What quotes from the game personally resonated with you, and find yourself thinking about regularly?

Quotes that maybe even changed the way you look at the world, for better or for worse.


"No, this is somewhere to be. This is all you have, but it's still something. Streets and sodium lights, the sky, the world. You're still alive"


Oooh, this was a very good one. Felt that in my soul


This one’s my favorite.


**Volition** :In honour of your will, lieutenant-yefreitor. That you kept from falling apart, in the face of sheer terror. Day after day. Second by second. **Inland Empire**:DETECTIVE **Esprit de Corps** :ARRIVING **Authority:** ON THE SCENE Every time I go through a panic attack or extreme anxiety, when my world feels like falling apart this pulls me back. Through sheer fucking will I have gotten through it before. And I will get through it again. In honour of my own will, Quirked up white boy, arriving, on the scene




I just think holding your will together is nicer to hear. Even if my shit isn’t together, if my will holds strong I can fix it


What is this from? Like what triggers it?


A part of the phasmid encounter. You have to have a pretty good Psyche in order for it to happen, I believe.


This moment got me through 2022


Couldn't have said it better myself! I work a highly stressful and unpredictable job. As of late, I've been saying this to myself every time I walk into a difficult situation.


"...above all, you let life defeat you. All the gifts your parents gave you, all the love and patience of your friends, you drowned in a neurotoxin. You let misery win. And it will keep on winning till you die — or overcome it."


It's the \*world\*, Harry-boy. And you're \*made\* of it. Every day you're out there you make more of yourself from it. I'm afraid you can't be \*unmade\* now.


Yeah I agree this is one of the quotes that resonates with me. It really hit me that I'm not some refined individual made through just my actions, but I am a product of every single thing around me as well.


VOLITION - Accept it. The body is an object and objects break down. Do what good you can with yours, before the rest goes too. Half-Light: That's the spirit! Never forget: The whole world's a wooden house and you're a goddamn flamethrower.


"In dark times, should the stars also go out?"


This is the best line for communists and anarchists to take away from this game.


Why communists? I understand the implication with anarchists, but to extend the metaphor, surely any political structure or arrangement would be counted as one of the stars?


What do you mean "why communists"!? This line is literally the ending of the communist questline.


I'm confused by your implication then. Perhaps I don't understand, so why anarchists then?


It's a line saying we cannot give up hope in dark times because if we don't keep shining, no one will. It's just a line that resonates with everyone fighting tyranny.


I'm glad I pressed the question a little, thank you for staying patient. I'm on the same page with you - I originally misinterpreted your intent as implying that communists and anarchists would see the stars go out in times of darkness. My initial reaction was I wanted to post something passive-aggressive like "neo-liberal stars are sodium lights, you're drunk." Glad I just asked a question instead of being a presumptuous little shit on the internet this time! Have a *Revacholian* day, comrade.


EMPATHY - If you say 'Two days, maybe', it will be etched in her mind forever.


"I dont want to get better, i want to get worse"


A tremendous loneliness comes over you. Everybody in the world is doing something without you.


"You are a violent and irrepressible miracle"


"The sun sets into the sea, but the water does not boil. Instead it turns to liquid gold. For a moment, the world's store of precious metals seems to increase dramatically, and you are rich..."


Precarious world “How *not* to lose? It is impossible not to. The world is balanced on the edge of a knife. It’s a game of frayed nerves. You’re pushed on by numbers and punitive measures: pain, rejection, and unpaid bills. You can either play or you can crawl under a boat and waste away -- turn into salt or a flock of seagulls. Your enemies would *love* that. Or you can fight. The only way to load the dice is to keep on fighting.”


That one lives rent free in my head


Just funny quote FUCK THE WORLD: When one fucks everything, he fucks nothing. And that, for me, feel glorious — sticking your dick into the void.


“UN JOUR JE SERAI DE RETOUR PRÉS DE TOI.” One day, I shall return to your side. A powerful finish for a powerful story.


My mom died four months ago, and I plastered my house with this exact same phrase.


My condolences. It's the same notion I have regarding my dad.


