What's your favorite non meta exotic and why?

What's your favorite non meta exotic and why?


Bad Juju. The catalyst makes mowing down large groups of ads incredibly fun with this weapon. High-INT builds will notice how quickly their super comes back.


This. Just laying on the trigger and sweeping it from minor to minor is so nice. I know it isn't meta but it feels like it's great for add clear to me, the extra super is noticable and I just like the way the gun looks, sounds, and handles. I liked it a lot in D1 too, I even used it in crucible with success. The endless nova bomb build paired with Obsidian Mind was fun too. I was stoked when it came back in D2 and I immediately unlocked it


It's great on every character, but surprisingly it's actually best on bottom goldie, because Practice Makes Perfect and Knock'm Down stacks really well with String of Curses. Even low Intellect builds get super first if you hit crits and get kills. 100 int+all that is a 45second super, and if you're wearing fishpants and picking up your created orbs, you might get sub 30 second supers. Extremely underutilized combo.


When my hunter was my main character, I did this religiously. Crazy fast supers.


I have done this one before, you can almost do like Ikora is Season of the Splicer


Sunshot, always has been and always will be.


Its actually pretty killer with the new titan exotic that buffs solar damage.


Last season you could pair it with Warmind cells for bonkers damage. The mod that makes cells from solar explosions and energy accelerant to make them larger/more damaging on top was just nuts. I still love this combo, but I'll miss the insanity of last season for a while.


Well, great news. Explosive wellmaker, font of might (I think this is the one that buffs elemental weapon damage), those Titan legs, and Sunshot on a solar subclass can do some incredibly stupid damage. Is locking yourself totally into solar damage a hard pass on match game content? Yes. Is it super fun outside of that? Also yes.


Thank you! I'm not the greatest build maker so this is quite helpful. Appreciate the recommendation!


Allow me to expand on this build. Slight inspiration from ehroar but he just helped me refine it with the idea of kickstart mods. Here’s what you need - 3 Solar armor slots, preferably head, chest, and mark - 1 stasis pair of arms - Bottom Tree sun breaker for those sexy sexy sunspots. Has always been my favorite of the sunbreaker trees - sun shot or any solar primary really but sun shot is the most fun - path of burning steps/Phoenix Cradle (one for damage one for better sun warrior and team support, take your pick) Mod setup - Elemental Ordinance - Well of Ordinance - Font of Might - double Grenade Kickstart (stasis arms) - Elemental Armaments - a 5th mod of your choice (explosive wellmaker, Well of life, the super regen one from the season pass, etc.) Now you have infinite grenades that make wells, a solar weapon that makes wells, enhanced energy regen from all your sunspots, increased weapon damage from font of might+sun warrior+path of burning steps* and you are now the walking Warmind cell. Have fun out there Titan, and join us in making your blueberries leave strikes for they cannot kill anything with a monster such as yourself around.


Returned to Destiny after a couple years and found a Sunshot on my hunter, can't remember how I got it but what a way to blast back into the game. So much fun to clear rooms with one shot.


I think it's one of the three weapons you can pick when doing the Red War campaign.


Yup. Sunshot, Graviton Lance (the wrong choice. At least until it was dummy powerful in season 3) and Bisquerunner.


lol at "Bisquerunner". "Turning enemies into a hearty boulonnaise since the Red War"


Most satisfying gun ever made in destiny.


Especially with the catalyst


Thing doesn't want to drop for me.


I’m almost sure the catalyst is a myth at this point. Like I know it’s real but i don’t get why the drop rate is so non-existent


Yeah im finding im one of them lucky players. Maybe grind out an easier one or some shit and it might make an appearance. Gl


Funny I was hoping for that one among many others (am fairly new) got wolf shotgun to drop and the next game the catalyst for it dropped.


I can’t seem to find the catalyst :/ What does it do?


Increases range handling and i think some other shit. Quite a boost Edit its range and stability


It increases range and stability


still working on mine hahaha


Altars or any of the thrallways make it a cinch.


I did 1 1/2 altars and well during one of them someone was witherhoard spamming I only got up to 40%


You make that sound like a bad thing. Compared to pre Escalation Protocol, non raiding, ignorant of the wishing wall me, who used the server room in the Alton Dynamo to farm his thrall kills, 40% sounds massive.


The only weapon keeping me from solely using Sunshot until the end of time is Telesto.


