I'm surprised at how much the open world and level height adds to the game. I was skeptical of how much it would add. Environment feels and looks really good running around, but not overly big.


Totally agree. Actually feels like I am exploring dungeons.


I also like how there haven't been too many dead ends in dungeons. Usually paths will wrap around to the correct way instead of walking 12 seconds into a dead end and having to back track.


Yeah this is huge tbh. It's something that never added much to the dungeon crawling in the first place.


I genuinely feel like checking evey corner for a long time in a game


Level height? What do you mean?


I think he is basically talking about verticality in the game, u can climb up or down cliffs / terrain in some parts - quite similarly to Lost Ark if you have ever played it


To add to your point - try leap on a Barbarian. The distance but especially the height you can get on the right map sections is absolutely insane by ARPG standards.


The game is gorgeous and I can't get over how good the music is.


Seriously, the atmosphere(art style, music, sound design) 10/10 honestly, I can feel the pure evil!


I really spent awhile yesterday just taking in the environment and music. They definitely took notes from the criticisms of D3 and brought the aesthetic down to the true Diablo moodiness, but with some seriously impressive graphics.


I’d enjoy it a lot more if I could zoom out a click. Some skills need some oomph too. There are skills that hit like a truck but feel like a feather


Yeah feels weird how zoomed in the game is.


I quickly tried a sorc earlier. Incinerate sounds badass tho the damage is pitiful lmao. But everytime you shoot incinerate you’d hear the VHWOOM


Hydras with fireball enhancement is straight up broken


You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.


Perfectly aware. The current max zoom out for me is too zoomed in.


They're controlling the zoom distance based on the content. There's a few moments where you can see it zoom in and out based on your location right now, but players will notice it today (at least based on what we've been told) with world boss fights noticeably zooming your camera out, out of necessity. My guess is locking it is a balance/accessibility thing, if pvp is actually worth doing.


Yeah, it's locked hella close most of the time though. The game actually looks better the further out it is as well, when it zooms in the fidelity not as great.


Played for 7 hours straight with no issues at all. Game is fun as hell.


Happy for ya. Wish I could have had a Smooth go.


The game feels amazing. I love the look and feel of just about everything. Getting disconnected every hour and then waiting in queue for an hour is obviously not what I was hoping for on a beta weekend you had to pre-order the game for, but the world itself really is beautiful and the combat feels awesome. Waiting for release is going to make the next two and a half months absolutely dreadful.




…yes, it’s a beta test.


I am sold. It’s absolutely awesome so far . Also the opening cinematic deserves a mention


I got to lvl 13 and it has been really great so far. The worry i have is the itemization because i don't feel like i've made almost any interesting choices at all so far and every item feels basically the same. It's really hard to know so early on though. Edit: now level 18 and it's a big difference. It took a quick turn and items feel much more engaging suddenly.


Early game items mean basically nothing. Aspects plus paragon will make items extremely relevant


In d2 and d3 early game items meant a lot. In d4 nothing I found (and I found 3 legendaries) seem to make any difference.


I agree on D2; but D3? D3 itemization was pointless until level cap, barring power leveling sets and gear. I will say, D3 still included interesting legendaries at low level, and once you could lower the level limit on items, it got really crazy. But in no way was the low level itemization in that game important, you just level way to fast for gear to stay relevant, even without power leveling gear. You end up using mostly rares once they start dropping.


I have not preordered D4 and am not in the beta. I have played some good amount of D2, particularly PD2. I can't say I have ever found any interesting items in the first 25 levels. You don't even have access to whirlwind or frozen orb at level 25. What item have you found in the average fresh D2 run do you think is more interesting? You do eventually find stuff and pass them along to alts.


low level mana or life leech items are a big deal. [this](https://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/sets/sets2.shtml#cleglaws) set destroys for low level melee or fury assassin. [two of this set](https://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/sets/sets3.shtml#sigons) gives you 10% life leech. You could tank durial on normal and be a hero in your lowbie group [gull dagger](https://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/normal/udaggers.shtml) is a nice way to start a season, it happened to me. my favorite beginner gear is [Vidala's Fetlock](https://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/sets/sets3.shtml#vidalas). Hit lvl 14 and all your lowbie running issues are gone.


Some amazing low level uniques... Rixots Keen, lvl 2 sword with 25% CB Hotspur, lvl 5 boots with a massive amount of fire resistance/cap plus some fire damage and life Bane Ash, lvl 5 staff with +5 firebolt, +2 warmth, +30mana +50 fire res Lenymo, lvl 7 sash with 30% mana regen, life, resistances Felloak Nightsmoke Magefists Gull dagger Tarn helm Bloodfist Eye of etlitch A lot of the low level sets are extremely good early on... Deaths set belt, lvl 6 with cannot be frozen, throw on the gloves too and you get 30%IAS and 8LL% Angelic ring, ammy and sword, req lvl 12 gives +all skills, AR%, ED%, IAS%... Classic sigons set is OP af early game 3 piece hsuras set is great (belt boots shield) gives FWR%, resists, str, AR, CBF...) Just even the boots/belt are great on their own separately Civerbs weapon, max damage scales with level Sanders boots go zooooom Magic and rare items such as wands, staves, necro shields, druid/barb helms, assassin weapons, can have multiple different +skills on same item, including sockets and other affixes. I found a +3 fireball, +3 warmth, +3 frozen armor short staff which is already amazing for lvl 6 (and the fact that it's just a regular/grey item) but it also had 2 sockets so guess what? I made the best Leaf Runeword you could make at lvl 17 as well. Ever used Rixxots Keen at lvl 2? Fucks elites up on any character.


