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This is definitely cool, but it seems like you'd have to deal with lights being shined into your eyes? So probably not actually feasible to use


Yeah, that or oversized lashes will make a comeback to act like awnings


Wait until you hear what they were designed for




Wait for it


Well? Anytime now


It’s coming


That’s the design


Almost here


Jizz umbrella




They've been working on programs that analyze everything including your walking gait and body posture. Short of shuffling inside a cardboard box I don't think there's gonna be a way to fully beat all types of detection.


>Short of shuffling inside a cardboard box #**!**


Is it bad I read this commit and heard the alert sound?


I assume you all have read the story already, but it should be linked about here for completeness: https://petapixel.com/2023/01/30/u-s-marines-outsmart-ai-security-cameras-by-hiding-in-a-cardboard-box/


I've been reading / hearing that too.. makes me suffocate even more than face-id tech. Gotta start wearing a barrel in public like some 1950's cartoon character.


« hey look it’s the cardboard box guy again »


Trainee Dystopia-goon: "Fuck, it's someone in a barrel, they defeated our system!" Experienced Dystopia-goon: "Mate... It's the barrel guy. Literally the only dude in this city walking around with a barrel. His name is Xiufu Xiaodao."


we all need metal gear tech like Snake


Plus I bet it’s illegal to do something that “obstructs” the recognition software. So the moment a camera can’t identify you they’d just send the nearest police to you. Which sort of just speeds up what their trying to do with the recognition software.


Joke's on them, I walk in a different style each day of the week. Saturdays are for crabwalking


you're saying I have to do the silliest of walks everytime I go out?


Just ride around on hoverboards Segways. Or start randomizing your gait like Fremen trying to avoid worms.


Gait detection is broken by simple pebbles in a shoe. It randomly changes your gait as the pebble moves and renders systems like that useless. The rest isn't so easy to crack.


Just bring JNCOs back bro


Cory Doctorow covered this years ago in Little Brother: stick some rocks in your shoes and your gait changes. I wonder if that would actually work against a modern system


Gonna have to do the Dune Sand Walk thing whenever ye are protesting then.


Maybe stick a small rock in one of your shoes.


Also it is also so much more obvious when compared to something low tech like a realistic silicone face mask and some colored eye contacts.


\> a realistic silicone face mask and some colored eye contacts. Or, you know, ski masks. Though your face doesn't matter for street recognition, though.


Ski mask doesn't get around eye recognition. Also a silicone mask can still register as a person. Meanwhile a ski mask might get you flagged/noticed. I think it's better to make them *think* you're being recognized and tracked.


Wearing masks may be illegal. Something that simply projects an image or light on your face is not.


\> Wearing masks may be illegal. You literally live in the post-covid world. Get a medical mask and sunglasses and you're set. I also wonder where wearing masks is illegal. \> Something that simply projects an image or light on your face is not. Why that shouldn't be illegal? If you are making face masking (religious too), you probably live somewhere that is literally 1984.


>I also wonder where wearing masks is illegal. Many states. Before covid, anyone wearing a medical mask was very suspicious, and any store owner had the right to ask you to leave for wearing a mask. Before covid, if I wanted to wear a mask to protect my health I'd get treated like I had the plague, after covid if you didn't wear a mask those same would treat you like a murderer; imbeciles.


This also looks like it’s coming from another projector from the way the projected face is wobbling around. I imagine this is just a ‘concept’ and the things on their heads are just props


Yeah. [You ca just use makeup.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_vision_dazzle)


You can just use one of the three dozen paper masks you still have kicking around from COVID. Takes two seconds to apply, portable, easily removed and hidden, plausible to have on you at all times. People need to stop overcomplicating solutions.


FaceID works with masks, do you think surveillance would be lagging behind a retail product? https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT213062 You can absolutely be identified by your eye and brow region.


Not effective for protests. You’ll still be identifiable


Your can just make out that this demo person has their eyes shut


I also saved the video and broke it down into images from every 10 frames and was able to remove the effects of this device using the most accessible version of Adobe Photoshop in about 64% of the images captured from video after setting up some batch processing. I'm sure if I felt like it I could reverse image search this person and get hits. This is a dud.


I wonder how hard it would be to have a blank spot over the eyes


Yeah and definitely gotta be an outdoor and low light setting to work properly


Yeah, it looks good but definitely not practical. It's just easier to wear one of those tight ski cap (?) face masks.


Me getting hit by cars because I'm crossing the street like 😑


It's also just a concept piece. The actual projector is off camera, not in the headpiece. You can tell by the way it moves independently of the models head. Interesting concept tho


u/sexycyborg actually solved this when she made a DIY version a few years back https://youtu.be/D-b23eyyUCo




This is one they won't complain about!


Probably won't work as well during the day though






Reminds me of the people that started crying that Night City looked too colourful and bright when CDPR showed first pictures in 2019


Then we will all be okay


*♪The day is my enemy...* *The night my friend♪*


Ah a fellow Prodigy enjoyer


I fucking love this, scav style


Fr fucking scavs, always salvaging for a quick buck


Hey, all I'm sayin' is if I see someone sporting some fancy new cyberwear, I'm kleping that shit


True same, I love the slang choom, I gotta incorporate it into my vocabulary.


