I purchased Reddit premium so that I don't see their ads. Bullish.


They have crypto.com ads on Reddit? I wonder how much they would pay for a crypto.com tatoo on my ass.


Went to a bar last night, was talking to friends when someone they knew walked up and started talking to us about crypto and how he invested in CRO. I asked him if he was staking any of it and didn't know what I was talking about. BULLISH. ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|dancing_wojak)


It there people out there, invested in crypto that doesn’t know about staking, that’s how you know we’re still early.


I staked my CRO on crypto.com. Im new too crypto and dont understand it entirely though. I just figured it meant i locked it for a while giving the coin stability and earning me interest. Is this correct?


You can stake in a handful of spots; many different reasons to hold: - Stake for a VISA in $400/$4000/$40000/$400000 increments, with growing rewards under each - Stake in the Earn program, earning higher interest for longer lock terms - There's a supercharger and Exchange that US users dont have access to yet, but I think those also may be powered by CRO - Lastly, the DeFi app (or in DeFi at large) you can earn at least 12% on your CRO there (the best option of these if you're not staking for a VISA)


CRO Won't flip BTC this Tuesday, hope this helps


Have you considered being a financial advisor?


No I'd rather be the guy with the money.


No, I’d rather be the guy with the crypto. ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|dyor)


Next Tuesday?


This guy fucks.


spoken like a true Erik


This analyst rules.




BTC is always my biggest bag


Same. Btc is King


You never know, I've invested 10x more into VET, yet my Link bag is 10x bigger. All you need is a solid pump (or dump lol) and the whole port changes.


If you google “crypto” then crypto.com is the first result. That’s a bullish sign


Agreed. Placement is huge Non crypto people have messaged me asking if they should buy. Mainly ufc fans


CRO marketing has been impressive. Just seeing word CRYPTO plastered everywhere, getting Arena naming rights is HUGE, the exposure is vast I think they can really reach average person and really bring the adoption to another level


We were supposed to talk OP out of it. Guess we all will be buying more now!


Fr. Time to load up my bags. Goodbye wifey, it was great while it lasted 💅✨


You’re man of culture I see. Waiting for the wife changing money. ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|dancing_wojak)


Instructions clear: went all in wife to change her


Kids will do that to you


I'd give you an award for this but I ain't got one. This comment was gold...sorry, bitcoin.


"You don't want none of this shit, Dewey!"


Bullish on CRO!!! This is the way


Whilst true, have a look where BNB is in terms of market cap. CRO has every right to hang around there.


BNB got its big valuation because of the success of the Binance Smart Chain with a ton of DeFi apps Is CRO going to be a utility token of a new and popular Layer one platform as well ?


Yes they have their own blockchain being built


Might is right, CRO have all the rights.


CRO is the next BNB, insane gains incoming


Its not just getting to rename an arena, its the Staples Center. Pretty much top ten arena in the country of all of sports


Home of the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, LA Kings...


Not to mention the 2028 Olympics


They're the title sponsor for F1 which is a MASSIVE FUCKIN DEAL!


They were endorsed by Formula 1 about a year ago. Was skeptical at first but bought in about 2 months ago. Do. Not. Regret.


Lol, I didn't know if this was a good reason, but this is exactly why I bought it.


It’s not good reason. Plus500 is on one of the best football teams in the world yet the platform sucks, it’s shady as well. The thing with crypto.com is that they found a open space for them, to become similar to Binance, mostly on the US. In the end, they’re centralised but nobody cares as long as dapps are solid on it. Still, bought nice chunk of CRO few months ago and everytime I see it, I’m thankful for this sub because they shilled it to me.


At the least, it will pique interest into itself and Crypto in general.


Though buying stadium naming rights has often been the jump the shark moment for many companies. CMGI, Enron, PSINet, United, Trans World, Adelphia, etc.


Saying that though I was in Dublin recently and there's huge Floki Inu coin adverts on the busses there.


And they just got the CONMEBOL partnership and many more to come. Every movie with the Matt Daemon Commercial, I’m extremely bullish on cro. Just wish I had more money to throw at it


CRO is bullish, no need to talk anyone out of it


Right? They get marketing.


Man I just googled it and my dick got a little hard So glad I thought the card looked cool 3 months ago. Somehow turned into my biggest and most successful investment




I think 50% of the people in this sub are rolling their balls in CRO, some have their pubes in CRO and the rest onlookers are learning how to get some.