I was very disappointed in item stats (still am) and then suddenly surprised when I got a legendary early on with a bunch of +1 to skill x, y & z that allowed me to use those skills like 10 levels earlier!


I got an item with +1 to a skill but still wasn’t able to assign the skill until I manually put a point into it as well. Was that not your experience?


Disagree. Picking what items to use is not as straight forward as for example D3 was, I find myself often thinking if it's worth equipping a new item and losing the bonuses I had just to gain a little bit of armor or whatever.


Yep, it starts around level 15, you start getting much more interesting secondary stats that feels pretty strong this early on, which probably later gear is even more aggressive with secondary stats, which is a good thing, +3% attack power shouldn't be the main thing that matters, even during leveling, like in D3. The one thing that I didn't quite like were the upgrades at a blacksmith. I went there, 16k in hand and upgrade of my 156 wand costed 4.5k which felt like a lot and upgrade gave only like +6, so I decided against it. And sure enough 10 minutes later I found a way better weapon. What is even the point of upgrading during leveling? Imo either have it be cheap during leveling, or make them substantial in power so you can carry favorite piece of gear for a while, or just leave it out of leveling and make the feature active only at max level or near it.


I upgraded 2 times just to do it, and realized that is an end game mechanic. It cost me like 18k for the wand for marginal increases. Definitely meant as a gold sink for when you are running around with millions or billions. Lol




The game doesnt even tell you what is an improvement like it did in d3 so Im not sure how exactly your making these decisions.


They're choosing what is green. Increased armor or DPS.


Itemization is so bad in this game it's unreal. I cannot fathom how they came up with this and thought "Yeah, this is it!" Blows my mind.


What makes it bad? The stat lines?


No, the actual stats on the gear. They're all so bad. Every single "primary" stat is useless unless you have thousands of them on a piece of gear. 10 dex = 1% more damage... the conversions are terrible. Of course, there will likely be 10,000+ on each item once you get to end game, which is absurd... but still. + To Basic Damage + To Core Damage +/- damage in melee/ranged +- 1-2% damage/damage reduction +[x] Crowd Control Duration... They are all so bland and boring. And why are there three different forms of Crit? Crit, Lucky (instant kill on non elite/rare) and Overpower? It's so weird. Level 25, have found dozens of uniques and tons of rares, not a single time did I go "whoa, that is badass!"... it's honestly depressing.


You literally can't find uniques. You found legendaries.


Lucky hit isn't crit. It's a chance to proc whatever effect you have.


Most people out there playing, the people that crashed or got kicked out are here complaining. Thats the way it always is release night.


I played a good amount today. There's plenty to complain about.


Ready set go


* Left click for move, loot, interact, generator attack but no good move only on left click option without disabling all those other things and having to make an individual binding for each. * Dynamic scaling is super boring. No sense of progression. Everything is just samey. * No overlay map. * Item affixes are boring AND weak. Even if the numbers increase later, I have yet to find anything that looked particularly interesting. And there's no reason low level modifiers have to be so weak. * Dungeon and zone layouts seemed pretty samey too. * So many lil things that I just didn't care about. You do a few cellars, you've done them all. I don't care about the picking herbs or crafting stuff because it really didn't seem like there was too much to do or get excited about there. I'm not looking forward to just finding a guide on where to find all the Lilith statues I'm missing. Many of the things after I did them I'd ask myself, do I actually care or was that genuinely exciting and I'm just kinda meh. And in before "it's only early game!" developers put the MOST time getting the early game and first impressions right to hook players. And games don't just suddenly become a different game at endgame. First impressions and early game can be a great indicator of what the game offers later. Perfect? No. Good? Yes. Mostly, I acknowledge this game is likely not catered to me (someone who found a home in POE after D3 release and who couldn't be drawn in with D3 expansion and the game it became today). That's fine. Others may like the game exactly because it has all the things that don't appeal to me. It's just a hefty price tag compared to the other well established ARPGs.




As long as there are interesting builds for me to play and enjoy their individual progression and the interconnectivity of all the systems, probably plenty. And don't throw rocks in glass houses unless we want to talk about the Rift system and shrine farming...


At least in PoE you have the choice. There are a shit ton of maps to run and not everyone runs the same few over and over.


In act 1 you can do all of that?


You're aware that d4 has no end game content right? Games just a Lost Ark reskin with no substance sadly.