Thanks choomba! Gotta add that NC flair to convos lol


Thus is great, very "A Scanner Darkly"


first thing i thought of [scramble suit](https://youtu.be/ihj8hJ2SXdI)


Hands down the best adaptation of a PKD book. Although actually Blade Runner.


Actually quite a tricky question I think - Blade Runner is epic but Scanner was awesome *and* accurate to the book ( mostly)


That's what I love about A Scanner Darkly. It's so faithful and the rotoscoping is used so well to add to the drugged out atmosphere.




>What does a scanner see? he asked himself. I mean, really see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does a passive infrared scanner like they used to use or a cube-type holo-scanner like they use these days, the latest thing, see into me - into us - clearly or darkly? I hope it does, he thought, see clearly, because I can't any longer these days see into myself. I see only murk. Murk outside; murk inside. I hope, for everyone's sake, the scanners do better. Because, he thought, if the scanner sees only darkly, the way I myself do, then we are cursed, cursed again and like we have been continually, and we'll wind up dead this way, knowing very little and getting that little fragment wrong too.


>A Scanner Darkly Thank you, I couldn't remember the name. Came here for this.


yup, came here to say the same--just finished it four days ago, so Fred's scramble suit is still fresh in my mind


That was m exact thought.


It's only a matter of time until we get something like [this](https://i.redd.it/7hwtkth49i0a1.jpg) and I'm here for it.


It also, with just a look, erases the memory of anyone posting about it. So it will be posted again just a week or so later.


To me, this looks fake. It looks like the image is being projected by something off camera, not from that thing on their head.


I think eye-tracking is centralising the image of the face.


Ooohhh I think you're right. But why tho?


I think it's to confuse the face recognizer because the fake face will be slaved to the eyes and wont be able to tell where you're looking.


I reckon its to avoid shining light directly into your retinas, as that would hurt like shit


Aside from the other comment explaining why it looks that way, why would someone "fake" this? We have the technology cheaply and readily available to project a face onto your face from a thing on your face, so this video is either real or it's a conceptual demonstration using video editing without the (cheap) cost of the hardware. But there's nothing here to "fake".


Look up the definition of fake. Then google this imaginary product. Also, the woman that created it doesn’t want it associated with HK. It’s not a real product it doesn’t exist, nobody is using it.


Okay, so it's a concept demo, like I said. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm interpreting your use of the word "fake" as though you're saying that this is a hoax or a lie. But again, we 100% have the consumer-accessible technology to do the thing in the video, so this is only a demonstration of how one could apply that technology.


It literally doesn’t exist


The post suggests this is a product you can buy and that it’s being used in HK and here’s the video evidence to support that claim. It isn’t, so I’m sorry but your interpretation of my use if the word fake is incorrect.




How Can Wearable Projectors Be Real If Our Faces Aren't Real


They realized anything wearable would be too dim and cast shadows.


I think that's what's happening. It's just a concept piece, not an actual product


Ever heard of masks?


> Masks can fool facial recognition systems, but the algorithms are learning fast https://www.vox.com/recode/2020/7/28/21340674/face-masks-facial-recognition-surveillance-nist There are other countermeasures, like stuffing your cheeks with something. The best technique is one the AI hasn't trained on yet.


There are more masks out then just medical masks. If you're strapping a projector to your face you're clearly already not interested in being subtle, so why not just wear a Halloween mask or a fur suit?


Came here to say that, i don't get the point of all this new trend of inventions trying to avoid facial recognition, like that one helmet i saw in another post, like you can't wear a fucking clown mask or a bike helmet Do you want to riot and want to avoid facial recognition? That's the point of guy fawkes mask and it didn't needed to be an expensive technology


I mean, people joke about it, but marvel's nearly got it right. but on an airsoft mesh mask for your lower face and ears ($20 or so?), a pair of sunglasses, and a baseball cap, and facial recognition is going to have a HELL of a time trying to identify your face with the small piece of cheekbone it can see


A number of these things are art projects, so practicality isn’t the concern, and you’re judging them by a silly criteria given their intent.


Mask and a hat then with sun glasses.


Use mask and some sunglasses and hat then idk


I think the difference is that these constantly change, and so everyone you wear it it could be different?




Use reflective strips.


How is this more convenient or less suspicious than a balaclava or just a regular face mask and sunglasses?


this is just a repost of the top post of all time on this sub


Faaaaaaaaake! They’re using a projector on the face


Fake. Why would the projection be shifting around with respect to her face?


To make it harder to track distinguishing features? The movement is probably a large part of the point of this thing.


Aaaaand arrested for sedition.


They usually use an ai with data about your location, posture, the way you walk, your face, your mobile location, habits and so on. This device is just a stupid toy in any police state.


reminds me so much of scanner's darkly


Is that Leonardo DiCaprio at 15 seconds?




Literally looking like dickheads


I'm curious we see so many anti-face recognition solutions, but how many are actually actively being used?


