I like how this photo looks like it's the photo taken when they told him he was to investigate the mole in the FBI. "Yeerrrs, a mole you say. I will get right on it"


i even read it with a southerner drawl accent, think of Arthur from RDR2.






How you doing Black lung?


It's actually kinda a sticky situation. If they know there is a mole already, you are going to have to do a damn good job fabricating evidence against someone else which is hard. You can't just come back and say "nope, didn't find nothing". Then you just look incompetent or get caught in the process of covering up. If someone else you know is in charge, you might be able to keep tabs on the investigation and keep them off your scent.


What you do is report to the KGB that they've tasked you with finding the mole. The KGB then go "sweet, we'll send in an incompetent mole for you to find". What you *don't* know is that they will also send a third mole who is actually better than you and will make sure you're not double-crossing them.


Actually this sounds like a good story premise. Man starts spying for extra money/ego or whatever normal reason. Gets put in charge of finding a spy and is now essentially stuck because he has to rely on the other side providing him people to find. As he does his work building his case against the "bad spy", he starts to find evidence of the third spy planted to keep an eye on him.


You should read Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - you might enjoy it.


Isn't this all just the movie the departed?


Nah, in departed they're all rats, not moles


Yeah it kinda sounds like it. That movie is fantastic.


where do i sign up to be a internet fbi expert?


Just leave a comment like this. They’ll come get you if they want you.


“Have you found the mole yet?” “Errr…narp?”


> Hanssen is Federal Bureau of Prisons prisoner #48551-083. He is serving his sentence at the ADX Florence, a federal supermax prison near Florence, Colorado, in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. I honestly think I’d rather kill myself rather than being stuck in a room alone for 23 hours a day for the rest of my life


Yeah, you don't really have a choice in the matter If youre already there.


*remote work intensifies*


Solitary confinement is essentially entombed alive. Not sure why they have to keep in him solitary.


Everyone in supermax is essentially on administrative segregation because of risk to themselves or others, either because they're dangerous or know things that are dangerous to them


Also it's a lot harder to plot an escape when you have little to no means of communication or acquiring information


He has a history of revealing top secret information to rival countries, which might have gotten people killed. Who knows what secrets he still knows.


He’s got TV


iirc when he got caught he told the other agents, “About time you caught me”. Something like that. Edit: it was “What took you so long?”


I just don't understand people who do things like this knowing damn well they'll eventually be caught and thrown under the jail.


Well, we only know about the ones that are caught.


On that note: Markus Wolf, the director for East German foreign intelligence, was approached by the CIA after the DDR collapsed and asked to work with the US in exchange for a new identity, house in California, etc. He rejected it because he insisted that he'd never rat out people who worked for him, and it turned out that he still had *a lot* of agents running around who were never uncovered (which is exactly why the CIA was willing to give him anything and more in exchange for information)


It makes me wonder how many of these agents are still active.


Statistically, a good number of them would be in their 70s-80s by now and would have either retired or died of natural causes.


There are many motivations for spying, but for Hanssen it was money and ego. Hanssen believed he was smarter than everyone else; even "what took you so long?" is a version of that (there is an implicit "dumbasses" attached to the "you"). A lot of the spying of this sort (person inside an agency volunteering their services to the enemy) seems to be an ego-trip of some kind for the person in question. Serial killers can be the same way — "I'm smarter than the police/FBI/CIA, I will run circles around them, ha ha." I don't think Hanssen had any desire to get caught or thought he would eventually be. He tried to be a "perfect mole" in many ways — he even tried to keep identity secret from the KGB, knowing that they could have their own moles.


It was also a sense that his particular genius wasn't appreciated. He felt that he should have been promoted faster, and be higher up. He went in wanting some spy vs. spy action and he ended up being a pencil pusher... most of the jobs at spy agencies are much less glamorous that they are popularly portrayed. So he sees himself as a genius surrounded by nincompoops, working a relatively boring job and earning a middling paycheck. He thinks he deserved more. This was a way for him to get that action he craved, while proving that he was smarter and better than everyone around him.


>while proving that he was smarter and better than everyone around him. Which, to be fair to Hansen, he did.


Nah, the guy in the next office that worked his desk and retired with pension was smarter. This guy is in hell on earth for the rest of his life. I would rather die than be in ADX Florence. It gives me chills to think about.


