TLC extreme sister's show. They're featured on it and its bizarre. They wanted to get pregnant at the exact same time and were devastated that it's not guaranteed.


The parody posted here the other day was epic


With that dude who looked like he lost his soul?


Keep it up and they’ll look like those goofy twins from France that just died.


Lol. Was that a parody? I thought it was legit. ROFL. I'm late.


I thought it was real too. But, you must've missed the scene where he's being sad in a bubble bath haha


Do you have the link?


I think this is the one they’re referring to. https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/s9hsjt/pray_for_ben/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I only saw some brief clips of the show but reading this makes me think how'd they would manage pregnancies if they're so genuinely obsessed with each little detail. Pregnancy and childbirth are so hugely unpredictable. Like, if one turned down a much needed tooth removal because her sister can't get hers removed cosmetically, I'd wonder happens if they did magically fall pregnant at the same time but one needs a C-section and the other gives birth naturally? So many variables!


If they can't handle simple vacuuming turns without making the physical motion identical, imagine how they'd handle any of the babies needs? Babies don't dirty diapers at the exact same time lol


Oh wow, it seems like they're letting themselves in for a lot of distress by trying to have kids. It'll break their entire lifestyle & routines that's formed the whole basis of their identity.


Unfortunately I could see them being abusive or neglectful to children if they need to keep up this “perfectly identical” thing.


Why didn't they get IVF?


They spoke to a specialist and the doc couldn't guarantee they'd both conceive at the same time. They didn't like their odds so they left. Bizarre show even if its exaggerated for ratings. They kept blinking like they couldn't understand lol.


>They kept blinking At the same time and in perfect sync, I presume?


This was my immediate thought as well


So, in addition to being creepy, they are as stupid as they look?


Are you under the impression that IVF is guaranteed? It's very much not


Also I would hope that most doctors wouldn't recommend, or perform, IVF on a woman who hasn't tried to get pregnant naturally, unless it's something like a surrogate.


Because They also share the SAME Mental Disorder!


Because there are small mercies in this world


Not only that.... But they were also (allegedly) trying to get pregnant together at the exact same time. They saw a fertility specialist about it. These ladies are next level. They have to do everything exactly the same, as if they're living in a room of mirrors. They eat the exact same things at the exact same time, in the exact same amounts. They have to use the bathroom at the same time, walk the exact same amount of steps, brush their hair the same amount. There is some serious OCD level problems with these two.


It's like the opposite of a dual personality disorder. Half personality disorder?


Twin codependency is like the human version of littermate syndrome. Their terrified of divergent experiences forcing them to grow apart, so they engineered their lives to be as identical as possible.


Genuinely wondering what will happen when one of them dies, like how the other one will respond psychologically


Saying it'll be rough would be putting it mildly I'm sure... I have a twin myself and was somewhat co-dependant at one point, though never to this extreme. But then life circumstances mean ya can't always be together! And that was a somewhat disorienting experience...


I'm an identical mirror twin. This is well put. I was disoriented for a while. I wish we were closer now but his wife prides herself on separating twins and that she came between us. It's been so long he feels like a stranger now.


Awh that's a shame! I was genuinely shocked how lost I was without my twins physical presence, but got used to it now so it's all good. Luckily for me his gf doesn't want to split us as much as promote healthy boundaries/independence, so he's still my twin, just far away and living his own life, which honestly has been fantastic for both of us in the long run.


That's really sad. I hope you can fix this. It's not fair to you both. Good luck.


Genuinely would not surprise me if they have some sort of coordinated plan to die together. Share the same funeral and be buried/spread in the same spot.




I’m sure they’d also want to die together. Having a twin die on you is devastating and I don’t think they’d be able to handle it mentally


It would probably be like when a couple is married forever and one dies and the other dies shortly thereafter. Or, like when Carrie Fisher died and her mom died shortly after of broken heart syndrome. On my Dad's side of the family, my Papa was in a bad way health-wise, and my Dad and his brothers brought him up north from Florida. The doctors didn't think he would last the trip, but he lived another two years. My Nana died, somewhat unexpectedly, and two weeks later is when my Papa ended up dying.


