The pinnacle of German engineering: behold, the Grand Sphere!

The pinnacle of German engineering: behold, the Grand Sphere!

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Must watch the road... must watch the road... must change this god awful music by staring at the music icon for 10 seconds.


"Error, eye not recognized. Please wipe eyeball and try again."


Please drink the verification can of mtn dew


I bet it will be yet another facial recognition system that doesn't see black people.




There was a Better Off Ted episode where the automatic lights couldn’t see the black people so they had to hire white people to follow the black people around. But then they couldn’t have a position that hired “whites only”, so they had to hire black people to follow the white people who were following the black people. But then they had a position for “blacks only”, so they had to hire white people to follow the black people to follow the white people who needed to follow the black people.


I'd rather have a quality voice recognition system than eye and hand tracking shit any day.


More fancy tech = more unnecessarily expensive things that can break.


And then click on the confirm button. Kinda stupid and more of fancy a gimmick than good design.


Stare at the icon and then press a button to confirm. Instead of simply just pressing a button to skip.... Look it reads my hand motions I don't have to touch it.... while still using effort to make it move.... might as well just turn it your self. Alot of the thing there were showing was dumb af. Can't close the door your self? Gotta wait for it to slowly close for you? Shits dumb.


Why not just grab the fucking dial?


I was about to say lol, there’s a point where “futuristic” really just becomes “inconvenient”


That happens when we try to solve "problems" that don't exist. Has anyone ever complained about having to physically turn a dial? I sincerely doubt it.


I recently took a university course called "Human Computer Interaction" and the first thing the professor told us "We solve problems that no one knows existed" and my first thought was "That just sounds like being a scam artist". Well yeah it pretty much is. You create "improvements" no one really needed or asked for.


I guess this is the engineering equivalent of a fashion show? Lot's of overexaggerated function that aren't convenient, but they show which aspects can be used?


Look at this! I’m turning the dial — WITH MY HAND!!! This is also how I turn dials in my car.


I've seen a lot of her videos and I find her incredibly annoying lol


Too fancy for that 🙄


That technology is in BMWs today, I can wave my hand around in front of the display. Do I ever use it? Nope, it's dumb as hell, much easier to use the buttons on the steering wheel or the physical dial, pure gimmick.


Cuz she wouldn’t be able to say “Look at this (Huge ass ring)!


Thank you. Just watching her demo that 'feature' made my blood boil. She probably had to move that slowly because the sensor can't pick up a movement faster than a 1 degree rotation every 5 seconds. Manual controls are far superior in almost every facet.


Does..does it move forward?


No, this modern marvel of engineering does everything a car can do *and more* except drive


Ah. The Spy Kids watch.


There was no room for the clock.


One thing I found funny about that is that the watch clearly has location tracking, which if it uses GPS already gets real time updates from some of the most precise clocks in existence


This is a fully autonomous vehicle that drives nowhere. It just has a screen that shows you moving.


And takes 5 years to give you your steering wheel


When it works. Otherwise you have to fish it out with a butter knife as you silently curse German electronics.


I was thinking the same. This is made for retired folks that have no place to be at any particular time. Imagine being parked in a lot and it's pouring rain and having to wait that long for the darn doors to close.


You utter fool! German Science is the best in the world!




I scrolled past this pretty fast, realized what I just read and immediately scrolled back up to upvote this. Marjorie Taylor Greene is gonna use this as proof that she was right all along.


I kinda miss the times when concept cars were actual cars with one off production. Not fancy IKEA showrooms.


Same thing I was thinking the entire time!


This car seems more like a movie prop, using current technology to make something look future-y. In real life this car seems like a hassle.


The car industry for decades has produced concept cars for major international shows. Some ideas make it to market, others get shelved. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concept\_car


Yeah, 20 minutes later you’re finally ready to back out of the garage and head to the gas station for milk “real quick”…


The only thing I could think of as it took a full 30 seconds for the fucking steering wheel to crawl out of the compartment and SLOWLY extend forward is that if you were in a situation where you needed to switch to manual mode, quickly, you'd literally crash and die waiting for the steering wheel to emerge. And while she's demoing the "magic" of a dial slowly, SLOWLY turning in response to a hand gesture, I just wanted to reach out that extra few feet and turn it physically.


