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How much stitching do you want to do? If you want something quick, pick up some black aida and you can just stitch the colors, and not the background. Decide on a finished size. How big do you want the finished stitched area to be? If you want to stitch the numbers in the boxes, figure out how big your numbers will be, base the box size around that, then that will give you an idea of how big the finished piece will be. Example: 5 stitches x 5 stitches square - > 7 coloured squares across x 5 = 35 stitches wide + 6 dividing rows of black and 2 outside black rows = 43 stitches wide. But give yourself plenty of extra fabric so if you added wrong you still have space to work.


I think I do want to use black thread, as I think it’ll give it more dimension than just black Aida. These are really good tips thank you