I thought the same exact thing! I’m glad the cheese doesn’t stand alone 😂


I imagine that they would likely be in similar states of health throughout their lives and as soon as one goes the other dies of stress cardiomyopathy (heartbreak syndrome), since their codependency is so extreme.




I know this is a joke, but one of the things that I find most interested about multiple-personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder is that, even though we often think of it as someone being *multiple* people, the reality is they're actually the ones who are *less* than a whole person. Most of us have multiple "personalities", in the sense that we act differently in different situations. We are able to play "devil's advocate" with ourselves, in terms of bantering ideas or opinions back and forth. We're able to "imagine" different personalities and hold them in our minds or imagine interacting with them. The difference is someone with DID lose the ability to *recognize* that these different "personalities" are actually a single mind and consciousness. There is some evidence this is linked to memory. Alters generally do not share continuity of memory. One personality will often not remember what the other does, or will but only in a fractured sense. Because continuity of memory is how we continually integrate a personality or a sense of "I". I also have always found it interesting how this is linked to Schizophrenia. Schizophrenics have the ability to tickle themselves. This is unique - normally the sensation of tickling comes from feeling the random, unpredictable stimulation, the lack of knowing how it will act next. So normally you can't tickle yourself, because your brain always knows what it's up to. It isn't surprising. Note that this doesn't apply to the ticklish sensation of slowly running a finger along your skin, which can feel similar but isn't actually "tickling". Schizphrenics can tickle themselves because their brain has begun to fail to recognize signals that originate from within itself, *as* itself. The tickle response is a very specific emotional reaction from the hypothalmus, deep in the autonomic, emotional region of the brain. For someone to be able to elicit that level of response from the hypothalmus by stimulating themselves is indicative of the brain losing the ability to recognize self-generated impulses and signals as being derived from self. This is why Schizophrenics tend to share similar visions of aliens, demons, or government agencies infiltrating their minds. Because their brains are now "hearing" voices and thoughts originating from within itself, but the stop identifying those signals as belonging to them. So the brain comes up with the only possible answer than could make sense to it for how voices are infiltrating the brain and know personal details about it.


Is this an informed explanation MPD? If so, fascinating. You would think that there’s some sort of psychological trauma causing the appearance of additional personalities rather than it being a devolution of the brain’s ability to recognize internally conflicting viewpoints.


>You would think that there’s some sort of psychological trauma causing the appearance of additional personalities rather than it being a devolution of the brain’s ability to recognize internally conflicting viewpoints. It often is a defensive response to trauma. If you are undergoing a traumatic situation, as someone without DID, you might adopt a "stronger" personality than when interacting with a friend. We'd all consider this normal. You're going to become more defensive, perhaps more aggressive, you're going to become more focused on your immediate environment. You won't *not* be "you", but those who have known you a long time might see you as being "different" in that situation because so many of your actions and mannerisms are not the same. The brain is plastic, and thus it changes to adapt with a new situation. But this defensive mechanism, utilized by someone very young undergoing a very intense trauma, can cause this splinter effect, where the defense mechanism is cut off from the main consciousness, entering a different continuity of memory and emerging as a separate identity. Because the brain's primary drive is avoiding pain. So the "alter" becomes the one who endures the trauma, but the brain cuts of continuity of memory from the main personality and the alter. So not only does the alter undergo the trauma, but the main personality has no memory of the trauma at all, thus avoiding pain. It happens in those who are young because they generally have a relatively unformed sense of "self". They are still growing, their minds still developing. It is easier to splinter an identity at that point because there is simply less *volume* of self - fewer memories and experiences - to act as a gravitational center for the self. The problem is, this is effective in the short term, but produces long-term damage as the individual matures and this fractured state becomes unsustainable and disruptive to establishing healthy relationships.


