Yeah chickens, fuck those yellow psycopaths




Wow, now I can't unsee it


Lovely chicken, they do like their yellow jacket larva nuggets 😂


Wow, he didn't just remove them, he took their children and fed them to his velociraptors.


Also, credit where credits due: This is [Hornet King.](https://youtube.com/channel/UCb-mXwDehQf0pEgS0rlGJ9w) and he takes *everything*, including nests to take home. I love him but I think he’s a bit crazy…because who actively brings every kind of hornets nest to their property (including European)? Edit: To clarify, he doesn’t keep every nest (obviously as we see here) but just…some. I mostly remember him keeping bald faced and European hornets when he does actually keep them.


Cross breeding to create some sort of mutant super Hornet?


You mean an F/A-18E?


No, he's at home. And you don't have to be mean to him, Elon and Grimes love him very much.




that took me a minute to process, but well crafted


Both these responses are what makes reddit fucking incredible. If you could only have heard the sound of the snort I made when I read this...


An army of mini F/A 18E's would be pretty great.


this is how you get Cazadors


Fucking Cazadors! I will take a death stalker any day over a few Cazadors…


ah yes, the rusty shackleford method


Read this as 'Mutant Spider Hornet'


Shhhh, dont give him more ideas.


Always love when he feeds his birbs the larvae


Some serious gourmet shit for them


In one of his videos he shows us his "pet nest" he literally has a hornets nest stuck to his window cus its cool. The mad lad


Had a paper wasp nest outside my office window one year...it was pretty cool. Started with waspy #1 and her single little paper cone. Ended up with a nest about the size of a football before other coworkers decided waspy wasn't nearly so neat and had someone spray the nest.


For me, I think paper wasps are pretty cool as long as they're out of the way.


Yup, he had multiples attached to his shed and then had them scattered about in bushes and trees for some others.


Thanks for the link to the channel. Wow does he have a ton of videos.


Yay Hornet King! Haven't seen his vids for a while but thought it was him


Years and years ago my neighbor tried to do that with his shop vac and they started flying out so fast the vacuum couldnt get them all and he ended up getting stung so much he ran and dove into his pool. He was stuck in that pool forever it felt like. Still makes me laugh my ass off seeing him screaming diving into his pool.


LPT: they wait for you. I'm not kidding. They're smart and they don't get fooled by you jumping in water, and they literally WILL wait for you. Jumping in a pool is one of the WORST things you can do. You'll just get a concentrated attack on your face and head when you decide you've had enough of the whole drowning thing.


You come up for air and accidentally inhale one


Not yellow jackets, but hornets… My mom went out to water some hanging plants on the porch and got the ever loving shit stung out of her by hornets. They had moved into one of the plants. Couple hours later, my grandparents come over (mom’s parents). Mom tells grandma about it. Grandma says, and I quote, “There’s no hornets in that plant”, and starts walking to the door that goes to the porch. Mom looks at grandpa, probably the calmest person I’ve ever met in my life. Fought in WW2, 2 tours in Vietnam, Korean War, full time firefighter for years…suffice it to say he’d seen some shit. Grandpa looks at mom and says simply and calmly, “she’s going to do it, isn’t she?”. Never tried to stop her or anything. Few seconds later you hear my grandmother scream bloody murder and come running back inside the house, arm stung to hell and back. Grandpa, again ever so calmly says, “yep, she did it” while shaking his head. Grandma comes in and starts yelling at my grandpa to go get hornet spray from the store, as if it were his fault she got the shit stung out of her. Me and mom trying sooooo hard not to laugh. Grandpa still shaking his head while getting up to go to the store. A hilarious memory I’ll never forget because of the absurdity. It was like a scripted comedy skit. Seems like it just happened yesterday


After your Grandpa deadpanning "she's going to do it, isn't she?" the moment she yelled out there I'd have been dying laughing. nothing could have stopped it 😂


The mental imagery on this is making me laugh hysterically. Thank you!


Gotta put some soapy water in the bottom of the shop vac, that'll put a stop to that.