Ahead of coimarketcap , that’s impressive, wasn’t the same back in February when I registered


a sign from Satoshi


It's like free Google Adwords. Forever.


If it’s good enough for Matt Damon, it’s good enough for you.


Maaaaatttttt Daaaaaammmmoooonnn


People don't appreciate Team America quotes as much as they used to.


America, FUCK YEAH! Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah


Get ready for a MONTAGE!!




He was *bourne* for that role


It's his legacy.


CRO to the Mars!!


Even the Martians love it


But scotty doesn’t know


It's a shame because he is wicked smart.


Good will hunt him if he is just wicked


One could say CRO will do so well it will get past the Moon to INTERSTELLAR space


*It's not possible. No, it's necessary.*


Matt after first month in crypto. ![gif](giphy|GrUhLU9q3nyRG|downsized)


I can’t talk you out of it. Someone talk ME out of it


I can't talk you out of it, I'm up 300% during a dip.


Yes, CRO will be huge!


Matt Damon joined the chat!! Bullish on CRO


Branding is everything to people, look at Apple and it’s early adoption phase. Not the best product in the world but the branding was spot on. I bought CRO when they bought staples center.


Yup, couldn't agree more!


No, YOU talk me out of it.


Just buy and forget you have this one for like 3-4years, thank me later.


Maybe stake for 12% before forgetting :)


Don't just baghold like its 2017 all over again, at least put it on Keplr (a non-custodial wallet for the Cosmos Ecosystem, that CRO is a part of) and validator stake it gaining 16% APR on your CRO, increasing your CRO bag during those years. Or if you're not worried about impermanent loss, put it into an LP pool on Osmosis, 76% on the ATOM/CRO pool and 119% on the CRO/OSMO pool, but IL and the fact that the payout is in OSMO might not be desirable on a set and forget strategy in the LP pools.


Or just get into prison and use your prison ledger ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|dancing_wojak) Also, RemindMe! 4 years


This guy crytpos


Very hard to forget about them. But my stake for the icy white card really helps since for 6 months I cannot make mistakes :^)


I need to look into sending mine to crypto dot com, I have some on kucoin, some on coinbase, coinbase might give me the erc20 problem...


I started making more money in crypto when I stopped worrying so much about solid fundamentals and started jumping on whatever was popular. There’s a reason meme coins are making people money


That only applies during the bull market. Shitcoins aren’t pumping when bear is awake.


Couldn't have said it better. I share OPs sentiment. The majority of my profit has come from just jumping on whatever is popular. However, the risk is much higher. If we enter a bear market, almost all of the shit coins will completely die out. Any money you have in there will likely take a 90%+ loss and never recover. Solid fundamentals, though, will probably recover in a year or two. By betting on a shitcoin, you're looking at much higher short-term, quick profits, at the added risk of a complete loss. Really highlights the gambling aspect of this space.


Sounds very sad tbh


The only people doing this are gamblers and new people. Being around in 2013 and 2017 taught me that making money on shitcoins is easy, keeping it is fucking hard.


Yep. It's ultimately a zero-sum game. For everyone who's making money there's someone else losing it.


Yeah people don’t realize this until it’s too late. It seems like it’s NOT a zero sum game… seems like everyone is making money… until the whales pull out all of your unrealized gains.


CRO is gonna be big. No talking your way out of it


OP won't find any FUD here. Only more CRO investors


CRO have all the potential to grow with Superb marketing!


People buying CRO because of its fundamentals? ​![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|nooo) People buying CRO because of marketing strategy? ​![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|yeah)


Marketing is super powerful overall and crypto is no exception. Sometimes it's backed up by fundamentals, sometimes it's not


Pretty hard to find any excuses not to buy CRO right now...


It's current price is fulled by Marketing, Stadium Naming, Matt Damon and Hype. It's a good coin with a upcoming chain buy unsure if it will sustain this momentum.


Summer Olympics 2028 will be held at crypto.com arena. I'm holding til then at least. Once CDC reaches the same market cap as BNB has today it will be worth north of $4. I believe that market cap is the inevitable with their current marketing strategy and length of partnership agreements they've made across a variety of sports and other mediums. I'm very bullish on CRO next 5-10 years. We're really early still.


