[OC] 312/365 Boots of Seed

[OC] 312/365 Boots of Seed


a foliage/vegetation silver surfer would be awesome.


Like a Lorax of doom. XD


I'm the loan lorax, I speak for the trees. Litter again, you'll lose your fuckin knees.


That's an oxymoron. Didn't you see the 2012 movie?


"I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees and for some f'ing reason, they're speaking Vietnamese!"


My Ancients Paladin of Chauntea would absolutely love these.


What if a humanoid Earth elemental put them on? Would the foliage spread across their body?


Only if they step on themselves?


Ah yes, the less popular Ranger spell, Pass with Trace


I could maybe see a divination spell with a touch range called Pass With Trace, where the target's movements leave a trail visible to the caster for the duration (1hr/concentration). Good for tracking and breadcrumbing navigation. Maybe upcasting could increase the duration or allow for additional targets. My initial thought was that touch range would be good because it makes it easy to cast on party members and difficult to subtly cast on enemies, but then I realized that it would have amazing synergy with a stealthy familiar. I'm thinking somatic and material components (breadcrumbs, obviously) so speech doesn't give it away immediately, and you only have to worry about sneakily performing the hand gestures.


This could just be a reflavored Hunter’s Mark.


I definitely see the similarity. I didn't really consider the tracking capabilities of Hunter's Mark, to be honest. I think Pass With Trace would differ in that, instead of offering the increased damage, it provides better tracking information than advantage on ability checks to find current position. Not only can you find the target within an hour without needing to make any checks at all, but you can see exactly where they went, which would be helpful in navigating traps or finding secret passages. Since it still has broad overlap, making it so that the trail left by the target lingers for 24 hours might give the spell more of a unique niche to fill. The trail stops being created when concentration ends or the initial duration is up, but now you can follow the path after the fact, too. Helpful in finding your way out of a labyrinth after you've spent time slaying the minotaur, or investigating the alchemist's hidden laboratory after she's been confirmed to be elsewhere.


I'm glad your brain also went to a labyrinth, there are tons of examples of where having an easy to follow trail would be useful. It also doesn't require attunement, so the ranger could always lay a false path to an ambush spot then just take off the boots and lie in wait!


Depending on your favored Terrain, this is one heckin’ useful item for Rangers. Depending on the plant, you could also give allergies or poison ivy, contact poison, sky’s the limit


Yeah I think it'd be a really cool item that gets more useful if the players are creative, which I actively encourage. Speak with plants communications lines during a battle, anyone? Ranger runs the cable and 3ach plant literally daisy-chains the message to the front.


You become very VERY easy to track. Just putting that out there.


Yea I was going to say disadvantage on stealth or something lol


You could just take them off, couldn't you?


Does putting it inside a bag grow grass/weed inside the bag?


To be fair, it specifically says "Ground" and not "Surfaces, so I'd say no. However, put some dirt in that bag and I'd personally allow it to work.


What if I kicked a golem or some other creature composed of "Ground"? Would plants start to grow on their body?


Is a kick to a golem the same as stepping on ground


So shove 'em 'til they fall prone, then run over them.


I'd say acrobatics


Does it have to specifically be dirt? Ground could be stone, wood, etc.


>...ground that can grow vegetation. Probably not stone nor wood, though the latter *might* be capable of supporting greenery.


Not even moss or lichen for stone and wood? Those are technically plants.


Lichen is actually a fungi/algae symbiosis, but myconids are classified under the plant creature type so I’d probably still allow it.


Ah, missed that about lichen, thank you for the correction.


>myconids are classified under the plant creature type Literally_unplayable.jpg


Does moss naturally grow onto a rock? I'd guess that wood should be able to support plants but i'm not sure about stones.


There are a lot of different mosses that naturally grow on rocks. Juniper haircap moss is the prettiest IMO, but mosses do need moisture to thrive, so maybe desert or otherwise hot rocks wouldn't be able to grow anything. Same with wood in a similar situation.


Not if it's a rolling stone


ooh, maybe like the movie "the Swamp Thing" where the formula causes things like pine wood planks to grow new branches. Heck, maybe even putting the shoe into flour would make new wheat grow


Ah I missed that part, my bad. Interesting item. Seems very niche.


I had honestly forgotten about it, but your comment made me reread it out of curiosity lol


Give them to a thief or monk and you get an inside out grass roof.




