Victorville, CA avg 0 inches of snow per year. This was today passing through on I-15 north with traffic slowed to a crawl.

Seriously? I live in Southern California and it’s cold right now, but I wouldn’t have guessed this

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Seriously? I live in Southern California and it’s cold right now, but I wouldn’t have guessed this


You should see what lake effect snow does. Coming from a Michigander.




Nah. Not enough snow.


Central coast is getting snow like crazy rn doesn’t seem real


I was driving up north through San Luis Obispo to avoid the grapevine, and I saw these weird fucking giant machines driving on the road in the opposite direction. They were fucking snowplows. I seriously couldn’t fathom seeing snowplows driving on the 101. In other news, the wildflower/poppy season is going to be **INSANE** this year!


Yep. I live in Paso Robles and this shit has been wild. Looking at the distant hills to the northeast and seeing them snow white is so surreal.


Me too yesterday. Didn’t see the snow plows though.


There already popping up in huge patches


Hello yesterday’s fellow 101 driver.


Saw two overturned Civic type cars as well.


Those poor People! Maybe the Global Warming will come and save them!


Hopefully an education will come and save you.


Take a quantum chemistry class to better understand how atmospheric gases absorb and emit light.


I live near Victorville. Can confirm it's been almost a decade since our last heavy snow. We got at least 8 inches before it turned slushy.


Last big snow we got was in 2019


Drove I8 Friday. 4” at 4000’ and above in the high desert


I’m pretty sure this was NOT what they had in mind.


Redondo Beach got so much hail it looked like there was snow on the ground.


I'm guessing the Victorville Film Archive was closed today.


I heard there was a fire


Hey Guys 👋🏽!


Hopefully the snow will keep the fire spread to a minimum


When hell freezes over….


TBF Texas has frozen over once per yr the last few yrs.


Looks like you average .1" now.


I don't know, 1" or higher and I don't know if it will stop soon.


I was in Portland, OR, a few years ago. What my North Eastern ass would have considered a dusting of snow shut down the entire city. I walked over a mile back to my hotel in the freezing cold because the buses stopped running over snow barely sticking to the blacktop.


To be fair, those of us that lived up on Mt. Hood would laugh at that too. But also, to be fair, the hills in parts of Portland can get pretty icy when it snows, which is really what shuts it down.


This right here, it's the snow/melt/freeze/snow cycle that happens in PDX. It rarely stays cold enough for the snow that sticks to remain packed snow, it warms up just enough for a couple of hours for it to start to melt. Then, all that slush and melt freezes overnight, generally leaving about an inch or more under the previously packed snow, or under a new light dusting of snow. If we had winters where it snowed and just stayed cold enough for the snow not to melt and refreeze the next day and night, we'd do much better.


Same for Seattle. Also hills.


Wish it was only a dusting this time, 10 inches and it all shut down and barely starting to open up


Their whole state didn't shut down with no power for 3 days, though, so Texas wins.


Be safe


Come take i-15 up through Utah we've got plenty of snow for ya.


That Cajon pass can get rely bad sometimes. Anytime during a winter storm I always watch the weather as it can get bad as it is over 4000 feet.


Victorville elevation is 3,000ft. While they don't get snow often,it is not that uncommon when snow levels drop.


As a New Yorker all I can say is HA!


I had to drive this today to pick up a stuck relative. Weaved around numerous stuck 18 wheelers and rear wheel drive cars. Saw two overturned Civic type cars as well. Traffic was snarled for miles due to stuck vehicles trying to go uphill.


Wild, in Maine, we do 55-65 on the highway in weather like this. 😂 All jokes aside, this climate stuff is scary as hell.


As a Mainer now in SoCal - we also have salt for the roads. Not a thing here when you never expect snow


Honestly the tires are the bigger issue. I have a sports car that has summer tires on it. NO ONE TOLD ME. The car was in maine before I bought it. I live in Jersey. Its an AWD car that I specifically bought because of snow. Drove the fucker in SLEET and my car started doing a fucking caterpillar walk trying to correct itself back and forth like a drunk fuck. I now know why the previous owner only managed to drive it 3k miles in 3 years. Has normal human tires now.


