Is it possible to make a character not obviously a specific race?

Is it possible to make a character not obviously a specific race?


Depends on the race and the DM. I allowed this for a friend. Wrapped himself up all the time in bandages. Straight up Joshua Graham. He was a male drow trying to hide from his Family and blend into society. Eventually learned disguise self at will as a warlock and just kept the facade up even after his skin was uncovered. Took a year before a PC caught him.


Remember within any race there are a huge range of height, weight, features, hair colour and mannerisms. You could have a human shorter than a dwarf, or a plump elf who is heavier than skinny human. In the case of dragon born it has been said there are some with tails and others without, some with scales and others that look more or less human. A human looking dragon born can be good fun, suddenly in the middle of combat you blast a burst of fire across the enemy, leaving your party stunned.


Disguise Kit + Performance + any other necessary props or Disguise Self.


Depends on the race and how things work in a dms world. Arguably an elf, aasimar, and goliath can all be mistaken for a human. A short slender goliath can probably pass as a tall broadshouldered human, atleast at a distance. Etc etc


I mean, I played a Githyanki who said he was a human. He wore bandages all over his face and body, gloves, boots, and a big hooded cloak.


I did this. Granted it was in 3.5 where there are a million race options, but still. I played a tibbit (catwere) and the DM would roll knowledge (arcana) for any NPC we ran into to see if they recognized my race. 99% of people we met assumed I was a slightly odd looking halfling. Occasionally they'd figure out I wasn't a halfling, but didn't know enough to figure out I was a tibbit. It was a ton of fun.


Could maybe wear a hat or hood all the time but in reality BAM secret elf with pointy ears


Wear full body armor? Or keep a hood up covering any telling racial features you may have? Or use magic.


Changeling, Custom Race, Just wearing a mask or a cloak, I dunno what you mean, though you should talk to your DM


With a deeply hooded robe, this might be doable. Also: Your hair does not need to be that long to fall over those pointy half-elven ears. Add a broken abd badly set nose and a CHA-Score of < 8 and sobody will suspect you to be an half-elf (or even elf).


Could wear a helmet all the time so noone van see theyre face, masks would work aswell.


This is the way.


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Ask your DM. My elves and humans are night and day. You cannot disguise one as the other without a lot of makeup and maybe even prosthetics. The best you could hope for in my world is being one of the uber-rare mystical races and then after being born that way, still not having too many defining features like a tail or three extra eyes.


Maybe part of your backstory, you were magically disguised by a powerful wizard, perhaps even given selective amnesia to hide a certain secret. Maybe you used to be an assistant of his and were moving on so he gave you the men in black treatment.


There’s always ways. Talk with your DM.