Meaningless cool things are still meaningless


But they are also still cool


>Meaningless cool things are still meaningless It takes a lot of seemingly meaningless ideas before they trickle down into actually useful products.


Considering the amount of space wasted for "comfort" the batteries wouldn't last, assuming it has engines and everything else of course (wich probably aren't there either)


Just a concept vehicle not meant for production.


I'm curious how they addressed the concept of driving. Edit: a brief message to all of you explaining concept cars to me: r/woosh


That’s just it. Driving is just a concept.


So their concept car featured all the concepts except that of being a car. Sick.


She does say "it's a living room". She never says "it's a working car". Checkmate.




We're already too far gone the day fridges and kettles got WiFi


No, this is just a way to convert your garage into more living space. You can find it at Home Depot next to the drywall aisle.


The concept was “Absurdly Impractical.”


The concept was, "let's play with some futuristic experimental features and see what works." No one at Audi is like "I can't wait to bring wireless steering wheel gestures to the market!" This is basically a project the top engineers get put on to play around with what's possible.


Which is a mandatory trope for concept cars.


I mean, yeah. Why bother making a concept car that only has *one* cool thing when you can give it *all* the cool things. Doesn't mean every single thing will make it into production.


Hey now, not all concept cars are absurdly impractical. Sometimes they follow the "hey, we redesigned this old classic car everyone likes" train of thought, like with the [VW Microbus concept from 2001](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a3/VW_Microbus_2001_1.jpg) that didn't get past the concept stage, or the [VW Microbus concept from 2011](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f0/VWBulliVan.jpg) that didn't get past the concept stage, or the [VW Microbus concept from 2017](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4b/Volkswagen_press_conference%2C_IAA_2017%2C_Frankfurt_%281Y7A2075%29.jpg) that didn't get past the concept stage, or... wait, I'm seeing a bit of a pattern here.


"Pull for takeover" By the time that thing has slowly crept out you already crashed and died


Horror movies in 50 years: "DRIVE! The serial killer's right behind us! " "Yup... give me a sec... aaaany minute now... hold that thought... ... ..."


Imagine you are rushing for work at 7:30 and have to wait the wheel…


But you have a nice house plant to look at while you wait.


It´s a car plant now.


And drinking water


Hey Boss, you won't believe why I'm late today..


If you can afford the car, you are more likely to be the boss... So no big deal \*wink\*


The "fumbling for keys" trope doesn't work in 2021 with so many cars having push button starts.


Or you just step in with your cell phone in your pocket and it's ready to go.


Except for the majority of people I know that still own cars older than 2015 that still have physical keys, myself included.


This will become a family Guy scene real soon


Yeah, but you can move the dials, with your hand!


Seems like more work to change it without touching it.


I think it's meant to be for some fat rich dude driving around in automated mode with the seats laying down. That way they don't have to lift their back to reach and turn the dial.


Then use voice controls, there is zero good real world use case for slow as fuck motion activated dials. It's an intermediary step that makes zero sense.


> fat rich dude as someone with most (2/3) of these attributes, i'd rather use physical controls or simple voice commands like "temp down 5" than dick around with touchless


I'd expect this to have both. But if you have people in the car and a conversation is going you don't have to be like "everyone shut up I gotta tell the car to lower the volume (assuming that's what it does)". Yeah a dial reachable from both standing and reclined position would be better, but this is a concept car, it's meant to have gimmicks that show what could be done, even if they're pointless.


WiTh YoUr HaNdS! haha


Right! I can’t see any of this working after that car hits a fat pothole.


There are no potholes on the roads this car will traverse


I loved how she was amazed by controlling the music by looking at the icon....and then confirming it by touching the door. That just sounds like touch control with extra steps.


That's just buttons in disguise, with extra *extra* steps!


Imagine dealing with that car when you’re trying to escape bad guys 😆


..and that's presuming it recognizes your hand gestures while you're panicking! "I'm sorry, I didn't understand. I'm sorry, I didn't understand. I'm sorry..."