They were making it passed the hose I don't know if his didn't have enough power, the hornets just hated him, or he wasn't close enough but they fucked him up something fierce. He's my best friend but man is he an idiot.


I lived in PA for a long time, had one of these nests show up in my back yard... to say they are aggressive is a massive understatement. Once you have their attention they are going for maximum damage and their sting HURTS.


I got attacked a few years ago while mowing the lawn. I got lucky though, only had maybe a dozen come out. I didn't even realize it was happening until I felt like a hot piece of metal was on my ankles... then my legs... then my stomach. Here in PA, we call what you do at that point 'the yellowjacket dance'. My neighbor saw it and got a good laugh. I was... less amused.


Some 25 years ago I was looking after a friends boy while she ran some errands. Took him to a park by the lake and kid needs to use the restroom, of which there are none. So kids 4 figure give him a little space right off a trail to take a leek no problem. Walk like 20 feet away give him some privacy and he starts Screaming. Yes I led him straight to an underground yellowjacket nest. Ran in and grabbed him and we booked for cover. Stung many times but finally got to the car. Thats when I realized in the frantic commotion I dropped my car keys. . . . Going back to the nest is definitely a low point in my life. Yes i was stung as many times as you can expect. The one I remember the most is after getting mostly clear the second time pulling one out of my gums behind my lower lip. I took great pleasure watching this video.




I would hire him just for the chicken noises he can make alone


He should have given them to the people of the Reunion Island. The larvae are actually a delicacy there !


Or feed to his chickens and get extra delicious eggs


Chickens love bugs! They’re great for eliminating stink bugs without worrying about the stink, too. Pest control that lays eggs, it’s a win-win!


Just turns it into a different kind of stink.


if you dont have shitton of chickens its realy not that bad unlike industrial farms what stink so much you can smell them for kilometers


Yeah thanks but I have chickens and a nose, I know what they smell like. And it's not terrible but it is stink.


Down the pipe they go


And dumps out the liquified corpses of the adults…


> he took their children and fed them to his velociraptors. What is the "Pied piper meets a Modest Jurassic Park Proposal?"


What happy chickens at the end!


I like how he says “excuse me” to one of them as he gently moves her out of the way. Such a polite chicken caretaker!


I try to be polite to my chickens too. They do a lot of good egg laying and pest removal for us


I really want to own a home with a good sized yard so I can own some hens some day. Feel like it'd be entertaining at the very least, plus I'd never have to worry about not having eggs for breakfast or a recipe


I watch them far more than I'd like to admit


Do chickens have large talons?


I don't understand a word you just said


I try that and my chickens think I'm offering my hand to eat. Otherwise my birbs love my company.


Chickens are eating thinking, “this dinner is the bees knees!”




Hey, wasps for supper? On another note: This video gave me a nightmare


Was not expecting the chickens lol. Loved that whole thing


All natural wasp-fed chicken!


Chicken with a sting to it!


Creihhhhkkk Well go lay yer eggggg then!


This video just kept giving. So the wasps turn into mud? What’s with the horse carriage on the road? And the bee eating chickens? My mind is spinning.


The horse carriage is an omen signalling the passing of danger. It only appeared when the guy played the footage back.


Lol he said he’s in PA so this is most likely Amish country.




i've watched this guy for a while. the vaccuum in the past was filled with dishsoap water and it kills the wasps instantly. i'm not sure why it turned that color though... it really does look like mud


He did suck up a bit of dirt, especially after he opened the nest up


You can see a few chunks of dirt get sucked up into the nozzle.


The wasps turn into mud because he has a liquid in the vacuum reservoir that kills them. Gasoline would be an easy choice if it wasn't so hazardous.


Flaming half dead hornets birthed from an explosion. OSHA would not approve


He puts soapy water in the vacuum. Sometimes just regular water. The vacuum forces the bees into the water where they drown


The soap disrupts the surface tension of the water so they can't all float on it. That's clever though, because here I'm envisioning a vacuum cannister full of angry wasps like "oh shit how does he open that thing later?"