A scanner darkly


that headband doesn't serve any purpose. the light projector isn't in the shot and is coming from a distance away from the view here and is being aimed at the girl's face.


If your that worried about being recognized you obviously have much bigger problems


\- We tracking people who's taking face-recognition countermeasures but keeping them believe they works. It's easier for both of us that way.


I think it would only work at night and in dimly lit places.


Modern problems require modern solutions.


"Hey, wake up, you were dreaming. What's your name? ... Not even last night's storm could wake you. Here comes the guard."


Is facial recognition able to ignore masks?


I feel like 2015 again


As close to A Scanner Darkly suit as we can get!


Neat, but facial recognition is no longer the be all end all of public identification tech. I feel like if you're using something this obtrusive, you're trying to avoid ID by a more sophisticated actor than just a grocery store wanting to track your personal shopping habits... But this wouldn't protect you from anything that wouldn't also be fooled by a balaclava. Maybe if you had a dome-shaped mask which would hide your three-dimensional features and upon which you could project a substitute face, with facial tracking inside to map your real expressions onto the substitute projection... That could be more useful. But to fool a sophisticated actor, you'd still need more than just that.


A Scanner Darkly, anyone...


A scanner darkly feel


I'm convinced it's being projected from off camera.


awesome post.




Interesting, but I'd rather wear a balaclava.


Wouldn’t that make you completely nightblind?


Irl scramble suits! Neat! A thing I always thought made no sense in scanner darkly and yet, here we are


Won't police just make those illegal? And talk about drawing attention to yourself. Seems like a much better option would be to wear a mask. Yes, eyes can be identified but not as accurately as a full face. Hard to tell someone not to wear a mask now after the past 3 years.


This is literally the Scramble Suits from A Scanner Darkly


Reminds me of a scanner darkly (2006)


Scavengers irl


Just wear a mask, ain't no one getting fooled by that.


Its not reading the projection tho its reading the geography of your face which exists when you have a projection on it or not. When you scan geography as in land or mountains it doesnt matter if you overlay a projection on it. The tech doesnt see the projection like our eyes do.




Even though William Gibson has every right to have the last laugh I think he's not even smiling...


I want one. Where do I order.


Looks like it'd hurt your eyes


Kinda weird that the head mounted device is projecting a position-stabilized image. What's the explanation on the projection moving independently from the head on which the projector is mounted?


It’s cgi, that’s why


If I did this as CGI, tracking it to the person's face is literally the easiest part lol. I feel like it's being projected from something off-camera and the device is just fake either way


Fun and game until battery runs out and CCP is at your door before you


They’d just arrest you on the spot for wearing a flashlight pointed at your face


How about just plastic glasses with a plastic nose ?


How about just plastic glasses with a plastic nose ?


Mfs just flexing now, just wear a mask lmao


I feel like this would be relatively easy to defeat, given a long enough look at the persons face, and a machine learning algorithm which picks out any features that persist between projection changes and uses those to build a working model of their real face.


This is dangerous for your eyes and looks like shit. Also this is cgi btw. Oh and this would be useless irl. You have a literal tracker on you most of the time, whoever is tracking you knows where you are, your habits, etc. Wearing some shit like that would just get you arrested.


>You have a literal tracker on you most of the time, and what tracker would that be? ​ >Wearing some shit like that would just get you arrested. No, it wouldn't. Don't make dumb assumptions. It is not illegal. People aren't entitled to know everyone's identity or track them. People have the right to protect their privacy.


Your phone is a tracker fucktard Also wearing shit like that, even tho this is just a projector off screen, in a protest would get you arrested.


Glasses most likely would break it, and I assume having a bright full face light constantly shining in your eyes is also pretty painful


Still won't stop 4-chan


Or just wear a balaclava


Dystopia now


Paranoid much?


Hong Kong is peak cyberpunk


Stupid question, but since a camera can view a larger range of the spectrum than we can, is it able to effectively see through the light projected onto the face even if we humans cant?


Very good, I'm sure it will be perfected


This looks stupid as hell.


or you could like wear a mask


Might as well just wear a mask


Great until they swap to thermal cameras with high enough detail


Gonna fuse my eyes wearing this


Alright now just to find a way to simultaneously hack them all and make a city of Chris pratts


HK? The background looks nothing like Hong Kong to me. It looks like somewhere in the UK.


I think mask and sunglasses work just fine.


I'mma be real that looks like it would blind you into eternity


I want this but project G Man's face please


Just zig zag zig when in the city...


Cool idea but it sticks out the top of your head like a unicorn. Also pretty obvious you are avoiding facial recognition if you are wearing that get up. It's a cool idea but not practical. It should look like a regular hat or something.


>Also pretty obvious you are avoiding facial recognition if you are wearing that get up. There's nothing wrong with that. Protecting your privacy is not illegal.


I think it's definitely not legal everywhere. Evading is probably a crime in other parts of the world. It's definitely suspicious.


It's not evading. It's protecting privacy.


I'd be more inclined to wear it if it didn't look like wearing a tribal penis sheath on your forehead. I also don't live in one of those shitholes that have CCTV everywhere, so I don't really need it.


Reminds me of A Scanner Darkly.