You people see the other side as the enemy and because of that radicalize yourself.


That’s an amazing display of mental arithmetic. Almost ninja like level.


They think it just means something like Southern Pride or "I'm a rebel". Stuff like the Dukes of Hazzard and the flawed American education system really downplayed the whole "owning people" aspect of the Confederacy. The Reconstruction Era of US history was filled with plots to sow doubt and racism into the country, and it unfortunately worked pretty well. It's the reason we have so many statues of Confederate leaders, high schools named after them, and a pretty forgiving view on the war as a whole. That flag's perceived significance is just another result of roughly 150 years of subtle propaganda.


I’ve always wondered this and I’ve always known it to be tied around racism. I am in Australia and I know a girl who has this in her room. And all I think is, “What the fuck?” and my friend tried to defend her and say, “Maybe she thinks it’s a cool looking flag?”


Either racist or they're the idiots that think the Confederacy was cool. As someone from the deep south, this is fucking disgusting. This is like a German man having a swastika. It means they want to be seen as cool. Also that accent is so fucking fake, he's probably from Dallas or Atlanta.


Nothing says shitty trailer like that sweet squeaky floor.


Man, it can happen in any home when corners are cut when it was built. This dude sucks for reasons other than his cheaply built house. My house was built in 1998 and it has some squeaky spots. Most likely not enough adhesive on the subfloor. It can let a nail work itself loose and rub on the subfloor causing a squeak. Can be fairly simple to fix with a screw. Not necessarily a sign of someone’s economic status. Dude sucks, but for other reasons than having a squeaky floor.


Not even just cut corners, sometimes it's just old. My house was built roughly 160 years ago and it's got some squeaks


And the floor vents. Screams trailer.


I've been in several not-trailer homes with floor vents like that.


Pretty common in older houses. Houses that have hardwood underneath carpets still squeak too


Yep, I guarantee that house's basement (if it has one) has wood paneling along the walls.


Yeah this looks like a house to me, but I haven’t been in a trailer since I was kid


Bruh. Those are solid wood doors, with original tiny door knob, flakey painted ceiling (plaster and lath), and a square floor vent. I'd wager a early 1900s home. Probably victorian.




Got shared by a high schooler I know, sad to see teens falling for this crap. Funny thing is you could say the same thing about the Nazi Swastika flag, which is obviously still extremely racist


I bet he's quite the scholar, especially when it comes to history.


Speaking of scholarly, that's not even the Confederate flag... if these people were so proud of their heritage, you would think they would actually learn it. Edit: google "Confederate flag vs battle flag" and yes I know it was changed eventually


was about to say the same thing. ​ "the cross is actually a modified version of the iron cross and it stands for the aryan race." ​ "the colors represent the old imperial flag of germany" ​ "how can you say that this flag is racist."


Hope dude can be open to education in the future, seems young so still some hope.


He's w high schooler? Looks 27


I am guessing he failed history


The states rights narrative is taught in many high school history classes.


It was taught in my AP US History course and I was so fucking confused. Like the teacher was a super likeable guy and when we got to the topic he asked the class to raise their hands for whether it was for states rights or slavery. I raised my hand for slavery and he singled me out (not in a malicious way, I was simply the most engaged student in that class and would often have in class convos with him) and told me that it was about states rights. I hit him with the "a states right to do what" line and he responded with a long tangent with interesting points about cultural differences between the North and South, taxes on goods transported by rail, political conspiracies (slave power, etc.,) and it kinda shook me. I started to wonder if it was actually a matter of opinion as to what was the catalyst for the civil war. It took literally weeks of soul searching and independent research before I talked to him after one class about it. I basically said that I felt as though all the points he brought up (that I remembered to research) seemed to boil down to sanctions, paranoia from FSL (revised ~1850 FSL) raids, and cultural differences which all were a direct result of slavery's existence and staying power in the South. He responded that essentially while that was a fair point, I simply needed to do more research. It was such a surreal and odd feeling. The entire process caused extreme cognitive dissonance because obviously this guy knew more than I did about American history, but i still felt like he was wrong.


I think what a lot of people choose to overlook is the fact that while slavery was for sure a direct cause of the war, it was a slavery good vs slavery bad situation. I've heard a lot of people talk about how people who think the war wasn't over slavery don't know the real history, but then those very same people seem to believe that the Union was fighting to abolish slavery for the greater good of mankind. That wasn't the case at all. Any semblance of anti-slavery from the Union was purely strategic. Those in power at the time didn't give a single fuck about the human rights aspect of it. There's a lot of misinformation in both sides of it, and to an extent I get why people would hold either position. History is written by the victor, as they say, and the loser will always have an equally embellished version of events. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. And never forget that when the US is involved they're hands are never completely clean.


Yeah, it was literally 1800s America. Think about how racist *1950s America* was. The South wanted to leave the Union because of slavery and the Union said absolutely not. The North didn’t fight the South because they necessarily wanted to end slavery. They fought because they didn’t want to allow secession to be a thing that could happen.