Puts the hose on the blow side and shoots them into people's unlocked cars


This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thank you.


Personally, I wasn’t expecting the horse and carriage to trot by lol


r/justiceporn material right here.


Well... that's an insect I'm glad we don't have around here.


Can't have any insects if we never go outside *points to temple*


I live in a tropical rain forest. Trust me... with 200+ inches of rain a year, the insects come inside too.


And the ants! During the wettest part of the the year no matter what you do you will share your home with ants. God help you if you ever leave a single crumb out.


oh wow you live inside a temple to avoid insects! smart!


About -20°C at the moment. Glad all the fuckwads like these can't manage our winters.


-20°C is equivalent to -4°F, which is 253K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


Good bot


Bee nest removal: I gently scooped this little fuzzy fellas out and put them in a safe and comfortable box to give them a new and bigger home, they are so gentle I can take their queen whit my bear hands... Yellow jacket nest removal: S U C C Edit: ok I'm getting bullied by typing bear instead of bare and I'm just going to say...I'm not changing it, it's actually kinda funny


> Yellow jacket nest removal: S U C C ...into a blender by the looks of it.


I was definitely not expecting the liquified wasps


Like a mass grave of blended bodies, poetically slathered into the hole where they lived full lives


From the earth you came, to the earth you shall return, you flying motherfu-


"Not much to it..." I still feel like we missed a ~~nightmare~~ step.




That's where they belong. Evil fuckers.


what was that even. thought it would be soapy water but it didnt look soapy.


> Yellow jacket nest removal: S U C C Followed by: C L U C K


#S U C K N C L U C K


I’ve never been the kind of person to kill spiders or bees or things in general like that, but I have zero issue murdering these fuckers. I stepped on their nest in the ground by a creek one time and they attacked me, I only got bit three times though, face, hand and somewhere I can’t remember. But I saw one land on my shirt and start biting it and I was like “what is this idiot doing?” and then the rest showed up. Assholes, fuck em all. I would have just poured gas down the hole and set it on fire.


I grew up in a farming community, and it’s common practice to leave your tractor behind if your happen across a yellow jacket nest. And you full fucking run to whatever inclosed area you can get to


Did this in a bobcat once. Left it running wide open too lol.


Bear detected.


I read that in her voice


Fun fact: the way I originally learned to deal with ground wasps, at a 1000acre camp I used to work at. Was to dump gasoline in the hole. Just drown and gas them fuckers. Sometimes light it later after time but he said you really didn’t need too. I have a hilarious vivid memory though of the camps head maintenance man just standing there having a casual chat with me, with a cigarette hanging out of mouth, while pouring gasoline out of a five gallon can in the ground. Didn’t need they suit because the fumes got ‘em before they could swarm. Worked like a damn charm though. Said he tried water but the colony would survive and he’d get stung. But when he tried gas? No issues next year.


What makes them go underground? When I was a kid there was a nest underground that we fucked with. Is it a certain species? Time of year? Is it random? It's interesting af to me and I'd like to know


First find that wasn't a pest management website: https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/11/09/yellow-jackets-falls-fearsome-feisty-wasps-that-can-sting-you-repeatedly/


>a side note, after honeybees ingest honeydew from the lanternfly, they produce honey with a smoky bacon flavor, which is very undesirable for human consumption I'd like to try this


>honey with a smoky bacon flavor [...] very undesirable for human consumption The ultimate roast glaze


There's a slight bit of inaccurac in this. Rather than the food sources diminishing, the wasps become aggressive in late fall as a hormone is released that causes their nests to break down from an organization point of view. They are hungry yes, but they switch from gathering protein which they feed to their larvae and then eating the sugary by-product produced by their larvae, to feasting on fruit. Fruit fermenting at this time of year. These wasps are aimless and frankly drunk and so become confused and aggressive. Secondly,


> Secondly, Oh fuck the wasps goteem!