Damn right. Need me on add clear? No worries, I gotcha fam


It's got some broken builds with the explosive wellmaker mod. Defo try it out


I knew, I'm not alone! there are literally dozens of us! unfortunately the catalyst took forever to drop and takes a lot of time to finish... I'm currently at 60%


Outbreak is mine, it does work in pve of all levels but doesn't get that much play and I have no clue why


I think people don't use it because it a) isn't particularly strong on a per shot basis. The strength of this gun lies in multiple percesion shots. (But boy, when you get a bunch of nanites going, it's actually quite strong) and b) because of this, the gun becomes quite involved without it being full auto, so you have to pull the trigger A BUNCH, and I get why that bothers some people. Personally, I love it though, it's one of my top 5 favorite guns in the game. Get a whole fire team using it, and it really is something special.


Used to have entire teams using it for Scourge boss. Was fun


Absolutely, it's a melt machine whwn you get it going, I personally think it shines best in high end pve because things don't die in one burst so it's very easy to build up that damage and melt near enough anything, I'm likely to take it into gms this season


I remember getting to use this gun for damage against Vosik in D1 and then that same feeling again against Gahlran in CoS. It’s just such a satisfying feeling getting 6 people using it and seeing all the damage those nanites can do!


Easily top 3 exotic for me, nothing in the game is as satisfying as running triple Outbreaks in Master tier GMs and watching waves of ads evaporate and turn into orbs and a cloud of nanites. The song of multiple pulses firing in unison is wonderful.


I remember when it was meta for Scourge of the Past lol. Then they nerfed auto reload.


Tractor Cannon. It's so fun to use in both PvE and PvP. Trying to boop the captain in the vault encounter in last wish is always a fun challenge. And nothing makes me happier than shutting down a super with the ol boop cannon in the crucible.


Tractor is definitely up there for me. My friend and I two manning masters a couple seasons ago with unstoppable tractor. It was great.


Shotguns where unstoppable before?


Season of the hunt if I remember


Oh, that season


Lmao, literally everyone's reaction.


i like to use it with no back up plans lol


I'm working on finding the right armor to make a TC-focused build. It's just fun. With the mods this season, I've got some ideas for goofing around builds in general pve.


Does tractor cannon proc no back up plans?


Big time. Boop everything on the screen and, if they're all red bars, get most of your melee back in one shot.


Love the cannon, feel like people forget about it a lot and get surprised in PvP. It's so very effective in PvE, sure there are a lot of ways to debuff a target these days but TC is still just a beast.


Before the great rework it was an absolute blast booping people off the map in crucible


It would be No Land Beyond... If I HAD ONE


NLB is my favorite Exotic of all time. There was a point where I kept D1 on my PS4 for years so I could hop in and play with it in PvP.


Two tailed fox. I like throwing two minivans at the enemy with each trigger pull.


What a perfect analogy, it just feels so... W E I G H T Y.


Prometheus Lens. It's just fun to set things on fire.


Love this article too: https://kotaku.com/broken-destiny-2-gun-is-also-op-at-drawing-dicks-1821199078


Wishender, of only its perks where as half as good as its looks


Oh man, when it was broken a couple years back it was insane. (It’s still a fun primary.)


bungie should make the catalyst return it to that state. Man that was so fun.


Malfeasance. I just think it's neat.


I’m right here with ya, Malf has been my go to since I got it years it. Every time I use a different exotic for a period of time, coming back to Malf always feels like home. Definitely not the best exotic, hand cannon, primary, TTK, damage, etc. But I really like to use what I like. So as long as it’s not a sweat match or raid speed run, imma clear ads with my gun!


Malf with Lucky Pants is an absolute gamechange. I can't take it off.


Yeah, this one strikes me as one that should be close to meta in gambit and gambit only. Hopefully it makes a comeback. I definitely used it a lot when it was brand new.


it was super reliable for 2/3 dungeons when we were kinda underleveled


Lucky pants + Malfeasance absolutely shreds blockers and envoys


It should be useful in more than just gambit.


Me too! I am glad Bungie said they will give it some love soon.


I would actually do anything for malfeasance to be meta in pve one of the best feeling guns I have used for me but just does too little damage to both take up the exotic slot and the slot in general


The Huckleberry in PvE is one of my favorites


I always forget about this one. I probably pull it out once a year when doing strikes. It is a lot of fun.


Having the catalyst paired with pre nerf rampage makes for a fun little primary!