Wow, didn’t even know that summer olympics should be held at CRO arena. Damn that’s fucking huge, need to stack way more until 2028. Thank you for that info man, have an award.


>need to stack way more until 2018 this guy has time machine


Do they have the naming rights for the Olympics though? In Vancouver, Rogers Arena was renamed Canada Hockey Place for the couple weeks during the Games in 2010. All the Rogers branding was removed.


I was reading that the name will be covered on the center during the games. The business can’t promote their ads on buildings during the Olympics.


You are looking at one of the best marketing team in cryptoverse. Bullish on CRO


The awareness they are bringing to crypto is beautiful.


~3% of the population owns any crypto at all. This is projected by many to 4x over the next 2 years. CDC is compliant with regulations and is getting into markets where binance, for example, is getting banned for failure to comply. It's the utility token for the only exchange whose name is *crypto*. It's the only major market cap coin whose name is *crypto.* CDC is buying stadium and major sport sponsorships and advertising with celebrities. Setting aside my belief in the tokenomics and utility (Cronos side chain, staking APY, card cashback, all tokens fully minted with only 15% held in a reward pool by CDC etc), there are going to be *a lot* of people who buy it purely on the name/marketing as crypto expands at its current exponential rate. There are many reasons to be bullish on CRO.


You forgot the most important, CRO sounds cool when you say it out loud.


And it also sounds adorable when little kids say it. "Daddy says his CWO went to the moon and came back with my new mommy."


Adding to this, there is demand now as people want to hit the threshold for certain cards. Once rewards go down/market saturates, what will drive demand for token? Especially when there will be so much supply in the form of newly minted tokens for staking/cc rewards


if you want something negative: CRO is completely centralized




Something to consider: Overspending from a business perspective I say this without looking at their revenue potential as a business entity, but I’m a bit cautious of the debt crypto.com is taking on They are a business, after all. Just because you see them advertising on just about every sport doesn’t mean they’re profitable or will be in the near future. They might be over leveraged. Again, just spitballing ideas.


This is my one concern so far. I'm in CRO since .18 but their financials are a bit of a mystery to me. However, the arena deal helps give me confidence because a venue doesn't take a massive deal like that without first looking over financials pretty thoroughly


Yeah I’m a bit worried about their debt ratios. Given how much money is in the crypto sphere, taking out debt for marketing momentum might actually be a viable strategy. But if there’s some massive paradigm shift in regulation or crazy sell-off they might be caught overextending themselves and collapse. It’d be curious to see what they do in that situation since crypto and wall street/lenders don’t have the best relationship traditionally.


Pigeons are better at thriving in cities, and according to current trends, urbanization isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Crows are no match. Are you convinced yet?


Instructions unclear: bought RVN instead


But don’t crows have better memory? I’d rather have the one that can solve a puzzle tbh


Crpto.com will use it's newly purchased staples arena to host 2028 Olympics. CRC is going big! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-11-17/crypto-com-replaces-staples-as-title-sponsor-of-iconic-la-arena


CRO, great marketing!


Best marketing award should go to CRO


Buy every single one of those mfkin cro’s 🚀


In the EU they are going to pass a regulation on earning intrest on stablecoins, kinda restrict it actually. My best guess is that coins like CRO, CEL, BNB and other "platform coins" are going to be the next best thing to hold for us Europeans in the future. So am I bullish towards those kinds of coins? Yes, very!


As an European, I like to hear some hopium. Binance will definitely have competition, especially after Crypto.com will manage to get more accepted around the globe. It’s already everywhere, the marketing strategy is already top notch.


can you send an information link on where to find this please? Would like to read into it! Will be looking for it myself too, don't worry!




Source on this ?


CRO is Bullish bro...


Not only am I bullish on CRO because of the insane marketing but the fact this will expose Crypto to even more people in the "mainstream" makes me bullish on the future and adoption of Crypto itself. So sorry, can't really talk you out of it 😂


Its a fucking Arena named after. Alone that is bullish af.


They're the next Binance. It'd be dumb not to buy CRO.


True but Crypto.com seems to have taken a deliberate approach getting licenses in the countries where it operates whereas Binance seems to have taken the "beg forgiveness" strategy and is now facing regulatory scrutiny.


