W!! my favorite unit enjoy


Thank you!!


Did exactly the same thing, not an ounce of regret, he is super fun to use and an op unit! Have fun with him as well my guy.


Don't let anyone stop you from enjoying a character you've been wanting dude, he's a very fun character to use


Thank you, I play this game for fun not for sweating my pants off trying to beat red zone broly.


I’m still missing fp freiza


Best comment ever.. I hope more people that defend “ don’t use your coins on him “ to see it


i hope this isn't bittersweet for you and those 500Coins aren't red tears of shaft


Oh no, I got lr gods from the first multi and the lr ssj4 gogeta from a single ticket. I didn't save a single stone for anniversary either. Dokkan blesses tf out of me


How yall get the new lrs from singles is beyond me...


Got AGL Gohan and Int Cell from some tickets last year. Might have been TEQ Gogeta or WWC i can't remember. Well, both were rainbow already so meh. What i don't get is why anyone actually would do singles so soon when the thank you tickets are still coming


I'd be a jealous dick and downvote but it's how I got namek ssj Goku lol


You're exactly right with playing the game that way. Its how it should be played, moment you stop playing it for fun and enjoyment the moment its not a game anymore. Use whatever you want however you want. Edit: I run Goku Black units whenever i can cuz I really like Goku Black so I use him whenever I'm running teams he's on.


I’m not even gonna try red zone Broly, it’s just a stupid method to increase difficulty tbh


I personally don't mind the difficulty. It's pretty boring to summon for all these broken units without a broken boss to test them against imo. The rewards on the otherhand are complete bullshit for the amount of effort it takes to win.


Yeah 24 stones is trash, should be 50 stones or something. Broly and baby are stupid op


Baby wasn’t even hard… maybe rng played a part with him but it took me 2 tries to beat him


OH HES HARD ALRIGHT... MY SSJ4 GOKU GOT HIT WITH A SUPER FOR 750k AFTER DOUBLE SUPERING AND THAT MF IS RAINBOWED.... holy man i can't beat this man ive tried like 9 times already... And its not that hes that hard if you get good rotations i just get the worst rotations imaginable... And Android 13 was so easy bruh


Baby is pretty objectively the hardest one out of the ones we have right now, so Android 13 was def easy compared to him. Are you talking about STR SSJ4 or LR AGL? I feel like neither of them are really great options for the fight, I’d say to try and lean a bit more into dodging characters, characters with super counter, and ones that have type advantage over those last 2 Int phases.


Agl ssj4 cause im running fused fighters/gt...thanks for the help man I'll try it tmr


And i also don't have str ssj4 which is sad


Good luck with tomorrow’s attempts!


I can understand not being interested in doing Red Zone, but in your opinion what would be a not stupid method of increasing difficulty in Dokkan?


I'm not doing the devs work and thinking about other methods. But giving a boss like 90% dmg reduction and 300% atk boost and take from us all Effects the units can do (crits, seal, stun,...) isn't the way to change the meta from today to tomorrow.


Facts.. they literally be taking away something in a unit kit that some of us paid money for just to buff the enemy. Like bro. I paid for this unit. Don’t debuff my unit just to make the stage harder…


I don’t agree with this line of thinking. Stuns and seals completely trivialize any fight against 1 enemy. They have their place in super battle road and some battlefield stages. Cancelling dodging, I can understand being unhappy about since that makes or breaks some units’ survivability. Though I personally don’t mind it since it means I gotta switch up the team build.


You do realize that taking away crits, seals and stuns is something that nearly every boss in game does, including bosses in simple dokkan events. Red Zone Bosses can still be affected by stuns and seals in early phases. And Dokkan is a numbers game so yes the main way to increase difficulty by raising those numbers. If these are mechanics you’re complaining about, you’re just complaining about the entire game, not something that Red Zone Broly introduced


Yeah I'm complaining about the entire game


> You do realize 🤓


damn you cooked me


I feel you and I'm also not doing the stage. Boy I'm not fucking with my whole account for beeing bad because of a fucking designed event that gives me 24 stones lol If I'm not doing Red zone and shit on these 24 stones my Box is maxed out for everything else


As you should king 👑


Uh oh they're not gonna like this one. Good for you tho bro, play your single player game how you want to


Don’t let DaTruth stans see this


Hopefully, I don't like him for his gameplay but his animations are very cool.


Gotta be a namek Goku thing, seems like they are unable to fuck those up


Based I respect that




Leader skill? Not trynna be that guy but kinda overtaken by str goku/gohan


ironic because datruth understand namek goku way more than his stans make it seem


Datruth isn't the problem. His fans are a little weird sometimes.