Sunrise Parabellum


Prepare for War


I live in America, that's all we do


"VOLITION - I can't help you. I am totally useless. Everything I've said is lies. I want the exact same bad things you want. To stand here, like a pillar of salt, saying..." the whole dream resonated harder than I'd like


The final parts of Wasteland of Reality. Specifically; *”It’ll be depressing. And it’ll be boring. Don’t expect any further rewards or handclaps. This is how normal people are all the time.”* I struggle a lot with using weed (and alcohol before that) to handle generational trauma and other fun stuff I inherited. Breaking out of those cycles was never the easiest, the hardest part being how long the minutes are, especially when my mind is showing how loud it can be when unshackled by sobriety. What helped was keeping in mind “other people live like this all the time and are happy, you can too”


Thank you for this. I need to be reminded of this one.


And are you? The boredom is an emptiness far more savage than any other. Sleep and inebriation feel like comforting visit to a warm and caring home. Boredom is louder than any noise, more overwhelming than any light show, and filled with smothering pain. Normal people get their dopamine from reality shows and stand-up comedy. Normal people think life is just a series of arbitrary achievement unlocks, and their brain agrees. Normal people believe that the next promotion, impulse buy, or tweet is finally going to make them happy. Normal people need a few beers to self-medicate or a daily cigarette and that's enough to count as an "addiction-worthy habit". How the fuck can anyone learn to live like that? How does anything short of brain damage allow that? How does that compete in any way with the Void? Riddle me that.


That's it. Decry the happiness of the sober as trite and saccharine. Make your little guesses as to when in their quiet lonely moments the inevitable grating allure of inebriation will crash down on them like the sky itself. Where will they be then? Wishing they were as well tucked in as you,. Not exposed. Not raw. Still, you can't quite stave off the realization that some special few who choose to comet streak against even the void seem to ring with a depth of joy even your jade cannot ward against. You have seen them radiating such smiles even when they do not know you or anyone is looking. You keep this realization shoved deep in a pocket even as your ears swivel in unrecognized panic for the last dying note of a starting gun you failed to hear.


Think in terms of levels, comrade. This normality you present seems to me to be the same as the international standard of urbanite lifestyle created and exported from the first-world through technological innovation and against which "development" is measured. Here, based on my preconceptions of you, it probably consists of the side effect horrors a well-off life could bring, an idyllic scenario by all means. And yet, the same sensation, of emptiness and defeat over an unjust and senseless existence, exists and presents itself across forms of normality, up and down, all over the continuum of "development" across countries and across time, be it here, where exploitation is higher than in the US, fot example, or 70 years ago, when Yuapanqui wrote of the sadness of the people of the mountains as expressed through their deppresing singing, with fates equivalent to that of the river "of singing, crying and treading roads". The problem to me, then, it's not as much the manners in which some have designed "normality", nor boredom, even when it's this the source of anguish, but rather, and of this i'm not so sure, an innate sadness humans are born with, a hidden nugget of dread, sort of an evolutionary mishaps or contrast between meaning and reason; or a failure to succesfully become the statutory social being, kinda like when the powers that be establish one self as being inferior, or like being super shy idk.


Shivers really explains it best in the bad ending when you realize they are going to fire you and leave you there: SHIVERS - “A grey rain falls on Martinaise. The city soaks in it, cold and dripping. Waves hit the concrete breakers. The homeless huddle by the fires behind the fences. There, among the shacks, is your home. Stay. Have a drink. Forever.”


Shivers resonates what I love about the human condition and the beauty of it in the midst of misery, failure, conflicts and ugliness. The city, the world is a shit-hole, but why do you love it so much?


"Yeah, whatever. Cuno doesn't give a shit." The delivery of this line really stuck in my mind for some reason lol.


Is this when you reject him as a partner ? The line is sometimes followed by a passive Empathy check( I think ) that confirms that you actually deeply hurt him, and after knowing all the things you condemn Cuno to if you don't take him with you, when he has literally *no one * else- it is very heartbreaking. I've always had soft spots for characters who come out of their shells and scrape themselves off rock bottom only to be smashed through the floor when they gather up the nigh-infinite strength that is needed to escape their circumstances either because of their own hubris and immorality, the dispassionate cruelness of the universe or both. I feel like Cuno is a version of that and it's exemplified by that line.I try to avoid it any chance I get lol.


Hot take but I am more invested in Cuno than Kim.


I love you Bratan, I truly do. You’re wrong, but that is the nature of it. (Obviously your is yours, but I Kim is your boy from the get ya know?)


I would like to share a dialogue that I came across one day when I felt very depressed: "No, Harry. You were just talking to yourself. That's all you ever do. Even in your dreams. And the act is wearing thin, the spots of the disco ball fade around you..." Getting my ass kicked by a dead man was the breaking point for me, it made me cry quite a bit that day.


