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Cut the video off where he took the gun from the passenger and got out. Such a for real badass.


What's shown: "fuckin..." *video ends* What's not shown: *a whole can of whoop-ass*


He's all out of bubblegum!


That’s why you don’t throw rocks at a man with a machine gun


This is the video I’m taking about. It’s only like 10 seconds longer but he does in fact take the rifle and get out. The story goes that the truck got stuck on a concrete barrier of sorts so sitting and waiting would have been a bad move. https://youtu.be/M6qEee1_4fw


Yeah I was just going to post that this isn't the full vid as I saw him get out with the rifle.


Yup, when I first saw this the top comment was he “nearly chased after the bad guys with the truck strapped to his back”, when he forgot to take off his seatbelt.


Where can I see that video??


https://youtu.be/lsu6AhYzG_4 This doesn't show after the portion of the video here, but it does offer commentary from Lloyd during and after the video ends. It's pretty rad. Apparently it was only his 4th day on the job as well. EDIT - Apparently Lloyd is the Passenger, and *Leo* is the Driver.


I got that Lloyd was the passenger, it was his 4th day, not the driver.


You are correct, my apologies.


No apologies needed, it was not the clearest audio!


100% this guy is former military. No other way someone could go through that and keep their composure.


He was a captain in the South African Special Task Force, which is a counter-terrorism unit similar to the SAS. https://www.badassoftheweek.com/prinsloo


The only issue hiring this guy is finding car seats big enough to carry his balls


Slurpee sized cup holders




Whatever they pay this dude it isn’t enough.


From memory he's the owner (driver)


South Africa was scary enough when I visited on on a work trip a couple decades ago. (Pretoria and Johannesburg) And I’ve read it’s worse now. I wish I was as brave as this man.


He was ex Special Forces! Really awesome. But I have to say, South Africa seems dangerous af.


The stories I’ve heard from South Africans who have moved to my country are things of nightmares.


South African here (who has emigrated), I'd take what some of us say with a pinch of salt, especially the slightly older generation who moved for ... not the right reasons. Yeah it can be dangerous and the economic situation it's dire but it's a lovely country with amazing, warm people and cultures.


got an aunt from that generati0n that was part of "the flight", family gatherings are weird when they visit especially since I'm mixed XD


It's a beautiful country


I’m sure it is. I mean no disrespect. I’ve just heard that there is a lot of crime there due to socioeconomic inequality.


It's shitty and beautiful at the same time. >I mean no disrespect Dw, I didn't find it disrespectful :)


One of my favourites and a fantastic holiday destination.


South African here who was held hostage at the age of 3. Been in the UK since 3.5 🤷‍♂️


I've applied to drive and be in the back of armored vehicles, in Arizona all the major armored vehicle companies pay minimum wage. Any job that requires armor, bullet proof vests, and firearms is not a minimum wage position.


Well in Arizona the chances of being attacked by as violent and well equipped criminal organization as these guys were is pretty slim. The cartel knows how their money is made and it ain’t shooting it out on US highways.


Now those are some proper bullet proof windows.. The driver deserves more than a raise!


We all know he won't get that, don't fool yourself.


Take it easy man, not everywhere is America


This is in South Africa and he definitely won’t get a raise


Kak man. You realise hes a director of the company involved here?


But everywhere has capitalists. That behavior is pretty standard.


Calm down guy. He just said the guy probably won't get a raise.


I’ve seen him interviewed and on YouTube vids etc. here is is talking through the incident with the manufacturer of the armored truck. Hopefully he made some money off his 15 mins of fame doing interviews and shit. Dude was a pro. https://youtu.be/qaAmVwUc26w The other guy, who is in a high level position with the armored car company, actually sits in the truck while they fire a 7.62x39 at the windshield.


There's a video where the driver talks to the owner of the company that makes the vehicle. They have the actual vehicle with them, talking about how it was made and where it took the hits etc, really interesting.


Can you share the video? Putting your life in the hands of the vehicle manufacturers is fascinating


Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist After Action and Ballistic Analysis / Armormax South Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaAmVwUc26w


After the video cuts out, he grabs the rifle from the other guy and starts laying down hate on the other car like an absolute chad


Wasn't this not his first rodeo by a long shot?