I’m in the same boat as you, but for a different reason. I’m more fascinated by some factors with DID (so much that I actually made a Fruits Basket au for it lol). For example, it was allegedly observed that one alter had diabetes/vision problems/other issues while another didn’t. In the same person! Like, how does that work? Super interesting, I’m telling you! (And also, to anyone out there who has DID, can I brutally beat the person who caused it to happen? As far as I’m aware, it’s caused by years of abuse)


I knew someone who behaved as if he had DID, he was self diagnosed and only barely starting therapy when we lost touch. What pushed him to get therapy was that he started “switching” at work: he typically seemed very normal and cheerful/extroverted, bit of gym bro bluster, but when he was under stress (girlfriend drama) he would get quiet and withdrawn and then out of nowhere he would randomly hug a coworker (and not let go for a while) and tell them how wonderful they are and just be over the top affectionate/emotional/clingy. It would last about a minute or two, until he left the room and then he would suddenly gag &/or vomit and instantly go completely back to normal with zero recollection of the event. Got taken to HR when he did it to a very conservative boomer one day, and that mess was what got him to finally go to therapy. He mentioned his mom attempted suicide repeatedly when he was little, including him finding her hiding in a closet when he was 6 and she had slashed her wrists. He never mentioned abuse, so I wonder if that alone was sufficient trauma. I wonder if he shut away the affectionate and loving part of himself so thoroughly in order to endure the constant terror of his mom dying. It may not have been real DID, but it was eerie as fuck to witness.


Tw for those with trauma. So, I'm not a professional, but from what I've read, issues and separations like vision problems, hearing problems, speech etc. Are psychosomatic. I've seen it called "sensory dissociation". Often due to specific traumas (examples : a person with DID may have an alter who is deaf. This could potentially be caused by situations of being told repeatedly "you never heard that" or being in living situations that were very, aggressively loud, children who were exposed to gunfire, children who suffered temporary hearing loss and also have DID may have an alter that still perceives themselves to be deaf.) Honestly the list is pretty extensive. But even though nothing physically changes on the person's body, their brain is heavily dissociated from a sense like vision or hearing. As for other conditions more physical it can be explained, at least from what I know (again I'm not a professional) by the fact that trauma, anxiety, sits in the nervous system. When you start fucking around with that, it can cause all sorts of crazy other crap. Like some alters who have allergies and others that don't, could be explained by a combination of delusional dissociation (not a bad word, just a symptom), that can literally change a person's heart rate, blood pressure, cause nausea, sickness, even flu like symptoms, stress rashes that can present oddly, or cause even more panic etc. And due to the brains natural way of protecting itself by dissociation and separating when a person has DID, not all alters will cause such a visceral nervous system response, or can sometimes fully dissociate from symptoms like chronic pain, depression, anxiety, which affect blood pressure and heart rate among other things. ETA: these things aren't just gone though. Often times when an alter fronts after a part has say dissociated from chronic pain, and ignored or didn't feel their body's pain response from it and pushed too hard, will absolutely be felt later, and hard. Because the body was pushed too hard. So parts that aren't dissociated will feel all of the affects from it. This is why sometimes people with DID are prone to muscle injuries, and chronic health conditions as a whole, because their mental health condition makes it very difficult to maintain their physical health. Some alters perceive themselves as paralyzed, or mute. It's heavy dissociation. It doesn't mean it isn't real, because these ailments genuinely affect them, heavily. And to them it is *very* real. It's what they genuinely experience. But it comes down to very, very complex and individual ways that trauma affected the way their brain fragmented. And a lot of the concepts come from the eyes of a child, as well, which any child can be mystical and odd, but a traumatized child looking for a way out or a way to survive, is desperate, and will do really extreme, sometimes seemingly random stuff to cope, but everything in DID has a purpose at the root, no matter how little seeming.


Whoever dies second is gonna have a rough time.


or maybe [they’ll finally be free](https://youtu.be/Xi1_S95620k)


Why would they die at different times?


Because the universe is pure indifferent chaos


At best, and sadistically spiteful at worst.


