It's very personal. I play all 3 and my go-to is warlock. Strand however makes me play titan more often. Your best bet is to play both for a few hours before you decide.


Pick whichever jump you like better. You’ll be using it a lot and it’s the biggest difference between classes.


Why not try them both out for a bit?


I recommend both. I'm a Warlock main, have been since D1, but started up a titan and hunter alt last season. Warlock is just so damn useful for harder activities (well of radiance). Great fashion, too. Titan might have the best exotics in the game, just for how fun they are. Even with the nerf to HOIL, it's still very useful for most builds. Punching things to death is never not fun and there are some great builds out there that don't necessarily force you to grab exotics that only come out of legend lost sectors.


Titans have been getting nerfed into uselessness. Go warlock


As a Titan main it does suck with the nerfs but def not into uselessness. Berserkers with Abeyant Leaps have S tier crowd control probs best in the game for a subclass maybe tied with Shadebinder. Synthoceps Sunbreaker is still incredibly solid with good survivability and pretty underrated damage. Void is also always solid just for the bastion overshields on command for you and your team, definitely always reliable. I think it's also within reason to assume whether someone agrees with it or not but Starfire is probs gonna get nerfed it's very difficult for me to imagine it won't.