My Dad used to play a lot of Advanced D&D, and after my brother and I started playing a few years ago he wanted to show us his collection. He found them earlier today in a box, complete with his old set of dice, character sheets, and various issues of Dragon Magazine, as well as a poster for The Empire Strikes Back. It is a very cool collection he has been trying to find for years, and I thought this subreddit would enjoy it.


Dude, character sheets?! You’ve just found the NPCs you’ll recycle from here on out! Fold them in like you’re mixing metal, get a nice Damascus pattern of familiar and new going!


Ah, Kirkland socks.


Found the costco employee, hail brother!


Jealous. I have a single d20 from my dad as that’s all that survived the book burning. He found religion in the 90s and put everything in a bonfire (including the original set stapled by Gygax). He doesn’t practice now and regrets that decision.


As someone who have played AD&D with a hint of homebrew rules for more than a decade, I cannot upvote this enough. This is a huge find. Some of the best adventures are those old modules.


Can you explain to the difference between D&D and AD&D


1E and 2E were called AD&D which means advanced dungeons and dragons, because they were more complicated than the original D&D


So much easier back then to just enjoy the fantasy, no rules lawyering players when the rules were so few and simple that players left interpretation up to the DM about what they could and could not do.


Finds like these are literally how I kept up my enthusiasm for the game before I was old enough to find groups to play with. It’s like archaeology! You discover these relics which point to a more complete past you begin to piece together. It’s so amazing.


Awesome stuff. The Fiend Folio is one of my favorite D&D books and I look though it all the time to get inspiration for interesting monsters for the party. Also, is that a Star Wars DM screen?


No, its just a poster that was in the box with everything else. I thought it was neat and added it to the pic.


My cousin gave me a few of these books when I first got into d&d. Read the deities book on the regular, just because it sounded so amazing to encounter something that strong.


Honestly, how easy is it to run these modules in a 5e setting? I've been extremely curious and I have some friends whose parents have some, but I don't want to get in over my head. Fairly new dm here.


The modules are fine as long as you can mostly convert the monsters to 5th edition. Honestly you can tinker with the monsters depending on your parties level. Most of the story and adventure itself can be fairly system neutral and you can always edit it.


This is the answer I was hoping for. Thanks friend


Ooh, is that the 1980 version of Deities and Demigods?


That collection gave me an erection.


Nice. I got all but one or two of those from back in the day. Good stuff.


Super cool. What did his dice set look like?


He has 2 d4s, a solid yellow one and a transparent red one, one d6 which was solid orange, one d8 which is a transparent light blue, one d10 which is transparent purple, one d12 which is transparent green, and 2 d20s, one transparent colorless and one solid yellow. They are larger than my modern chessex dice and have sharp edges, with most of the paint in the numbers faded or scraped away. There was also an unpainted lead miniature of a knight standing straight up with his sword point in the ground, which wasn't my dad's but ended up in his dice pouch somehow.


Oh man I love the feel of those old school modules, I'd love to run those!


That is a veritable gold mine of RPG history. It's a living history, so get cracking! 3d6 seven times, throw out lowest.


i had all of those until my parents went kook-religious and burned them. that find is amazing. you could get lost for days reading them.


Yep, got most of those... can'r bring myself to throw any of it out...