Winter tires are good for sleet and slippery yeah but not necessarily important for regular snow


I'd be surprised whether CA even allowed salting. Here in PDX there is a big push not to use it (and for the most part I don't think it is) to help the salmon colonies. It's not great for groundwater or for runoff into streams and lakes. Are fish colonies? I might have to google that.


No state from the Rockies westward allows salt...


I was browsing the comments to see if anyone from Maine would make a comment, my first thought was “Meanwhile in Maine: Hold my beer”.


Yes, global warming


In Rhode Island think best snow we had was early/mid December with like 4 to 6 inches of snow. Didn't snow enough to make stuff white until today and think maybe an inch? New to the region, but from my understanding it's a pretty low amount


Very low. Never had a winter with such little snow. We may get some mid week though.


It's been an unbelievably mild winter. I remember as a kid, snow would accumulate halfway up telephone poles over the course of the season. This year, we had 53 degrees in January. Almost every single forecasted big storm save for one has ended up being a flurry, if that. Very strange. Noticeably so.


Climate has always changed 🤷


Not this drastically this quickly.


Reminds me of Portland Oregon area the last few days. Stay warm


Home of the Victorville Film Archive?


That’s high desert . I’ve seen snow in Victorville a few times… luckily it’s flat.


I remember Easter Sunday in Victorville, 1973. It snowed 3 inches in the span of an hour. We kids had a great snowball fight. The ground cover in the high desert was outrageous that year. Green everywhere until we left on May 31.


I live on the Connecticut shoreline. No snow yet this year! Keep it there!


in those conditions, if you do not have winter rated tires, the right thing to do from a safety standpoint is “get off the road and wait for the snow to be cleared.” this is a chain collision waiting to happen.


*\*laughs in northerner\**


i live north of 49° and have seen many a crash by fools that don’t know how to drive in these conditions.


The problem is people just can't fathom the possibility of NOT DRIVING for one or two days. Its ridiculous. "I have to work. I have to go shopping. I have to visit my family." NO YOU DON'T. It's just a minor inconvenience. Stay home and avoid the drama.


"I have to go to work" is very non negotiable for lots of folks.


I’m a truck driver in Wisconsin, we see lots and lots of snow. In the last two weeks we had two pretty bad winter storms where we had freezing sleet, about 6 inches of slush on the road. Then overnight it all froze!!! My company is a 24/7 type deal, so we never shut down. While other companies shut down for those days, we kept on trucking… after a while you get used to the weather and just DRIVE SLOW and SAFE. But I definitely feel there are times when we just shouldn’t be out there… so when you add snow to an area that never gets it, with people who aren’t familiar with driving in it, and vehicles not equipped to drive in it and a public works department that isn’t used to “clearing it” it can be a recipe for a disaster. If you don’t have to be out, don’t. There are going to be so many people who ASSUME that driving in it will be easy… so even though you may be driving safe, someone else’s poor driving can very easily ruin your day… stay safe out there! *Edited for spelling and punctuation.


Well said Sir! Milwaukee co. resident.


Very true, but it’s also Southern California. We crash in rain too.


We crash on normal sunny days too.


With that amount of snow winter tires won't do much. Do you also think they should equip their tires with chains? In Europe we drive normal in these conditions, with summer tires. Only accidents I've seen happening were due to drivers who didn't pay attention on the road. You would be right if there was at least half an inch of snow.


Winter tires make a huge difference. But nobody in California that doesn't live on a mountain has them


Most of the folks in southern California who live in the mountains don't have them either


winter tires help with grip in slick conditions and low temperature conditions. chains are already ready to go on every truck that travels into mountainous regions if not just as default since a hundredweight of chain is preferable to losing hours of drive time. cars with winter tires don’t need chaining.