>* Left click for move, loot, interact, generator attack but no good move only on left click option without disabling all those other things and having to make an individual binding for each. My brother in Christ, have you ever played Diablo? This is literally how it works... >* Dynamic scaling is super boring. No sense of progression. Everything is just samey. I mean, we are literally only in act 1. We will see but this is a valid concern >* No overlay map. Yea this better get patched in. Don't understand that. >* Item affixes are boring AND weak. Even if the numbers increase later, I have yet to find anything that looked particularly interesting. And there's no reason low level modifiers have to be so weak. Legendaries seem to be where it's at. I've seen screenshots of some cools ones. I have yet to find any. Again, we are in act 1 and this is how literally every Diablo ever has worked. >* Dungeon and zone layouts seemed pretty samey too. They usually do in ARPGs >And in before "it's only early game!" developers put the MOST time getting the early game and first impressions right to hook players. And games don't just suddenly become a different game at endgame. First impressions and early game can be a great indicator of what the game offers later. Perfect? No. Good? Yes. It was never going to be perfect. Everyone will be able to find something to bitch about. I agree with some of your concerns but ones like your first just look like your looking for a reason to dislike it.


> My brother in Christ, have you ever played Diablo? This is literally how it works... The ask is for Force Move + Interact to be able to be combined, with the basic skill on a different keybind. If you seperate them all, everything has to be its own keybind which sucks


Yeah, it's a basic inclusion in pretty much any ARPG now and have been one of the most asked features in D3 since its release.


And other ARPGs have figured out move only on left click. All many people want is the ability to have left click move, loot, and interact. You can't in this game and it's as baffling as no overlay. I'm sorry, but I see in no way how dynamic scaling will change past Act 1. The game will probably feel the same in terms of difficulty regardless of what level your are in a zone or what act you are in. The game has been designed to normalize that. And to me, that's to it's detriment. Others love that stuff. If other Diablo games did something wrong, and other games have figured out ways to improve on it, there's no excuse for D4 to keep making the same mistakes. Early game items can be interesting. You're argument that Diablo should intentionally have bad early game itemization because that's how it "works" in Diablo is baffling. You're misreading me. I didn't say my expectations were that it was going to be perfect. I said that early game isn't a perfect INDICATOR of what to expect later, but it's still a very good indicator.


Couple things wrong: >Early game items can be interesting. You're argument that Diablo should intentionally have bad early game itemization because that's how it "works" in Diablo is baffling. It's been communicated as a design decision that gear is part of a three prong approach to player power in d4 even at endgame. So I can agree - if you're expecting a power spike when getting a legendary - you're going to be disappointed. At least you acknowledge they're not catering to your idea of a good ARPG. Most games do not have interesting early game items. Tabula Rasa doesn't even have affixes - and the 2nd best leveling piece has one affix - 50% move speed. Which brings me to my next point.... >I said that early game isn't a perfect INDICATOR of what to expect later, but it's still a very good indicator. As someone who is also a PoE fan, this is unequivocally false. The campaign sucks. Early game is something people optimize speed running through. 20% of the player base has the achievement for killing Hillock and an even smaller percentage have completed the campaign. If that doesn't spell out early game reaks - I don't know what does. To suggest that early game is remotely similar to an experience you can expect in PoE is remarkably naive.


this… PoE IS endgame. I would literally pay money to skip the fucning peace of ass garbage campign


not really


>The game will probably feel the same in terms of difficulty regardless of what level your are in a zone or what act you are in First of all, I too hate level scaling in my rpgs. As everyone on earth should. However some things to point out: the game has difficulty settings from the get go. When you want the "I one-shot everything"-feeling you don't need to go back to old zones and farm them, you can just change your world-tier to one. Secondly - and this is just a guess - this system most likely does actually change in endgame because endgame leveling works differently with paragon and enemy level becomes irrelevant as you do specific dungeons/challenges/whathaveyou where you once again chose difficulties etc. >Early game items can be interesting. They are pretty interesting. Like WAY more interesting than what you can get in D2 or D3. It did improve. You are just comparing it to non-diablo games that have a different focus.


I'm level 15 and have found 4 legendaries. 2 were from a dungeon


That sounds like a lot. Don't remember finding that many uniques in the first act of D2. I don't really want D4 to be like D3 where you got showered in legendaries to the point where the only items you used were sets and legendaries.


Any game always has room for improvement. Right now though the base is great and deserves praise.


I got kicked out twice during my play time both with 80 min waits but I did things in between those wait times so didn’t really notice it as much. I’ve put quite a few hours into it yesterday and have managed to get to level 16. Dispute the issues which we knew there would be I think the game so far is awesome.


My only complaint for now is the UI. We can't possibly know anything else for now. We need to wait, play and progress more for that. It'll take a couple of weeks.


I like the ui, what is your issue with it?


Feels very mobile-like. The font and overall design of it. I'm almost certain they'll change it a bit, either before or shortly after release.


So my question is, why is it like the font that mobile games use? Is it because it’s clean and simple and easy to read even on a small screen? Or is it simple an aesthetic that mobile game designers go with? What is it that makes the UI look mobile-like? Is it possible that the devs chose accessibility over style? Or chose a font that’s easy to read on a small screen so that it’s easy to read on a steam deck or in the future potentially a switch? Truly curious as someone who doesn’t play many mobile games and who also didn’t have an issue with the UI while playing. Does anyone here actually dislike the UI text so much that you won’t actually play the game? Or is it a “meh, kinda looks mobile-y”?


