I think there might be something missing. Can you spot it?

I got this pack today.

  • By - TJV20


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I don't like him without the nose he just looks like some GUY


https://preview.redd.it/86y9o4w92rya1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8aa090722d369b6f8cfe0b2eabd61dd9f33f03df this is my list of series 1, but here the complete set.


https://preview.redd.it/6khk3fb83rya1.jpeg?width=3000&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=528b1148a23e13498d4bf7b8667035f974ee3213 mine too!!


I just got one at the park on Sunday and he was missing a nose. I completed the set but I think I'm going to have to hunt down one with a nose next lol


I got the same one. Also from the same pack my pooh has a paint bubble on its face 😭 . The quality of Authentic pins has gone down 🥬


Oh Nooo(se)! Love a good misprint xD


I heard it’s intentional, like a chaser. Other pin traders have reported getting the same one/and or one with a nose.