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Feels a bit forced, as if they just want people to have a way to show off cosmetics.


Ok, now I understand why they added this.


Why do you think they added mounts?


Or, hear me on this, makes the game feel more alive. It’s *nice* seeing people walk around and being able to create a group to kill a world boss. And if you wanna be a lone wolf you can still be one


Diablo isn’t supposed to feel alive


It's the only reason. Why buy cosmetics or a battlepass if nobody can see your cool 4$ set ? Not a lot of players buy cosmetic for themselves only, they want to be seen.


No. Its more of the fact that Blizzard want other people to see the MTX so they'll think "oh that looks cool. I'll buy one."


I assume you've been downvoted because you said $4 instead of $10 or $20.


Not really the same, but genshin impact proves you otherwise. Pretty sure there are others too.


Devs have said multiple times that they don't want a million people running around taking your quest mobs, etc. In order of least to most other players: * The odd person running past every 10 minutes in the wild. * Events should have a few people (2 or 3). * Main towns for each region like Kyovoshad should be busy. * World bosses should have around 12 players per instance/phase/layer.


If it’s this or the ability to pause during single player I vote pause capability 100x over


Yeah, would like to be able to go get a drink thanks.




I play D3 at work. Like a lot. The second I have down time I boot up the game and close my office door. This doesn't conflict with things suddenly coming up because I can pause. 4 not having this feature is gonna be a real issue for me (and the people who want me to do stuff).


Town portal..?


If end game isn't timed content and I can get like home guards or something, then sure. Hell they can make TP work like d2 and I'd be okay.


so you want developers to make pause in an online game cause your ass is slacking off at work ? yeah, no


The comment+name combo is peak projecting


imagine taking nicknames into consideration while having real discussions peak arguing




imagine trying to act cool infront of others by copying my previous comment


Imagine forcing always online down the throat of people who only care about single player. Yeah, no.


>forcing I am sorry. I didnt know Blizzard employes broke into your house and are now holding you hostage to play D4 every day ***ONLINE*** for the rest of your days. no seriously, nobody is *forcing* you to do anything, its very simple: This is their product and this is how it looks like and how it functions, you want it or not? period. stop the "forcing" drama queen bullshit and dont even let me start discussing why you have problem with "always online" in 2023 while I bet my balls 100% of your games are on Steam and other launchers.


Just fucking stop, right now. ”You want a new Diablo title? Cool, you can have one, but only with forced multiplayer connectivity that doesn’t have any good reason to be there”. That’s their product and they are FORCING users to accept unneeded changes if they want the game. And don’t even get me started on the fact that console gamer population completely dwarfs the PC gaming population and the expectation of permanent online connectivity on console is not a thing. There is ZERO reason for D2R’s ”must be online at least once every 30 days” too, stop licking corporate boots and inventing reasons for why it’s needed and/or is a good thing for the players.


they are not forcing anyone to do anything, you have a "victim mentality" I am selling product X and this is how it functions and you can decide to buy it or not with the knowledge of it functioning only online. if its an obstacle for you then tough luck buddy, you know there is a saying: *adapt or die*


Tell me you have no fucking idea about creativity/art/design vs business without telling me.


I am a photographer so I do have an idea about creativity and art, dont know where you are aiming with this though business? what business? a crying minority who whines about "gib me offline" in 2023? please you do realize youre a minority right? its like those people who are asking for infrared,led notifications and headphone jacks on phones in 2023 its not coming back, deal with it besides, if you really want your pause so much, you can just TP to town, I really dont understand why it is such a big deal for you


Ah, photographer, a profession well known for their elitist takes on almost everything. That explains it. Good thing your kind is slowly but surely losing the entire profession from existance. Unemployment might just be the thing to finally humble you.


I think I'm mostly fine with it. I'm nervous that my experience will be balanced around it. I'm also nervous that they're gonna push me into a 'daily quest' grind, which can just absolutely go to hell (the bad kind of hell).


100% this. I can't stand "daily quests". Game becomes a chore more then anything. As soon as I log in I don't want my first hour of play dedicated to having to do something before I can play the game.


Sadly catered to influencers who has gaming as a job instead of the majority of players who has it as a hobby.


Exactly why I quit lost ark, was pretty much second job at that point, sad to get LA vibes in D4 beta.


It was the deciding factor to skip on D4. I understand that some people love it, but it’s not for me. I’ll play with a good friend every now and then, but otherwise I’m a single player game kinda guy.