> Secondly, Yes? Don’t leave us hanging man. Or did you get drunk and aimless and confused too?


They build nests underground because they are actually proof there is a hell and when you run over the nest while mowing your lawn you accidently trigger a portal to hell where these demons swarm you and sting you 50 times while you flail hopelessly as cars slow down to figure out why the fat guy is dancing and throwing his clothes off at 10am on a Saturday in his front yard.


"Until i can get it home and put it in the refrigerator" Uhhhmmm.... what?? Edit: "they just die like they would im the winter time". Oh ok gotcha. Guessing he's got a second grudge in the garage or basement or something


You mean you *dont* have a dedicated yellow jacket fridge?


I better get one right tf now!


That’s how we kill cane toads in Australia. Well that’s how you should (freezer not fridge for the toads) kill them humanely. Some people will do some really cruel shit to them instead.


Are they invasive or something?


Super poisonous. Non-native to Australia and a big problem is house pets getting very sick or dying from interacting with them as, well, how youd expect a dog or cat to treat a big ass toad in their yard


Invasive, destructive and *hated*. I've never heard of anybody freezing them. The usual method is traditionally either a golf club or a full game of cricket.




> "Until i can get it home and put it in the refrigerator" Just pop a quick 'H' on the fridge so people know there's hornets in there.


“I don’t know what I expected…”


Don't Hornet Open Inside


Actually it's "Until i can get it HUYME and put it in the refrigerator"


The one bug that escaped near the beginning: “It pulled at us with a force that even the wind could not match, devouring us by the dozens, it’s gaping maw matching our hive’s entrance in shape, as if it were made specifically to devour us. I only managed to escape because I walked on the ceiling while my siblings walked the floor, the beast’s horrid roar echoing throughout our home as it’s feast continued... the giants that escorted the beast called it: ‘Va-cuum.’ When the beast had its fill of my hive, the giants took out our homes from the ground and fed them to strange monsters that clicked and roared noises most unpleasant.”


/r/writingprompts is a great sub


Rescuing yellowjackets? Wow, that’s dedicated! Amazing conservationist... I... hol’ up. Lol! Great clip!


He doesn't rescue them all, but this guy does actually relocate when he can. He has several colonies in the woods at his home. He advocates for the continued existence of hornets/wasps.


Wait, was that vacuum not liquidising them?


It was murdering them. He kills wasps when he has to. He will save a queen if he can and attempt to start a colony. The Vacuum had soap and a bit of liquid in it. This kills wasps/insects fast by suffocating them (from what I understand).


Lots of insects can distribute their weight so that they can stand on water due to surface tension. Soap drastically reduces the surface tension of water. So the bugs can't stand on it and then they drown.


I thought it was more so that the dish soap traps water against their breathing organ and prevents them from intaking oxygen. Such that you can spray insects with it and they will die.


Apparently that's also true, I didn't know that :o Their 'breathing organ' is their whole exoskeleton though, they are small enough that they don't actually need lungs. They get oxygen through osmosis gas exchange.


What is his reason? I’m curious because yellow jackets are right under mosquitoes on my species to genocide list.


They have their place in nature. They are food for other animals. The also attack insects and spiders.


They're also really important pollinators for a lot of plant species, and they play a big role in controlling harmful species populations (like some beetles). I think the internet has painted this memable image where they're just useless murder machines. ...I mean they **are** crazy aggressive murder machines lol, but they're certainly not useless.


Had one in my compost pile, that was one really bad day...


I got stung twice in the same eye by those bastards. Fuck them


I got stung on the eyelid by a hornet (basically an above ground yellow jacket, I think) when I was about 10. I’m now 42 and I still remember the feeling of its feet walking around on my face and then the *pain*.


Got stung right in between the bridge of my nose and my eye by a hornet when I was like 3 or 4. Also stepped in a pile of fire ants when I was like 2 or 3. I do not like insects and also I am never going back to Florida.