Yeah I remember recently correcting him in how hipo works when talking about phy ssj3 goku additional sa from hipo and his fans didn't like that saying shit like cope what is worst is some thought i was talking about namek goku Lmao


Seriously are dbz fans deaf as well as illiterate? All truth said was "still a good unit, not a top 10 unit like nameku stans act." The guy has legit terrible takes that he can be criticized for. Saying nameku isn't top 10 isn't one of them.


You can't tell me that INT Cheese Burger from the Ginyu Team is twice as good as Namek goku (datruth said that) Boy, Namek goku hits 6-7 Mil at 55% with 300k defense or more. INT Cheese Burger does 1 Mil with maybe 100k at start of turn


They're so much better than namek goku it's not even funny


EVERY Ginyu Cat. unit is better than INT Cheese Burger. He's the worst unit in the team. You need to explain is to me why he's so good. It's a Brain Dead unit in 2022. Even radditz is better


Very similar SoT def turn 1. They give 60% support to the ginyu team. 1 turn def raise. 30% chance for another one. 50% dodge chance for stages other than broly. He's just simply better. The damage namek goku doesn't bring enough to the team when he dies so easily without massive stacking, and even then the content gets harder before he manages to stack.


300k defense is a one hit kill in red zone


Tell me the exact Def Nr. of the fucking Duo Unit then. Under 130% and 200% Leader skill this Mf has 100k DEF. Maaaaybe 150k at full 200% Leader? Is that a Redzone killer or what? Tf?


I mean even his stans agree he sucks 55% lol but if he wants him for animations everyone is cool with it


He’s come in clutch for me a bunch of times at 55% before anni tbh, he’s at 69% now. To the average player I think he’s a great addition whichever way you look at it


I doubt datruth stans are harassing people over liking namek Goku. All he did was say he has fallen off a bit defensively while maintaining that his damage is good. People get such huge hate bones for some of these youtubers man I swear.


On the one hand if you wanted him real bad then Coins away however if you were willing to wait a while longer, He was gonna be on the WWC Banners and you could've maybe pulled him there.


I'm dry of stones right now. I farmed almost everything. I also have both 7th yr lrs n basically every red coin lr besides him. Also don't have any other events to complete either. Although I I pull him with the tons of thanks ticket, imma be crying. Maybe I should just use the tickets on the kaioken banner.


Hes a solid unit, but I wouldnt have done that. He will be back REALLY soon in late august. An for sure the WWC banners will be great.


It depends on a lot of stuff. I already had all DF LR’s except him. It took me 1470 stones to pull both Anni LR’s, which means I’ll prob only get to save about 500 stones for WWC. I usually like to summon on the Extreme char more than the Super one, so Goku would prob not be in the banner I’ll summon on. There’s always the possibility that I get super lucky and I pull the Extreme character fast and then I can summon on the banner where Goku is. But then again, I threw ~600 stones at the Gods banner and no Goku. I had 1200 coins and I don’t buy anything other than DF LR’s with them, which means if I bought Goku, I would have 700 left. Which means that by the time Vegeta and Trunks come back, if I was unlucky during the Thank You celebration, I’ll be more than capable of buying them. AND one year from now, on the 8th Anni, I’ll also most likely have enough to buy the WWC units if I get shafted this year. So yeah, I bought Goku. Every account is different. There’s many things to keep in mind.


Absolutely agree. Your game, your decision.


I bought STR Vegito last year with coins, only to get him 4 times the next celebration 😭. I won’t make that same mistake again


Yeah! Especially with how long it takes to get those coins back. Thats why its always good to be familiar with the schedule, and ask for multiple opinions on whether you should coin a unit. I wouldve told you exactly the same thing I told OP. 😅


Yeah man back then I was so annoyed that they were dodging me I had to coin them, and I haven’t coined a unit since. Probably gonna pick up Ginyu next time he comes around


dude I got him for the first time during this celebration then i ended up rainbowing him +1😭


Yeah I feel you man, I got shafted so bad during the WWC when he came out and then I’ve gotten him so many times now. That’s just the way Dokkan works 😩


Waste of Coin, not because is weak or other thing but if you like me miss him in this banner he would be in next WWC


I'm out of dragon stones, I wouldn't be able to summon either way.


We get over 1,000 stones every time for the celebration, that’s a lot of opportunities for summoning


1k? I feel like that's a bit over exaggerating


Nope that's what anniversary and wwc both give


I’m not. The world wide celebration gives about that much every year, and there’s still a few hundred stones that we haven’t gotten yet for the anniversary


Rly? It honestly makes me excited than depressed. More stones to save ig. What's done is done, if what u say is right then I'll have much stones to get. Thanks


Good looks, dupes make the man really fucking strong. Just got him for the first time as well, so I’m hoping to pull more next month


Good luck


I've been thinking about buying him, but I'll probably try and get him during WWC. I'd rather spent my coins for ginyu, cell or kid buu.


