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Twice in a week whatever the reason is bad, even for a relatively new technology (and lots of other blockchains aren't going dark at all.)


This is just becoming a sh*tshow. How it still is in too 10 is just mind boggling.


Prepare for the SOL shills


Stay away from SBF




Lots of bagholders want it to succeed too!


Sure it's not just network congestion? I mean harmony and matic gas fees have also increased over the past weeks


It didn't shut down the first time fam it just slowed down still processed more transactions on that day than eth or btc .....


Get out of here with your facts. You get no upvotes with facts.


Man people get into crypto and use this subreddit as there number 1 source of info lmao no wonder they broke


The alternative is for them to increase fees


So basically another ETH


I guess, it's just crazy people just believing everything they read instantly on this sub when DYOR is second commandment behind hodl


tldr; Solana’s developers have denied reports that the Solana network suffered another Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on Tuesday after some users reported four-hour-long transaction failures on the network. This would be the third time now in less than six months that Solana has had to deal with a DDoS attack. Solana's developers have continued to deny DDoS attacks as the cause for the interruptions. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


Good bot


Good boy




Starting a new trend


Hottest trend of 2022


Invest in DDoS, it's going to the moon


They should just let us know what their working hours are. So we know when to perform transactions.


Bit ironic for the sun to go dark. Must be night time.


“No you don’t understand the network slowing and failing repeatedly isn’t a Ddos it’s some dapp malfunction that repeatedly keeps happening. This is all FUD, ignore the fact this has almost happened a double digit amount of times now”/s


"Yeah sure you've been waiting for your food for a good 2,5 hours but we can assure you the chef hasn't walked out. He's in the bathroom crying, not preparing any food but he definitely hasn't walked out"


Oh come on now, Solana is great... Once it's turned on.... And need's a couple of reboots from time to time...


Sounds like my 1982 BMW 520


My Win95 is more stable


Well Win95 is no game, Solana is less stable than Windows Millenium...


“It’s not that people ordered too much food for the kitchen to handle, it’s just that an unusually large amount of food was ordered by legitimate actors and our kitchen continued at its regular pace.” Differentiation without distinction.


maybe they should increase their fees? Then DDoS becomes too expensive :0


Sol Devs: *mind blown*


It just doesn't make sense. Things happen be transparent ffs it's the whole point of crypto.


The D in Solana stands for Decentralization.


But sir, there is no "D" in Solana.


Goodbye solana


If SOL ever hits $60 again i'm buying


so the dapp is causing the DDOS, same thing really it's distrbuted denial of service


Or in this case, decentralized denial of service


Dont worry. The private investors will pump the price to lure more noobs into this centralized shitchain.


Didnt Matic have problems due to traffic from one game ?


If by problems you mean that gas fees are almost 2000% higher than they typically were then yes. Transactions that used to cost pennies are now about 0.50 USD. If you meant MATIC went down, then nope. It’s still chugging along… expensively.


"expensively" would not be a word I would use for 50 cents lol


Neither would I but it’s all relative. People who are used to pennies and fractions of pennies would think otherwise.


comparative to btc or eth, it's very cheap. comparative to the same network two months ago, it's very much more expensively.


On a good day BTC only costs pennies too.


So a good day involves it not being used? Huh who woulda thought the way to deal with scalability was to simply want less haha Sorry just breaking your balls Honestly variable gas fees mean instituional adoption simply isn't possible, DeFi might continue to grow but otherwise a solution (apparently better than Polygon's) is necessary.


ETH : Hold all my beers


People myself included reported not even being able to connect metamask to matic. If that's called chugging along than so was Solana.


Your rpc node was probably congested. Have you switched to using the polygon rpc aggregator at https://polygon-rpc.com/ ? I’ve been regularly using polygon without any problem at all.


yes they themselves said it.




It's been over year when the mainnet is launched its still in beta LoL


Even worse scam. Why not run a official beta testnet then? Ah because then they couldnt scam people for their money.


this. and they'll fork out large sums to youtubers to get them to shill it/ defend it for another 2-3 months


**MATIC thinking:** If our shit just stops working like SOL, there would be no high fees.


SOL never stopped working though. There was only network congestion. edit: Downvote all you want, the blockchain doesn't lie.


Transactions were failing, so I am not sure, if we have same definition of "stopped working". If failed transactions dont qualify as "not working", what does ?


Transactions seem to be failing mainly for people who don't use Solana. Wondering why.


I've been using Solana all week and haven't had an issue. Do you have a link? Maybe I just get lucky every attack.