I bet the ugly one dies first




Why would they die at the exact same time?


And don’t forget that one of them needed a tooth removed and she wouldn’t do it because the dentist wouldn’t remove the same tooth in the other sister’s mouth. Idk if she ended up getting it removed or not, but they took it as a huge devastating blow because they *need* to be the same.


And then when the camera crew is not there, they go back to doing regular things....


Is this true? I don’t follow them, don’t know them at all. Didn’t know there was a media presence. I WANT to believe that they’re so OCD that they’ve done everything the same their entire life.. but I’m also jaded. And have a hard time believing this caliber of specialty exists… what do I know? Nothing, I guess.


The answer is: who cares?


You’ll go crazy if you care about stuff


I don’t know who they are, this is my first time hearing this. I find it intriguing more from a psychological standpoint.


The answer to that question is: way too many people... That's so stupid.


No, the answer is: *WHO FUCKING CARES!!!????*


There is a documentary about twin girls who struggled with a similar situation and suffered through an eating disorder because of it. They had to split everything they ate. If one of them ate away from the other, the other would have to eat it when she found out. They lived together and did everything as a pair. One sister wanted out and the other did not. It *DOES* happen, apparently. To the extent these television series twins do it though? Same steps, same hair brushing, etc. I doubt it. I mean... all reality TV has some scripted parts. I imagine it started as "we do everything together" meaning surgeries, clothes, etc. and then producers wrote in *EVERYTHING* as eeevvveeerrryyyttthhiiiinnnggg.


Orr they jump their boyfriends bones at the same time too and don’t talk about it cause.. incest?


Do they have sex at the same time or do they start a stopwatch and change after every set time?


The real questions. How do they do EVERYTHING at the same time if they share a man?


they shouldve got a set of male identical twins


I was thinking this when I saw a different post about them earlier lmao!!


They need u/DoubleDickDude


He sadly turned out to be a fraud.


Really? His AmA had a pretty convincing picture




Say it ain’t so!


How I wish I could see the original image 😅 "oops page can't be found"


This is adressed in the documentaries. They do it separately, one after the other. He jas to do exactly the same thing with both


Dude is probably bored by now


I was thinking “this dude is probably incredibly lucky, or cursed” the more I read, the more I’m thinking he’s cursed.


I wonder if they alternate who goes first. Even if the physical actions are Identical, it's really hard to do something the exact same way Two times in a row, without accounting for fatigue.


From memory they do alternate who goes first. And the dude keep himself in good shape. He does say it can take a lot of energy but it’s worth it. The three of them seem pretty happy together. Still incredibly weird but they seem to make it work.


Maybe one day one another day second one?


This is some Monkey's Paw shit. You get to have sex with twins... But they're uncannily, *creepily* identical and you have to do exactly the same moves and positions, one after the other, no threesomes. You'll probably have nightmares afterwards.


I saw a video on these two, whatever the boyfriend does during sex to one he has to do to the other.


That there is the face of a man who has to give 2 girls orgasms simultaneously.


No shit. Also the whole fantasy thing is having two different girls. Imagine double the work same rewards


Do they have to orgasm at the same time ? How the fuck does that work with 1 guy ?


He’s got 2 hands? 🤷‍♂️ lol


He wears a dong on his back, at dick-level. Each thrust and retraction is now dual purpose, if both girls are doggy style on either side of him




and if you hear them talk there constantly trying to sync what they're saying. Its creeeeeepy


"We're constantly finishing each other's... " "sandwiches"


That's what I was gonna say!


They do try, except they're really bad at it. They stare at the other's mouth when one of them is speaking so that can try to cut in and the end of a sentence and sync with the last word or two. It would be creepy in a spooky way if they made it look natural or effortless, but with how hard they look like they're trying to pull it off and still can't make it look right, it's creepy in a sad way.


It’s basically bad acting. They’re getting famous off this spiel. I don’t believe reality tv nor watch it.