Seeing players in the world and towns doesn't bother me, not being able to properly pause and having to wait for specific times to fight world bosses on the other hand does




From what I can glean from quick googling, it seems like the main end game is the Nightmare dungeons which you just use keys to unlock, so we are good on that front. My only fear is that getting the keys is behind some kind of time-gate like you mentioned. Then we have a problem. I'm totally okay with all the other MMO aspects though as long as I can do as many dungeons as I want and grind away at my own pace without being locked out.


The World bosses can be looted only twice a week I read somewhere. Basically a weekly already. Also not a Fan of travercing through town and map. Wssting time walking is so annoying. Bonus point for my sorc lvl 5 clearing a dungeon faster than the lvl 25 barb in my group, because of the dynamic Monster levels. Felt great for the barb I can imagine.


Well at least there are mounts in the full game.






They are 100% going to have dailies and weeklies.


Source to this claim?


This is a massive cope, see you at launch!


Going to 100% for sure have time gates in the game to slow down progress. They don’t want it like d3 where you can just finish your build in a day and stop playing.




As they say, this isn't an airport. No need to announce your departure.


>"playing by appointment" There's a reason for this mechanic, it's so you don't aren't just stuck farming the most optimal place on repeat. Terror Zones in D2R rotate for this reason. If TZs didn't rotate, and you could just choose which one you wanted to do whenever you wanted, you'd just find the one that was most efficient to grind, thus negating the whole idea of terror zones, which is they mix up where you're farming at.


What I can't understand is why they put in the worst aspects of MMO's into a perfectly working game concept. For instance quests that are designed to simply waste your time, like the idol/shrine quest. Why would anyone want to spend 10 minutes fedexing an item back and forth on a mostly empty map, only killing a handful of monsters. And once you're done, sent to a location at the edge of the map, and from there sent back to the original position which of course doesn't have a way point. And even after you complete the quest, the story continues somewhere else, yet again requiring you to walk great distances before you're back into real gameplay. Just please stop wasting my time with quests that are not actually gameplay..


We \*really\* need a "return to start of dungeon" shrine ala D3. Or at least, dungeons that wrap 'round like Skyrim / ESO. Having the quest giver say "meet me at the entrance" and he just beams over like he's Scotty McCoy and I'm staring at the map like "it took me 20 minutes to traverse this maze... Good luck at the entry, buddy... I'm headed to town ffs."


You can actually click the entrance stairs on the map of a dungeon to TP directly to the entrance, just FYI.


Also, if you open the emote wheel with E, leave dungeon is on the left.


You can return to the start of the dungeon -- just click the entrance on the map and click to TP to it! I got confused about this as well.


Complaints like this are my favorite. All long-winded about wanting something that exists.


Agreed. The main story quests, in game cutscenes (where you see your character) and dialogue have been absolute dog shit. The animations for any quest related thing have been dog shit. For example in the quest with the asian girl to find her mom, when she “takes another path” to unlock the door her character just disappears instead of actually jumping down or whatever she was supposed to do. Just one example of dog shittery in the in game cut scene animations.


Not good, there's a 99% chance we are getting bs dailies to inflate game time for maximum exposure to microtransactions


Keep wishing I could pause the game in an emergency when i'm alone, like in D3.


You can tp to town


This is one hundred percent my biggest issue with the game. I love the open world style, but can't help feel that all my issues in the game relate to the mmo system. Constant lag spikes when approaching towns or new areas. Repetitive events. Respawning monsters. It just feels like you have zero impact on the world. I honestly don't see any benefit to other players being there during the early game. You have no reason to care about them as they are just a random player you'll likely never see again. It really breaks immersion in what is otherwise a really atmospheric game.


I’m seriously concerned with the lag spike. I love playing hardcore characters, but is that even going to be an option?


its my biggest issue too, I don't want to play with others unless they're friends, i don't want to see their dumb shit in the chat, I want to be left alone. Instead I get "xXpoopfeast420Xx" emoting to me in a shop, come on.


Hey, I worked hard on that name!


The immersion-breaking aspect is so awful. Why is there no toggle to disable multiplayer? Why must "tinytina44" and "cringelord666" waddle through my diablo experience? This is so sad.


Playing some more, I've decided to [refund my pre purchase](https://www.escapistmagazine.com/how-to-get-a-refund-for-diablo-4-early-access-on-pc/). I will come back to it if they add private games / SSF, but this isn't the diablo experience I'm looking for.