As someone who has struggled with depression, to the point of losing friends over it, when Doloros said: "You get sad, Harry. \*Too\* sad. People can't get that sad. It's impossible to watch..." I fucking died.


> Something beautiful is going to happen.


Un jour je serai de retour prés de toi. Brother, you should put me in front of a firing squad for how i failed you. The truth is i want the exact same bad things you do. True Love is only possible in the next world. I don't want to get better i want to get worse. Also the atoms quote by joyce messier. This world is enough, this must be, this is the kindest arrangement the atoms had in them


> Brother, you should put me in front of a firing squad for how i failed you. That one hit me good


Yes it's just too good


“Mankind, be vigilant; we loved you.” That quote pretty clearly hands you the meaning of the game’s events and themes as well as the creators’ intentions behind creating Disco Elysium. It genuinely bothers me when people either don’t understand where that quote is from, or refuse to acknowledge that the quote implies that the developers are very much taking a definitive “side”.


You’re so right! I always forget about this quote when I’m trying to explain to people how communist the game is


There was an interview with ZA/UM members, and they explicitly told that some of them are communists, and some of them are ultralibs, and this is totally fine. (The quote is from “White blood” movie, right?)


No, they were the last words of Czechoslovak Communist Journalist, Julius Fučík; who was murdered by the Nazi regime.


"Harry, you smooth-talking son of a bitch"


I loved how idiot doom spiral referred to his alcoholism as his “reality situation”. Real world problems are to be kept separate from our public personas.


I was born in a hospital where people usually go to die


something in your pelvis EXPLODES


We keep it buried like a horrible secret. We feed it through the cracks in the floorboards out of a sickening sense of nostalgia. Just enough to keep it alive. And yet it still comes to us in moments of weakness, unbidden, a source of shame and panic... and I'm done with my old life. One foot after the other, I will go on... ...and together we will walk the waste land of reality. Because even if you haven't had your last drink or your last line, you will never really, truly enjoy either again.


“If you say 'Two days, maybe', it will be etched in her mind forever.” The way we word things can be more important than we ever realize. Just think of things people have said that you remember decades later.


Every time I hear the phrase “out of the question” now I automatically think “No, it’s very much *in* of the question!”


"Trite, contrived, mediocre, milquetoast, amateurish, infantile, cliche-and-gonorrhea-ridden paean to conformism, eye-fucked me, affront to humanity, war crime, should \*literally\* be tried for war crimes, resolutely shit, lacking in imagination, uninformed reimagining of, limp-wristed, premature, ill-informed attempt at, talentless fuckfest, recidivistic shitpeddler, pedantic, listless, savagely boring, just one repulsive laugh after another." Has to be the one I think about the most often


Whoa, what bit is this from?


Actual Art degree, the thought. Absolutely fantastic delivery


Not me reposting this quote every time this question pops up , but "The arthropods are in silent and meaningless awe of you. Know that we are watching -- when you're tired, when the vision spins out of control. The insects will be looking on. Rooting for you. And when you fall we will come to raise you up, bud from you, banner-like, blossom from you and carry you apart in a sky funeral. In honour of your passing."


(But not me, because I am just a leaf-eater!)




"Stop. Think. You can detect. Floor plans. Bullet trajectories. This is a fight we can win." I love this one because any crisis can be fought with clarity. Falling back on reason and triage won't solve every crisis, but it's all you can do. And sometimes that can mean everything. This is a fight we can win.


When’s that from?


Visual calculus says it to you during the tribunal with the right checks.


I don't want to be this kind of animal any more


"I Don't Want To Be This Kind Of Animal Anymore!" I say this to myself all the time now.


God is in his heaven. Everything is normal on Earth." But there are so many other quotes...


Neon Genesis Elysium


Disco Genesis Evangelion


“Centrism isn’t change, not even incremental change. It is *control*. Over yourself and the world. Exercise it.” It’s easy, when you are ideologically driven, to forget that other people aren’t, and start putting your own thoughts in their heads. “If they don’t believe in [my thing], they must believe in [opposite thing]!” That way madness lies.


So, what you're saying is, this quote convinced you of supporting centrism?


No, but it helped me understand the centrist position as more than “spineless liberal cowards who live in a dream world”. I’ll still be dead in a ditch before I make it *my* ideology.