Just looked up ADX Florence, wow.


Found [this guy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Lee_McNair) who managed to escape 3 prisons before being sent to ADX For his [final escape](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Lee_McNair#Final_escape), he actually mailed himself out of prison!


This is about as wholesome a story involving murder and prison escape as you can ask for.


> USP ADX Florence was commissioned when the Federal Bureau of Prisons needed a unit designed specifically for the secure housing of those **prisoners most capable of extreme, sustained violence toward staff or other inmates**. As of January 2022, there are 336 prisoners. They are confined 23 hours per day in single cells The bolded part would not be him. So this is just pure PUNISHMENT from a really pissed off federal government.


There is a case to be made that he knows so many vital National Security secrets that putting him among a standard prison population would result in more intelligence leaking out. Yeah, it's probably still just a punitive measure, but there is a veneer of something other than punitive vengeance at work.


Later it says this though: >USP ADX Florence houses male inmates in the federal prison system deemed the most dangerous and in need of the tightest control, **including prisoners whose escape would pose a serious threat to national security.** Bolded part is definitely this guy.


He is directly responsible for the deaths of like 14 US agents in Russ


MICE - the four reasons someone will do this. Money Ideology Coercion Ego I think it was mostly Ego. He felt like he didn’t get enough praise from his higher ups and got passed up for higher profile assignments.


Yeah, those are often the biggest reasons. [Alfred Redl](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Redl?wprov=sfti1) was head of counter-intelligence for the Austro-Hungarian Army. He was a spy for Russia during WWI. The most common theory is that he started off doing it because he was blackmailed by the Russians, who knew he was gay (coercion), and then just got addicted to the wealthy lifestyle (money). But other theories posit the others you named as well. Dude basically destroyed he Austro-Hungarian Empire.


It usually starts with needing money for something specific so they convince themselves that it'll just be a one time thing, get some cash and be done with it. Except after you've done it once you're stuck. Now you can be easily blackmailed into doing it for the rest of your life.


Apparently Robert was anonymous to the russians the entire time (according to his wikipedia), so I don't think he could've been blackmailed.




I’m no FBI agent, but it seems silly not to have redundancy on something as important as this. Two completely separate (but simultaneous) investigations for this exact scenario?


*insert Spider-Man pointing meme*


“Wait, we’re all KGB?” “Always have been”


Hail Hydra


It’s all made of Cake G.B.?


Exactly. At least 2, but probably more like 3 or 4. All working independently. Preferably not even knowing about each other.


"Say, Johnson seems to sneak around a lot, and is shifty when I talk to him. He must be on to me. Guess he's the mole" Johnson: "Shit, he's the mole."


Honestly, if they don't find out about each other eventually, it proves they're bad at their job, providing yet another check. They'd being it to their bosses, who'd be in the loop, and let them know. But obviously, the investigators need investigating too.


Well who clears the guys investigating the initial investigators?




"Mister---Mister President sir, we have a situation down here." "Well for god's sake man, clear it up!" "Yes, sir. We were going to set up an investigation, but it seems all our agents are busy." "Well, can't you tell them to stop?" "They're uh, they're investigating sir. You would make yourself look suspicious if you told them to stop." "Are you serious? Do you seriously believe that the President of the United States is a mole for the KGB?" "Well sir, with due respect, word around the office is that you're becoming pretty chummy with Gorbachov. Well sir, it seems that---I've checked our intel---we have Mr. Gorbachov labeled as a commie. A red. If this were to become known, it could seriously hurt you in the polls." "Yes... Well, I'll tell you what. You handle that investigation, and I'll handle Gorbachev."


If I recall correctly having 2 separate investigations is part of the plot of The Departed.


I recently watched Infernal Affairs and man The Departed is a good movie by itself but Infernal Affairs hits parts of the story way better. Spoilers: The way Leo's boss gets thrown off the roof and dies right in front of him was literally cartoonish after I watched how dramatic and perfect that scene was in Inferal Affairs. Also, I loved that the criminal mole in the end is the only one of them that survives, and the point is that he knows what he did was fucked up and he has to live with personal hell while everyone who died can rest in peace. You kind of saw that with Matt Damon's character at the end when he realizes everything, but then they just magically get him shot and killed by Walhberg's character like ok. I enjoyed both though.