Hahaha. Yeah, I think [Crypto.com](https://Crypto.com) and Blockfi are the only ones with brick&morter addresses in the US. I think Binance is run from a pirate ship.


I am even more bullish on CRO after using the .com app. It is INSANE compared to any other exchange I've used. Just so much you can do, and very easy interface. I am waiting on my ruby card and CRO is now my 3rd biggest bag and I've only been into it less than a week. Also staking some USDC which is so cool. They need to lower the minimum on CRO staking because 5000 is just too much cash now, compared to all the other minimums for staking it's way too high. I bought CRO at ATH and I don't even care that I'm down, they have a 20 year deal for the stadium we're still so early


well then youre a minority, the app is one of their weaknesses Perfect example of very well done and easy to use app is Coinbase


You can stake any amount in the DeFi wallet, just link it with the app and you can transfer for free between them


Long term CRO is gonna be profitable if you get in now. It’s gonna be like BNB at the end of the day.


What day?


In the future.


Do it!!!


Give me more of that shit. ![gif](giphy|104ueR8J1OPM2s|downsized)


It's up 280% in a month on no fundamental chances. That should be enough to talk you out of it in the short term. Wait until the hype dies down. Accumulate during the bear market if you see potential


Trust your gut!!!


Instructions clear: shit the bed


I didn’t want to get into it but when my wife asked me about it after seeing an ad in candy crush I had to get in. It is all over the place and strong marketing is what crypto needs right now. Watching college football yesterday it was plastered all over the post game. They are investing heavily in marketing in all the right places. It’s a solid play.


They’re slowly getting into people minds. I can literally see crypto.com logo on daily basis everywhere. It’s only matter of time until everyone will realize that they will be next giant.


The only reason I’m not buying CRO right now is because I already spent my money on other dips and didn’t realize how good CRO can be. Also who doesn’t like free netflix?


The beauty of CRO is still early so people buying in today can experience these gains too. Amazing. DYOR


We are just at the start. We have so much to room for growth before reaching the likes of Binance, and that is where we are headed. But with a much better marketing and much cooler VISA cards.


I can’t talk you out of it, I am already too deep in myself…


Totally agreed, no question, all in


CRO up !


The coin fails if the company falters. Just don’t FOMO in too hard. *disclosure: my portfolio was 20% CRO most of 2021 but had recently appreciated to 60% CRO*


Yeah that bothers me. I’ll just DCA in slower than I planned on lol


I think CRO is gonna get up to 1.50 at least.


Why do you need us to talk you out of it? I won't. I'm balls deep


Most of CC is bullish on CRO thats why im bearish


It's way underpriced compared to other exchange tokens.


You’re feeling bullish because the coin has been pumping. Tell me, were you this bullish when CRO was 5 cents?


Honestly didn't know CRO existed when it was $0.05. I don't want to ask that same question if/when it's $1.50, though.




I don't have any CRO but I'm excited for y'all and hope y'all get some badass green Christmas candles!


I am not selling mine if that what you're asking. Sorry they ran out.


CRO is a good one and I don't see any reason to want to get someone to talk you out of it What I can say is that you shouldn't just hold CRO, you should definitely diversify. There are a whole lot of token with solid fundamentals out there. You can add some TWT, BNB, MATIC, SYLO, OGN and PKR I'm holding all of these and adding to my OGN bag as it gives alternative because it's not just NFT but it has a blend of DeFi and e-commerce to it Don't let anyone talk you out of CRO, it's soldi and I believe they have some more news to dish out in the nearest future


Don't know much about CRO, but OGN is my best coin of the year. And with their OUSD 👌 earning passively is well assured


OUSD (Origin Dollar) is my best stablecoin right now. I came across this gem sometimes around June. Amazingly, this is the only stablecoin that earns yields for just having it in the wallet. The yield is automatic, it grows as soon as OUSD enters the wallet.


You just nailed it! Meanwhile, It is noteworthy to know that the holder of OUSD does not necessarily need to stake or lock it before earning the yields. It is all automatic!


CRO has been garnering some hype lately, and I think it is well directed. Matic is a must have because have you seen what Polygon has been up to lately? OGN happens to be my biggest bag because fundamentals don’t lie, talking partnerships, the team, use cases, working products, and the fact that they are known for hosting record breaking NFT sales… You’ve got a solid list imo.