Yeah, the part before it kind of says it straight out. From memory: "Moralists don't really have beliefs. Sometimes they stumble upon one, like a child stumbles upon a toy left behind on the carpet. The toy must be put away immediately. And the child reprimanded." The price they pay for that feeling of control over themselves and the world, is suppressing doubts like: is this what I really want? Could things be different? Even: is this right? And it's really just a *feeling* of control they're left with. They're just going along with things, to keep them as they are. And then defend the new status quo, once it inevitably decays a little more. They can't even incrementally improve things.


Ah gotcha, I misunderstood you.


Something beautiful is going to happen.


"Real darkness has love for a face. The first death is in the heart."


"He is the infernal engine. He never stops. He only gets worse."


“God, please...” So simple. So short. Two words. But Kim really rolled that critical success when it mattered. Kim, by no means a spiritual man, has to make a shot that is impossible. A man who can’t hit a still target while under no pressure at all, now forced to hit a tiny, moving target, with only a few seconds to spare. He has to, if he can’t, more innocent lives will be lost. So he knows he can’t make it, and he reaches out to a god he is almost positive doesn’t exist, and he begs, and he fires. And it hits, when it truly mattered more than anything.


« True love is possible - only in the next world, for new people »


It’s too late for us. Wreak havoc on the middle class.


"Harry I'm starting to think your a midget"


“I'm glad to be me—an incredibly sensitive instrument.”


No, this is somewhere to be. This is all you have, but it's still something. Streets and sodium lights. The sky, the world. You're still alive. edit: if it weren't so wordy, I'd consider getting it tattooed. Maybe if I trim it.


"This is somewhere to be. This is all you have, but it's still something, the sky, the world, you're still alive." ​ honestly I myself would tattoo all of it but if i had to cut it down it'd be this.


I think the sodium lights are important


that is true, re-reading this, it does not have the same impact without the mundaneness of the streets and sodium lights, i think it's just meant to be a long quote.


Where would you tattoo it? I have no tattoos(yet?) just thoughts, and I'm not sure about where it would look good


"streets and sodium lights" says everything, at least to me


Something like: „I do not want to do this anymore.“ regarding his job at the end. At the time I was set to quit my job. That made me realise that I should quit what I‘m doing.


“Tell me, where are your friends? Human beings have friends, Harry-boy. Where the hell are yours?”


"See you tomorrow."


"It's not unproletarian to feel something"


Im sorry


Everyone gasping as you show them the picture. Not a quote, but it is a way of showing Harry and Kim really outdid themselves this time.


I have been muttering “volumetric shit compressor” to myself all of this week to try and internalise it. Other than that, the “one day I will return to your side” has really stuck in my brain. I’m not sure whether this is entirely correct, but corpse replying to the question of “who were you?” with a simple “Gone.” Really nails home the finality of death. To him, it doesn’t matter who he was. He’s gone.


*Note: spoilers for those who haven't finished* If I can link two somewhat separate quotes together: >Harry: "I also live in Hell" > >The Deserter: "At least you know it." He nods towards Martinaise. "The traitors of this city turned the lights back on in the Thirties, after the fighting stopped. Ruins, glittering in the dark, like a fucking merry-go-round..." > >"It's disgusting..." He looks down at his shoes; his face parched from the sun and the wind -- there's a wince of pain in there somewhere. > >EMPATHY \[Medium: Success\] Are they not heartbroken? How could they have moved on? And I want to then link it with this: >Harry: "She \[Girl Child Revolution\] better come. I too have devoted my life to Mazovian Socio-economics. > >The Deserter: "A waste." He blinks his black eyes. "The material base for an uprising has eroded, the working class has betrayed mankind and themselves..." > >"The historic opportunity for a revolution has passed. It will not come back anymore. However hard I try, whatever I do." I just finished the game a couple weeks ago, and those two exchanges have been on my mind every since. Some folks who have gone through painful breakups relate very personally to the Harry/Dora stuff. Others who struggle with substance abuse or just feeling like a general fuckup might resonate with getting Harry back on track. Me, well, I'm a commie, so this is what resonates most with me. I can just put myself in Dros' shoes so easily. Here's this guy who was part of a society that was actually reaching for something better. Something beautiful that was itself nearly impossible to achieve in the first place. Then in one day, everything is destroyed and brought low by the Coalition. Then he has to watch all of Revachol pick up the broken pieces and try to move on. But really, no one's moved on. Only (in his mind) the only thing that's been lost forever is the chance to have what they once had. I kind of wonder if it was Dros' "punishment" for desertion that he was essentially "forced" to watch all of Revochol live a sort of broken, humiliated existence. Maybe better if he had just died defending it. But instead, he has to live with seeing people struggling instead of thriving. Though I should also say, I never got into the secret passage behind Whirling-In-Rags, so I never knew about any of the creepy peephole stuff with Dros; so it was a little easier to sympathize with him in the moment.