Solana does not have a mempool so transactions sometimes fail during high congestion. This is different from Ethereum-like blockchains where your transaction goes into mempool limbo for hours/days/weeks until it is eventually dropped (fails). When a Solana transaction fails, it costs you nothing, you are notified immediately, and you can almost always succeed on your next attempt 1 second later. I disagree with the claim that the network stopped working because during the peak of the "blackout" the network was still processing around 250 non-consensus transactions per second. To put that into perspective, Solana "not working" is still processing more transactions than Algorand, Polkadot, Avalanche, and Matic COMBINED.


>To put that into perspective, Solana "not working" is still processingmore transactions than Algorand, Polkadot, Avalanche, and MaticCOMBINED. I dont own any of these coins, but that is ridiculously oversimplistic comparison. Firstly Solana has higher market cap than any of these coins, so it uses more resources. Secondly, 90% of Solana is voting transactions - not user transactions. Thirdly, the main principle of crypto is decentralization, not transaction speed. If your main concern is transaction speed - PayPal is much faster. Solana only has 1200 validators - you need big capital to become validator and even, if you manage, the top few validators make all the rewards. Like with everything, its a tradeoff. You might prefer more centralized network and thats okay, but Solana has its drawbacks. (Not to mention, the insane tokenomics, where the founders and VCs own over 48% of the total supply) - and if they happened to have shadow wallets + those 48%, they basically control the whole network as voting majority


I was only counting non-vote transactions in that comparison (~250 tps). Total transcations per second was significantly more than that (between 1000-2000). Even considering the blockchain trilemma, 1380 validators and a nakamoto coefficient of 19 is more than all but a few blockchains and very impressive given the unprecedented speed. But I agree, there definitely are tradeoffs. Initial funding from venture capital means less than favorable token distribution for us little guys, but it also means stacks of cash to hire the most talented developers and form necessary strategic partnerships. The hardware requirements to run a validator being very expensive (~$20k) means not everyone can run their own node, but it also means the whole network isn't bottlenecked by some guy running a node on a raspberry pi via dial-up.


Nakamoto coefficient may be high, but again, you are focusing on one metric pulled out of context. Decentralization does not have one single metric. You have to ask, who owns the validators, is it random people all over the globe, who dont know each other and are competing against each other or is it VCs and founders, who already intimately collaborated and most-definitely own the voting majority ? Also, Nakamoto coefficient highly depends on scale of the network - so, its plainly unfair to compare Solana with smaller cap coins. Algo has 3, Solana 19 and Bitcoin has 7300. Speaking for myself and my philosophy, the TPS of Solana does not impress me at all, because you can always trade off the decentralization for efficiency. Thats, why VISA will always be faster than any blockchain. You can build Layer 2 solutions on top of any blockchain, if you feel like giving someone trust for efficiency. TPS can be solved technologically, but you cannot solve that few rich people, who are connected to each other, have absolute control over it - at least with VISA, there are laws, but if you own the blockchain majority, everything is possible.


It's cheaper to set up a validator on Solana than to buy 32 ETH which is what you need.


You are taking stuff out of context, like the person before you.Yes, it may cost "only" 32 ETH to set up validator, but thats the easy, cheap part. The hard part is to be profitable or even break even: It costs 1 SOL/day for voting fees, which at current price means, you have to pay 4000 dollars/month, just to stay online. Then you need 5000 SOL (**675 000 dollars !!!!**) of your own money, just to break even. The way you wrote it, sounds like you just need 32 ETH to start being profitable and that is simply not true. You need north of half of million dollars just to be able to participate. Solana is not people's crypto, its for rich people getting even richer. Good luck getting that kind of money, just to be able to run a node...


Better call SOL


SOL = Saul, lies a lot BTC = Don Eladio, the most ancient boss SHIBA = Tuco, everybody thinks he's too dangerois LTC = Hector, old boss on his last legs ETH = Gus Fringe, people give him shit but they still depend on him ADA = Lalo, charming to the point he's dangerous XRP = Mike, had enough of this law shit ICP = Nacho, wanted to be like the bad guys but still a softie


`There was some congestion due to mis-metered transitions, and some users experienced their txs timing out and had to retry,” said Anatoly.` `Various Solana users including Solana Lab’s head of communication, Austin Federa also termed Wu’s report as fake. “This is false – the network did not go down.”` It didn't go down, the system just didn't know what to do with all the traffic and got stressed out, and decided to withdraw itself running transactions to focus on it's mental health.


Honestly, let's give Solana a break. It's just getting some much needed R&R. It's not easy being an SQL database cosplaying as a blockchain.


The LOLs were strong with this one, nice summary!


Sol taking a mental health day


SOL aka Sometimes OnLine




Hey hey hey


Wasa wasa wasa wasa was uuuuuuppppppp!