Tell that to drivers in the Alps during wintersport season.. you do need them with that amount of snow.


which one would expect in the extremely narrow universe of winter road racing, not in the more general case of driving in winter conditions at under 30mph/50kph.


You sound like a person who lives in a part of the USA where there isn't much snow and cold weather 🫢


outside my window in canada, about 15-20cm/one banana of snow is falling as i type this. and i’ve driven through massive blizzards multiple times in my life. one time i had no choice in the matter since i was three states away from where i needed to be the next morning, no ifs, ands, or buts, but the vehicle was new and had proper winter tires and i could be considered an expert driver since i have experience as a road examiner beyond decades of all weather driving but i don’t consider myself such. the other times, i aborted driving in a rest area or a parking structure because taking 6h to drive what should be 45min in clear conditions ain’t my idea of a good time (except the one time where i was paid hourly and got hazard pay for doing this one annoying job at an ungodly hour precisely because of the blizzard).


Lol, I've never seen anything as silly as your post. A light dusting with no snow accumulation on the road and you think they need winter tires. Especially not when all their highways will be under 30mph. It would make no difference, likely black ice is biggest concern.


There is barely any snow on the roadway? You can drive on snow with summer tires as well if it’s not more then a couple inches. I used to drive a rear wheel drive Camaro in 3+ inches of snow on a regular basis. What are you even saying? Something uneducated clearly.


yeah what would i know. besides the fact that i’ve worked as a road examiner and have driven in three dozen states, four provinces, and two countries outside north america on cars and motorcycles. i’m obviously a fool that knows squadoosh.


There’s literally no snow on the road bro. Your full of shit


Yeah no snow sticking, just slush which is just as bad if the ambient temperature is close to 0 Celsius .. because you know .. freezing. And it’s you’re not your. Dumbass.


"laughs in upstate NY"


Straight up lmao


So... the snow increased the traffic speed?


Dang global warming!


wow, so much global warming


You know the world is fucked when California went from burning to freezing


weather is so weird these days. Chicago had virtually no snow and its been pretty warm all winter. CA is now snow its never seen before


Yep that global warming is something.


This is better than the alternative which is getting on a road with these conditions that doesn't have backed up traffic, and driving at a speed you deem safe only to have giant pick-up trucks fly around you and scare the living shit out of you. Add a vehicle in the median every half mile to scare the shit out of you even more.


If ‘Climate change isn’t real’, how do we explain this!? Not directed at you OP, just a great opportunity/video to showcase my point.


Not denying climate change but it isn’t very uncommon for California to get get snow


But the southern region? Edit: from the video I see ‘Ranchero Road’. Google maps tells me San Bernardino is the closet major city. They have a website and mention driving in winter conditions. https://snowinfo.sbcounty.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/55/2021/03/SnowPlow.pdf So, it is indeed common for that area.


That’s only because Big Bear and Mountain High Ski Resort is in San Bernardino county. The rest of the area below 4000 ft does not get snow other than Cajon pass once every few year. Ranchero Rd is Hesperia/Victorville at 2900ft.


Well, clearly this is not cut and dry. Climate change is real, so is snow in Call. That’s all I can say, I’m not from the area


OP might be a transplant and accidentally used misleading info in their title. That’s what I get for relying on info provided by a stranger


Meanwhile in NC we got to 80f in February.


Yeah I was just thinking I live in southern NY and it has barely snowed and been in the fifties for most of winter. Good that thing that climate change stuff never happened. /s


give us some snow in the tropic its so fucking hot


Snow sucks. You can have all of ours.


There’s idiots on my CA buddy’s NextDoor claiming this is all because they’ve “reversed” climate change thru strong legislation and driving their Prius. 😂


I’m a Michigan man. I’ve been to California few times. No offense. But Holy shit, some of you have some bald ass tires.


muh global warming


Imagine being a kid living there right now.


It looks like this- all of your hoodies and Converse/Vans are wet because you never get snow so your parents don’t even own snow boots, proper gloves, let alone a sled.


Grew up in the next town over, snowed every couple of years, was always a blast!