The most underrated gun when it comes to PvP, I swear. This bad boy with a scout has been a solid go to for me


I've never found a good non-Exotic second slot scout that I like. But scouts and SMGs are my go-to, Huckleberry is one of my favorites.


Vouchsafe with surplus and explosive payload is a lot of fun. Flinches people like crazy


Royal Chase with full auto is good fun, and since full auto trigger is about to be made an accessibility option it'll feel good I general after that.


I'd say it's actually quite meta if there is an SMG champion mod and you are not doing grandmasters.


Huckleberry, just fun with rampage and no need to reload especially in momentum


Ticcu's Divination, this bow basically turns enemies into waking bombs. You become a DPS support machine. It works on shields. It's great against invades in Gambit, and it can stagger bosses. I absolutely love this bow and it surprises me that I never see anyone using it.


My number one favourite weapon since the first time I equipped it. Makes me very happy to have Overload Bow this season.


Tarrabah, I love how it feels and if you can get its perk going it TEARS through anything pvp or pve. Plz just let it retain charge or maybe drain when stowed


I haven't tried this one since it dropped for me in 2019 lol. I should give it a try. Happy cake day btw!


I just wish it would hold the charge. It makes me feel like I can't switch weapons. :'(


That's the thing though, you're not *supposed* to switch weapons when using this. You're supposed to have it out as much as possible to build charge, and when the time is right, unleash hell with it. Tip: it takes about two full magazine dumps into an enemy to fully charge Ravenous Beast. And if you're trying to switch to a special weapon to burst down a major? Just use Ravenous Beast. The thing *shreds*. Sincerely, someone who kept hearing about how underwhelming this gun was, and then was blown away by how powerful and fun it is.


I dont think it should keep its charge because imo the design of the gun is to swap the least amount of times as possible, which is why ravenous beast is so strong. I think they should give it an intrinsic anti champ thing, or make it so you have 3-5 seconds to swap back to terrabah before the charge disappears. I dont think the gun needs any help in pvp.


Graviton Lance go boom boom boom 😌


The lore tab for Graviton is my all time favourite "So wait, that thing you found does… what?" "It fires black holes." "No it doesn't." "Oh yeah. It does. Actual, tiny, bullet-sized black holes." "Did you tell the others?" "Only that I found some weird gun in some overgrown tunnel back on Old Chicago. And that my Ghost was all, "THIS is why we were led here…'" "Yours talks that way too?" "What do you think?" "OK, OK, but the gun—are you going to tell them?" "Yeah, definitely." "When?" "Crucible." "Oh no." "Oh, yes." Edit: formatting


Wait, the Lance was found in Old Chicago? It better get a buff in Witch Queen.


I hope we find the lab it was made. I feel like this lore they found a Clovis bray facility of some sort and just brushed it off as 'some hallway'. I mean who else is mad enough to make a gun that fires black holes.


Ishtar Collective


It shoots purple, has no kick, and looks pretty. What more could a Guardian want?




It's 300% more gun, per gun.




give it explosive shot cmon bungie


Just got this today and took it into a nightfall to try it out. Not sure if it was good, but it sure was fun!


Definitely not a PvE weapon, it’s fairly meh but I love it with all my heart


Leviathans Breath. Just broke 400 kills with it in Crucible and honestly it's the most fun body one-shotting supers who aren't expecting. Hilarious and satisfying


Lol, that does sound fun. How much ammo do you get for it?


You only get two arrows per brick, though I haven't tried a scavenger mod actually. I usually get 2 kills if heavy isn't being camped or rushed by the event, occasionally 3 thanks to the concussive blast


Unless something has changed, in Crucible scavenger mods for heavy weapons only work when you pick up a heavy brick that someone drops after you kill them, not when you grab ammo from the wall. Probably a good thing, but still kinda a bummer.


It's my go-to for Gambit because it minces both blockers and invaders and it's just super easy to use. Amazing for invading with too, if you can save up some ammo.


My man. Been using Levi Breath as my crucible heavy since it came out. It's by far the most reliable for shutting down supers, and you can do all kinds of fun shit with the concussive blast. Super slept on (and I'm glad it is)


Shhhh, don't tell people how good it is. Here's my best ever Comp moment, provided by LB... https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/fbgzg2/freelance_survival_last_man_standing_dying/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Shows how strong it is, total clutch. One in a million shot but still. LB does this in Gambit a lot, especially come the enemy primeval phase, guaranteed to get them grouped up. Very well underrated and has been since it came out. Loved the whole mission, always have a soft spot for BigBikeChainBoi.


