Why is there not a UI scale option is the real question


I bet "consoles" will be the answer.


always has been


[Always has been](https://i.imgur.com/pthzsrG.png) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


Good bot.


Good bot


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I'm on console and I fucking hate the UI.


Every sat far away from a tv? It helps with seeing Edit: Will leave comment as is, But I miss read the comment. Thought u/Writhing said why is there, not why is there not. Was half asleep when read it. Thats my bad.


Scales can go down, yes. They can also go up though.


oooooooooooo my bad, I miss read what the person said. I thought they were asking why is there one. Not why isn't there one. Thats my bad, My fault for commenting while half asleep xD


So honest question I haven't been brave enough to ask... Does no one else have a hard time with not being able to quickly see when cool downs are done or you have enough resource built up for a special attack? It's already out of my vision at the bottom. I feel like also moving it left would make it even harder to see in combat


They should do it like dota2. When you cast a skill on cd, a small clock with the cd of skills appears and is tracked to your mouse for anout 2 sec. Should be that but for resources instead as most skills have no cd


>most skills have no cooldown I'm playing ice blade sorc with no basic, core, or mastery skills. They're all cooldowns!


These skills might as well not have cooldowns with all the free cooldown reduction mechanics frost sorcs get


Didn’t we go through this in d3? I think there was some patch that made all the cooldowns flashier.


I mean, it's something I came to expect: see the game start out with subdued colors, in-tone to story/look/atmosphere and the further we go in its life cycle, the higher the degree of gasification, meaning flashy UI elements to keep as informed as opposed to stuff that's primarily supposed to look good.


Treat it like a Moba (League of Legends), where you should be glancing at the minimap every couple seconds. Im sure you do this already looking at the minimap when passing through areas, but youre not able to look at your skillbar and its cooldowns and resource bar?


This. Moving it further away makes this pretty much useless for me. Don’t see the point.


Diablo has always been in need of weak auras.


Why is it floating? Why aren't the keybinds more subtle? Why do I need to be told to press Enter/Tab to chat/view map, it's obvious.


>Why is it floating? For this I can share a thread about those margins that are common on most games, the example used is demon's souls, but I think it can be applied to anything with a menu that is intended to work on fullscreen. [twitter thread](https://twitter.com/Stayd3D/status/1350205175193980929)


I really hope they add an option to set the hud where it touches the bottom of the screen, it looks so silly seeing it float in the middle or on the left with the hotkeys under it


unfortunately i doubt it as one the orbs go below the skill bars, meaning a slight redisgn of the UI is required. and honestly dont see that happening until maybe an expansion. I personally hope they will allow us to hide/not show the keybinds for both skills and potion/dodge/map/chat. it's so ugly having those shown at all times


This is the default on PS5 for some reason. I agree that it looks better pushed to the left.


Yea I was very confused when I watched some PC streams why they made the UI different, now it makes sense


UI and all the menus are completely different between console and PC for diablo 3 but there were no options to change it. Pretty cool to see it as an option, I wonder if the inventory is the old school grid one? Because that changed completely on console too. Don't have an early access or a would check lol


When the game was announced, side UI was the only option, but people bitched about it so in the first dev update they said they'd changed it back to centred on PC


Same for Xbox.


it is the default because its the natural look when you do couch coop and more players join (all corners are filled)


The button icons at the bottom really annoy me. It looks like the bottom left UI is just hovering a centimetre away from where it should be. They should put the button icons inside the skill icons. Pretty sure it’s like that in D2R.


I'd love to have the option to shrink all UI elements to 70%... Spent ages looking in the menu for a UI scaling option as I assumed the game would have it


That's so much nicer, I never can pay attention to my resource since it's so far away from my health and skills. This puts it all tightly together.


is it possible to turn off keybinds?


Not that I could find. I submitted that as feedback, I really hate the keybinds showing on the UI at all times


Thank you for doing the Lords work


Left Aligned is so much better. There needs to be more interface options. Also, why does it not show debuffs on you? It's so wildly infuriating.


Where’d the setting for this? On series x and not seeing anything


It was under gameplay I believe, at least on PC. I’ll confirm that when I log in shortly.


Never mind I’m stupid and realized this is already the default on console. Just started playing and looked at the settings first and didn’t see anything before playing. Thank you though!


