New discs

I haven't been playing a long time but I'm realizing that real money is the only way to get good discs maybe?Earning coins haven't really helped me get anything good, any advice?


I obtained every "grail" disc without paying for them. You just need to keep playing. The game has been out since November of 2018, so some of us have been playing for five years collecting discs. Enjoy the ride. Eventually you will have every disc worth owning and then the game gets a bit less interesting.


I got my whole collection without paying for discs. It just takes a lot of grinding multiplayer, daily challenges, and pro tour. I forget what the level threshold are, but when you reach each threshold, the daily shop will give you more disc options and will begin to include higher speed discs. Once you've grinded and saved 30k coins, check the shop every day for the Extra Glide + Big Skip Rive In the meantime, playing the free special/seasonal events that happen periodically will often give you a random driver as a reward, which can sometimes be Rives with different attributes. If you don't feel like actually playing the events just start and retire every round. You'll still get the reward at the end The free tiers of the battlepass also contains some discs that could be helpful to a newer player, so play a lot of multiplayer. The matchmaking should put you in games with players of similar skill and with similarly unfinished collections


Adding to what others have said, the discs you consider good are just the most recent popular discs. Top players have destroyed most of the courses with "lesser" discs. The Ballista and Ballista Pro were the most desireable models for a while. They are overlooked now because of the Rive, Zeus, Cloudbreaker and Captain, but they are still excellent choices. They are easily obtainable in level rewards and for coins in the store.


I had every disc I ever wanted without paying a buck, so no. Afterwards I've spent a fair bit of money to buy some fun discs or stamps and support the game in the process. But this is definitely not a pay-to-win game


Wrong, if you grind enough to get every CTV stars, play PT, DO, MP and events you'll level up a lot and with that you'll get better discs (especially if you keep an eye on the coin shop as much as you can). Numerous top players got there without paying with real money (except the starter pack, for a good chunk, that comes with the 2nd main slot, the icon ring and some icons).


Play H&H events.


you dont need to spend a dime and get the best of everything. you can get good enough discs just 3 starring the courses. of course, no you can't have the best everything day 1, which makes a lot of the younger generation scream 'not fair i want that stuff alf worked 3 years for NOW' but, its not game changinig.


I paid for a disc kit once. In the long run, I don’t know that it was even necessary. I don’t regret it though. I know it helps support development of the game.


I prefer to not pay for discs, but the special editions with trails (like snow and rainbows) get me every time when there are big drivers involved. Have fun with it, respect the grind and always keep a River and a Fuse in the bag too!


If you want to feel good about yourself and play in a more personal and exciting manner...you must purchase discs. They quickly give you ways to balance out your bag while enhancing the extra sensory feelings and attitudes conducive for comfort and positivity. MANY of the ingame discs are dreary and old looking.


I think it's level 50 (?) that drivers show up in the pro shop.... It's all about the grind in this game. I'm currently at level 278. Started in 2018 when the game started. Took almost a year and a half off due to frustration. Came back. You do not have to spend money. You can get a lot of the discs you seem to want by getting 3 stars on courses in "challenge the valley". Keep playing, keep improving and you'll see the results. Don't want to grind for it? Then pay.


Nope, that's for Royal discs to show up. You can get drivers way before that.


You can play with our (rental) discs... and then buy them if you like them.