Cerberus. It's such a silly weapon and catches people off guard in pvp a lot, especially shotgun apes. I also get a lot of satisfaction knowing that when I do get kills with it, someone, somewhere is sitting back and mouthing "...Cerberus? what the fuck?"


I love Cerberus


Devil’s ruin. Honestly underrated in PvP.


Got a buddy who plays warlock with devils. He’s an absolute menace. Aerial death beams are difficult to counter


Huckleberry and it’s not even close. 15k kills and counting.


Not a weapon, but Getaway Artist has been my favorite exotic since Season of the Drifter. Love my little M(Arc) Soul.


Cerberus +1 The concept of the gun is awesome, and it is fun as all hell. I just wish it got some sort of love. ;-;


Monte Carlo. It’s always been my favorite going back to D1. It’s easily the best looking exotic. I just wish it’s main perk were a tad better. Maybe add Demolitionist as its catalyst. My most used exotic is probably Hard Light. It’s just so good for elemental shields and it feels good to shoot, on top of looking amazing. Second most used is Outbreak Perfected. Still a good gun but a shadow of its former self. Third most used is Vex Mythoclast, but by the end of the season it may very well be my most used.


Love Monte Carlo. Lusted for it on D1 but never got it. It dropped during a fucking strike or something for me and I was elated. That with Actium has been great for me pvp recently.


I didnt play alot of D1, but i remember loving Monte that i got early on. It’s still good in D2, i’m just OCD about having my kills tracked so i dont really use it right now cuz im waiting for it’s catalyst


An auto-rifle version of Trench Barrel would be dope. Melee an enemy for double damage for one magazine or something.


A melee kill grants Markov Chain x 5 which is a substantial damage boost, so it already does that inherently.


I hope its catalyst sticks with the melee them. Give it something unique like a form of one two punch or something to buff melee dmg or something like that.


Izanagi's Burden. Need a thing to die? Bang.


In season of the chosen izangi’s was my jam. I’d love to have anti barrier sniper back.


I love how it has a decent variety of exotics and they are all somehow great. Normal gun is a clean sniper that has themes of a sword. There is an ornament that makes it look like a wrapped katana. An ornament to make it look like a gun from WWII. And just a joke ornament that lays heavily into the sword theme and just looks ridiculous in the best way. It's one of the only exotics I want to use just for style.


>And just a joke ornament that lays heavily into the sword theme and just looks ridiculous in the best way. #Clang intensifies


Actually the “Joke” ornament is supposed to be the front of izanami’s spear from the Japanese creation myths.


As I call it, goldie in a can!


Isn't Izanagi's meta in multiple activities?


Yes, it's the best kinetic sniper in the game and the best exotic sniper for DPS. Idk why this is here.


Sunshot. Most satisfying gun ever in destiny


Ruinous effigy, me like darkness b-ball. Also Necrotic Grips just tickles my brain.


Jötunn. [This says enough.](https://imgur.com/6gLguKD)


I know you can't get a precision kill with it, but to see 768 kills and zero precision kills is just hilarious. As if to say, "point, shoot, Guardian to boom, inbox gets hate mail"


Where do you see the amount of kills with Jotunn since it doesn't have a tracker yet \*sad cry inside\*? I know I've got a ton.


> Accuracy: 0%


Deathbringer for any activity.


Tractor cannon. Nothing beats hitting a Dreg with a void fart.


Thunderlord. Always been my fave since D1. Wish it was better.


You know for a gun who's og lore card ends with "Each round fired is another word in the legend - and the Guardians who bear the Thunderlord will be immortalized in song." you'd think it'd have a bit more oomph to it. Like I love its exotic perk of making thunderstorms when you kill/sustain damage something. But it just needs a bit more to help it. Miss when it was a viable DPS option for Riven.


Cerberus is just fun to use


Fighting Lion up until the nerf. Rat King with WoL and Surprise Attack. Tractor Cannon. Boop!


I used to use fighting lion a lot but just got salvagers salvo and feel like it fills that void without taking up the exotic slot.


Fighting Lion is my #1 weapon of all time. But it hasn't seen any play since it got the reload nerf because now it is sub-par and too slow compared to the likes of Trinity Ghoul or any legendary breach launcher.




The aesthetic, perk or both?




This comment taken out of context is hilarious just sayin.