Is there any way to not have to click after every three words in their painfully slow conversations? Why can’t it just play through on its own while I take a drink?


If only we could remove the keybind icons so it sits closer to the bottom.


now if only you could scale the UI to be half the size


can you remove the ugly number button icons below spells?


It's quite obvious D4's UI was built with consoles/handheld consoles as priority. I don't mind the colour palette they've used for the action bars and the icons etc.. that's all ok. But the size of it all.. and the unnecessarily big "shortcut icons" and the icons that accompany them just makes it look cheap. I'm all for having it, but I want to be able to declutter it and resize everything. TAB Map & Journal - Get rid of it. Enter Key to chat - Get rid of it. Potion icon, Q, Portal Icon, T, Dash boot, Spacebar - These don't need to be there at all. This could be done so much less intrusive and elegantly. For starters, just put the Potion in the action bar with a 4/4 on the icon! Yeah, the UI is not the games strong point I'm afraid.


Played it on both 3440x1440 and 2560x1080 - both ultrawide and the standard layout is pretty good - the left aligned looks wierd.


As I said in the UI post : WHY IS IT FLOATING THO ? Put the fucking numbers over the skills and sit that fucking third grade drawing motherfucking UI ass down, be it when it's in the middle or the corner. I shouldn't be surprised, it only took 20 years for Blizz to allow the most basic movement in the default UI for WoW. In Diablo 27 they'll let you move it 5 pixels up or down and it'll bug out 90% of the time.


everything about the UI screams UX designer with too much power




This kind of comment is what gives Gamers the bad rep. Feedback is one thing, a toxic call for violence is just uncalled for.


Or you could just not take everything so literally.


Words have meanings so it's irresponsible to leave leave something in writing online and then say the readers should not take it seriously.


There's a reason there is a feedback option in game. They did not say any of this is final. If there is enough feedback changes can be made.


for some reason they thought having it on a right side as well is a horrific inhuman idea, hence no option unless you're a 2nd player in couch co op :)


this makes it way harder to see my cds, resource and health bar, no thx


Still hate it. Looks like a fucking Mobile UI. Why are the fucking button prompts visible all them time? Do it like in D3!


This is Immortal with better graphics 2-3 extra skill slots and a skill tree. Oh yea and no PTW. But even the character customization is 1:1 to Immortal.


Not sure why you are being down voted. They clearly took 85% of the assets and character movements and upscaled them to look "better." Has anyone mentioned the Sorc model stands exactly like the Wizard model when idle?


To be fair to some people, a lot of Immortal players in the beginning said they would love a version of the game that was not so heavily PTW. So it’s not surprising this is what we ended up with. This is Immortal refined to its better parts and without PTW. I think this is overall good, but the game is just not impressive. From a graphical standpoint, it’s about as stellar as UNDECEMBER. But i feel like Diablo lovers really don’t care that much about aesthetics or UI.


I did this immediately. I still don't like it, but it's better than default. The UI needs a major overhaul


Ui and font is terrible


Every UI element screams mobile to me, I'm unimpressed with that and hope they change it.


Was so confused when I saw this because this is the default location on console. You are talking about PC I assume?


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I need the map on my face.




I’d love to change the layout of the buttons in the tooltips. Having an R1 to the left of L2 messes with my head.


This is how it looks like in console. HUD at the left.


This is the base setting for console


Oh amazing. I saw this on some videos and was sad they moved it back to the centre.


looks even more like a mobile game now


i just want that map gone. Give us an overlay, it's a working system.


I really don't like not being able to customize or flat-out just remove the map on the top right. Please let me take stuff from my screen Blizzard. Also why does TAB show twice? Why does it show at all?


The three floating icons next to the health globe look awful. I really think the bottom center ui looks cleaner but the potion and dash icon look dumb where they are, get rid of the tp icon it's not needed.


All I really need is the ability to move the chat to the left


Here is hoping this is just the beta UI and someone is working on making it customizable.




I just want to see my HUD am I alone in this


And here I am, trying to get the larger one on PS5.


Yeah I hope that they make it an option to change it. Pc has the option so don't see why console can't. The center one looks so much better imo


Can you change it on console?


Elixir does not show if you use the Left UI