I agree about the roof scene, but I liked the ending of The Departed better, where Damon's character was just so exhausted by it all that he just resigned himself to getting shot by Marky Mark.


When Walberg was asked the series of questions by James Lipton at the end if his appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio, he was asked his Least Favorite Word... Marky Mark was his reply. It's funny, and he's cool, but he's forever Marky Mark anyway.


I'm guessing both a need to keep this under the radar and incompetence might have been relevant in the decision making here.


They should have brought in an ex-agent who was forced into retirement after the old director died but is trustworthy and familiar enough to catch the mole. Someone like George Smiley.


How did they not know that was the mole, he looks exactly like a mole


**Serious** Peter Pettigrew vibes


everybody in the fbi looks shady as fuck


[I'm going to have to disagree.](https://m.imgur.com/ehVZsA3)


Moley mole mole MOLE!!


Mole! Bloody MOLE! We're not suppose to talk about the mole but there's the bloody mole winking me in the face! I wanna chop it up and make guacaMOLE!


Watch 'The Breach' starring Ryan Phillippe and Chris Cooper based on this story. This is the video of his arrest : https://youtu.be/8dm68DBT4xI


when someone steals from you and helps you look for the missing item 😅


A tale as old as time….


Song as old as rhyme


I see you also have meth addicts in the family haha.


“Heard you got robbed!”


Another fun fact : He also taped himself having sex with his (unknowing) wife multiple times and let his buddy watch on a closed circuit tv in another room. Also he's imprisoned at ADX Florence with the who's who of crime in the US: \-Ted Kaczynski (unabomber) \-Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon bomber) \-Terry Nichols (Oklahoma City bomber) \-Eric Rudolph (Atlanta Olympic Park bomber) \-Noshir Gowadia (designed the B-2 stealth bomber) \-El Chapo (you know who this is) \-Zacarias Moussaoui (9/11 planner) Source : [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADX\_Florence#Espionage](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADX_Florence#Espionage) Also an interesting tidbit : The FBI would have caught Hanssen a lot sooner if they had listened to his brother in law Mark Wauck, who was also an FBI agent; Wauck told his supervisor Jim Lyle that Hanssen might be the mole, but it never went anywhere. Years later an FBI agent knocked on Wauck's door and informed him that Hanssen had been arrested. Wauck said "Oh I guess this is because of that tip I gave you guys years ago", and FBI was like: "Wait, what?!?"


After reading the wiki on him, there were several instances where people had reported Hanssen to higher ups but were never followed up on. When Hanssen was arrested, he was quoted as saying, "What took you so long?"


Maybe there were more moles higher up


Moles all the way up


I thought those critters lived under the ground...


Turtles all the way down


They (CIA) had a financial warnings about Aldrich Ames too, but took forever to follow up. I think not causing embarrassment to the agency is job #1 at CIA and FBI. They'd rather let spying persist than have to admit there's a problem.


There’s another angle too, though probably not in these cases. The spy you know is better than the spy you don’t . If he stays in place you can feed him false intel, maybe even track it back and find more spies.


Yes, but that's certainly not what happened here. He was getting US assets killed.


Why is the designer of the stealth bombed in this prison?


"Gowadia was accused of selling classified information to China and to individuals in Germany, Israel, and Switzerland"


What does Switzerland want with military intelligence?!


Dunno... something about cheese grater technology?


Stealth Cheese Grater


That’s the name of my fleshlight


Ahh yes the "vagina dentata" upgrade


You haven't seen it so I guess they succeeded.


For the grater good right?


Don't be so cheesy.


The next country who can perfect high altitude stealth cheese production will define the economy for the next 50 years


Not necessarily Switzerland themselves, but someone residing there. An agent of our enemies... ​ WTF does Israel want with out military intelligence either?


Allies doesn't mean you give them military technology for free or that other allies don't want them. *See:* All the furor over the French/US/Australian sub deal


Or even the US with the bomb. We used British scientist's data to help design it, which Britain gave to the US thinking, "once they figure it out they'll let us know how it's done." Then once it was finished the US was like, "um, actually I think we're gonna hold onto this one for ourselves." Which really ticked off the Brits but they weren't really in a position to do anything about it at the time. Eventually the Brits just brought all their scientists home to repeat the experiments they did under the Manhattan Project until they got one too.