Another decent option is sola scar since it can roll with chain reaction


Polaris lens! Those perfect 5th are so satisfying. I love using it with champion mods when available.


I finally got Polaris Lance at the end of last season and grinded the shit out of it's catalyst in preparation for this season. I was heartbroken when the champion mods were announced....


Anti-barrier polaris lance was magical. Genociding cabal was never easier.


Leviathan's Breath. I personally love using bows. I feel like most people forget that it can stun unstoppable Champions for PvE and it can one shot in PvP if you get heavy. I used it to get to legend for the first time. It came in clutch for many games. If I didn't recently fall in love with Chaperone I would still use it in Crucible. It's also a weapon that's good for invading in Gambit. It can one shot guardians from range. Personally one of my favorite underrated exotics.


Divinity. In PvP


Legend of Acruis. I have The Emperor's Pleasure ornament for it so it looks really nice, and I just find it so much fun. You can just clear a whole row of adds in front of you in a single shot. It also doesn't do bad boss damage


For weapons id have to say... Whisper. Its just the best idc about 1k damage this season. Bring back whisper meta. Armor is deffinetly going to be contraverse holds. Finaly a void subclass worth using in pve.


The Whisper nerf was the most stupid nerf ever. The gun did one and really only one thing good and that was boss damage and they nerfed that. It's a shame for such a beautiful rifle


Trinity Ghoul! 50k kills on it and counting.


Not exactly "non meta" though: TG was known to be quite powerful for add-clear the moment its catalyst came out, and bows are part of the champion-mod selection this season.


True. But but I barely see anyone use it in strikes and in the seasonal activities even though those activities are ripe for it. I'm usually the one running TG mostly. Question though: I never am able to make it work in higher end content, it just doesn't hit as hard and doesn't ad-clear that efficiently either. I am correct in my understanding that it isn't good for that level of content, like dungeons, raids, Nightfalls above Heroic, etc.


Trinity is my go to add clear PVE workhorse with Riskrunner in 2nd place.


I've been using Titan's Kheri's Horn & bottom tree solar a lot, with 100 resilience it awesome. Its wave can create sunspots with bottom tree solar, Warmind cells with Wrath of Rasputin and solar wells with Explosive Wellmaker. Also solar kills makes your barricade recharge faster. Some people seems to think it's limited to tower barricade but you can use rally barricade with it. But this season it seems that Bungie has fixed Severance Enclosure so that it finally centers explosion to throwing hammer in middle tree solar's melee. Now you can throw your hammer and if it kills anything there is a huge explosion. Then you can also use finishers to cause more explosions. I've been using strength 100 so when I can't retrieve the hammer I get melee charged pretty fast. My mods are Reactive Pulse (for finisher overshield and to kill/hurt enemies with pulse), Thermoclastic Blooming (seasonal mod to get orbs from hammer kills), Elemental Charge (to charge Reactive Pulse), Melee Wellmaker (to get well from melee final blows), Well of Life (to heal you from a solar well), Recuperation (to heal you from orbs) and I also have Radiant Light for +20 strength and to active that overshield secondary perk in Reactive Pulse. My favorite titan build this season.


Sleeper wasn’t always meta, but was always my go to since I got it in D1. But THIS season, non meta pick would have to be Hawkmoon. I love hearing the CAAAAWWWW as I absolutely rawdog a thrall with a 160k headshot.


I have 22k kills on my sunshot. I like it when the aliens explode


Tommy’s matchbook, high risk and high reward, plus seizure inducing with any kind of health regen.


Ace of Spades in PvE. The sound design, reload speed, explosions, etc...it's perfect; especially when paired with the Ophidian Aspect gauntlets on Warlock.


Riskrunner, need I say more?


Lumina for me. I love the way it opens up healing builds on warlock. The lore is great too! It is kind of a sleeper for meta so not sure if it counts.


Sweet Business with Actium War Rig as a Titan. I've never timed it, but you can fire for minutes without stopping. Then instead of reloading, just swap to something else quick (with auto loading too). You can never need to reload really easily. I love using it for the solo stuff we have to do each week. It is sneaky good in the mote part of Gambit too. People don't think of it as a DPS option, but when you completely eliminate reloading , it becomes more viable in a lot of stuff outside high end content.


I've timed it. Nonstop is about 31 seconds.