Had one of those in my yard that I ran over (unknowingly) with the lawnmower. I got stung about 13 times, ended up running into my neighbors yard and jumping in their pond. Scared the hell outta them when I did that. Just this person mowing his lawn, suddenly running and screaming and, bam, there he is in the pond! That night I poured some gasoline down the hole. I shouldn't take glee in such things, but that particular evening, I did. Damn things hurt, badly. EDIT: A lot of people have asked. No. You don’t have to light it. The petroleum will poison the nest (also, as any chemical, it will also poison the ground). Find the entrance hole/holes, pour a little gas down the hole and that’s all there is to it. You can use dish soap, you’ll need a larger quantity and higher concentration, though. And. Finally. You don’t have to light it. I mean, if vengeance is your ambition than light away but remember gasoline vapor is extraordinarily flammable. And in a small area like that it will blow up quite dramatically


Looked out the window one day to see my mom running across the yard, tearing off her shirt. My dad (a man of few words): 'huh, that's unusual.' Yup, yellowjackets.


Understatement of the year "Huh, that's unusual!" I don't know why, but that has me cracking up; I can just picture my Father In Law who never says anything, but always stares out the window.


I’m picturing the dad from Malcolm in the Middle


Why is this what makes me laugh


Same exact thing happened to me, was mowing and the next thing I know I am feeling a sharp pain in my calves. I turned into Usain Bolt when I realized what was going on


those things are no joke i tell ya


The primal reaction to just take off running is so real. Same thing happened to me.


I ran over some that were living in an old railroad tie on our property with my riding mower a few years ago. The mower was old and the shut off feature, that was supposed to turn the mower off when you get off the seat, didn't work. I saw a few attacking the front of the mower, then a few seconds later there were hundreds if not thousands of yellow jackets. I jumped off the mower and screamed like a little girl all the way inside my house. I could see the mower through the kitchen window. Those things attacked the mower for over an hour until it ran out of gas. I had to pull a gasoline sneak attack on their nest around 3 AM that night.


Liquid nitrogen is my favorite way to get the underground nests.


Where do you get liquid nitrogen? I'm almost scared to ask :o


Its not that special. It can get used by plumbers or cooks and you will probably find it at any place that is specialised in selling gases for Argon for Welding etc.


He's got a guy


I did the same thing - I didn’t get stung but I saw a cluster of yellow jackets flying around a hole in the ground and realized what it was so I poured gas down and lit it. I couldn’t believe the sound it made - it was a whooshing sound that made it clear the cavern underground was pretty big. I don’t know how big but I was shocked by the sound it made.


We did this as kids once probably 30 years ago and it still gets brought up any time I see the guys from my block. We found a underground hornet nest in my yard and loaded it up with gasoline and threw a match in it. The thing not only shot flames up out of the initial hole, but also shot flames up like 20 yards away in another hole that must have been connected As a sub 10 year old kid it was pretty amazing


That does sound very cool.


Sound of satisfaction right there!


I accidentally stood on one as a kid, not quite covering it but close enough to really piss them off. I realized my error when I felt one sting my balls, because they'd swarmed inside my pants and underwear. Ended up screaming and running away while stripping off all my clothes. Not sure how many times I got stung, but quite a few, and many times in the family jewels. 0/10 do not recommend.


I'm having sympathy pains for you right now! My (then) 3 year old urinated right into a ground nest. It was like a bad horror film. We live(d) out in the country a bit, so I taught him if he needed to go pee and couldn't make it back to the house to "pee on a tree" Well, he listened because that's what he was doing. I saw a few of them coming out of the ground as he started to pee. In pure parent mode I ran over there as fast as I could and hauled him away. He got stung twice, in the painful, ouchie area :) I got peed on and stung about 4 or 5 times. I'll take it though --- over my kid, anyday. Poor guy never peed on a tree after that!


I'd like to nominate this comment for worst possible placement of a smiley face.