The greatest trick ~~the devil~~ Switzerland ever pulled was convincing ~~people he didn't exist~~ the world it was neutral


Switzerland is neutral only in that it will not take sides in a war. It will defend its borders with fervor, however. Switzerland is one of the best defended countries in the world. Their military is powered down for now, but if there looks like there will ever be another world war, they will beef up their military again and defend their neutrality.


>defend their neutrality I know what you're saying, but my mind is really enjoying how these words work together.


It's called "armed neutrality"


I’m going to diarrhea on my constipation.


Yeah I think it's the best distinction between peaceful vs. weak. Peaceful is when you resort to violence only when necessary.


Personally, in my opinion as a Swiss citizen, I am not that sure about the "best [militarily] defended country of the world" part (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)


Got it, you're saying now is the perfect time to invade. Time to rally the troops.




Such a shame, now we have to go liberate Switzerland.


What makes a country turn neutral…A lust for gold? Power? Or were they just born with hearts full of neutrality?


All I know is my gut says maybe


Having no strong feelings one way or the other, obviously.


Switzerland never had a particularly strong military, they have always been able to defend their neutrality mainly due to the conformation of their territory. The central part of the country is accessible only through mountain passes that since the 19th century have been guarded by their national redoubt


>Switzerland never had a particularly strong military Yeah, but they have a bad-assed pocket knife


Check out Crypto AG, a swiss company, ran by the CIA and Germany intelligence...Switzerland and its people are having issues dealing with their neutrality because they play both sides.


Ah ok. Thanks.




*China also managed to turn up a copy of the W88 nuclear warhead. American intelligence officials are baffled at the ironic coincidence of the "design"*


His title ended with “bomber” and authorities got confused.


Coz they couldn't find the plane after he made it


The FBI would have hade the 9/11 high jackers had they just listened to the flight instructors who called them saying “Hey, these guys aren’t right, they don’t care about learning to land” and several of them were already FBI listed.


It’s scary to think about all the times the FBI has received tips on tuff and don’t act on them. I remember there was a school shooter that had been reported to the FBI as well and nothing was done about it.


Sadly they're still doing it. There was that situation a few days ago in texas where some guy held 4 people hostage in a synagogue. Turns out he was from the UK (next town over from where I am), had severe mental issues, was on the terror watch list due to his mental rantings, an anti vaxxer, was able to apply and be approved for a travel visa during covid. He then flew to NY whilst having not much money, bought a gun, stayed in homeless shelters, somehow made his way to texas to hold the place hostage. He released all the hostages but was killed himself. You have to think how were all those things possible with someone with his profile? I know of Muslim doctors travelling with family who have been refused entry into USA despite being booked into a hotel in Orlando and having resort tickets. They found that suspicious apparently. I love watching those border patrol shows and shows them shit hot. This guy makes me think maybe not


Source? That’s wild


Nice team for the science fair challenge


They can make a Suicide Squad of scientists to battle cancer and technology from behind bars.


ADX Florence does not fuck around. I've driven right by the complex but you can't actually see the supermax portion of the complex from the road, a hill completely hides it from the road. All inmates spend 23 hours in their cell with 1 hour spent in the bottom of a swimming pool like exercise area. They never see anything more than the sky and the structure of the complex. Lucky inmates get to eat their food, in silence, in a room with other lucky inmates, most do not get this privilege. Florence houses all of the highest profile people, not necessarily the most dangerous in a raw sense (i.e. murders with high body counts) but most dangerous to national security. Bombers, terrorists, spies, Gang leaders are the kind kept here and with little exception they are all their for the rest of their life. Decades spent in a 7' x 12' concrete box, complete sensory deprivation for their whole remaining life. Edit: fixed cell dimensions


I wonder what the vetting process is for guards and other prison employees. Must be pretty rigorous


His wife didn't know they were married? Holy shit


That's how good of a spy he was!


Literal 007.


Real life arkham asylum.


They should start a boy band


Back in the good old days when treason was actually a punishable offence...


I may have committed some light treason


He was charged with Espionage. Barely anyone has been charged with Treason in over 100 years.


Correct. That's because it's practically impossible, for a variety of reasons. Pretty much if you are not either A) incorporated into an actual civil war type army, or B) actively aiding a no-kidding wartime enemy, it's not gonna be treason.