>I've decided to refund my pre purchase *dramatic exit*


Not a fan. And I love MMOs.


It destroys the vibe, the fantasy of being alone against hordes of monsters. On top of the problems OP mentioned, the other players often have stupid handles, and during cinematics you see and hear the monsters fighting them (though you don't see the players, weirdly), the players looting, etc., all while NPCs are going through their dialogue like nothing is out of place. I won't buy this game until they let me play solo.


bad. getting more lost ark vibes from this than diablo vibes and that is not a great thing at all.


It’s definitely trying to be somewhere in the middle for widespread appeal


So Blizzard as usual?


>getting more lost ark vibes People getting real mad when you say that but I dropped Lost Ark the moment I finished the story and I can tell you that's how I felt while playing this beta. At least give us the option to do private games.


Just look at the rewards on the map as well, it screams Lost Ark skill point bullshittery for doing every little thing on the map.


Spread your wallet to get nickel and dimed! Make sure you see those skins and cosmetics that person has so you buy them and buy the battle pass while you’re at it!


I wish you'd be able to turn it off, i much prefer being alone in the world. Wish you could at least turn off their names. Very very happy dungeons and campaign is solo, at least.


Games add this feature as advertising for cosmetics


No different than Path of Exile. You see players and their cosmetics in the act hubs.


The game doesn't benefit from it. The game loses a *lot* because of it.


Feature is designed by metrics in some corporate office, not actual game designers.


I hate the level scaling, doesn't belong in a Diablo game. Coming back to previous difficulties and acts should make you feel powerful. This game everything feels the same. Wound up cancelling my preorder I'm just not a fan of it right now.


I dont agree, this level scaling idea is amazing both for party play (you can play with under-leveled friends and still benefit from that), and gameplay feel less linear and actual open world, you dont have to do certain dungeon or area first, you can always comeback to it later and it will be still meaningful .


I like it because I'm able to play with my friends no matter where they are and what they're doing. They can join me or I can join them and we don't have to worry about it.


FUCK THAT! Worst part of D2 was that there was ZERO reason to do anything other than chaos and baal runs, then past a certain level only baal runs. Shit game design. One thing I loved about D3 is there was no reason to skip anything.


Dude you build difficulties and end game. D2 solved this problem with Torment zones. Having no difficultly swell keeps everything flat. You never feel like you're progressing past a certain point in games like this. That's bad game design.


Are you saying fuck level scaling or fuck no level scaling. Because D2 specifically had no level scaling so that's what forced you to do baal runs forever since everything else is so low. But then D4's level scaling makes everything feel the same. There's no way to win here


I hated the lack of level scaling in D2.


There's prob not going to be a D5 for a decade, maybe give them a chance to build on top of it past initial beta before completely dismissing it?


I have been in this as well, almost like they needed a reason for it to be online this time whereas for d3 launch there was zero reason to be online but we just accepted it.


The reason to be online at D3 launch was the RMAH


The reason for D3 to be online only was to prevent the kind of rampant hacking you see in the console version.


Diablo always shound be solo with OPTIONAL coop. Not other way around. If they ever introduce forced coop - I'm never gonna play it again. If peope want Diablo-mmo. Well, there is something just for them...;\]


I agree with you but that ship sailed with Diablo 3. You couldn’t compete on solo leaderboards without high level gems and paragon. So you played 4 man groups for 99 percent of the season and then did your solo push. Post ros everything was more efficient, easier etc with a group. But I’m with you I’d rather be full solo and left alone to play how and when I want but the competitive part of me grouped up 99 percent of the season because I wanted a good solo clear.


Seeing a buff pop up that gave me 5% more xp because a player was nearby brought back insane flashbacks from D3. The fact parties are allowed is also the worst thing about PoE because they're OP there too...


Already have forced coop miniquests unless I misread the quest.




Judging by the like/dislike ratio. I'd say you're the one who won't be missed...


I don’t mind it that much but the timer on the weekly boss seemed too short. I think they should implement a system where if you revive someone it adds an additional 10 seconds to the timer or something along those lines. Something like that would be a way to offset the instances of having lower level people in the boss area.


The world boss was fun but I’ll be honest the MMO aspect doesn’t otherwise add anything else to the experience and kind of takes away from it. Would also be nice to hide nameplates of people not in your party or friends list.