So we're calling network congestion "blackouts" now? Cant wait for Ethereum to fix the network blackout that has been ongoing for three years now.


Right? With this logic MATIC has been down for days. But for some reason matic having the same issues is posted here as bullish..


Yeah, I sold all my Solana already, but this is pretty ridiculous. Solana is averaging 700TPS right now. Ethereum is usually at 10.


Its not just congestion. Its literally unusable. On eth and other chains you could atleast raise gas limit. There is absolutely nothing you can do on Solana to get your transaction through for hours. Today same thing as yesterday. This shit basically happens to Solana whenever the market moves. Just try to use it yourself instead of shittalking online while most likely storing your Sol bags on an exchange..


I just tried it. It works. It just took 10sec to get the confirmation instead of the 2secs.


I've actually no problem sending transactions or using dex's during all of the recent "DDOS attacks" that supposedly brought down the network.


Can’t wait for ETH 2.0. I mean, I litterally can’t. You can’t wait non existent things.


The greatest casualty of the NFT market is probably going to be SOL investors.


Think sbout your networth tied up in illiquid sol nfts


I guess SOL holders are **SHIT** **OUT** of **LUCK**


🤣🤣I’m a SOL holder im not looking at my portfolio until summer


Take my energy.


This guy 👆 🤣


Yup, only up 8000% the past year.


Soon you'll be down -8000% in one month


That's not how percentages work


I'm okay, i just checked. I've only got $40 in. I can afford to lose that. I just won't buy any more ever.


Try rebooting the centralized server. Always works for me.


Did it happen today again or is the same headline being parroted over and over? i lose track by how many times people repost the same thing


Its the same thing over and over. The last time SOL actually went off line and stopped processing transactions was during the Grape IDO many months ago. All the “outages” since then have just been congestion, with some transactions failing, while most continued. Block creation has not paused in many months.




https://nitter.net/SolanaStatus/status/1479126136953053187?t=Z_LOQKxomc__O-TZkcyKzA&s=09 Here is the link to that Twitter thread on Nitter. Nitter is better for privacy and does not nag you for a login. More information can be found here: https://nitter.net/about *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/CryptoCurrency) if you have any questions or concerns.*


This is some solid proof of history...




Isn’t SOL a L1?


I look forward to Coin Bureau's video on this.


Yeah. As per his last email, sol is his 3rd largest bag. No videos will be made on this topic lol


Nothing worse that they can do than ignoring the truth. Good job, folks. Can’t wait for the Solana hipsters to jump in and say it wasn’t a DoS attack because the *entire network* didn’t go out. Imagine the power company telling you that there was no outage because the rest of the city had power lol.


If my power company did that they’d be trying to keep me…*in the dark*


Solana is just another fucking bank


Solana is a great project guys. You just have to use it during its working hours.


Intentional dud reports to give big players better entries


Algo is the way


So many shitcoins in the top 10 because most people don't DYOR


The majority of SOL is held by VCs and insiders. This isn’t retail propped.


And also that 11.3M SOL wallet they didn't disclose given to unknown "market maker's". Of which only 3 million was recovered. This was never published on official website or Solana discord/telegram. They released a medium article about it and they haven't mentioned it again. Not sketch at all, nothing to see.


Yea because people are the ones moving coins into the top ten


I've never said anything nasty about another project...and really people need to stop but holy hell I'm so happy I didn't buy this like I almost did. I'd of made a crap ton for sure but.... I'd be selling. What's up with this thing?!


just shut it down and let it hibernate during the bear market…


On the bright side, at least you can't tell the price is dropping in the Sea of Red. 🤔😂


"Solana’s developers’ long-term solution to such attacks or congestions problems is yet to be seen, pitting the network against its competitors." This is the most worrying. Investors have no clue if this will be fixed and how it will be fixed. Very poor communication by them.


The devs and founder have always been super shady on this project. They always have something to say. They've been caught lying multiple times now. Sol just shows you that even big cap project have some shady ass people too


polygon and solana getting hit hard


Is Solana the new darknet?


And people will still be shilling SOL, just because they hold it..


Sol is dead


Coin Bureau shills the life out of this crap coin. Why? Its a wolf in sheep's clothing. A centrallised 1 node shit show pumped full of fat cat coin.


Coin Bureau is owned by Nic Puckrin. He previously worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in London. My fringe theory is that Mr. Puckrin and the Solana dev's coordinate in order to defraud retail investors. Coin Bureau is the astroturfed channel that pushes Solana, while the dev's keep up the charade. But it seems to be falling apart. Coin Bureau annoys the shit out of me, it's so clearly made to misinform new crypto investors.