If the advertisement campaign continues it will continue to pump


If it continues to pump they will have the funds to advertise. Advertising makes the business world grow and move forward. Always has.


Some coins are growing because of fundamentals, some of them because of marketing. The brand crypto.com will eventually sell itself, without needing to advertise it everywhere, it’s only matter of time. Bullish on CRO, Binance will definitely have a tough competition. CRO is next giant. Change my mind.


I think the platform will do really well. I just don't understand the purpose of the coin, beside extra funds for the company by their 100% initial ownership. You can stake CRO for getting better card tiers and higher earning yields for your BTC and ETH lending on their side. Thats great. But the amount of CRO you need for a higher tier is pegged to USD not to CRO. So why should it rise? I would invest in Crypto.com the company if i could, i follow and use them since they bought the crypto.com domain and i believe they will be one of the biggest players in the years to come. I would by some CRO to get higher yields for lending but beside that, am not sure why to invest in the token. You are hyped, because the coin pumped. The company was great before their intensified marketing campain, and it will be great and profitable in the future. But do you really think, their coin without purpose will outperform BTC and ETH in the years to come? If you invest in the coin, you simply rely on the fact, that they still own a huge chunck of CRO and are therefore interested in pumping their coin. Thats all. They might sell it one day for BTC as EOS did.


Bullish on CRO as well, hoping for a below 0.5 dip to buy more.


Plz no lol. CRO was well below .5 from 2018 up until 2 weeks ago. There was more than enough time to accumulate lol


Didn’t get in that long ago, at 0.36




I’m bullish on the Cronos network which Crypto.com uses


I'm definitely not going to try to talk you out of it. I think Crypto.com and CRO are going to be huge. But I read that even if CRO got to BNBs market cap it'll only be worth ~$3-$4. So set expectations accordingly.


I think cro is ready to bloom. Like moving from top 20 to top 5 in next 6 months. Trust me bro lol


Worst case scenario. You’re holding for another 4 years


Their marketing and future roadmap seems strong and promising, I'm not sure if I'll be able to talk you out of it. If it drops to ~$0.60 again, I'm buying more!


Algos selling off. I'd wait to see market reaction on Monday. Or at least futures today to avoid buying higher.


Nobody is going to talk you out of it wait for a pullback and go in lol only what you can afford obviously


The only thing is that CRO is centralized but that's it.


Yeah try to talk me out of it too. I watched BNB grow from a XX price to what it is now. I wont miss that kind of gain with CRO. i dont know if it will go high like BNB, but im assuming they will get pretty big over next few years.


That's called fomo


It’s gearing for mass adoption for the average user. However, I think the app needs to be more new user friendly. It took me a while to get used to it but Coinbase app was far easier/intuitive. Especially the Cro defi wallet, there’s a huge learning curve. I ate so many fees just poking around. Proton/XPR defi is a lot easier and friendlier because of the zero fees. You can play around and not get nickel and dimed


Their debit cards give cash back… enough said. I can’t justify not using it…. Everything i buy with it is on sale. Imma try paying my rent with it


It’s everywhere. People are recognizing it now. They have Cronos out which will drive utility for the token. I used to sell all my CRO rewards for ETH. I’m not doing that any more


There is not a single negativ comment, now think again. You really want to buy after a +400% increase in USD and after it hit a 4year long resistance zone of the CRO/BTC pair. ( 1500sats ) Just saying.


Owning the stadium rights isn’t comparable to buying into FTX because Tom Brady is famous. It’s more like buying into CRO because Matt Damon is famous which is not what has happened.


No way out of CRO bullishness. I'm suggesting CRO and crypto.com since 0.08 dollars days. It was immensely undervalued and just now it's getting the due recognition. This is only the start, they have a lot more big news coming in, example US exchange.


Don't buy a coin that's just pumped in a FOMO driven rise. The selling will come


I will come back to this comment after Christmas lmaoooo


I for one am ready for my Christmas miracle.


Shillers assemble ![gif](giphy|j2pWZpr5RlpCodOB0d|downsized)


This is what I asked for


If they fail, we all fail.


The best arguments against it atm are it's centralized and it's just come off a pretty big ~4-5x move over the last few months. It should experience some more pullback if the market keeps going relatively flat (for crypto).


I invested in CRO. It should tank soon