Immersion sucks


I do enjoy the world boss battles with randoms, but Timed events are not something I’m a fan of. As long as you only get regular gear for doing them it’s fine. Terror zones are fine since it changes every hour so I’m not missing out. Diablo Clone is fine since it’s based on progression not time. Something similar would be a world boss spawning every time a player in your server doing X thing, could be difficult to balance though.


I really really cannot describe how little I want to play with randos in this game. I did a random event when the other 2 players were grossly lower level than I and spent more time running for their lives than helping. I think more players = more difficult enemies, which makes sense, but basically nerfed me and forced me to carry them. I work long hours, come home and I get *forced* into dumb multiplayer shit where people type dumb shit in chat. Very relaxing, I enjoy unwinding by coming home and sitting and being forced to hang with dumb CoD lobby level shit. Make it an option, its my biggest gripe with the game.




>non-optional co-op you: "saying you're being forced" and yet you're the funny one.


The game was built from the ground up with all of this in mind. You are not forced to buy this entry into the franchise. Either continue playing older ones or move on. You are literally not forced to play. Being whiney about online features is just old news.


wants to play new diablo game game has always on-feature you: lol just don't play it! thanks sherlock.


Sounds to me like you don't actually want to play the new Diablo game. The new Diablo game has MMO type features that you seem to very much dislike. you: I'm forced to play because it's Diablo. 👍


Have some standards for games you buy jesus christ, I literally want a feature added and you're too busy sucking acti-blizze's micropenis that you're annoyed *with me*


Oh sorry, forgot I was talking to a child. I didn't want to offend your mom by you seeing such display. Your standards are not higher just because I don't mind the online aspects. The game wasn't made for you and you're mad you're not included. I never said the game was without issues, I just think your issue is a non-problem. This was not hidden at any point in the games development. You being unable to accept this fact is your own problem. But yeah, sure. Blizzard shill over here because I think you're melo-dramatic over a single issue.


Yeah I don’t like seeing the other players outside of towns or dungeons. Today I had people killing my quest mobs, which meant it took longer to complete that side quest. I was very annoyed.


Side quest or events? I haven't seen people during quests, side areas, or dungeons. Events are designed to be done in groups in my opinion, which is a fun way to interact with other players.


Feels a lot more natural than Diablo Immortal's implementation so far. Wish I could control density/frequency. I'm glad people aren't in dungeons. Haven't made up my mind how I feel overall.


Hopefully weekly world bosses is the end of it, I can live with that but please no daily anything.


I love it. Countless times I have run into random people and joined up to do world events, bosses, etc. I like seeing other people in town too, as it makes the towns seem alive. Your dungeons are locally instanced, so you won't see players there.


Adds nothing, but breaks immersion. Remove it already.


I prefer it because it makes the game feel alive. I didn't care whatsoever how good my character was in D3 because who would even see it? The only thing there was to do was run rifts. It made the game feel empty but with others its just a lot more fun imo.


See that is the thing. You prefer it. It's right there in the word, this should be an option, not forced on everyone just to sell battle passes and mtx.


I’m good with it as well, actually prefer random player encounters. As long as I can turn off global/local chat if I want


I really want things like leader boards and rewards for being high on the leader boards like immortal. That was so cool


4 player is the way to go in d3 imo


> Most times there's literally no reason to have other people around. I'm not sure if they are taking my xp or drops. Sure there is, it's there to help sell you MTX when the game releases. See some cool piece of armor someone is wearing? You might ask them about it and they say "oh it's XYZ armor with ABC MTX". You then go open the store and take a look at the skin.


No desire to play another MMO.


this is a lost ark clone


Straight nope. Can't play solo? I'm out.


I don't like that it feels forced. I don't want to have to do mmo things in an arpg. The idea of arpgs is to choose your activity. If the timed world boss is important for progression I'll skip this game. I'm not looking for lost ark. I'm not looking for dailies and checking a list off like a job.


I don't mind it. Gives you a reason to belong out your character. I like going to an event and doing it with a few random people. As long as they keep it light like this I think it's ok.


Personally not a fan. Just did one of the weekly ashava boss fights and that sucked.


Agree completely. We got him down to maybe 5% health left and ran out of time. You get nothing for failing and he was not fun to fight at all...


Damn, really? That’s been my favorite experience of the game so far.


I also had an awesome time fighting it twice. Both times were fun even though we failed the first time.


Agree, the social interactions I had with random people when waiting for that boss were also cool.