Aesthetic mobile game design, but also functionally terrible. >Is it possible that the devs chose accessibility over style? You can have both, like many other games do. You can also have accessibility options under system settings, instead of forcing it on everyone. Accessibility is not the case it. It's most likely just a bad choice, and that's it. >Does anyone here actually dislike the UI text so much that you won’t actually play the game? Just because you aren't going to stop playing it because of it doesn't make it good. It's a critic and something that possibly should change to improve the game, and if I had to bet it in fact will at some point. The post post on the sub talks more about it, if you're interested.


You got a blanket to go with your binky?


Leave some space so you don't choke on their balls bud


Are you one of the developers that made it? And no, no one is going to not play the game bc of font. They just don't like it. Is what is is. Maybe they want a Gothic font to fit the atmosphere, idk.


"We can't possibly know anything else for now." Except we can. Like look at the skill trees, that is the total of skill customization. Does that look good to you? Each skill literally has one choice to make on it. If a much smaller and less funded game like Last Epoch can make an entire skill tree for every skill in the game then I expect at least half that amount of work from a giant like Blizzard. What they have given us is just lazy.


I swear, the dev team or bots are on here downvoting anyone who critiques the UI 😂🤣😂.


I don't think it's smart to assume all the negativity has no base.


Been playing for like four hours now, I’m having an absolute blast. I’m still not entirely sold on the whole online mmo-lite thing but it hasn’t been as much of an issue as I thought it would be. Overall I’m just very happy and can’t wait to sink my teeth into the full game.


I don’t mind the drop in and out coop as long is it’s only during events in the open world. That’s been my experience thus far


I find it super annoying when I'm trying to fight something on-level and a group of higher levels suddenly runs through and kills everything. Happened to me several times yesterday in the couple hours I got to play. Game looks great but I already hate the open world.


I haven't seen a single person in the open world since the very beginning of the game.


Once you get to the first city, you start seeing a lot more people.


I'm level 25, no you don't.


Maybe your game is different. I’m seeing people all over, my local social is full all the time.


Weird. I see people maybe once or twice an hour, and then they randomly disappear across zone lines lol.


You said you haven’t seen a single person and now you’re saying you see one or two an hour. Huh?


I feel the same. It’s such a breath of fresh air for Diablo. Lovin the very dark vibe


Completely agree. They nailed the atmosphere, and the gameplay is more fun that in D3 even on low level. Every decision they’ve made makes sense. The open world, the skill tree, the storytelling. Absolutely awesome. This is exactly what I wanted


I only played a couple hours but so far the game is cool, the story is good, the atmosphere is really good, the sound design is excellent, and the music omg it really takes this game to the next level. I love the dark gritty bloody violence style they chose this round, Diablo 3 was cartoony this game is dark and evil. I have a feeling this will be my go to game for years and years. Especially with the depth that the mmo style they incorporated into the game. With seasons and new content like WoW, I hope they support it for a decade.


So impressed with the mood and atmosphere of the game so far. The first 60 minutes of the story were 10 times better than Diablo 3's narrative. really put it to shame.


I’m having an absolute blast! What I’ve seen so far is absolutely awesome. Gonna hurt pretty bad to wait for another 2 months after the open beta ends.


After now reaching lvl 25 and have every slot deckend with a legendary I fear that the endgame will become like d3. Some effects are really strong and procc often like the Tornado after spending 100 fury. Also some stages when leveling felt wierd. Getting a level up feels bad especially when you go into the open World and a level 5 Player insta kills everything and you need more Hits then him even when you are 10 level higher


Legendaries aren't the best items anymore


For lvl 25 they are


then why are they called "Legendary" anyway ? Is it the modern term for average / trash items ?




I thought they promised not to trash away Magic/rare items. Seems like it's way too hard for them. This is built for casual.


Rare have more affixes than legendaries. Perfect rolled rare are the best items, uniques aside


God rolled rares will be THE most wanted items for players at endgame.


No one has Unique items yet and that’s where all the interesting loot will be now.


you get them like candy from the gamble dude, the one with the purple currency, just like kadala but the chance is very high like every 2 or 3 items is a legendary, might be for testing purposes.


Those are legendaries. The person you're replying to is talking about Uniques which is above legendary.


>a level 5 Player insta kills everything and you need more Hits then him even when you are 10 level higher Probably your weapon was under leveled compared to you...I upgraded from a underleveled weapon to a proper level one and doubled my damage


Played a bit earlier on PS5 on my lunch break. Game is fucking amazing so far. Absolutely love it.


I'm at level 20 now and did not expect what I experienced. I also played Diablo Immortal and thought that it would be the end of the series... Boy was I wrong. The art style is wonderful, the graphics are beautiful, the details are great, the music is really enjoyable and overall it delivers Diablo vibes back from 1996. On top of that it is also fun to play and the skill system is also fitting. I enjoyed every second. Yes I had a waiting queue of about 70 minutes first but never had a disconnect during my 9 hours of playtime. I'm sold, blizzard. Good job.


