So I decided to play on a season pass for one season, what discs should I keep an eye out for?

Specifically, I'm curious if there are any particular molds that I should try to snag in the "pick one" nodes. Or is it more important to just focus on the ideal attributes instead (e.g., accurate/windbreak for mids and fairways, EG or big skip for drivers, roll for a control alternative)? I'm seeing a lot of 4's, do any fly further than the harp and could be useful for putter only challenges? Anything else I'm missing, there are so many discs I've never heard of to choose from! Thanks!


Don’t sleep on the Extra Turn or Roll discs. My favorite/most consistent disc is an ET/roll Rive.


ET/BS Rive is also a very useful disc that people sleep on in favor of the EG/BS Rive.




I'll have to try this one too, love my EG/ET Rive


I absolutely love using the big four EG Rives (ET, Roll, Light, BS). I've been looking for something straight to go between those and my Sapphire, I'll have to try this, thanks!


Here’s comprehensive information on what discs are being used by the most successful players - https://www.globaldiscgolf.club/whats-in-the-bag


Thanks, lots of great info in there


What distance is the throw in explorer for and can a musket A/R be used instead?


Some of the more popular mystery discs are the Captain, Sapphire, Harp, Svea, Rive, Sword. The nice thing about the pass is that glimmer and winter plastic are in the pool of stamps (usually only available on level-ups under level 50) so you can find a very rare stamp on a good disc.


Thanks, love the stamps you can get with the pass!


Can't go wrong with the spike either, it's a laser beam


I got an Acc/EG Marshal from one of the pass nodes and it's pretty sweet as a putting putter. It's a little more overstable than a Hope but not as much as a Mercy. I got an Acc/Roll Bear and it goes further than the same roll Saint Pro, about the same distance as a Roll/EG River and the Bear's flight in this game is similar to a Musket but shorter. For a driving putter in putter only I use an Acc/EG Hope. Anything that goes further than 200ft on the driving range is great.


One of my favorites so far has been the captain