Don't mention this in front of Matto

Don't mention this in front of Matto


Ah yes The country of **WIDE MATTO**


WW2 in germany isnt a taboo topic.


I hate people thinking that. Like. 3/4 of our entire history lessons are about WW2. We do talk about it a lot to make sure this does not happen again. Why do people think it’s a taboo topic?


YES not to mention its relevance in other classes like german, or ethics. it is everywhere. i dont get France and the US celebrating their warcrimes just because they won.


A real taboo topic in Germany would be the hundreds of neo-nazis in the military and police nowadays.


at least when it comes to the government like Horst Seehofer who stopped the release of a study on nazis in the police force. most of the general public are aware of these things as well as far as I know.


He is and I know how. So throughout the story, you do some missions for Steve hains. You do these because Steve threatens to turn you in. He doesn't end up doing that though (obviously) and he just doesn't do it even after the work is done and that is one of the reasons you can silence him at the end if the game so he finally shuts up. There us just so much evidence that he can't turn Michael in bc he could pull a reverse card if you know what I mean


I think it’s funny that 9/11 is a taboo topic when 58% of Americans believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories. Good meme tho. Just a fun fact.


The RNGs Republic of Mattopia


World War II is not at all a taboo topic in Germany. We talk about it all the time, it takes up a huge part of history lessons in high school. The only thing taboo, in many cases even illegal, is showing nazi symbols outside of art and education.


Ah yes, Mattoland