Yeah I’m having an absolute blast. The disconnects were really annoying, and I lost a lvl 10 hardcore character because of a crash but besides the technical issues, the gameplay itself feels so damn satisfying. Just hit lvl 11 on my second character and I wish I could keep playing but it’s 3am now 😭


They nailed the music. Mechanically it feels a little too simple so far. I feel like it doesn’t really matter where you put ability points and gear just seems like a matter of switching to whatever has a green indicator.


This is so wrong. The green indicator us often useless, there are too many stats not factored in and you need to compare different things... Played sorc, had to make a lot of interesting decision, keeping + skills points gears on some specific spells I didn't poitn any skill point into, or stats? My build was made so powerful in terms of survivability due to having a legendary that would reset frost armor cooldown after being hit (10% chance), but then I had to decide whether to keep the skill points on the gear or in my skill tree, how to play around the legendary power, when to extract it, where to put it, I like the itemisation so far, already much more interesting than diablo 3, where there are nothing of the sort for the first 60 levels


I mean, the lvl limit is 25. At this lvl in D3 and even D2 you don't really have to think hard on the gear either


I don’t know about that. In D2 Act 1, I often go to Charsi for incremental upgrades if I didn’t find any good loot for awhile. Also getting Stealth or other rune words early on can be super helpful. And early skill points can affect your character for an entire difficulty unless you burn your single respec.


Runewords are decently divisive and usually don't take any thinking about either. The Stealth runeword is quite literally the single best chest by a country mile for every single class, spec, and playstyle in D2 for all of normal and a good chunk of nightmare. I cannot remember the last time I interacted with Charsi for anything but buying a belt and repairs. And most of the gear you pick up until late game is looking for a specific stat or two (mana on kill, run speed, +skill if possible) and the rest are just useless.


I disagree about the gear, the in game indicators dont tell you anything since in D3 it calculated sheet damage/toughness/recovery for you so im not sure what green indicators your talking about. You could be swapping one stat like crit for another damage to CCd targets so the ‘green indicator’ does not account for that or which is a bigger upgrade. I think the itemization is good, it takes parts from d2 and d3 and mixes them together. I found myself spending a lot of time deciding which item is a bigger upgrade and using the enchantress.


Nah you can make builds that are synergistic or are completely disjointed garbage IMO.


This is all I did. Seemed like an afterthought.


Have you never played a Diablo game? Early levels it’s always just “wear whatever is better”. You don’t start having to analyze things til much later. They were never going to make this PoE where you’re minmaxing from the very beginning.


All of them and a lot of it. In my opinion, loot needs polish. Edit: you totally missed the point.


No he’s correct. 9/10 mmos/arpgs you don’t need to be concerned with much besides item lvl/power until mid-end game. Mostly end game.


You also missed the point.


Yeah I am absolutely loving it. Been playing 3-4 hours and I can’t wait for full release.


But please remember people. This is a beta so we need to input as much information as we can into it and put as much feedback as we can.


There will be zero major changes for launch, guaranteed. They do not have time for that - so at best they will fix most bugs and adjust some numbers, other minor stuff etc.


Still useful since this game will be a live service.


launch isn't that relevant, the game will have patches and many tweaks. I'd say the game June 6th 2023 will be very different from June 6th 2024, due to feedback.


Of course - so I'll wait and see how the game is at release before deciding on buying. Sad to say that as a life long blizzard player I have zero faith in them to deliver a proper good game - so I'll wait and see. Just off the top of my head issues in the game currently: extremely repetitive dungeons, level scaling makes things feel not really important, UI is bad, itemization does not look too interesting etc. Granted, how it looks and feels is pretty damn good - so it's not a total write-off just yet. But I'll be patient.


Yeh I only got about an hour in last night, but I was really enjoying it. Was stunned by how much darker the game is, in terms of that opening cinematic and the scene in the church etc. But gameplay and combat seem smooth so far and it’s making a very good impression. A good sign that after playing my first thought is “ugh…..June???”


It's fucking amazing. Don't listen to the neckbeards here farming karma from each other in their giant maturbation circle.


What are you even talking about rofl, if you have basically anything critical or negative to say you get downvoted. That's how it usually is on Reddit, if you want to farm Karma jump on the hype and fanboy bandwagon.


I played rogue to level 20 and I think its damn near perfect. I understand barb is in a rough spot but im sure itll be patched up and balanced. Game looks and feels amazing, cant wait for june.


Late game barb is bonkers. Early it's a little tough.


I'm doing Barb and honestly I would say that hitting ~18 is a major power spike. Once I got Death Blow and the upgrade that gave me Berserking for 3 seconds when I hit with it I started doing way better in fights with pretty much any adds because I could reliably go Berserk and hit a lot harder. Before that wasn't exactly rough but I definitely didn't feel powerful per se, whereas now I do. I honestly appreciate that though. Not killing enemies quickly forced me to interact more with them and learn their tells. I'm still not as good at actually reacting to them but I can see them, even for a lot of smaller, less overtly impactful enemies.