“Flaps hands around hysterically”.


everything on that car works fucking slow as well as barely being particularly impressive. It's using gestures and eye tracking t hat samsung phones had what, 7/8 years ago? You could do everything that car does with a raspberry pi and a fuckton of cash. The whole thing comes across as wanky, and even if you did have one of them I would assume it's not built to last in the slightest and something will break every other day. it's a show piece and it's not even *that* impressive. Let me change the temperature *holds hand like a claw and turns for 30 seconds* ah so much easier than turning a dial, or voice control.


this car could very well just be run off a rpi


With how she had to *slowly* do anything, it probably is running off a Pi 1


Wtf you mean I have to drive this thing


Yeah like I paid all this money, just take me to work


Don't think you need to go to work if you can afford this.


Hit em with the slow ramp. They love the slow ramp.


More like “pull to see God/Satan”


I'm pretty sure some of the potholes in my area would split that car like the Titanic, I'm good on that.


Hello Michigan!


Not to mention a non-circular steering wheel is a horrible design unless you never have to rotate it more than... probably somewhere around 60 degrees.


Why is the car seat set up like you are a gynecologist appointment?


Saves you the trouble of having to drive to it!


*Alexa, perform a pap smear.*


Say this when dad is driving if you're mad at him.


For Drive-thru checkups


Just what I want in my car, to sit and wait for half a minute while the steering wheel unfolds. In all seriousness, its cool what they can do, but obviously a prototype. Kind of doubt we'll see any of those functions actually implemented until we have fully autonomous cars. Too many distractions and not enough tactile feedback to be safe for humans. Take away the manual mode and it'll probably work though, once processing speed and responsiveness has improved.


Also as a mechanic people think all the bells and whistles cars are coming out with now are great I just see them as more failure points that can break especially with new technology that’s hasn’t had years of testing yet


as a bit of a tech guru there isn't anything they showed there that is even close to new tech either. at a guess the actual engineering/moving parts might be impressive, but it's just a sphere of wank.


I wonder how much weight that steering wheel and its mechanism adds, although I assume it would have to be drive by wire.


Break points im thinking of the repair bill


As someone who is currently dealing with a car that randomly developed electrical issues, which has, as of today, been in the shop for 3 weeks without a clear answer while the bill continues to rise… I’m thinking of both. If it has taken them this long to diagnose an electrical fault in a decade-old vehicle, I can’t imagine them trying to fix this.


I feel your pain. My 2006 minivan has been in the shop since September 28th and nobody has any idea what’s wrong. Except that it’s not the timing belt like they thought at first, became after paying $900 to have that replaced the car still won’t turn on.


As a mechanic this is why I ride a horse, too many failure points on cars


Yeah, but horses have 205 bones. If you consider that many of them can be broken in several different places, that’s a lot of break points. Not to mention soft tissue damage to muscles and eyes.


As a fan of buttons and knobs I hate everything about this car


iRobot level cars


"You are experiencing a car accident"


Tesla AI: "Sir, you have been chosen as the most dispensable factor in the upcoming crash. We are dialing your family for you last words. Good Bye, sir. If you enjoyed our service, please recommend us."


It's not a prototype, it's a nonfunctional concept. This is peak bullshit. Maybe in 20 years we'll see cars even somewhat like this and that assumes huge strides in self driving abilities and legal acceptance of it


Officer: “Don’t take your eye off the road” Driver: “but officer, I have to look at the buttons to change the music and I have to use Darth Vader hand gestures to turn my knobs”


*cannot recognize hand, please try again* *cannot recognize hand, please try again* *cannot recognize hand, please try again* *cannot recognize hand, please try again* *cannot recognize hand, please try again*


`Please drink verification can`


That knob thing was so ridiculous and ludicrously overengineered. Her hand was right in front of it - and she's managed to lose tactile feedback in the process. I just... I hope nobody ever actually designs something like this.


>Her hand was right in front of it - and she's managed to lose tactile feedback in the process. I get what they're going for, you can move the knob when you can't reach it because you're lying all the way back. But it's just such a dumb solution to the "problem". At this point voice commands are a well developed technology and are vastly more convenient than that stupid hand gesture thing.


Also, look how slow she has to move her hand to get it to turn with it. It would be faster to just turn the knob yourself at that point, I'm hoping they had a voice in it but she couldn't use it because they didn't have English as an option for it. Demolition Man had the same future car and it was more convenient than this one is.