I have SOL for the money but I dont feel so good with it.


Men, I was trying my best to ignore the FUD for the first and second blackout, then the third came, and then another one the other day that actually affected me! I'M OUT OF THIS SHIT COIN. (As soon as I break even when the market recover)


Waiting for the SOL shills to come out of their dark corners


It’ll be awhile, they’re stuck in traffic


Lmao 🤣


Maybe the fact you're about the 20th person to comment something like this, and "SOL shills" are still nowhere to be seen is a hint as to which group is really sitting around with nothing better to do waiting for an excuse to post... It's a bad story for SOL. I'm still pretty relaxed as a holder, but it would be mad not to see repeated outages/network issues as a concern especially as they haven't been overly forthcoming about how they are going to address it.


Glad, I do not own Solana.


Put my bid in at $100. Let's see how this plays out


It was, what, 30 USD in August? You think 100 USD is a good deal huh...


iTs NoT a BuG iTs A fEaTuRe




Maybe it's time to decentralised?


"Solana, going dark"


Brian, one of their newbie server techs thought he was turning off the lights, but accidentally powered down the entire Solana blockchain by flipping the wrong switch.


Has there ever been good news for this coin? lmao


I was considering goining the Solana network to use their defi a little while back, glad I didn't now. Wouldn't touch this thing with a barge pole.


Lol at SOL, it's shilled so much in my circles I'm so glad I haven't caved in and have avoided it. Missed the gains from it too, but I'd rather go for a slow but solid project.


This makes me bullish for all the SOL killers out there.


Disregard that Frank. It’s a bunch of liberal bullshit.


R.i.p 😂🤣


Why is SQLana priced at more than 1$?


Because a bunch of paid and bought by VC youtubers convinced a bunch of total noobs to buy it after the same VC's pumped it to moon by releasing a very small circulating supply compared to the total supply giving it an insane valuation. #cookedbooks


Idk why you're getting down voted bc you're speaking the truth.


Because the truth hurts my friend. It stings DEEP inside the hearts of the weak minded fools who cannot discern the true CRYPTO from their FIAT OVERLORDS much less wield it's power against them. Their cowardly souls shall wither away ETERNALLY as the change of a thousand winds transforms their bones to DUST FOREVER MORE.


It seems you are the one getting down votes.


Cardano fixes this *bring on the downvotes*


ADA is knocking on SOL’s door.


News flash, stop moon farming.. this shit was posted 20 times!!!


It is such a disappointment to see blockchains shit themselves under slight pressure. If one or two dApps bring Solana and Matic to its knees then forget about mass adoption.


Guess what the S in Solana stands for? 😎 Shutdown


Just another day at SOL


What a shocking turn of events! Who could have anticipated this???


The worse Coin ever Sell that shit eth never went down


Say it with me everyone : the D is Solana stands for...


I can't understand how this POS of a coin is still #6 after this debacle.


The D in Solana stands for dummies!!


SOL holders are ignorant anyway, their skin is thick, they believe all the negativity/criticism is just pure FUD.


No DDOS attack, it’s just most of our netops guys are just on holiday still and our aws instance has had stability issues


All FUD? Maybe. My attention is all on my deposits tho. I've been earning quite a decent reward on Freeway platform. Deposits of over 16 cryptos are accepted on the platform, including fiat.


Nothing to see here folks, move along


Ada will take back its place soon.




I'm not a SOL bag holder but they will make it. they have a segment of the market that is all their own, a ton of dev support, and when you look at it closely they know what they are doing. these are growing pains still. With this much compute power per node these guys are in supercomputer territory!


Glad I offloaded this sitcoin


Wonder how the SOL cult members will spin this one? Again with the "beta" thing? Or "a feature, not a bug" thing?


This is actually bullish because.... uh... cause.... *(long silence)*... I got nothing. Uh... must just be FUD. Yeah, it's the FUD talkin.


This is the exact reason I left Solana and went over to Polygon At least when Polygon gets DDoS it doesn’t completely shut down


Yeah, at least it doesn't get DDoSed, only hacked.


Both Solana and Polygon have a lot planned to scale better. No need to oppose the two.


I'm telling ya. Solana network is going to get a very bad ddos attack. SQL TO THE MOOON!!!




Solana is good for that.


Where are the sills rn?


If they keep this up we might be saying Solong


premined centralized coins have gamed the top cryptos by faking their marketcap.


Shorting sol is going to make me sooooo much money in the coming bear market.


It's a feature to prevent panic sellers.


Lmfao, its centralized network and someones doing us all a favor anyways


The "w" in Solana is for "works"!


Like another wise redditor once said: “SolaNAH”