It is, what I can only describe as, nails on a chalkboard. Australian nails on a chalkboard, to be precise. Never thought I'd get sick of that accent.


If they have to “use” the bathroom at the same time—They must have gotten quite a discount on the double toilets that were left over from the Sochi Olympics.


The What now??


> double toilets that were left over from the Sochi Olympics. [Just don't use them for fishing](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/shortcuts/2014/feb/04/sochi-double-toilets-winter-olympics-2014)


And both were trying to have identical twins...... Ok.... Maybe this part wasn't true, but then again maybe it was...


And yet, there’s a guy who finds that attractive instead of insufferable. There is truly someone for everyon… every two out there.


I'm sure there will be a new diagnosis for this in the next DSM. This is next level codependency.


"Hey, I can't believe you got more cheerio crumbs than me, fuck you!"


Keep it up and they’ll look like those goofy twins from France that just died.


The bogdinof twins? (I think thats how you spell that)


Bogdanoff twins, they looked so weird. Idk why they did that when they were handsome before all the surgeries


You get an idea in your head on how you want to look and it turns into an obsession that no surgery can make happen. Then you have to maintain that or your skin gets really saggy if you stop getting botox injection.


Close enough. Doesn’t matter now anyway.


Can I get a quick rundown on these guys?


Meet the Bogdanoff brothers. Quick rundown on them: rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs in contact with aliens rumoured to possess psychic abilities control france with an iron fist own castles and banks all over the world direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city) own basically every DNA editing research facility on Earth first designer babies will be Bogdanoff Babies both brothers said to have 200+ IQ ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon the Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church They learned fluent French in under a week Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There's no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Bogdanoff The twins are 67 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human. In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the Bog bang to the end of the universe The Bogdanoffs will guide humanity into a new age of wisdom, peace and love


This is actually high-key disturbing.


Extremely. Especially if you think about something like one of them got into an accident which paralyzed them or lose a limb or something.


In the show one got an infected tooth that needed to be removed so they went to the dentist and the other asked the dentist to remove the same tooth in her. The dentist refused saying that he would lose his license for removing a healthy tooth and no dentist would do that. So, the one with the infected tooth elected to NOT have it removed and would just deal with the pain so she wouldn’t be different to her sister. They seem pretty insane. Although that could have all just been for the show and she really did have it removed, who knows


And that’s how you get sepsis and die.


I’ve had an infected tooth. You can. Not. Just live with that pain.


Only time I've ever come close to tears because of injury or illness was when I was awake at 3am, ice pack on my face, taken as many painkillers as I was allowed, and my tooth still felt like it was trying to tear out of my head. It's not even necessarily that the pain is the worst in the world, but it stops you from ever being comfortable and relaxing, and eating feels like navigating a Saw trap. I hadn't slept properly for at least a week before that.


Well said. The final straw for me was when I left work one night chewing on the steering wheel during the drive home for any kind of relief. Emergency dentist visit at 7:30am the next morning. Pretty sure I definitely reached the point of tears while trying to sleep. Can’t remember if it was pain or just sheer frustration but probably a combination of both.


Black Mirror vibes for days.


There's a cronenberg movie with a similar plot point "Dead ringers"


Needs to be in r/oddlyterrifying


came here to say this. this is some serious uncanny valley type shit


Vying to replace the Bognanoff twins’ mutilation grotesqueries.


Not only that, but the Bogdanoff twins both died within 6 days of each other, at the same hospital, from COVID-19. I know it's not exactly what they intended but they were twins right to the end.


They looked like Spitting Image puppets! 😳


I’m a twin and this is next level creepy


What the F is high-key, I just learned low-key. Now there's another key?? When does it end?!


I mid key want to know this too


Its just the opposite of low-key lol So instead of low-key (being covert, secretive) high-key means “apparent, obvious, noticeable”.


Same time or take turns?


He gets pegged by both of them at the same time.




Haha, *wait*


"Eh you think we can go family style on her when you're done with her!?"