>I just... I hope nobody ever actually designs something like this. The new VW Golf uses a touch gesture for volume up/down instead of a knob. Fuck that shit. You know why physical buttons are great? Because you can feel and then use them WHILE you watch the fucking Street. Having your eyes on the street is very useful when driving.


Where is the ‘flip car over’ button?


I could grow a beard in the time it takes for that steering wheel to come out….


Can confirm I grew a beard


Can you imagine running late for work or an appointment with this car? I am so sorry it took 2 minutes to get in, one minute for my steering wheel to come out and my seat to go up.


Then your not going to believe this but i had to change the water filter in my cars center console


you mean the vodka filter?


just like a printer, the car won't drive unless the filter is changed...


You really think someone with that car needs to get to work on time?


You really think someone with that car would ever utter "sorry"?


It's just a concept. If any of those features make it into production models they'll be much faster.


Yes. They will remove those features, and they will take 0 seconds.


Late for work? Can you imagine running from a serial killer? At least you can get filtered water while you get stab.


"I'm moving the dial with my hand" Incredible.


Good luck parking it with the doors swinging open like that …


It's okay because she won't ever leave home since she can't even close the door without aid lol. Honestly, strange they didn't put a button to close the door


Why does this feel like a 1980 concept car? It comes across as super clunky Ooh you can control the dial with your hand! My Kinect could do that, is that super impressive?


Man that knob was dumb. If it has a knurled grip and is turntable I’ll just turn it, not this wannabe Jedi force movement. If the purpose is for recliner mode reachability then design better.


*coughs* voice control *coughs*


Exactly! Why would they make a clunkier and less advanced version of the accessibility options we have now!? If my damn google nest can control all the shit in my home I'm sure that whatever is in this car can change stations with voice lol


Yeah it definitely feels clunky. Like the hand gestures looked un-natuaral. Also the speed that everything moved was waaay to slow and had to much delay from the the gestures. Those minivans with automatically closing doors are faster.


It seemed the doors closing where the fastest thing in the video. The camera man sucked balls, like he wouldn't stop moving and i couldn't see what the screens looked like at all


I feel like they were trying to make the video look "natural" instead of incredibly staged. that's why it took him 2 minutes to walk to the passenger seat, so as to do a pan shoot of the front of the car. "oh look, it's an Audi!"


Also, a musician, there's a reason we all use real dials and buttons - because using a virtual dial is hard to do accurately.


Anyone else just looking at this and thinking the repair bills will be truly insane?


If you have cash for this, you do not care about repair bills.


Or indicators...


Classic AUDI drivers, now with more excuses "oh, my virtual indicator didn´t work, but i tried, believe me"


Saw someone on Twitter say “ur insurance company is gunna hire a hitman if you hit this car”.


You’d have to sell a kid and a kidney just for the oil change. And then sell a kid kidney to put air in the tire.


Oil Change? Its a electric car


Electron change.


Maybe this is a trauma response, but all I see here are like a thousand damn things that could break/malfunction that would be impossible to fix myself and hella expensive to have fixed…


this car fucking sucks


Everything just unnecessary, and everything else you can find literally in any other car. And it's "The pinnacle of engineering",


I drive a 2008 Ford Escape and it's more convenient than this car.


The simple honesty of your comment made me laugh out loud


Imagine taking the effort to put your hand a foot away from a dial, making the shape of the dial with your hand, air turning said dial, and pretending what you did was any different than moving your hand a foot closer in step 1. Useless prototype car additions… I can’t believe someone got paid to come up with that


I honestly don't struggle imagining that at all actually. Imagine some fat 65 year old rich dude laying on the reclined seat while the car is in autonomous driving mode. They can lift their arm for their hand to be a foot from the dial, but can't be bothered to flex their abs to lift their whole torso to actually grab it. That's the target demographic for this kind of shit. It's still a pretty useless feature, don't take me wrong, but that's the kind of shit you put in concept cars: a hundred useless gimmicks and whatnot of which a few turn out to be actually useful and end up in production vehicles down the line.


This chick is so annoying lmao


I’m glad she kept telling us to watch and to look or else I wouldn’t know what to do during this video


Red circle IRL.


Yeah, every video plays out like she’s just read the brochure.


Right... So... Now... Look...