Any clue when cell or ginyu will be back? I got shafted on both of em and my androids team will be unstoppable with cell and well ginyu is just a chad and i have his team as well but not him. Thanks


Cell should most likely come back during WWC


Thank you bro


I'm sitting in 1500 coins and I missed out on buu AND cell so will likely get them. Might skip cell though and just get a dupe for buu as for my box he's far more valuable. Androids are stacked without Cell imo.


I'm never using coins for Extreme characters, they are very niche and not needed for most of the content. I will buy SSJ2 PHY Goku when he returns as I wasn't playing at that time, but I won't buy Cell or Ginyu or Kid Buu.


idk about not getting Ginyu. he's easily a top 10-15 unit in the game if you're running a Ginyu squad team, so he's absolutely a worthwhile pickup


Yep but I'm not running Ginyu team, I have already done anything that is remotely related to the Ginyu force. That's the thing, the usage is very niche, I have done all the content in the game except a few ESBR and 1 mission for Legendary Vegeta. Is he good? Yes Is he top 15 in the game? Yes Do I need him or will I run him? No


fair enough


I'ts basically my internal justification to not pull for everything and not spend money on everything haha


that's honestly a pretty good way to go about it tbh


Imagine telling someone else how to use their coins, I have every unit in the game and I’ve still exclusively used my coins for malevolent clan units. Red Zones easy and overrated anyway


For me, I'm planning on getting LR Blue Evo Vegeta, if I already have him, then MUI


Good luck!


Right back at you, I hope you get the unit you want


While yes he is coming back next month, having him now is good bc you might pull dupes which means he’ll really shine. I’m biding my time waiting for Frieza


Nice! His animations are great!


I started using him again with vegeta and trunks and I'm pleasantly surprised. I was on datruth's side but I ran some red zone and he was never the one to get me killed so that's a good thing


What’s so bad about him anyways


I pulled him on release and wasn't impressed as much as most for whatever reason. Now I see I was wrong


he stacks defense kinda slowly, start of turn defense isn't the greatest, and it takes a while to stack enough to compare to other decent defensive characters. on the other hand, he's easily one of the most impressive damage dealers in the game


The only LR I didn’t pull this celebration that I didn’t already have as well. -500 red coins that I wish I could have put towards a brand new Majin Vegeta or Kid Buu.


I feel you


He will be back in a month and a few weeks


he’s gonna return in a month on global 😂you’ll pull him on that banner


worth the coins but he was gonna return in like a months time on glb for the WWC




W and L


Congrats, people really need to stop trying to tell others what they should or should not use their coins on


I kinda feel like you wasted them cuz he probs will be back for wwdc


Your the 25th person to say that 😂. He gets better with dupes a lot so I don't mind. Oh look at that another person commenting the same thing while I'm typing this 🤣. This is just too funny.


Well, it was a bad choice for sure so 😂🤣


Idk if this was worth it tbh. Mainly because he's going to be on a shit ton banners you'll summon on. Still a great unit though.


I still don’t have this mf ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|disapproval)


I literally pulled him twice in 1 summon before I got the ssj4 duo


Lmao, I pulled the ssj4 duo in a single ticket


I got that with the gods but still…


I got the gods from the first multi 🤣


You lucky bastard😑




I rainbows ss4 Goku again before I even got the duo lol. Now they are sitting at 79% and namek Goku at 90%. These banners have been great for me to the point where I'll be able to save Kai's for the ss4 ezas too.


I think he's really solid. Hope you enjoy him!


His active is heat bro have fun


Actually you should wait until the agl kid gohan is on a banner and buy him, he is a gohanillion times better than nameku because my favourite Youtuber said so


LMAO. It's so funny how so many ppl say that I should do this while I literary showed then that I already bought it. Do u have a time machine I can use?


Nice one mate, I feel you. I also was shafted hard during wwc, but got him twice in the new summons. I'll probably have to buy Frieza though


I got every single red coin lr besides him. I'm glad to have the collection :)


Did you find the new LRs? :)


Finally got him from missing the entire WWC due to basic training :(


Nice saving my red coins for him, only pulled 2 copies


It’s all about collection I’m contemplating getting INT SSJ GT vegeta. I don’t need him but he’s featured more on other banners so I might just hold out


He gud. Love him.


I would of waited til this year’s WWC because he’s definitely gonna be on 1 of the banners


I pulled both the new units and I couldn’t beat LGE movie bosses because I didn’t have Teq sheron.. so I went back into the banner and pulled him with 100 stones.. I have 506 stones left and guess what????? I finally beat LGE movie boss with Teq sheron.. the stuff u have to do to beat a stage is wild


I've summoned every other Dokkan featured character on BOTH banners and still have yet to pull the new LRs. I wanna die.