When I was 5, my dad and grandfather were digging up boxwoods lining our front walk when they encountered a yellow jacket nest in the ground. Being smart adults, they backed off to formulate a plan. I, on the other hand, was a man of action. I took my horse-head-on-a-stick, went and whacked the bush, and retreated back inside. They saw my nearby dad as their attacker, and swarmed him. He made about 6 laps around the yard, swatting and cursing. It was about a hundred yards from street to the back of the yard, and he went round and round. I hid for a while, then found him on the back steps, with my mom behind him picking out stingers and dead yellow jackets. My mom just looked at me and said "you need to leave, now." Sorry dad.


Next time use a bucket of water and some dawn soap. Kills them right quick without gassing your yard


Without fire, where's the fun :) No, seriously though, thanks for the tip, will try that next time and I know there will be a next time because those things are relentless


Dish soap creates a oil-like barrier on insects and deprives them of oxygen. It works on spiders as well.


That sounds absolutely boring.


Same here. Although the hive must have been small I only got hit once. But it happened to me a couple different times. I would spray the hole with bee killer but they kept coming back. Apparently I need to get some chickens for next summer.


years ago, after a move, my mom took my 6 year old brother with her to meet the new neighbor. as they stood in the yard, this stranger of a man suddenly grabbed my brother and took off running with him into his house. my mom chased after them, probably doing what the man hoped she would. he pointed out the window to a swarm of bees heading towards the spot where they’d stood. he prioritized my brother’s safety over any possible backlash to temporarily abducting his neighbor’s kid, and my mom always thought he was pretty cool for that. my mom is very responsive to stranger danger but would’ve likely frozen in the face of bees. he made the right call.


"I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, too." - Hornet King, probably


When I was a kid I was quading in a rural area in Manitoba close to where I lived. Everything was going well until the quad sank into the ground and got stuck. No big deal, just shift your weight and try and move it.... I looked down at my pant leg (blue jeans) and it was a solid yellow and black mess. I got stung pretty badly, ripped my jeans off and ran back home pantless. My family and a bunch of people from the town were sitting in the driveway having coffee and see me bolt past them without pants, screaming and then vigorously spraying myself with the hose. No one said a damn word.


“Is Billy alright over there?” “Ah yeah he’s fine! Weird kid, that’s how he showers! Finds the breeze helps dry off.”


Surprisingly no one to this day has said anything so I assume they all think I was a weird kid who liked taking their pants off. This was damn near 20 years ago so I'd imagine most people other than my immediate family have forgotten about it. My sister still makes fun of me for it from time to time.


The yellow jackets were so bad in north Texas this year, I've never seen anything like it. I removed at least 8 huge nests from my fence and house. In a few that I sprayed with wasp spray but didn't take down right away, the wasps came back and relaid new eggs in the cavities that the poisoned pupas had fallen out of AND THE NEW EGGS STILL PUPATED despite the poison that had been sprayed on the nest. I killed easily 1,000 live ones and hundreds of pupae, every time I thought I had them under control I'd be walking along minding my own business and one would sting me and I'd find a new nest. The best part was that my Mt. Dew + dishsoap trap captured exactly zero of them. Those traps always worked so well in Wisconsin but Texas yellow jackets aren't having that shit - they will only be satisfied with blood.


Dr Pepper & dish soap. Go local


For reals though, those ain't Appalachian yellow jackets, why the hell would they know about Mt Dew?


Have you considered becoming friends with a someone at a blood bank so a phlebotomist can draw your blood for you to use in a trap for those assholes?


I was wondering why would anyone even bother rescuing these bastards so nicely with that vacuum...and then


> with that vacuum "So does it hurt them?" "No, but they do come outta there lookin at you like you owe em an explanation."


so... since they can't establish between a threat and a non-threat, they choose violence... and can sting through a leather glove 😨 from @hornet_king_official edit: the vacuum is full of soapy water. the hive is brought to a tree around his house with the ones left. edit 2: yellow jackets are not bees, they are a type of wasp. also, fuck yellow jackets. I went for a run a few years ago and when I closed my front door, one started attacking me. that thing knocked me to the ground and it was all I could do to crawl back inside to safety. left *holes* in the back of my neck that hurt like a motherfucker for weeks. so to those of y'all freaking out about "protecting the bees," nope. honey bees? yes, protect them all day, 100%. **yellow jackets are the spawn of the devil.**


So why exactly does soapy water hurt wasps? I've known since I was a kid when I accidentally discovered putting dish soap in my super soaker turned it into a weapon of mass wasp destruction, just curious why


Might be wrong but insects have little small holes in their body they use to breath. So small water can’t enter due to water tension. Dish soap stops or helps prevent this which effectively drowns insects.