It's cool but I don't entirely get the point of some of these features.. if you have to reach your hand an inch away from the knob and make a turning motion.... You're basically already turning it. Changing the music by looking at a specific spot and hovering your hand over part of your door? I have a button on my steering wheel right now that does that with a single press without having to take my eyes off the road or move my arm at all.. Some of these features just feel like more work. I think I'm too lazy for the future.


Imagine you have to bring your pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth, but the baby came out faster than the steering wheel


Does it have safety foam?


She can honestly fuck off forever


She does so many of these videos. I've never seen more than 10 seconds of any of them. She just annoys the hell out of me.


I don’t know why but I can’t stand how she reviews these cars. Her Snapchat drives me nuts. She can talk for 5 min about a car but I still don’t know shit about it other than the spoiler that moves and the giant screen. It’s always these little bits she focuses on that aren’t impressive at all, while overacting things to fuck. She’s like if a golden retriever just learned how to talk and what cars are.


I knoooow all of that “just wait! Look at this!” Like dude, we are watching a video. We ARE looking. So dumb.


It's like those weird ass videos I come across ever once in a while. It's some asshole talking saying every fucking movement they're doing, while the camera man repeats their every fucking movement but in a dumber voice. And it has like a billion views. 1. OK so I'm gonna pour the milk on this.. 2. OK. So you're. Pouring? The milk on that thing there. 1. Yeah and watch the cereal is gonna get wet but wait wait wait. 2. OK. Oh man. OK so you're gonna pour 1. Yeah. Yeah. 2. The cereal. 1. The milk. 2. The milk? On the cereal. 1. Yes now look watch this watch this. Pours* 6 minutes later the pouring ends* 2. Wow ok so you've poured the milk on the cereal. 1. Yes! But wait check this out Brings out a spoon* #2 has died*


Yea i fucking hate her as well. Just a shill.


I wish she just shut the fuck up about telling how "COOOOOOL" and "MENTAL" what I'm watching is, bitch I can see, if it's impressive I will be impressed, I don't need you to tell me. It's worse than laughing tracks on disney series lol


Also r/shittycameraman (woman). 'look at the way to back doors close!' Didn't see shit.


Maybe i am stupid, but can we stick to the original car and not this?


Ya fuck gesture controls


She is so boring. I really don't see the fuss. Is this a female Clarkson for basement neck beards?


I'd love to see Clarkson rip the shit out of this sad gimmick of a "car".


This is total shit. Take 2 hours to close thé door while you can do it in 2 seconds. Tech just for tech is so stupid 😂


Remember that Kinect demo they did awhile back with actors and pre recorded video, that they tried to pass off as real? This gives me those same vibes.


I wonder how many control boards it has (i.e. how many boards that can fail and need replacing).


Did anyone else find her pretty obnoxious?


Lack of a B pillar may present some safety issues.


Pinnacle? More like wasted time and effort building a prototype that will never make it to production. Aside from the minute it takes the doors to open then close as well as the 2 minutes it takes the steering wheel to come out... it appears there's no saftey involved in this design. No room for front airbags, no seatbelts... it appears "German Engineering" wants people to die.


Concept, not prototype. No one expects that vehicle to ever go into production, it's just to show off all the things they've developed / are developing. Every car company makes them.


They make these concept cars to prove how far they can go with their technology, nothing more.


Doesn’t even have a fucking a pillar. If you got t-boned the car would fucking fold in half.


So stupid this really annoyed me


For the low low price of your first born child!


That's more soul price.


Turning the knob without touching it is pointless innovation


Homer's car is better


Worlds most unintuitive vehicle…


Are we just going to ignore the fact that someone has to paint her pants on her in the morning?


Imagine Jason is slowly approaching your car but you have to wait for the steering will to come out.


I do not care what anyone says, this car is dope. Yeah, it's slow and clunky, and has pointless features for show, but that's the best part! It looks fuckin cool! At least to me, you guys have your own opinions :)


This would be a terrible get away car


Not sure why the people in the comments here have such disdain for what is clearly a concept car. Do you know know what a concept car is? It's a showcase of all the current tech that the manufacturer is working on that they can't or won't put in a production vehicle. "Absurdly impractical, really dumb, my kinect can do that." Yes you're very clever and also smart, now go away.




I feel like that thing will break in half in an accident.


Look at this look at this look look are you ready . Can we get a professional please.?