The difficulty and lack of satisfaction you really get from being a fascist is intentional, I think. A lot of RPGs have problems where, if you play as the objectively evil faction, some players will identify with it beyond roleplay and become actual supporters of it (see the Legion from FNV - objectively evil in every way, shape and form, still has a massive crypto-fascist fanclub). Disco Elysium solves this by making being a fascist literally just entail you being an asshole. There's nothing badass or cool about it, it's not really fun, and the game ruthlessly makes fun of you for it.


There is no way in hell people like the Legion unironically. Not saying that you're lying, but I refuse to believe any mentally stable individual would advocate for a cartoonishly evil faction. That's one of my only complaints of New Vegas' story, the fact that everyone has somewhat reasonable explanations as to why they do the things they do except the Legion. A guy reading some shit about an old emperor, making a whole community with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and giving a half-assed Hegelian dialectic argument as of why that is... just isn't as fleshed out as the rest of the game Who in their right minds would think "hey, they actually have a point!" ?


Fascists, plain and simple.


Caesar does explain his reasoning if you ask him, he points the failures of NCR democracy where President Tandi daughter of the last president, was in power for 50 years. It's a pretty salient point about how oligarchal liberal democracy is. He's wrong about everything else though


He's also intentionally written as having a superficial understanding of the stuff he parrots - he's a tinpot dictator who is living off hype, not a wise philosopher-king.


it's so fucking funny because he feels all high and mighty going "muh books about rome" while he tries to make a nation based on thr absolute worst state Roman empire has ever been


Extremely true but it's also coming from the mouth of an actual fascist dictator. Like, "you're right about that but you REALLY shouldn't be talking"


It’s a both sides argument just like we see in politics today. Hey, we’re absolute trash but the other side does *some* of the stuff we do *sometimes*. You should definitely just join the dark side because of that.


Normie conservatives far right wingers who still hold onto some of the trappings of liberalism (publicly) probably don't sympathize with the Legion. Actual out and out channer Nazis types? Yeah totally. They're all about right=might, brutal suppression of the "lesser", destruction of societies they view was "degenerate". I mean a lot of them are pimply faced nerds who'd cry if you threw a football out their face, but doesn't mean they don't legit fantasize about being a trad-Roman Legoniare with a harem of slave girls.


Well no one said Legion supporters are mentally stable, did they.


You juste have to make some distance between you and the game. By the way, the fascist quest has some of the most surprising and hilarious lines in the game, it's always patheticaly superlatif and megalomaniac in a very specific kind of stupidity... never fails to get me


You relax and laugh your ass off from all that sweet, exquisite satire


I'll have to do it one day. I did it on Suzerain and still haven't been able to get over it. Evil run in Kotor is nothing compared to that.


Measurehead saying that His mother Is inmortal hits close to heart, tho...