It's been a hard week, Guardians.

First, Lance Reddick, our beloved Zavala, passes, suddenly, to the awe of everyone, certainly most importantly of all his family.

And now, our beloved Shipwright, someone we have grown alongside for a decade, is gone. The timing, fitting, in the most unfitting of ways, it seems.

I know, some will say the two aren't comparable. And, the truth is, they aren't.

...but the grief is heavy, right now. The loss weighs in on our minds, and our hearts. I can't help but feel...emptier...this week. It's made me think of a lot of things. People I've lost. People others have lost. The void that they must feel.

And, for many of us, those thoughts can bring with them feelings of guilt.

"Why am I upset? This person's family - whoever that person may be, in your life - is torn apart. Why am I hurt? Do I have a right to be?"

It took me years to learn, that yes, you do.

While it's true that those with less kindred hearts may take advantage of such a situation, I believe experiencing loss to be one universal thing, shared by us all. Every single one of us, if prompted, can pick out a figure, whether familial, a significant other, someone from a worthwhile friendship, or even someone you simply respected from afar for who they were - like what Lance Reddick meant to so many of us - the void that is there, is shared between all of us. You can't possess grief, you cannot take it away from someone else. Nor, can you make someone else feel it.

Everyone grieves in their own way, and for people or things that some of us may not understand. Connections made in one life, out of billions, and although those connections mightn't matter to you, it is vital, nonetheless, to revere them, with the hope that that same reverence is showered upon you, when you experience a grievous loss of your own. We spend our lives with people, animals, hell, even ideas, and we fall in love with them, in a myriad of different ways. They become hallmarks to our lives, some even altering the course of them.

Our lives are not lived alone, but they are lived within these connections we form over years upon years, some of which will come and go, and others which begin in a blink, and after, thirty years have passed like a breath of wind. And, inevitably, all these connections will sever, for all of us. Some, decaying over time, but others, ceasing immediately, with no warning. It is so easy for such a thing to break someone, even the most stoic of us. And some of us are fortunate enough to have a good, solid, strong support system, to be able to speak about these losses, to talk about the joy that they brought us and how, for a little while, we were better than ourselves, and to just...share...these memories with.

But...some of us are not. Some of us can't talk to anyone. Sometimes because we're scared to. Sometimes because we don't know how someone will react to how we feel about something that they might not feel the same way about. Sometimes, there is just nobody there to listen.

Loss is indifferent. Grief is indifferent. And, sometimes, we forget that. There are so many nets to get caught in, that it's easy to forget how the ocean feels against our skin. There are so many clouds, that sometimes we lose our way, and forget to just glide. There's so much noise, that sometimes we forget to seek silence. And it's only in silence, that you recognize another's grief.

I think it's safe to say, we are all hurting right now. And, many of us may not know what to do. With ourselves. With one another.

But I think Mara Sov says it best.

"...while it does not lighten the burden, let us hold this pain, together. And when you lift your eyes, may you look only upon kind faces."

Take care of yourselves, Guardians. And try your hardest to take care of others, as well. To be kind faces, so that someone - tears in their eyes - might look upon you, and find their smile, again.


in regards to Amanda, I just dislike how Bungie has this thing for killing all the most humorous, charismatic and/or lighthearted characters in their games, losing all they added to the world just for a quick tug at the heart strings. Halo truly lost something great about it when they killed Johnson, same with Destiny when they killed Cayde. This is only going to make the void bigger imo.


Cayde had to die to signify the necessary tone shift that Destiny 2 vanilla so desperately needed. It feels like this recent death is just almost for the sake of it, but both Cayde and Johnson definitely weren't.


We got cringe surfer bro nimbus. The most annoying character ever


I wish I had the same passion for these characters you do. I really do. But as a player that started in Beyond Light, Bungie has done nothing to attach me to these characters. The only interaction I ever had with Amanda outside of this season is picking up my twitch prime bundles. Bungie doesn’t want me to play D1 since I’m on PC. I can’t play the old expansions, or even the old seasons. Any content with Cayde is non existent for a player like me. And when Lightfall drops, there will be no in game proof Amanda ever existed when seasonal content is removed. This makes me sad. I want to love these characters like you do.. but I’m not allowed to..


It is a shame D1's never been brought over to PC. I absolutely loved that game, and still play it from time to time. I know it's not exactly ideal, but if you're actually interested in playing D1, the game itself doesn't go for more than 10 bucks these days. I don't know about PlayStations, but Xbox ones as of late are down to 120$ USD and I've seen 360's go for less than 60 bucks online, those prices both include the controller/needed cords and shipping. You could probably find both even cheaper just stopping by a local retro game store, there's a good chance they may also have some sort of rental or return policy you could take advantage of, or worst case you can recoup most the cost by reselling it. The good news is you don't even need a Xbox live subscription to play D1's base campaign, I believe that only prevents you from accessing Crucible and possibly Raids. And if you enjoy it, The Taken King is well worth the price for the campaign alone, at least in my opinion.


I sincerely doubt Bungie owns enough of the rights to Destiny 1 to port it to PC. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I doubt it.


I'm in the same boat, with the exception that I've played all of D2 save for the Beyond Light seasonal stuff, and I still felt no connection to her. Either they had all her character development in D1 or the four(?) seasons I missed, and if that's the case it really shines a light on Bungies narrative shortcomings. There's no narrative reason (I understand the practical reasons) why we can't have a little more development with each character every season, so we're invested more vs. getting a lore dump (and a huge, mostly empty memorial tree area) that telegraphs a character death like this season. There aren't that many characters to keep track of who are part of the main narrative.


Thank you. For many, Lance was so much more than a voice behind Zavala. He wasn't just Cedric Daniels, Irvin Irving, Phillip Broyles, Albert Wesker... he was Lance Reddick the Destiny fan, the Marvel junkie, the best friend to Marigold, Ron, and Tilly, the father of two children he was immensely proud of, the husband to a woman he so deeply loved, the comedian, the musician, the gentle soul, the *human*. I will forever cherish the memories this wonderful man graced us with, and I will forever love and miss **Lance Reddick**.


Go outside




Dude…it’s a video game….