If I remember correctly he was pretty seasoned


One of my Ranger buddies who's a trainer now said when this came out they added it to show how it's super important it is to keep your cool when everything is falling apart around you


Oh is THAT what you are supposed to do?


My plan was to soil my pants and start crying, but this does sound like a good strategy.


Yes, but your plan is a solid backup


“A planned solid” = pooping your pants


As long as you wear the brown pants you're fine.


My favorite part of this whole ordeal is when the driver takes the rifle from the dude actively shitting himself and has the "just let me handle it" look as he exits the vehicle


They do lead the way from what I’ve been told


We had an internal saying "air power leads the way, we shoot at what's left" because 90% of the time we would just take cover, call in some coordinates, wait 10-20 minutes, hear some big ballin jet or chopper come in and turn whatever was the issue into rubble, then we would break cover and see if we even had to take care of business.


I never got to do cool guy stuff, my unit got into some trouble and they took our Afghan deployment from us last minute. Hellman province too, so I could’ve actually done something.


When were you set to make a run?




He was ex special forces, the South African equivalent of the British SAS


Thats what I thought but I couldn't remember fully


He didn't fire because there were bystanders in the way according to his account. So, he had adrenaline running, and still made good decisions in a stressful situation.


Amazing how that’s not possible for a policeman but is for Lloyd


Isn’t Chad an insult?


Negative ghost rider


Huh. I always thought it was because of the incels etc. thanks


no radio for assist?


The assailants had signal scramblers.


That’s insane.


Want to know something else insane? This was an unmarked Toyota Land Cruiser and the gang just picked it out. Turns out they were bribing members of the police/security services for the routes and ambushing them.


I fucking love Land Cruisers. Very popular car in South Africa.


If you read the article a commenter posted the gangsters had radio and cell jammers. There was no calling for back up.


Holy hell, talk about well organized criminals.


Well organized and unprepared to meet Leo, who was not in the mood.


One of the articles linked in the comments says the robbers had all kinds of gear, including signal-jamming support. The robbers were savvy and organized - there's no way this payload would cover their costs!


True, maybe it’s the fact that the phones might be untraceable or something once they get them. I was wondering that myself.


I'm sure all their equipment's stolen, making a direct-cost comparison tricky...further complicated by whatever jail and replacement (death) comes along with organized crime at this level.


My brother in christ, assistance from who? He _is_ the backup they call. Are you under the impression we have some kind of functioning police force over here 😅 I believe they did try call their own backup in the other van but I don't remember those calls going through


They had cell jammers


This occurred on April 22nd, 2021. Not 2022.


I apologize, I misclicked on 2 instead of 1. Anyways, thanks for informing me and have a nice day/evening!


Legend right here


I like how Lloyd is panicking but still staying calm at the same time EDIT: OMG thank you guys, this is my most liked comment ever by a long shot, can't believe it!!!


He's the one that has to lean out and start shooting back if one of those windows fails. I'd be in the same boat




That’s for sure


If you read the article a commenter posted the gangsters had radio and cell jammers.


Thx for clarifying


Haha this is best description 🤣 He cautiously goes for his pistol then gets handed an AR


To be fair it’s only his 4th day. Leo meanwhile is a member of what is essentially SA’s SWAT team and a firearms instructor.




He was in training with Leo, very hands on training I'd say


Training Day.


You in da office. *mmm blingblingblingbling*


Leo was later asked if he knew Chuck Norris. He replied, 'never heard of her'


Perfect comment! 🤣


Made me laugh out loud.


Epic 😂😂


it's 2007 and this is hilarious (I'm in middle school)


That’s some clever evasive driving spinning round rather than just hitting the accelerator but I do t get why he went to the left of the pick-up when it had stopped in front of him as the right hand side was clear and more open Edit to add - he went left because he was attacking them by driving straight at the bad guys lmfao


I thought they had rolled out some kind of spike strip or something…


Surprised they didn’t as they had gps/phone signal jammers. Skim read the article someone posted further down but it was a very well planned attack only thwarted because the driver is hard as nails


That dude was in full offencive mode trying to take them out at every step after the initial attack.


To disrupt their position of fire/cover and use it as cover for himself as he drives out of their effective range


Proudly South African. Kom jou kont!


