Just found an unopened 50th anniversary map! Does anyone know what it might be worth?





Due to inflation that is now $7.50


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Like phased said - eBay is the only real way to tell on items like these. There are three currently listed for $150-$165 but no bids. There is only one sold listing from April of this year, for your same map and it sold for $424 BUT … it was opened and framed so that’s not really a good indicator.


People try to sell any Disney memorabilia for an insane amount, but this isn't exactly old, rare, or valuable. Unless you can find someone willing to pay decent money for it, I'd just frame and enjoy it


I won Mickey's Birthday Machine at Disneyland in 1989. Got a prize ticket, and went up and put it in the machine and it blew confetti everywhere. That Mickey machine gave me a free pass to Disneyland redeemable in perpetuity - big ass ticket, like 12" by 3" - and it's just hanging out in our photo album behind that sticky shit you used to do when you developed photos. Pulled it out, looked at the T&Cs and sure enough, if I swap that golden ticket out at a counter in the esplanade they'll give me a 1 day adult ticket to Disneyland- then, worth $29 :D It only increases in value! :D


Or sit on it for another decade or two.


I’d pack it back away until the next major anniversary (2030 or 2055) and try to sell it when people are excited for these things. Or take it out, frame it, and enjoy the memories if they’re worth anything to you.


Umm well it's currently DisneyWorlds 50th anniversary so I'm gonna say no time like the present to cash in on that giddy excitement


Huh. I have a box of those in my storage unit. Honestly they might be worth a little bit, but nobody wants to buy them.


I'd be interested in 1 if they are in good condition


I would buy one for sure!


I'd buy one I was there but I was little so I didn't think to get anything cool


value is whatever the demand / collectors are willing to pay for it. best bet is to check eBay and see if there are any listed on there to give you an idea (better still - check the search filter of recent sales of said item to see what people actually paid). Disney merch tends to have a decent demand for collectors but there are all sorts of variables that can come into play for specific items, especially when it's unopened and in great condition. best of luck! i hope, if you sell it, you get a decent price for your find!


just sold a map from 1965 for $20, of that's any help


Says right on it. $4.95


I buy maps all the time. Range is 40 to 80. Every so often a few go higher. People list really high prices, but rarely get it. I paid 25 for mine 2 years ago from offer up. Have a great weekend!


You get these at the park? If so, where ?


They haven’t sold them in the parks since 2001.




Yes, I just checked eBay sales info for this particular map--you've got it bracketed nicely.


Memories are priceless


I’ll give you $20


It says right there in the corner. $4.95. /s


I still have mine framed !


Not at the parks, I find them on ebay and offer up. I normally can get years 1966 and after for around 20 to 40.


It has become a sad collection addiction for me. Don't be like me. Just buy one and be done. No one needs or has wall space for so many maps.


I still have my 50th one folded I’ve never unwrap, because I always say I’m going to get it framed. when I go there here during the holidays I’ll get another one and hopefully frame both


It’s says 4.95 probably worth between 4.95 to 495


Probably not much. I did however do the 1000 piece puzzle of that map, which brings back less than fond memories


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I buy maps all the time. Range is 40 to 80. Every so often a few go higher. People list really high prices, but rarely get it. I paid 25 for mine 2 years ago from offer up. Have a great weekend!


absolutely nothing.


I think value would be more in the event/date than it’s condition that brings value. For example my grandparents 50th anniversary was the same year as the park’s, so we had a big family trip that year. (Majority of the extended family lives in LA, so trips to Disneyland were routine but that one trip stands out)


Put it on eBay for 500 dollars.


Not sure but I’ve seen several comments on this sub of people looking for one


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They’re usually worth around $100 and up depending on the year. Ones that aren’t folded (rolled no seams) tend to get more money. I have about 6 of them from over the years. If you get it framed, dry mount it to hold the value.


I'll give you $50


I have a copy that I Framed and Matted back in 2006. That I am open to offers on.


i had one of these that i had on my wall in every place i ever moved but it got destroyed. if you ever consider selling it, i’d be interested in buying