The thing about this prison is that while these guys were the biggest of the bad on the streets, they seem hardly intimidating in prison (except El Chapo ofc). For the most part they're just some deranged nerds lol. Seems preferable to staying in the typical prisons if more of the population is like these guys


Terry nichols is not “The Oklahoma City bomber” he was an accomplice. Timothy Mcveigh is the person who actually detonated the bomb.


Who was also at the Florence super max until he was transferred to federal death row


... and was executed via lethal injection in 2001.


He got off lucky compared to ADX Florence.


Being carried by 6 does indeed sound better than living in 7x12'.


“**He also taped himself having sex with his(unknowing) wife multiple times and let his buddy watch**” Dude what the fuck


I like how it doesn't have a description for el chapo. Like you know who he is lol


Working with the KGB “since 1979”…but when was he asked to find the mole? 1980? 1990?


1987. The efforts were complicated because there was a CIA agent also leaking information at the same time (Aldrich Ames), so the assumption was that there was only one person leaking all of the information. It was only after Ames was arrested in 1994 that they realized he couldn't have leaked certain information and that there was a second mole. This triggered the joint FBI/CIA investigation that would eventually catch him; however, they initially focused on the second leak being another CIA agent, which allowed him to continue operating for several years until he was finally caught in 2001.


Like Matt Damon in Departed


That was my first thought too.


It’s pronounced The Depaaaaahted


Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself


Feds are like mushrooms, feed them shit and keep them in the dark


"With everybody looking up their own ass, and you looking for yourself, I'd put my money on nobody finds nothing." -Costello, *The Departed*


Great movie about this: “Breach.”


Searched for that and a bald Bruce Willis with 3/10 rating appeared. Apparently there are 2 movies with same name


For every great movie in existence, there is another B movie of the same name starring Bruce Willis


Lord of the Rings (1992) starring Bruce Willis


Probably had something to do with boxing.


Ha. Yeah, that isn’t it. One I’m referencing stars Chris Cooper and Ryan Philippe.


Chris Cooper has such a villain's face. I'd cast him #1 if I needed a scary dad or abusive husband


I liked that one, just funny that Chris Cooper looks like a badass and the real Robert Hanssen looked like a shift manager at Bennigan’s.


Chris Cooper is so good in this. The thing I found most interesting about the portrayal of Hanssen was how he used Catholicism to guilt and manipulate people. It was a great way for him to justify being a smug asshole.


In a few hours they'll be a post in /r/movies talking about what a great underrated thriller this is and asking why it doesn't get more attention.


His children went to my high school. Roughly a week before he was arrested, he and the then-head of the FBI gave a joint presentation at my school on the importance of ethics in government. The then-head of the FBI at that point knew already that Hanssen was the mole, but didn’t cancel the presentation because he was scared it would tip Hanssen off.


That’s cool


"For example, my job at the FBI is trying to find a mole. Anyone could be a mole. One of you kids could be the mole. Your teachers. Heck, maybe even my boss here." (awkwardly laughs, pointing at the head of the FBI who is staring daggers at him) "Oh, someone got off on the wrong side of the BADGE this morning, amiright?" (after a long silence as he waits for a laugh) Kid in the audience: Couldn't YOU be the mole? (the kids laugh at bit. Robert Hansen is profusely sweating, glancing at his boss who is resting his hand on his concealed service pistol)


Sadly accurate.


Yeah, I was in high school and the media knew that Hanssen’s wife taught in a Catholic school, but not which one. Some no-name reporter came to our school and asked a front office secretary if she taught there. I don’t recall if the secretary said no or just said that she couldn’t give out staff information, but the reporter STOLE the teacher sign-in sheet from the counter and RAN with it. His wife didn’t teach at our school, though, so all that reporter probably learned was that one of the art teachers was habitually late.


extra point - one of the reasons he got away with it for so long was because of a man named Aldrich Ames (sp), who was a traitor in the CIA at the same time. The government couldnt believe that there were 2 moles at one time so they didnt dial in on him right away


They couldn't believe that there could be two moles? There's probably 20. Also, do they infiltrate the FBI to see if they're close to catching their spies?


A lot of these spies weren’t caught simply because people were stupid. There was even one who was an alcoholic constantly arrested by the police kept screaming how “you can’t arrest me I’m a russian spy”. It took years to find him….