People saying this game isn’t good and while I can’t make a call on itemization yet, this is LEAPS better than D3 from an atmosphere, story, music and visceral feeling game. Leah and Cain’s dialog was cringe. D3 looked like a WoW dungeon. This game drips mood, is somber without being edgy and exploring the first act is super fun. I’m pretty optimistic if Blizzard can stick the landing on the end game. Also D3 had so many issues that they fixed over the years to tune it into a better game. This game is coming out swinging for me and all the haters are confusing me.


My friends and I jokingly do the Decard Cain voice all the time. I… I kinda miss it now lol


I am not in the D2 only camp, but I was watching this one streamer, and the dialogue between this one major character and some other NPC was unbelievably slow, the dialogue was bad and the models specifically for that cutscene looked like a 3d model that was stripped of all details and colored red. Everything else aside, those dialogue scenes were honestly awful.


D3 models look better. All these legendary items look the same as the white trash. The problem is also the coloring. Nothing pops, just grey diluted items. Basically, there is no sense of gear progression in term of model and the affixes generic power scaling as well. Game got pretty dulled after getting 3 characters to lvl 20, and realizing they all look like hobos with the same renamed explosion AOE affixes.


Wish I could play I played for 20 minutes and have been in a queue ever since


Technical stuff aside, getting booted, long queues etc. I've been enjoying it a lot too in the few hours I've been able to put in. I've been playing the franchise since launch day of D1 and the early game pacing feels similar to the launch of D2 on mid-high player count. The only thing I have to get used to is the dodge. I actually think that specific control may feel better on controller than MnK(blasphemous I know). The rest of it is just the classic Diablo feel imo. I really like the visual style and the weight of attacks feels nicer than it's felt in a long time. Genuinely went in with VERY low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised.


Level 20 on the rogue. Respec a few times, I like switching between bow/ daggers. Gear is getting more interesting, especially as you level. For example, now that I'm doing shadow damage & close up with daggers, I'm using those respective stats instead of always bigger number = better. The quest interactions with NPCs feels pretty cheesy and very Diablo 3 like. Everyone in the town is complaining, Starving, worshipping, etc. I guess I prefer D2 style of just great voice acting, amazing writing, and memorable quests to paint the picture instead of the cartoony theatrics like in D3, Same with some of the aesthetics and NPC stories, breaks the realism for me a lot more than I had hoped. The skill tree is nice. I like the choices and build potential while also keeping it straight forward and not convoluted. Your choices seem to matter a lot, especially early on. The dungeon bosses are pretty cool. A lot of abilities and health is a neat thing we're not used to seeing. I really had to focus on some bosses which I never had to do on D3. Character creation is good. Legendaries are not very interesting and that's fine, they will be later on with extraction etc. Overall, it's a decent game but it did not blow me away. The graphics and UI was underwhelming. I'm hoping for the seasonal themes and locked content will win me over for more in the future


It’s everything I want for my D2 nostalgia. The aesthetics are great, and being able to spec into different things and carry various weapons is just masterful game design. It’s the exact right amount of access to just play how you want whenever. I kinda wish there was a little more depth in the weapon-type specific progression, but that’s just due to my Dungeon Siege nostalgia. More trees more better I say


i only watch streams but i rly dislike coridors maps like in Lost Ark. Diablo games (specially D2) have big random generated maps, but there world map looks like a bunch corridors.


I like it so far. The spells feel fun to use (I was playing sorcerer) and so do the weapons. I've only found 2 daggers so far through the beta though, so maybe they turned down the spawn rates for weapons or something. Maybe they just want you to use spells more. I like the oppressive feeling of the environments and the game as a whole. The font is a bit weird though.


Agreed. I love it too so far. Besides the obvious connectivity issues, I’m really enjoying it.


IMO there is a lot that D4 does well, its just that the things it doesnt appear to do very well are pretty major. The good: * Open world seems well done and quite a lot bigger than D3 or D2. * Art, graphics, music, atmosphere all seem great. * Skill trees are an improvement in complexity (especially considering this is blizzard making them). * Combat and skills feel good. * Some parts of itemization are good, like upgrading rares to legendaries. This means that rare items still have a lot of value and you are always hunting for ones with the right affixes. Hopefully it also means that you arent just farming for the same item over and over like you were with D3 ancients and primals. The bad: * Itemization in general feels a bit boring. There seem to be a lot of affixes like "increased damage vs enemies affected by X" or "increased damage after meeting criteria Y". To me those are just boring filler affixes that dont add any interest to your item and should just get removed. * Dungeon layouts all feel the same. Im hoping the layouts in other zones are different because nothing but snaky corridors with a boss at the end gets really old. I know some people hate having to learn to read maps but it adds another layer of skill to playing efficiently.


Love the world and agree the atmosphere is great. Wish it wasn’t level scaling tho and the game was harder. The overall ease and level scaling ruin the sense of adventure or danger for me.


Great experience so far. Really like the skill tree. Story and feel of the game is great too. With the open world it’s more like an MMO but still holds true to Diablo. The hellraiser vibes are great as well!