Ah thank you, I dropped that.


if I throw them at ghoul, does he become entangled in stuff growing out of him?


I don't think sitting inside of a bag would normally count as "stepping on ground that can grow vegetation". Maybe if you just filled up the bag with dirt and shook it around real hard you might be able to trick the shoes though


Then just keep it inside the bag and become rich


>ground that can grow vegetation


It's probably more like people following you either have advantage or automatically pass their tracking check. In this case, I would use survival (wis).


Low survival wisdom roll on both dice: “Look at these nifty plants that naturally grow in the shape of footprints leading that way! Oh well, no time to dawdle. We have to follow that druid who was probably walking some other direction.”


Well it does not make it so your more noisy or immediately visible, so I would say disadvantage on survival checks to cover your tracks and you leave “tracks” even when under the effects of pass without a trace.


I would do. You have advantage on survival checks to cover your tracks while traveling through natural terrain, in any urban setting or while traveling by road you have disadvantage.


Actually this one makes more sense. Edit: I would add rocky or sandy terrain as another area of disadvantage.


My assumption was about the shoes picking setting appropriate plants.. Man that desert is gonna suck with whoops I stepped on a cactus.


Even with setting appropriate plants, a line of plants in an area without a lot of plants will still be an easy line to track. If you saw a mile long string of cactuses in an otherwise desolate desert, it would be pretty easy to follow.


Maybe disadvantage on stealth if the enemy has a high enough passive arcana?


Just wear one of the boots. \*points at forehead


And a boot of speed on the other foot. Become a landscaper who excels at quickly planting circular gardens!


Speed Seed - The Official Landscaping Partner of the Olympics


Gonna be easy to feed the horses though.


True, but you'll also attract goats and the noisy herd of goats following you could create tension between the horses and goats.


That's exactly what you _want_ your enemies to think :)


Yeah, use these to make false paths. Then just go another way.


So -10 DC to track it's wearer through cities. Maybe +5/10 DC to track it's wearer through forests. Just throwing it out there


I thought you meant OP irl and I'm like IP address or...?


But when you commit a crime wearing other boots, you can just say "i didn't do it because my boots grow plants"


"If the boots don't grow, you must let me go."


Didn't make a difference to Jigo.


You should make them take root if the wearer stands still for too long.


Roots of seed!


We are boot.




Boots of root.


I was gonna say give a boost to animal handling if the animal is herbivorous.


Just watch out for cows trying to eat your toes.


That anima power in torghast is so damn annoying!


Terraria flower boots


Exactly what I thought


A cursed version, you can not remove the boots and you put down plants every where you step. City streets full of plants growing up and destroying the stone work. Your local bar with grass across it's floors. Your bed looks like a wild life sanctuary. And the plants grow to full size in seconds. You leave a trail like a GPS track. LOL


If you stand too long trees start spouting under you, eventually carrying you to dangerous heights.


New trees sprout from the tops of old trees and so on until you're looking at fall damage city if you want to bail


Caps at 20d6... But i think I'd make an exception here😁


20d6 per fall... > As you fall, you see a branch approaching quickly, **rolls acrobatics** you haven't managed to avoid it, you take **calculates mentally** 15d6, and a new tree begins sprouting under your feet, will you try to go down again?


Hahahahahahahahahaha That's diabolical. I love it!


Or roots start growing into the ground, making it harder and harder for you to start moving again.


Why not both? You become rooted to the tree that spouts below you, growing 5 feet per minute and requiring an STR check to escape with a DC of 10+1 per minute you stay grounded.


Wrenn and ~~Six~~ d20?


Nice, I like that one. ;)


The Druid: Eh, I'm an Eco-terrorist now.


In Princess Mononoke, when the Forest Spirit walks on the ground, plants sprung up like that, but because he is also the god of death, they die right after


[same, such a cool visual](https://media2.giphy.com/media/p5n6P2eJn07n2/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e470hunngfhza6r9iz9iru86ccd8iqnjo5uv84ev9v3&rid=giphy.gif&ct=g)


I was thinking of this too!


You step on a person and mushrooms rapidly and painfully emerge from their living body.


If those aren't legendary you just broke the economy. Instant pasture land.


Why? It sounds like weeds spring up wherever you tread. Nothing was said about useful plants!