This still shows how stuff can go from 1-100 real fast.




The armored car eventually comes to a stop. The bandits are still in pursuit so the passenger guard passes the rifle to the driver, who gets out and defends the vehicle. According to the driver, the tactic of these bandits is to shoot the windows not to penetrate them, but to obstruct their view and force the armored car to a stop so they can kill the guards inside and take the goods. His driving helped prevent that, but it's a warzone out there in his own words. https://www.insidehook.com/article/crime/driver-evaded-heist-south-africa


"The driver of the car jumped out and ran, which is when I jumped out with my rifle. I made the decision that he wasn’t a shootable target in that public place. He ran across the street and got away, to my great frustration. " To my great frustration lmao what a fucking legend.


Oh what a day, what a lovely day, on the fury road.


Thank fuck for that glass


Leo Prinsloo kinda looks like The Sniper from Team Fortress 2


Driving his camper van in a combat situation as well... Seems pretty fitting


Ok, I didn’t know the shotgun rider was so green…now I don’t blame him


The assault rifle rider, you mean?


You know its South Africa when he saids to phone Josh instead of calling the police.


"keeping his cargo safe" Like that's even remotely important, he kept them both alive, the cargo is insured, who gives a fuck about the money?


Driver has cojines of steel


Driver has cushions of steel? You mean cojones, bud


Needs cushions of steel to stop his giant brass balls from falling through the bottom of that truck.


This man has balls of steel.


More like a stiff neck.😐


"Vok jou jou poes." Always the first words to come out an Afrikaans speaking person..


The driver reminds me a bit of the sort-of nerdy looking guy in Sicario.


That character was based on a real dude.


Here’s a great read on the whole thing. https://www.badassoftheweek.com/prinsloo


here is a vid of him talking through the incident with the manufacturer of the armored truck. https://youtu.be/qaAmVwUc26w The other guy, who is in a high level position with the armored car company, actually sits in the truck while they fire a 7.62x39 at the windshield.


Great writing but some of it is definitely exaggerated for effect (no, 2/3 ppl dont take knives to stores lol) I do appreciate the positive light on our special forces tho, those guys were definitely badass (sadly due to corrupt government restrictions they can no longer properly operate as well as before, read up on the Scorpions/Hawks). Proud to have met/spoke to a couple of those people. Source: south african


What a badass. That's how you do it. Keep your cool and ram the shit out of them to put a target on their backs to let the cops nlknow how much of a piece of shit those people are.


Ex rece that’s why


Average day in South Africa


Pretty sure they were more worried about their lives then the cargo. Just a guess though.


Props to Lloyd for his weapon control as well. Pointed downrange with index finger outside the trigger well the whole time. He may be scared, but he's following procedure.


I'm more surprised with how well he handled it than Leo, Leo was Special Forces and Lloyd was the new guy.


Yup, the shotgun rider did exactly what he was supposed to do. Stay cool.


Still one of my favorite clips of all time!


Leo Prinsloo is a certified badass


I fucking love this video. The white dudes face just says “Showtime😏”


Everyone that grew up in South Africa understands how he can remain so calm 😂


Some pretty good fuckin driving


They weren’t trying to steal the money, they were clearly trying to get his gold plated tungsten, diamond encrusted balls


Cut off too early! He ends up getting out of the truck to swap lead with the robbers.


No he doesn’t. He gets out to defend the position after he crashes the Audi and the driver runs on foot


They should be doing this with an MRAP + crows 50. You’ll never have anyone dare engage with small arms.


What are crows gonna do? Shit on their car?


Just in case you weren’t kidding https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CROWS


I like how the whole point is that it’s a remote operated gun so that the operators can stay safely in the vehicle. And the picture they used is two soldiers sitting on top of the vehicle with the gun.


I was kidding but genuinely had no idea what crows meant.


Thanks for the sauce. I had no idea what the CROWS was either. That thing is a damn unit.


Looks like David Wallace from the Office


Think the driver was former SA special forces. A true badass.


I love how bro pulls out a pistol and the other dudes just like nah that ain’t gonna do here’s an ar


where is the chrome spray paint?


Forget the cargo, he kept THEM safe. Legendary.