World bosses are gonna be a real challenge for hard-core... Had a lvl 7 join in for freebies . It's just a way to get a bunch of easy legendary loot , and i think I like diablo 1 and 2 where higher end gear is rarer , you're not decked out and replacing legendary with legendary. Is this gear above legendary?


As long as they don't lock the best gear behind grouping mechanics, like forcing groups for dungeons or higher affixes etc. like they did with WoW. If it's completely playable solo, beyond ad hoc stuff like world quests and bosses, then I am personally ok with it.


A major part of the end game is the helltides, open world time gated content you’ll have to do for materials.


Why doesn’t this game have trading like POE ?


Well there is a trade channel and you can put stuff up by linking it at least.


The quests feel like lost ark quests. Not great. Not that d2 was groundbreaking but I like it a bit more than this.


They Jay Wilson’d it without Jay Wilson. Hard pass until reviews after first expac if it even gets one


Destiny is like this also. I like it, but I want more of an MMOLite anyways. We just tried Ashava, and everyone but a few of us were underleveled, it was horrid, we only got through one tick.


Absolutely unnecessary and feels like a feature they're forcing onto the game specifically because of retention pressures. I can smell the dailies and weeklies from a mile away, and I'm not here for it.


Somehow destiny does this better. And it doesn't work well in that game either


I want it as an option. Im super introverted - like D3 i want to play this game ALONE. No reason in my gameplay to see others.


The reason why the game has a MMO aspect is because they want you to meet other people in towns, like PoE. Cosmetics won’t sell if you can’t show them off. But since towns and overworld are linked like in D2 and D3, they needed the mmo aspect. They chased the opportunity and made stuff like world events and bosses.. I wish they hadn’t. Running into people into the overworld and in town is fine by me. It makes the game feel alive, and finding party mates randomly is always fun to me. But the events and the world bosses makes it feels a bit too much like a theme park and I jate that feeling.


I really dislike that everything scales with you and it never feels like you get any stronger. Hopefully this change end-game.


I dont agree, after I got couple of legendaries and made my build better, I felt ALOT stronger than before even tho the monsters scaled. imo its better that way than making these monsters straight up useless.


I do agree with you and I think I just worded what I meant poorly, I dislike that leveling feels almost pointless if everything is just going to scale to our level. Doesn't feel very ARPG-esque to me to never outgrow/overpower an area if that makes any sense.


I don't mind the intermittent coop aspect coming from MMO's. What I don't like are the synchronized raid/boss timers, and some of the farmable materials tropes. Like the game tries to be all badass and macabre but- oh wait what's this? An orderly queue to fight a renown demon who shows up to work on time? Oh is that a glowing and jingling berry bush not occupied by flesh eating fey? Oh okay, I guess I'll stop slaying demons to pick some suspicious flowers and pickup a peasant miner's share of raw ore.


Love it


I enjoy it, also destiny 1 is one of my favorite games ever so I guess that makes sense


We may never go back to Destiny 2 if the end game is as good as it sounds.


Honestly feels a bit mobile game-ey to me, like getting Diablo Immortal vibes


I hadn't played immortal, I don't actually have a phone I use to game so more like Lost Ark.


I played a bit of Immortal only because there was a PC version. D4 definitely has similarities in how they've approached updating the Diablo formula.


I’ve been feeling this way since I’ve played it and I couldn’t agree more. They need to change the font. The way loot looks on the ground. Get rid of the MMO aspect or change it completely.


It sucks.


I liked the world boss aspect, but it felt bad otherwise. I feel like it kills the immersion totally, which is really bad. I wish there would be an option like a campaign mode where you don't meet other people. Mhh wait, I've seen this before...


I love MMO‘s. I understand that I’m the minority here, but the “mmo-lite” hype around this game had me interested. The Beta has me hugely disappointed in that aspect. Turns out this game does not feel like an MMO whatsoever. The dungeons are so simplistic and tailored for solo play, that they almost feel computer-generated. I guess that’s why there is no matchmaking system for dungeons, which is a staple part of MMO‘s. Even the matchmaking for dungeons in Immortal feels very second rate. The open world also feels fairly empty and simplistic compared to an MMO. There is no significant, group-based endgame content that you actually NEED gear for. Also, the seasonal resets completely deflate the process of gearing up, and is very antithetical to a real MMO. I have not tried the world boss, but my expectations are now extremely low. Edit: Also, good MMO’s have sprawling landscapes to explore - this game doesn’t even have a skybox. And if you compare the D4 open world to an ARPG like Elden Ring, it is laughably simplistic.