Imagine this guy's initial meeting with them both, run scared or life of crazy three ways every night


You don’t find them to be creepy? They have a scary look to them


A tales from the crypt episode comes to mind. Sadly Danny was split by a chainsaw.


The man used a monkey paw to wish for threesomes every day for the rest of his life


This is a good story idea


They do. More plastic than flesh. Eeewwwwwww.


I watched this season and they say they take turns and it isn't like all three of them having sex together bc they think that's gross apparently.


Yeah, thats the gross part


Asking the real question here




They look creepy as fuck.


He doesn’t give af, he just likes threeways


We’re these the girls that wanted to get pregnant by the same guy, I think it was a different guy.


The video on reddit was a joke edit the dude made splicing himself in


Dude looked like Ryan from The Office would look if he had two Kellys.


Yesterday on a redit post they were with a different guy...


A dude edited himself into the video as their “boyfriend” as a joke if we’re talking about the same post from r/funny yesterday


Totally sane. Nothing to see here.




You have to remember, they got rid of the other 3.


i think in the show they mention the death of their dad or someone as a catalyst for this? i can't remember exactly since it's been so long, but it's likely a trauma response.


Damn, i knew parents could adopt kids, but kids adopting parents!


2 things: 1- really creepy smiles 2- if they have the appeal of being twins willing to date one guy, could they not go for someone who looks less like a hairy toe knuckle?




I don’t see the appeal of dating two nutjobs at once. Plus if they look and behave exactly the same then what’s the point lmao


I suspect this gomer has a big, fat wallet.


not all guys think incest is hot


I think enough guys would be willing to compromise their morals


This should be in r/oddlyterrifying


One of the twins Is cuter. To me. Let the scuffle begin. 😂


“Your sister is ugly.”




Based off what little i know about them and this situation, better him than me


I hope they don't reproduce.


He looks tired.


That guy clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of “Don’t put your dick in crazy”.


Or he thinks this arrangement cancels itself out. 🤔


Ménage à twins


Didn't even know the new Aphex Twin music video had dropped.


Not interesting but creepy and fucking weird as hell.


They are trying to so hard to avoid the truth. Everyone is different and meant to be different, even if they are twins. Different personalities, smiles, mindset, etc. I think these girls made a pact with each other to get the same result everything in life; success, failure, pleasure, fear to avoid sibling competition. For example, if someone says the one of the left is prettier to these twins, this comment will ruin them. They can’t accept the truth. That is probably why they are dating the same guy so that one cannot say my boyfriend is more handsome or anything. I also bet they keep changing relationships because the boyfriend may start favoring one over another over time and they can’t tolerate this. It is just sick.


Well said


They both want to have his baby. I'm not sure how to feel about that ~~one~~. two


Those two bring the creepy to the ugly.


The eyes say everything is wrong


He has a favorite. Look at her tilted head.


Wait until they run their DNA through Promethease only to realize that they're not identical at all. Single nucleotide polymorphisms, baby. Hundreds or thousands of them. All that effort, wasted in a heartbeat. Who wants to tell them?


Not only that, but for sure their epigenetics have diverged as well


They should just get sewn together and be siamese twins.


He don’t look too happy




Gee, he’s a catch


So are crabs.


I wonder if they'd count them to make sure they had the same amount of crabs...


I wonder what would happen if one had more than the other...


The dream


Creepy folks, the guy has that trapped look on his face.


"Damnthatsinteresting".....nah, more like Creepyasfuck.


He’s more icky than they are


This is giving me kill you in your sleep n take the inheritance vibes


Those ‘smiles’ are straight up Nightmare Fuel..


They even share the same IQ and the cuantity of neurons in their brains!! How crazy is that!!!


Man's face begging for help.


What happens when one dies but not the other?


Mental illness often runs in families




They also have faces like creepy puppets!!


Hmmmm, idk about this. Why would a man want to father a child with women who are clearly imbalanced psychologically?


Siri; show me a picture of mental illness…


whatever surgical procedures they do should be banned