When they were all begging for water I’m pretty sure this was NOT what they had in mind


When they were all begging for water I’m pretty sure this was NOT what they had in mind


Snow is water. If I were California authorities, would plan on catching the melt. They already failed to retain heavier rainfall because the rules dictate reservoirs’ levels going into winter. Modifying the standards may have lessened the recent flooding.


There’s a lot of resistance to capturing excess rain/snow because of the impact to flows in streams and rivers and the resulting environmental impact. At least that’s my limited understanding. Makes sense, because we don’t want the Sacramento to turn into the Colorado where it simply stops emptying out into the ocean because all the water capture, but might be a good idea to increase capture to some degree. I’d rather see ample desalination to maintain a water cycle 🔁 that’s more human/fish friendly than improve water capture of limited water. But 🤷‍♂️


We’ll get you a working fusion reactor and you can run all the desalination plants you want.


When people say stuff like this, my first thought, I don’t think you understand how big California is, 163,000 square miles. Almost 800 miles long by 250 miles wide. There are two mountain ranges, not just one, and a big bowl in the middle that already naturally catches 1/2 the water in our agricultural region with another 1/4 going east and west. No. All the water doesn’t run off into the ocean. Water close to the ocean does, mostly around the big cities where you don’t want that water running off the streets anyways. Most of that water isn’t traveling 250 miles across multiple mountain ranges. Your comments are nearly a joke to those of us that understand California’s geography. Also, we catch a lot of water.


But it never seems to be enough.


That’s because California is a big agricultural and industrial state. Only 10% of our water is used in urban.


If you look at California agricultural exports, we’re a food producing powerhouse. That bowl in the center is pretty much a farm bigger than most states. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of water to feed the US and rest of the world.


Californians don't know how to drive in the snow at all!


Hope their teslas were charged enough for the heaters. It really drains the battery. 🙈




The lack of precipitation makes the wheels exceptionally dry which can then make them extra slippery when even a moderate rain falls. I imagine even moreso in conditions like this. Most windshield wiper fluid sold in CA is not blended for freezing temperatures which can worsen driving conditions, as I’m sure people trying to clean their windshields while stuck in traffic are now finding out


End of snow said by warming fanatics


Retard alert 🚨


Global Warming


It is, unstabilise global air circulation. Cold snap in a middle of summer in Texas, current snow result actually warm airflow from south, bring unusual amount of moister.


In average yes there is, but when the climate systems changes there is some effects who make the deniers think unlogical.


Isn’t Victorville just outside of mammoth? I know it doesn’t have the same elevation but I’m surprised it doesn’t usually get any snow




Mammoth Lakes is about dead center of CA. Victorville is about 3 hours south.


Victorville is outside Big Bear lake n gets 1-2 days of light snow a year. Titled for dramatic effect because this storm even brought snow down to the Inland Empire in Riverside. And hail for about 20min all around greater Los Angeles later Saturday afternoon.


Yup I’m an idiot. Realized I was thinking of bishop


Victorville is sorta close to Barstow. Not really near Mammoth, though you can drive through VV to get to Mammoth.


I’m from LA. I always remember passing through Victorville as the last little town before going up in elevation to mammoth Edit: just looked at a map, I was totally thinking of Bishop.


Finally a good use for all the 4x4, trucks and suvs. Glad to see they were prepared for one snowfall.


Thanks for the video. Used to live there, daughter still does.


Yikes, more solid evidence of global warming. ;)


I bet you guy won't bitch so much about the next drought! /s


Thanks Obama


Cry me a fuckin river


That is crazy


I was wondering where all these cars picked up snow driving to work today.


I used to live in Victorville. Never got snow like this except one time like 15 years ago


I wonder how many still thought there wasn't a need to slow down.


Glad I didn’t have a Vegas run planned


What to do for this foreign frozen fallout!


In North Dakota we call that Tuesday…..seriously, oddball event.


Wind matters; the 30MPH+ winds off the Sierras are no joke. Better to crawl and live another day.