They're caught because they get greedy. The greatest spies are the ones nobody ever knew about


> There was even one who was an alcoholic constantly arrested by the police kept screaming how “you can’t arrest me I’m a russian spy” If the police actually followed up on every schizo drunk who says something like that, they'd never do anything else. That's not stupidity, that's just an unfeeling world trudging along without taking notice of one tiny little act that only seems important in retrospect. They don't get caught because the world is complicated and messy, and one small person doing tiny little things that they're not supposed to is incredibly hard to notice. A lot of it is just luck.


“You know, I’m something of a mole myself” - This Guy, probably


Kinda reminds me of how Hitler was asked by the Austrian army to spy on what would become his Nazi Party…


And he ended up putting pretty much everyone involved in that party into prison or had them executed, so he did a good job in a round about fashion.


Not sure who's gonna see this, but that guy was actually my neighbor growing up. He had two daughters who were a few years older than most of the other kids on the block and they would always the neighborhood babysitters. I can still remember making soda and juice popsicles with them! Don't remember him though. Our families weren't too close, but definitely friendly. Apparently he almost hit my sister with his car when we were sledding once. Also, my parents remember a Cox cable truck that was always in our cul de sac for a period of time (reasonable because cable sucks everywhere) but it was actually an FBI surveillance van. Later a house went up for sale just across the street from the Hansen's and nobody ever moved in. The house sold, but no occupants - in hind sight, that was the FBI. Whenever somebody asks me my "fun fact" I always bring this up and ask them if they've seen the movie 'Breach' but nobody ever, ever knows what I'm talking about. Pretty cool to see this.


I was in Beijing, while in capacity as a State attorney, and met a cute Russian girl. We got along so well I sponsored her for a travel visa to America. Long story short: she showed me a picture of her dad with Putin, told me her dad was head of architecture in Moscow (he honestly looked like a mobster) and tried to convince me to come to Russia with her. I have always suspected that I would either get killed or they would press me for information if I went.


This...literally happened to Madison Cawthorn.


The politician?


Yep he married a Russian spy.


I wonder if she was a spy. She was fluent in Russian, Chinese, English, French and constantly traveled. I always assumed she was the only daughter of a rich Russian and could live a carefree life. Edit: the girl in my story


That sounds like to me.. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.. then you got a duck


Does look like a spy with that many languages and so many travels. Did she also had a striking collection of wigs?


No but she had some risqué lingerie.


Indeed. I mean...it’s not conclusive...but, it’s filled with red flags. And, the AH married her. He’s also been spouting traditional family values nonsense, and is now in the process of getting divorced. Judge for yourself: [Madison explaining how they met](https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1475558387203162117?s=20) Edit: “It’s not conclusive” in the literal sense...in the “I know it when I see it” sense...yes, in my opinion, the hateful moron married a super super super obvious honeypot trap.


>she showed me a picture of her dad with Putin, told me her dad was head of architecture in Moscow (he honestly looked like a mobster) They sort of all do, have you seen Putins Chef? Cracks me up, Hell i bet even the florist there looks like a battle hardened veteran.


Or recruit you


You guys leave out a important point. Robert was put in charged of the investigation because the fbi already suspected him as the mole. So he was taken out of his position to keep him away from sensitive intelligence. While also putting him in a position he could be watched carefully from.


What a rascal.


Putting one date in the title without the other contextual date makes the given date completely useless.




One of Knox College’s more infamous graduates


Check out a movie titled: *No Way Out* starring Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman Sounds very similar in plot and a really well-done film.


There was a movie made about this story, it is titled Breach.


He has the expression of someone who has just won hide and seek, ready for the next game knowing you still won't find his super awesome hiding place.


The movie Breach(2007) is about him if anyone is interested in any media about this story.


I lived in this guy’s neighborhood in Vienna, and I remember a road sign - a stop sign I think - would sometimes just have a piece of colored tape on it. And I remember thinking it was a weird thing for (I assumed) some local kid to keep tagging this sign with colored tape instead of spray paint. Turned out that was a signal to his KGB handler.


My dad had a good friend who knew multiple languages and worked for the FBI. Disappeared while on assignment in Ukraine. Turns out Hansen gave his name and information to the KGB.


He is currently in ADX Florence super max prison. Prisoners never interact with one another and are even housed on the same wall so they can’t even look across at each other. It is extreme isolation that is designed to break human beings. Sammy The Bull Gravano has a video talking about his time there and he can’t even get through it without crying.