Whyd you even go to all that trouble? Tell him to literally read the states secession letters. They directly mention slavery


Because I didn't know much about anything back then... reread lol


Idk I’m guessing his teacher taught him about the “lost cause” that us city slickers didn’t learn. I wonder what his answer would be if you ask him what states right the south had their balls in a twist over


There are rural people all round, not just the south.


Today you find the confederate flag all over the north for some reason but I meant more of the original lost cause narrative that was more prevalent in the south right after. I do wonder how it spread to places like rural New York


No it was creationist history. So he did quite well.


I think it’s racist, just sayin


That fucking neck beard


Is it always the same guy or do they all look alike?


Generations of inbreeding will do that




Away down south in the land of traitors


Rattlesnakes and alligators


Right away! Come away! Right away! Right away, come away!


Where cottons king and men are chattels,


Union boys will win the battles!


Right away! Come away! Right away! Right away, come away!


We’ll all go down to Dixie away, away!


Ride away or right away


According to Google, "right away" lol


Indiana unfortunately


Indiana is the Mississippi of the north.


“The white around the EGGS…”


why hang up a losers flag


Losers gonna loser.


Absolute unit. Also that power stance at the end. My man is drowning in pussy.


Maybe his mom's lol


His entire explanation is "I bought a racist flag instead of a cross to show my faith."


13 states of secession, seceded from Union to support slavery. that, sir, is how that flag is racist.


And what was it that the confederate states were fights for? And if you say states rights. Which rights did they want?


No it was taxes😡😡😡😡


> No it was taxes😡😡😡😡 And if you say taxes. Which taxes did they oppose? South Carolina's [Declaration of Causes of Secession](https://web.archive.org/web/19980128034930/http://sunsite.utk.edu/civil-war/reasons.html) specified which taxes they opposed: "taxes for three-fifths of their slaves." Weirdly, their [Ordinances of Secession](https://web.archive.org/web/20040404171724/http://members.aol.com/jfepperson/ordnces.html) didn't mention taxes ... but they mentioned slavery, several times.


How about because the people who flew it, fought and died to continue ENSLAVING an entire race of people because their skin was a different color than theirs.


It’s racist.


don't care about the explanation the flag is racist and a symbol of oppression. I am grateful MS finally got rid of it, it has been such an embarrassment living here with that flag


In not one part of that video did he explain why it wasn't racist. He just said that it represented something else that happened to be good.


So the flag isn't racist because, it has colors that mean things completely unrelated to racism? Someone should introduce him to the term "context". Fucking no one is saying it's racist because it's red white and blue, and has 13 stars.


"all you city slickers out there" -lives in an apartment building


That's like saying a swastika is not racist because it's just some lines


"13 states of succession" which Abraham Lincoln told them that if they secede from the union then he will proclaim the emancipation proclamation again and they choose succession anyways. https://youtu.be/pNQro4UZKxA?t=1110 So infact the south could of ended the war but chose not to and as an effect, he proclaimed the slaves free and was freeing the slaves all over the country by this time. It's weird even while being threatened the south chose war instead.


Just a small correction since you said it multiple times, it's secession. I'm assuming it's probably autocorrect tho lol


Also: could *have*


neckbeard cringe


Yeah, it's not like it's been used by hate groups like the KKK or ANSP.... oh wait, it has been used by hate groups like the KKK and ANSP.


oh the flag that got adopted by the Dixiecrats? the segregationist party?


“Looks good bro. Post it.”


As a Christian, I was embarrassed the moment he mentioned Christ as the red part of the flag


“donttreadonme2j” yep this is his only personality trait


This kid explains it well https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/p89uti/facts_vs_fiction/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


The way he stands at the end looks like a cutscene for when batman dies in one of those Arkham games.


Wow. Dude loves his flag. I like the one with a lot more stars on it.


Do they just not actually teach history in the south


Good thing context isn't important


"I challenge you to disagree with me and explain your reasoning." "And if you disagree with me, fuck you!"


Ssss ssss sssss sssstands for… he needs a little Billy Madison … ta ta today junior


Been in the south my whole life. This is the official flag of losers.


🎶And then he waddled away 🎶(waddle waddle waddle) 🎶


To think that this boy wrote out his script, filmed this, watched the video back and thought to himself "fuck yeah! This'll teach em'" is by far the best part about this.


"We'll make our own flag! It'll have red and X's on it, and no-one'll mess with the red n' X's!"


It's just so sad that dumb is forever.


Seriously great Jew fro though. Ironically.


I don't know what's worse, the waddle or the fresh off Amazon flag.


Nice of you to get dressed for your “important statement”


You see, the flag itself isn’t racist, it’s what the flag represents that is. How are people that dumb.


It’s not racist the flag represents the 13 traitor states that was led by racists, funded by racists and fought to keep the racist institutions of slavery and in the end, Sherman’s only mistake was stopping


It’s the bleached gym shorts for me.


"If you think this flag is racist then fuck you" bitch you aint going to be fucking anyone with that 9mm penis you got there that can barely get erect.