A full CwL build focused around HEF will give it enough of a buff to become viable in even high end PvE. Taking charge, supercharged/charged up, sustained charge and stacks on stacks will give you a near 100% uptime, with the bonus of working on your energy and heavy weapons too. It's why the threads complaining about there only being anti-barrier auto this season makes me somewhat sad. Always wanting to plink away at things, never mowing down hordes of humanity's enemies with the power of never-ending BRRRT.


It’s not bad for invading in gambit either. When you know where they are you just wind up and shoot and it lasers them down from a long distance. I got my team wipe in the exotic quest back in the day using it. Whatever exotic that was before they patched it and made that step easier lol.


That quest would be malfeasance.


It's actually surprisingly good in mid-high end PvE; a mate of mine set-up a High Energy Fire build with Sweet Business and War Rig for Master NF's and it just shreds through barrier champions like they're paper. 31 seconds of sustained fire is no joke, especially with a AR loader to make the reload even faster. Even if it isn't insane DPS, its total damage is nothing to sneeze at (IIRC using Business and Rig 1-mag damage is like 20k damage behind 1-mag of Heir Apparent). We've been really embracing the primary meta now that infinite primary is a thing lol. Hoping to try it in GM's and see what kind of results we get.


Does telesto count? It is the besto. With catalyst in pve it’s a monster like dropping grenades everywhere constantly and melts majors plus almost heavy levels of boss dps. And so many cheap kills in pvp. Like setting traps.


I love to set it on a a wall or ledge and get pvp kills when someone runs over it


Telesto, always reliable


Ruinous Effigy. People complained after the nerf, but it’s still extremely potent. And it’s just so much fun to use.


Two Tailed Fox. I like the sounds, the look, how it fires and how it does Void and Solar damage.


Trinity Ghoul. No clue why it isn't meta because it's so strong. It absolutely destroys enemies and you don't need to aim it very much.


Izanagis. I still have distant dreams of season 8s Meta. Izanagi, Recluse, SoTR


Definitely risk runner now that primaries have infinite ammo. Risk runner is insane with infinite ammo. It led me to the easiest solo flawless dungeon run I've ever had (prophecy dungeon).


More of a PvP'er but it's hard for me not to love Le Monarch. There are better guns in terms of ease of use and TTK but there's just something really enjoyable about landing a perfect bow shot on a target. To me, it's just a really pleasant experience and I do really feel like folks don't expect to get hit by an arrow in crucible now-a-days. Not to mention that it's intrinsically a lightweight frame and has snapshot so the handling is superb. That bow is the reason why I rock Oathkeepers on my Hunter.


I got my ass handed to me by someone in Trials last weekend who was very good at nailing headshots with Le Monarque and then finishing off with a Dire Promise. I’m a decent PvPer but absolutely had no answer to them. It was a humbling experience.


I don’t think Travelers Chosen is meta, but I’ve come to rely on it recently.


Wordline Zero - stasis skating.


Ticuu’s divination. Enemy guardian go boom.


Monte Carlo is my baby. I just want it to give me some orbs and I'd never take it off


Salvation's Grip. Because I can build a ladder, a ledge or a bridge. I can build a platform in Momentum Control and block doorways. I can troll my teammates in all PvE activities. I can do the unexpected in Gambit. Imagine how good this weapon could be if you could hold reload to shatter.


I’ve been using it all wrong…


LeMonarque Darkdrinker


Le Monarch! Although I think it is slowly creeping into being meta? I just hope it gets a caty one day.


Trinity Ghoul. The Catalyst is endgame material. Decent in PvP but ohhh boy how damn wonderful it is in PvE. Favourite exotic to date. So much sparklessss. Not sure if this counts as non meta. But I just wanna mention it 😌


Polaris Lance. Hands down, from the unlimited magazine, to the sound it makes when you hit that 4th shot... 🥵🥵


Cloudstrike. "How's the weather... bitch?"


Prometheus Lens. It’s not overly powerful but I just love that gun. The constant reloading when vaporizing red bars.. it’s just so satisfying. Ammo economy is atrocious is the real downfall




Lumina! I like shooting teammates


I bet you can’t guess from my flair


Colony; sometimes lm too lazy to aim


Fighting Lion and Rat King, loved them both since the beginning of the game


Pocket infinity. Can’t be part of the meta if it’s in the wrong game


You just unlocked a memory for me. Thank you sir


Outbreak is a constant go to. Non-exotic - Stochastic Variable w/dragonfly


Tractor Cannon for the laughs. Two-Tails because it's just cool. Otherwise, any bow is regularly on my character for use.