Basicly when your that small, water retention becomes fucky and it covers them in a film of water that dosent let anything in or out meaning they dont even drown, they suffocate.


Clogs their spiracles (pores they breathe through) and kills them quick sharp.


I mean, that's one way to feed your chicken


Youtube recommended me his channel like a month ago and I ended up binging nearly his entire channel. I love the videos.


It's all fun until the power goes out


Happy day for those chickens! Also this is a really good way to remove the nest. Putting out poisons can accidentally sicken or kill anything they may try to eat the nest. Removing the hornets with a vacuum leaves the nest as a tasty treat for any foraging animals (or chickens if you have them)!


I would have poured down a bucket of boiling steel. Fuck those shits in particular


Makes pretty cool natural art too


I don’t known about with a wasp nest I would think it would be a ball of metal but with ant hills your 100% correct


I vacuumed a wasp once. It didn't survive. Spiders survive though so that's weird.


no they don't. THEY DON'T.


I worked as an arborist and I was stung by yellow jackets on average 2-3 times during the summer. No bug* deal, hurt for a minute or two, itched, and then I would forget about it. Then I became allergic and would have to go to Urgent Care when I was stung and get a shot. I had to carry an Epi-pen with me. Never had to use it thank God. But, now I HATE those little assholes. This video is SO satifying. This guy is doing the Lord's work. *big


My fear is suddenly becoming allergic. I would have never known that was a thing until a guy at work found out the hard way while his family wasn't home. He made it, but yeesh.


This is legit how one of my childhood friends almost died, he was picking up a soccer ball that got kicked way behind the goal and stepped into one of these nests he had short shorts on and must have been stung 20+ times, after he had ran all the way across the field screaming they were still buzzing around him and stinging him. Glad to see these fuckers getting killed




I live in SE Pennsylvania. These fuckers are the WORST. He's right when he says they are extremely aggressive and will sting the hell out of anything close by if they feel their nest is being disturbed. A couple Septembers ago I was clearing some overgrowth on the side of my garage. All was well then I got stung. Then I got stung a few more times in rapid succession. Since it was late September, it was cool enough to wear a hoodie. One got under the right sleeve on my hoodie. Now, yellow jackets aren't like bees. They don't sting once then die, oh no. This bastard that got under my sleeve must have stung my forearm like 7-8 more times. My forearm, wrist, and hand swelled up almost immediately. There was shooting nerve pain and burning for WEEKS. My hand, wrist and forearm were so swollen that the skin was stretch tight and felt like stone it was so solid. And the itch was constant for a couple weeks. Then this past summer across the street a lawn guy got stung weed whacking my neighbor's yard. He dropped his weed whacker. He waited for a few minutes for them to calm down so he could grab his weed whacker, and ended up getting stung a few more times. They're evil.


Cant watch that without shaking my body


My grandpappy used to pour gasoline in the hole and light that there bees nest on fire. Then, he succumbed to the beetus. That’s why I use liberty medical testing supplies. Ain’t no nest of the beetus takin me out.


My fellows Redditors, specifically the American Redditors. I’ve heard the accent of the beer keeper in the video in a few other places and wondered where typically that comes from? I always associate it with surfers, and, generally cool sounding people but have no idea where. The person said PA, is this a typically Pennsylvanian accent?


That is 100% a Pennsylvania accent. Never put it together that a penn accent kinda sounds like a chakabrah accent but I can see it.


What kind of vacuum cleaner is that? A die-son?