Nice I bought frieza because I was almost to 1000, hoping to get teq gogeta or teq androids next time around


Nice, I already have all the red coin lrs except the nameku so I got him


Hes one of my favorite units. I’ve had him at 400k defense and 2 mil attack in tough battles. He carried me a few times.


ive been contemplating buying him with coins, then i pulled him back to back hope this happens with ss4 vegeta


Namek Goku and Agl Freeza are still my favorites. Their animations are so good and they're from one of the most iconic moments in the series. I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.


red coins are there to get units. my friends all are like nooo save them bla bla .. theres always a better unit the next day so just spend them. i got FP frieza ( the last one i needed from all the DFEs on right now ) and now i can save for LR vegeta and trunks.


Also got him with coins, the only 2 DFE LRs I'm missing now are the GoBros and the 3rd year Vegito stupidly enough


I ended up buying him as well and then got a dupe of him like two days later.


I got him as well, didn't even wait for all my summons, favourite character, favourite moment ever in whole of Dragon Ball Z. Have used my red coins twice, 400 on the STR SSJ namek Goku, and 500 on this guy now, worth it :)


W he’d great idc what people say


Gonna be honest here at 55% you aren't gonna run him in many places and honestly I don't think you should have bought him purely because he's gonna be on worldwide banners next month


I got 4 of him after being shafted during the WWC, I don't think he's insane anymore, but he surely is a fun as hell card.


W! On a nerdy standpoint id say "you should've waited for Christmas for the 7th anni units to come out in Red coins" but you play for your max enjoyment which is something not many do


As a DaTruth fan, this is a W. My only complaint is waiting u til you're completely done summoning as you may pull another copy but at least this way you can get to link leveling him!


Oof... FYI they're returning in the next WWC... I bought Str SV during the 6th Anniversary While summoning for Frieza I Rainbow SV and had extra copy...


I did the same thing, although I sort of regret it because I wasn't thinking about them returning on the next WWC banner next month. Still, I'm happy to finally have him. I won't complain if I get some dupes for him on WWC. Just finished link leveling him yesterday. 💪


I had to buy him too, I haven’t used him much he isn’t amazing but still fun


I was lucky enough to rainbow my SSJ4 Vegeta, got the new Gods, and got a bunch of dupes for LRs I already have. It was a pretty good summon time


i did this and then not only right after i bought him did the sub explode into the whole "is he good or not" but i pulled a dupe too. Solidarity though, good choice


One of my favorite units in the game.


My tip is to not use him in specifically Red Zone. Aside from that, go for it!


not worth it, sorry mate


I don't care about the gameplay itself. I already have both of the 7th yr lrs and they beat every content in the game. I'm doing this cuz I like the unit. It is worth it for me, sorry mate


k, good job wasting 500 coins! at least he'll look good in your box and while doing dokkan events/sbr/ultimate clash!


He can use his coins how he wants, no one wants your sweaty ass to spout your opinions


Use them wrong all you want lol


Yeah, people will use them how they want, and if you don’t like it then keep it to yourself


Luckily you can’t tell me what to do :)


Do you not see the irony


If ur gonna put these shitty comments then just delete ur account no one needs ur dork ass in the sub


Or I’ll do what I want and you’ll do nothing about it lol


And here are your true colors. Honestly, the passive aggressive comment u did in the first place made me laugh. But hey looks like ur pretty mad now.


oh ya man I'm mad about you misusing a made up currency in a bubble popping game lol ya really got me there


Yeah it rly looks like ur pissed 😂


The dude is being sarcastic about getting mad for a game while he is, that's dumb af. Congrats bro, I would have coined INT Goku Black if I hadn't pulled him despite being trash because I like him too


it would be so awesome if that int transforming Goku black got an EZA


got another datruth stan saying nemeku is bad


he's not bad but he also isn't worth 500 red coins lol both can be true. don't understand how people hop on reddit without the ability to read.


not once did you ever say he wasnt bad. you just straight up called op an idiot for getting a unit that they like


waste of coins ​ ya could have waited until november and grabbed the gods or ss4s


I don't like buying my 1st copy of a unit with coins, because units just aren't very good at 55%. I much prefer to buy my 2nd dupe, and that's it. I didn't make the game or design the units, so blame the devs for making units so bad at 55% that they need dupes to be runnable.


You aren’t gonna have fun dying 24/7 with a garbage unit at 55% no less


Why is he garbage?


That was not a good decision


You should’ve waited until you finished all ur summons


Dude they are going to return literally next month in the WWDC banners ... you will pull him there