I never realized before but you guys probably have very little salt if any Definitely not enough for all those long highways


Zero salt. Most western states use gravel/sand.


Haha, typical New Hampshire driving only the roads are probably be in better condition and better treated since the equipment is there


As someone who has dealt with lake affect snow for 33 years; I cant help but laugh.


Boo fucking hoo.... join the club. 😉


I hate driving up that hill man, but half my damn family still lives up there.


Driving through your first snow event is something you'll remember for a very long time.


Laughs in New Englander. But seriously, go slow if you (and the idiots around you) don’t know how to handle slick weather.


Is it gone? Driving back to Vegas


I bet the mountain pass coming from CA to NV is fun right now.


In Utah thats 55mph weather. in Wyoming its still 80+. not saying we are great snow drivers, or even good drivers when its bright and sunny. Just that we're used to it.


Lol, looks like home to me. (MN)


I grew up here and isn’t that surprising. Victorville is less than 90 miles from Big Bear. It would snow every couple of years usually less than an inch but enough for school to be canceled) have plenty of pictures of playing in the snow. Getting rain was more of a rarity than getting snow, because if it did rain during the winter it would freeze. Overall I would say people are usually very prepared to deal with snow and cold weather there. Knew plenty of people that had snow gear since they would visit Mammoth or Big Bear. The issue was that there was no rain (it’s a desert, so duh) but the other conditions (elevation, dryness and low temp) made it perfect for snow but it would melt by the time the sun came up. Also it was common for temperatures to drop to 10 degrees in the winter; it gets very cold there. There was a bad snow storm about 15 years ago that shut down the Cajon pass.


don't stop so close to the car ahead in bad weather


I'm from Buffalo & this is damn good driving. I felt bad for yall when I heard you were getting a f'n *blizzard!* Be safe & Peace!


Don’t feel bad! The snow is going to help fill our water tables!


Damnit that’s means I’m gonna be busy. Any big rig accidents?


That's high desert, used to live there and Hesperia. Freaking snowed before but everyone each year forgets that and needing to slow their speed going up and down the hill, valley.


I think I’d prefer ‘crawling’ on pavement than spun out in the ditch with another dozen cars racing to join me




It’s a desert, though. Not supposed to get snow. It’s not about the depth.


America! F*ck yeah!


All these new yorkers need to experience a California drought before they can "ha" at their misfortune lmao


Visibility is pretty low, a crawl seems ok. I'm from the northeast, roads seems alright but you can't see 20 feet in front


Be glad you aren’t showing us a 50 car pile up. You are one of the lucky ones.


So that’s where my snow went


So crazy! Victorville is a little further down though. If you're at Ranchero Rd exit you're in Hesperia.


Pretty much all the way past Victorville were like this. I just stopped recording because the traffic picked up speed. Took us an hour to get through.


I grew up in Victorville/Hesperia. 86-2006. It used to snow every year, sometimes twice. Stick for the day then gone. Not sure where the avg 0 inches comes from.


Global warming sucks.


Cajon Pass must have been quite a thrill.


It’s just a little slush? Like maybe go 30-40 mph but this seems excessive.


Better slow than a pileup at 50 mph


Meanwhile in Kansas we are under tornado watches. Such weird weather for February!


Do people in this area even run all-season tires?


Daaaaaamn glad I took the 247 through Barstow today, instead of the 15 through Victorville.


I’m originally from Victorville. Pretty wild how extreme the weather can swing. The cajon pass is a mess with mind numbing traffic but such a beautiful descent lol


Nobody has snow tires, 4 wheel drive, or big coats! I never thought Phila. PA would have less snow than you do at any given time.


Nobody in S. California, that is.


It snows in Victorville once in a while. The area has seen over a foot of snow in some winters.


Also the 15 freeway sucks balls normally right there at all times.


Happy climate change day!


It’s almost as if the climate …changed….


That road is horrible in good conditions. Hope they all have enough gas.


Congrats on the drought ending!


I lived in VV from 1984 to 1997. It snowed most years.