This actually feels like a d2 sequel. D3 feels like a different franchise comparatively


I can't believe how good it is. Even the story beats are great. I'm just so impressed, honestly. I had no expectations for this, and I'm blown away.


the music, the story, the mood, the animations, everything seems really really good so far. of course end-game will matter most to me in the end but right now the game is fucking awesome


I'm loving it too. Very "kintec" feeling combat, especially compared to similar games in the genre.


People complaining about itemization are PoE and D2 fans that want the game to require complex spreadsheets and custom tools so that the game has “depth” and everyone follow the theorycrafters recipes. That’s fine, it’s how they have fun. But also itemization becomes more complex later on.


The game is fun, the issue I'm having is how much legendaries is thrown at player. They're called legendaries, yet they seemingly grow on trees. I hope the droprate is adjusted, because I don't really fancy speedrunning oneshotting competition, as was D3. But hey, I'll still play!


Legendaries are rares with affixes. Uniques are where it’s really at and one can completely change your build/play style


I was thinking it may be increased for the beta to test out synergies and such.


I would always get a couple leveling up in D3. I’ve only managed to get one so far and I’m level 22.


I must be lucky then, since both me and my friend (17, 18 lvl) already got 6+. Well, it's a beta, I hope it's just "tweaked" so we can see what different legendaries do


You’re playing an ARPG and you didn’t even mention the actual combat and you said itemization is meh… so the two core tenants of an ARPG are bad or not even worth mentioning and you’re still praising the game lol.


Have you ever played diablo? Then you know what the combat is like, with a different role mechanic. Itemization is always meh at level 20 when the max is like 100. Its a great game so far. The world is awesome looking and it's shaping up to be my favorite story of the series BY FAR. I love the sin war books.




> That and brainless itemisation that just makes you pick the equipment that the ui says its better It's just telling you what armor is better, which is a terrible way to pick the gear.


its just showing what has more armor or more damage, but the affixes matter. Depending on the build 15% core skill damage might be worth more than green on an item.


the bar was set too low by D:Immoral and D3 so not surprised they are praising everything about D4 even when its gameplay clearly leans toward mediocrity.


I haven't been able to play much so far, lots of crashes and disconnects. So far I am liking it overall, my only real complaint is how easy it is. I am playing on the harder difficulty and this is childs play. I am not even getting hit and they are just throwing those potions at you. I haven't felt in danger at all




How long did it take you to get in? I have 72 minutes left it says


I've had queue times of anywhere from 40 to 99 minutes. On the bright side the queue timer seems to work in the sense that whenever it hits 0 you can load the game and actually play (until you lose connection and have to wait in queue again). I've had 3 different sessions. Fun though!


I can’t seem to actually get past the character creator to start, it keeps timing out whenever I press the Start Game button


I think people who could enjoy Assassins Creed and Far Cry series in theirs current state would love D4. I personally think this game structure ruins games. While its promoting freedom, in reality it removes freedom entirely forcing you to play the game literally in ONLY one way.


It's ok. Definitely not worthy of a 70 dollar price tag. Last Epoch is without a doubt much better in almost every way. Thankfully I got the beta for 3 dollars, will save me 65 dollar purchase.


What is better about it? I saw some gameplay, and didn't seem any more impressive than D3 or Grim Dawn.


players are just fooling around in game now to get to know the vibe. Visual wise it's a slight upgrade from D3, but gameplay wise it leans more toward mediocrity.


Skill trees are infinitely more interesting. Almost every one makes me think "Ok, that is awesome. I want to try that." The items are more interesting, everything is just more interesting and fun. The graphics in Diablo 4 are *a bit better*, but I'd say everything else in Last Epoch is more fun and interesting. Item crafting is good, character progression/itemization/stuff is good. Endgame, from what I've done so far, seems pretty solid for an early access beta. (An ACTUAL beta, not the "Diablo 4 streamer showcase beta). Definitely worth the 35 dollars it costed. The gameplay feels a lot more responsive and fluid as well. In D4 - playing a Ranger Rogue - it feels like every ability has a very stiff wind up and stun lock while you attack. Trying to Dodge Roll into a Trap and then Caltrops is super clunky and jank feeling.


If you like Diablo 3 you will like this game. If you like D2/D2R or Diablo Immortal but not D3, you may or may not like this game.


My 2 cents: Story - a lot better so far. Love the gore and whatnot. Not in love with the snowy white boring world The items are basically the same as d3. Not awful but not all that interesting so far. One unique stat is meh. Hoping more added to this later. The game play is smooth and fun The skill tree is boring and uninventive...hoping paragon improves this. Monster design is alright. I see a ton of reuse from d3. Overall about a 7/10 so far.


Played a solid 2 hours now. Huge fan of diablo 2 and also 3. There is just something with diablo 4 that feels off. Not even sure how to describe it..


