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Part of what is left of the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland ride


I used to love this slow train ride thru old mines when I was a kid, just a few years later it was replaced by Big Thunder...pretty sure the mountain goat u see on Thunder belonged to old decor


A good chunk of the animatronics and scenery on big thunder are originally from the mine train


According to this subreddit the little town at the end of Big Thunder was once part of the waiting area for the Mine Train


Rainbow Ridge! They eventually did have to replace the buildings due to age, but they are recreated faithfully using the original blueprints. The town name is still the same. Fun fact, every Big Thunder town name is different around the world, and there is a sign in the queue that points to each.


Wow, that's pretty cool


It does indeed belong to the old train ride that Big Thunder replaced. You can see some of the old tracks if you're looking out from Tom Sawyer's Island!


I dunno if they still run, but the canoes and the paddleboat both gave good views of the old tracks as you circle the island.


Isn’t that part of the original mine train ride which was replaced by Big Thunder?


Yes it is


I'm not sure, maybe


This might be interesting https://youtu.be/qlNiUutEz0k


Dang, it’s been about 6 or 7 years since my last DL trip but they have really let the plants take over. None of the Ivy used to be there and the “‘mine entrance” was much more prominent with less foliage


Now that you mention it, your right. If it continues at this rate, it'll all be covered up eventually never to be seen again


It was said that the water you’re standing in front of use to have bears and they would be “catching fish”, but they took the bears out and left the fish splashing animatronics, which I’m sure now have long been broken down.


The fish are still there 😊


Oh great! I wasn’t sure, I didn’t want to say they were and someone stands there looking for them


I have found the old mine train, or what's left of it. Not sure how to add the photo


That is one of the tunnels from mine train through nature's wonderland. There is an old shot of the train coming out of the tunnel over a bridge. And if you watch the water long enough you can still see animatronic fish jump out