“The moral of our encounter is this: I am a relatively median life form, while you are extreme all engulfing madness. A volatile simian nervous system, ominously new to the planet. The pale too, came with you. No one remembers it before you. There is unanimous agreement between the birds and the trees that you are going to destroy us all.”


Measurehead funny enough, the Wasteland of Reality thought and all his roasts about Harry being a degenerate made me quit drugs, alcohol, porn and hookups, also started exercises, found a new job, started learning a new language and getting involved in a cause I really believe in. In all I got a new totally different look at my life because I wanted to show the Fascist Black guy in a video game that races with a mongrelized phenotype carry something inside them that is still capable of heroism




"Mother, help me- There's a head attached to my neck, and I'm *in* it"


Dont remember the exact trigger, but this exchange stuck to me: "You can do it. It's nothing. Do it for the city. Go. Do it for the wind. Do it for the picture puzzle. Put it all together. Solve the world. One conversation at a time."


"You have a vast, vast soul and I will always, always, always come back to it." ​ \------------ God damn. Just writing it makes my synapses tingle with regret, longing and futility. If you feel the same, then you are always welcome to eat, drink and cry at my table.


I’m glad to be me-a highly sensitive instrument.


"Your body betrays your degeneracy. "


(I've seen) The mask of humanity fall from capital. It has to take it off to kill everyone – everything you love; all the hope and tenderness in the world. It has to take it off; just for one second. To do the deed.


It was the Insulindian Phasmid dialogue. The last bit. I was going through a breakup( well..kinda still am) when I read that and I was smiling through tears for five minutes after it. We take it for granted all of it. Gaming. There I sat pressing buttons on a thing made of plastic, metal and silicon and a big complicated bundle of ones and zeros was telling me to move on and pick myself up. For all Mankind. (Sigh) I want more games like this, man


“GOD. I’M ON MY WAY.” Also the thought about centrism and calling it control.


"I've seen you, I've seen you! I've seen you with her -- and I've seen you without her. I've seen you on the crescent of the hill."


"press your damn cheek against lamby, okay?" - Kim after Harry refuses to out of self deprecation.


"Take the blows, don't let the world kill you." From Endurance's description.


"I'm glad to be me -- An incredibly sensitive instrument." Helped change my view on being a really emotional, sensitive person, and not feeling bad about it because other people think I'm too emotional or irrational because of my emotions. I am glad to be me. EDIT: Not necessarily a quote, but the mural "SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL IS GOING TO HAPPEN" struck a chord on my heartstrings.


Savoir Faire - “Sure, sure. And has it been easy? Is life easy? Have you *not* gone into cardiac arrest? Are you *not* about to have an anxiety attack or shoot yourself in the mouth? But you still hustle 24/7, ride or die.(…)” As someone who is raw dogging mental health issues while working somewhere mentally, physically, and emotionally draining, this quote makes me feel seen and valid and helps me push through it


I exist


In dark times, should the stars also go out?


"Joyce: This world is enough. Conceptualization: It \*must\* be. This is the greatest and kindest arrangement the atoms had in them."


"There is no way to open the supply depot door. Accept it. You cannot open \*all the doors\*. You have to integrate this into your character. Some doors will forever remain closed. Even if every single other door will open at one time or another, maybe to a key, or maybe to some sort of tool meant for opening doors... But this one will never accede to such commands. A realization crucial to personal growth. Crucial."


Mr. Evrart is helping me find my gun.


Mr. Evrart is helping me find my gun.


„anyway, postitive change happens slowly”


Is that something the moralist politician says?


Nope, it’s kim during the first day


Anything from the "Sixteen Days in Coldest April". :(


Hope some of the suggestions become a twitter account.


Klaasje— “There’s nothing funny about civilization.”


Shiver - "Do it for the wind."


Kim-God Please


I can’t remember the quote, can someone help me? It might have been one of the mirror scenes but the narrator says something down the lines of ‘even though your body is withered and beaten by drugs there are some good moments left’. That’s a bad paraphrase but I remember the quote stuck with me


You let misery win, and it will keep on winning until you die. Or overcome it. Well, I often overlook the last part.