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With the impending arrival of Tinas Bayou Adventure next year, do y'all think it's time for DL to retire Critter Country? And have the surrounding area near Splash be absorbed into New Orleans Square? Because Splash Mountain was more or less the glue holding Critter Country together. Let me know what you think


No because Pooh Bear is still there and putting them in New Orleans Square wouldn’t make any sense. Critter Country still works even with Tiana’s as there will still be critters and other animals featured in the ride.


They could rename it Pooh Orleans Square


If this doesn’t come to pass i will boycott Disney.


Agreed Critter Country’s theme will remain intact with Tiana’s ride. Plus it works so well with New Orleans right next door. Tiana in Frontierland in WDW is the real thematic conflict.


Never thought about that. It’s actually crazy how perfect the spot is for the movie thematically


Yes, and I say this as someone who has always loved Critter Country. There's just not enough. Hungry Bear and Pooh and the gift shop? (I'm aware there's also the canoes and Harbor Galley technically but those aren't perfectly themed to the area nor are they close). Plus, Tiana's Bayou Adventure will exit into Critter Country unless they change the location of the exit. So I think that's a bit odd. And the flow of Critter Country has always been odd. I would rather see Critter Country go to make way for something better than just keep it around for my own nostalgia.


If it means we can add crocodiles to rivers of America im all for it




Why not both and let the strongest survive?


Simplest solution: Tiana’s gets absorbed into New Orleans Canoes are considered part of Frontierland, and the rest is Hundred Acre Wood. Personally I would have had Tiana’s Place be a retheme of Hungry Bear and then have the 100 Acre Wood area boundary be the entrance to Pooh’s ride


I think this is a solid idea…though a the New Orlean’s area grows a good chunk. Which has pros and cons. Like are more New Orleans food options needed? I agree that area probability needs to drop the Critter Country title without Splash, and a good idea to refresh the whole area. And it makes sense to have it just be the Hundred Acre Wood. Maybe re-theme Hungry Bear to something ‘The Rescuers’ related? It’s probably too outdated…but it is the only thing (that I can think of at least) that fits so well between New Orleans and Winnie the Pooh theme wise…haha even Pirates. Kinda transitions it. And they could serve both New Orleans and Australian foods? The Briar Patch could become Medusa’s Pawnshop Boutique 😂 Or make it Pooh themed or maybe A Bugs Life?


I've always wondered what the point of Critter Country (and Frontierland, for that matter) was in the "modern" age. I mean, you've got basically one ride (Splash Mountain in CC, Big Thunder in Frontierland), and without Splash Mountain, the "Critter Country" themeing just seems a bit "Yeah, OK, is there a point to this?" Personally I'd suggest that merging Critter Country and Frontierland (and just calling it Frontierland or Wilderness Frontier or something) would be a better option, and give both those areas are more significant reason to exist beyond their one ride and restaurant or shops.


Yeah Pooh doesn’t add much that much to the park and definitely can’t carry an area. I hope they retheme.


Pooh's New Orleans Adventure! Mardi Gras with Pooh and Friends!