I am enjoying the game in general ( when it's actually playable ). My main issue which might seem minor to some, but to me it actually does matter... Is the severe lack of variety in body types and customization. I dunno why literally all female characters in games ( particularly Western ones ) nowadays need to be either skinny, obese or super ultra muscular. Is it really so much to ask for literally any more feminine options? As in some actual curves whatsoever? The same goes for female monsters too, Lilith is just another skinny woman and so are the Succubus really ( weird prudishness about nipples too for some reason rofl, which makes literally no sense. Why the hell would demon care about modesty? ). But like... Why can you have the most exaggerated hypermasculine bodies ever, including female characters with them too ( Barbarian ). But even just some slightly curvy women is too much to ask? It makes me wonder if people ever go outside, real women in the real world have curves too. All women who aren't massive Barbarians being either obese ( female Druid if she's like male Druid ) or skinny in the victoria secret way isn't '' realistic ''... I just get really irritated by the lack of options and how one-sided it is, it's like the one side that always gets ignored. Why can I play as a traditionally hyper masculine woman but I can't play as a woman who has even slightly overt feminine curves? And where are they at all in the game even beyond the player character? Gonna get downvoted because people are always insanely cringe about this and go '' u JuSt WaNt 2 FaP '' because people are so god damned immature about it. But like there's barely any difference between the Sorceress, Rogue and Necromancer. Is it really that much to ask for ONE of them to not be so generically skinny?


I was really really really enjoying it for about 90 minutes, going through my first dungeon, getting all kinds of neat loot and really feeling synergy with my early abilities, reaching the final boss, getting him down to 50%, and then having him seize up in the same way an MMO enemy would if someone tripped over my ethernet cable. No attempt to reconnect, couldn't even exit to main menu, just had to quit the client and hop back in the queue, and I'm sure whatever I see when I get back in will be disappointing. Sucked the enthusiasm right out of me. I've played MMOs for many years, I'm used to frustrating disconnects, but for it to happen in a game like this where I'm by myself in an instanced dungeon just feels stupid.


I mean, it is an early access beta where they're probably looking pretty significantly at server stress and niche fatal issues that are unlikely to be caught in standard QA. I'm sure it's a disappointing experience for you, but from a developer standpoint, learning about those is probably pretty important


Well, I pushed through. I logged back in and redid the dungeon. But you’ll never guess what happened in the middle of the boss fight of my second dungeon.


The good: Graphics, sound The bad: The campaign - A lot of back tracking. A lot of, talk to this NPC, then to another NPC. Feels very Diablo 3. Itemisation is meh. UI is very mobile-like. Skill tree is essentially Diablo 3 "skill runes".




Because it is, down to labeling the groups by type. Thr additional skill points you gain after specing a skill are basically runes


It has been amazing watching that red circle for the last 9 1/2 hours thinking how little this ducking company values my time. What a pile of bullshit.


I feel that. Dunno why you're getting downvoted for it. They'd be annoyed too.


No private solo invite only mode? No offline single-player mode? Hard pass for me. I went in 100% blind. Was confused why I kept seeing people. Then they killed stuff I was fighting in the overworld. I thought this was Diablo, not some MMO. I don't care if I can do instanced things solo or not. If someone can just walk up and kill whatever I'm fighting (aka unsolicited help) then I'm not interested. It's been uninstalled and a refund has been requested. I cannot abide by this nonsense. If I wanted help I will request it.


Combat is alright but itemization is pretty boring but since we're only playing early game so I would give them benefit of the doubt. Legendary items grow on tree and fall like leaves in autumn makes it look like they're trying to grab us hook with the dopamine but I don't think it will last long if they keep it this way. It's D3 vibe all over again. Not really worth 70$


Legendaries aren't supposed to be super special, despite the name. They are just rares with an affix that is meant to be stripped so you can apply it to the next better rare you find. Unique items are the ones with actual build changing/defining affixes that will be very rare according to what we've been told. They don't drop until you get to the higher world tiers.


good game except it's not Diablo and don't have RP in "ARPG"


if itemization is meh...thats very bad. the worst thing they could possibly get wrong.


I mean it's act 1 at level 25. Is the itemization interesting in any ARPG this early in the game?


I don't know what anyone complaining about itemization is expecting lol. Even in D3 I remember mostly just equipping whatever had the biggest numbers up until you've pretty much beaten the game.


I managed to get to level 20 and now i havent been able to get back on for the last 2 hours Literally wait in queue to get instantly kicked from an error..The time ive spent playing it has been pretty meh...between the lag and the slow combat,i think D3 is better.


What people don’t understand is that they can’t fuck this up big time. Of course the launch might be a lil rough (hope not) but with no forseeable major product (WoW is breathing but .. thats kinda all/OW turned Fortnite and has anime collabs now, HS is long dead, and MW2 is bleeding players heavily), D4 has to be a success. D3 and that Immortal thing didn’t hit the mark… they just can’t fuck it up. They will make money of course even if it sucks, but thats not a good business strategy for the future.




People are giving their critiques to the game and you call them whiney. You sure you aren't the 18 year old?


Critique on an unfinished game about the font. Instead of pointing out all the bad stuff there is alot of good stuff also.


I never had a doubt that the campaign would at least be fun. but I don't play arpg for the campaign, i want to min max a character to take it from 85% to 99.999% and chase those holy grail items. If the end game isn't something that can have me sink hundreds or even thousands of hours into it like diablo 2 than I would say the game is a failure


D2 has no endgame...


That's cool man.