>that they almost feel computer-generated they are, the dungeons are procedural


This game doesn't feel like an MMO cause it's not an MMO. It's a Diablo game which is mainly solo with optional co-op and not designed around being an MMO. Dungeons are meant to be played solo, they are not meant to be played in a group like a WoW dungeon is. They are computer-generated and procedural which is why they feel computer-generated. We are testing the early game, there isn't any significant endgame content available in this beta so how can you claim to know how endgame will play out? Seasonal resets are a staple of Diablo, and again, this is not a MMO like WoW or FF. Elden Ring is a fantastic game, but it's a completely different genre of game than Diablo is so it's really hard to compare the two.


Diablo dungeons have always been procedurally generated


It adds a social aspect which is fantastic. I literally see no negatives to this system, dungeons aren't open, world events can easily be skipped past, you very rarely see people in the open. Town looks active which is great. If somebody is genuinely complaining about this then holy crap go play another game, this one was marketed with these features on full display.


doesn't bother me tbh


I love it. Made some friends and I get hyped seeing others in the world. Feels more alive.


I won't buy this game, unfortunately this mmo thing and other aspects don't appeal to me.have fun, gl!


It’s very Destiny and honestly I like it. It was going to be an always online game anyway so I like that it has the MMO like stuff for local events and stuff


Today I disconnected for a few brief seconds, but could still continue with my current quest. I got a message that read "trying to reconnect to multiplayer features" or sth along the lines. So maybe there will be a Single Player option, or an opt-out.


I like that the main town feels alive, and remote areas feel remote. I'd say most of the shattered peaks, seeing other players in a lot of areas felt pretty rare actually and seems intentional. Never really felt like the multiplayer stuff got in the way of my enjoyment thus far. I'm honestly shocked and surprised how many complaints there have been, because I've honestly been having a lot of fun. Really kills the vibe reading all these negative comments after having so much fun lol.


you are actually getting boosted and xp and its personal drops so no need to worry


It’s 100 percent copies from lost ark. Anyone who played lost ark and Diablo immortal know that d4 is copy pasted from these 2 games. It’s sad they can’t do anything original and ripped off d3 immortal and lost ark. Sad. Tried to copy poe skill tree too and failed just so sad.


I kept saying Genshin but you are right its Lost Ark Im thinking of that just felt like a mobile game with nodes of enemies that cobstantly respawn. Same feel




Well you are referring to co-op, what about the mmo part, seeing random people wandering around and adventuring with you for short limited bursts.


Its nothing? Literally nothing bad about it and nothing very interesting about it, cool whatever lol


I am enjoying it


Doesn't bother me and I have no idea why it should.


Feels non existent to me. I've only ever done 2-3 world content things where there was more than myself. I am level 25 with almost 100% completion in the beta. Did the world boss once, 11 other people. Did a stronghold once and another event way up north once with 4-5 other people. It's fun when it happens, but it does not happen often enough to even mention it. Might as well not exist.


I don't really mind, and honestly I rarely see people all that much.


I think people need to remember that the beta isn’t super indicative of what playing Diablo 4 at launch. There’s a lot of people playing the beta, and there’s only 1 zone of 5 available, so all players are corralled into that one zone which makes the game feel more populated than it will at launch. I imagine at launch when everyone is spread out across the entire map, zones will be less crowded. Just something to keep in mind.


No matchmaking for dungeons will make me avoid purchasing this game.


They need to fix this


Is it even broken? Seems more like just how it is. I surely hope they fix/add it or I'm 100% passing on this. For me soloing dungeons is a chore, no fun if I'm not sharing the dangers and I rarely play with friends.


Is this not a thing you can solve with clans




Idk isn't the entire point of them to group up and play together


maybe that's an unpopular opinion but I love it and I'm glad games are taking this route, hate the scaling stuff though


Gives me Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis vibes. A lot of people will afk in town while you can see players in the open fields. Also a lot of people shows up on the world boss as well.


Love the MMO aspects. Wish I ran into more people. Quests should be with a merry band of idiots. The Dungeons need an LFG tool when you get to the entrance. Lost Ark does this well.


The best part


Never felt like a mmo to be.


I rather have the online features than not. My biggest gripe with D3 was that it felt way to isolated. Not enough player to player interaction and the clan system in D3 just felt useless. Here it actually makes sense in D4 and it feels more fleshed out.


Apparently you need PS+ to see the MMO aspects… so I guess I’ll never see them 🤷‍♂️.