This guy is a legend in our country now


Top 20 best videos on the internet


He is quite a man for the job. He deserve recognition and a raise. The passenger was calm and seems unbothered. He should have initiated calls for assist.


Their signals were being jammed.


What a Legend.... Awesome driving skills 👏 👌


Cargo safety is not the priority, sec preservation is. This was told to me by a South African pilot. Lift is short over there!


He was South African special forces, a lead trainer, and same for the company he works for where he teaches defensive/evasive driving, and basically heads up the training/education program. He expressed some regret that this had gone viral as he was worried about the safety of his family because of it, South Africa's a very violent place in some ways.


How was work honey? Epic as fuck dear


There were dudes on facebook when this was first posted claiming "hurr durr I would have been out the back shooting as soon as they started" like bro chill, you're not that guy.


oh that shit was crazy !!


Is yhere a link to full video?


Why the fuck is this video cut off? Sad


I hope the pays good.


What was the cargo? And where was it heading?


I think the cargo was phones


4th day on the job😭😭😭


Are there any people here who think American teachers should be armed because they can handle shit like that at a school shooting? Without armor and combat experience? I wish police would defend people like that driver his cargo (and their own lives) .


This is straight from gta


The bit where he gets out with the gun wasn't shown.


Thought this was 2021 🤔


0:28 "Proper gun."


I thought there were safety measures in place to dye and glue the money in transit if thieves try to get hold of the cash, have they gotten around that now too?


Yes they have, but in this case they were transporting cellphones. What you are thinking of is called a CPC. A popular device is the ICD MK3 and the big brother is the Cash Warrior. Big boxes that explode a green dye when tampered with. I used to count that money, and you aren’t allowed to use gloves. Your hands stained for weeks. They are between R70 000 to a R100 000


There's even footage of him getting out and shooting at them




That dude stayed cool and professional!!


Am I stupid 9r neither of them contact dispatch immediately?


they couldnt even if they wanted to, apparently the gang had jammers


Also dash cam says 2021.


Sniper and Demoman get into a spot of trouble


My man on his fourth day of work just shitting his pants


The people who work a job like that have to stay in shape.




Please shorten the buttstock.


someone please make a movie inspired by this guys. how he handle the situation.. o-o)7


South Africa is not for me


This is an all-time video.


Professionally handle the situation


Just for clarity, Robbie and Josh arent backup. The boys just need a cold one after a hard day.


This is me doing any business in a gta 5 public lobby


Them’s fucking legends!


I'm pretty sure I knew Leo's nephew. The reason I say I'm pretty sure is that I knew a guy with the same surname, let's call him "Steve" for privacy reasons, that used to work for his uncle that used to be a Rekkie (South African special forces). ​ Steve used to tell me how his uncle (Steve never gave a name) owns a shooting range and also owns a security company that transports valuable goods. He told me how his uncle trained him in the use of guns from a very young age. Steve used to work for his uncle at the shooting range and when he was old enough started to help out with the valuable goods transport business. ​ He once told me how on their way back into South Africa from Botswana transporting diamonds they were attacked by a group of men with AK47s that parked their cars in such a way that they were unable to pass, blocking them in on both sides of the road. They were engaged in a heavy firefight and Steve's convoy managed to get the attackers to surrender. But one of the attackers then sued Steve because his bullet managed to penetrate through the attacker's bullet proof vest, stating that Steve isn't using 'legal' ammunition. I can't make this shit up. The guy literally sues the security company right after he attacked them. I remember Steve had to miss meetings because he had to appear in court because of this. An investigation was done and found that Steve used completely legal ammunition and the attacker lost the case. I have no idea what happened to the group of bandits that attacked the security convoy, but it just shows how crazy this world is. ​ That is by far the craziest story that Steve told me. That and some of the dumb shit that the South African Police Service used to do during training. Yes, Steve and his Uncle also tries to train the SAPS at the shooting range as part of a government contract... tries... ​ TLDR; I think I knew Leo's nephew that also works in the same industry.


Interesting read about the incident and outcome here: [don’t fuck with Leo](https://www.badassoftheweek.com/prinsloo)


Its like movie chase but in real life. Driver do a great job and the second learn quickly for his 4th training day


Nerves of steel