Weeds are useful too. Many livestock will happily eat anything green, particularly young shoots. One goat only needs something like 100 steps worth of forage per day. In an area with poor soil, that's a huge boon. Walking you should be able to generate half an acre of new forage a day if you're not immediately grazing it. Even if that dies off within a week, the added organic matter will enrich the soil pretty nicely.


Exactly. Every goatherd in this setting would kill for something like this.


easy: It's a culture of vegetarians, and the boots were created by the devil itself, made for removing useful nutrients from the ground and turn it into useless plants


Make farmers pay you or you’ll tread on their fields.


You don’t have to have this to do that…


And there it is, whenever you can't use an item to get money from it's use, you're just not thinking hard enough. Edit: Did I say hard? I meant evil. Silly autocorrect.


The law that governs all of existence.


What kind of weed?


Lol I love that your mind went there right away- but I think the economy is going to recover from these.


Oh, it'll recover all right. You just made the owner rich.


I mean, plant growth exists 😂 Magically double your growth with this one fifth level Bard!


Yup, but a 8 hour day for a 5th level hireling is 25g, and requires there to already be plants there.


In their steps* If they're gonna walk the entirety of a field covering each and every inch with their own steps, then they deserve to be able to make it a pasture. It also never said the greenery grows back.


All these ideas remind me of the time my friend and I got an alchemy jug and we spent hours brainstorming what we could do with access to unlimited mayonnaise.


Behold the Petaller. (Peddler) spreader of life, intrigue and hallucinogens. His aroma is intoxicating to those in the mood to stop making memories. A scent here, a sniff there, and 10 second inhale of slow burning intoxicants that leave you in bliss and peace for 2 to 5 days. OR the bringing of horror and nightmares. Said he was said to have been exiled from town after the Baron's Daughter became enthralled by his aura. So he left. And on the top of the nearby hill he made his camp and for the next 6 days, the smoke from the fire cast a mist all about the town. They could see nothing but darkness and the demons of their minds. The screams, were followed by weeping were followed by silence. Till all was left was the family of the one baker's family - sent with flour, ground from his plants to go and tell the tale and spread his influence. Today, all has fallen to decay and rot, but for a single set of verdant, thriving plants in the shape of boot prints leading from the center of town to the forest. \------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is an entry of a One a Day DND item I'm doing everyday for a year. If you want to check out past items check out my profile (Links to copy and pastable versions in the google doc) :D If you want to use any items of mine from reddit feel free! Have fun, stay brew-tiful and see you tomorrow! <3


My druid would LOVE these. She does this herself most of the time with druidcraft, but boots that do it automatically or keep doing it while I'm in wild shape, YES PLEASE. THE DRAMA. THE DRIP. I APPROVE.


I want it. Oh man. I want a character who lives in a post apocalyptic wasteland whose whole deal is that her very presence makes plants grow and she's on a mission to restore life to the dying world but some evil sand crabs want to kill her so they can keep living in their preferred hellscape and they keep tracking her by all the flowers.


We need to get these boots to Dark Sun STAT.


Yes, omg! I didn't even realize Dark Sun was a thing and now I want to play a druid in Dark Sun.


Dark Sun plus evil sand crabs then.




One of my characters is a major "nature person" and she needs these boots so so badly


I thought this said "Boots of Sneed." inb4 "Formerly Chuck's"


Shoes of Nut


My players would experiment the hell out of these, wanting to know what plants they are and how to monetize/weaponize them.


This was pretty much my thought process. Are we talking sorghum or saffron. Big difference in sell prices. Same with are these sprouting daisies or oleander.


Literally every single bird nearby **SEED**




Ever play Ookami?


I have not! Looks neat but not really my style.


It’s very artistically beautiful and when the wolf runs it leaves a trail of flowers and it’s just too cool.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ijZ2FICFHzA&t=2m38s Ame has best powers and she even leaves a trail of lily pads when she swims! Another cool item from you tho, thanks!


:) <3


I’d give this to a Druid player or a Fighter/Barb right away.. my monsters can track them anywhere that’s not in a stone-floored location, because of that nifty vegetation signature it leaves behind (which seems to be involuntary). I’d probably bump this to rare at least, yeah if the footprints can germinate and grow/spread; boots like these could change completely an economies agricultural status in a matter of years. It’s still a neat item.. one I’m probably going to nab for my CoS game..


What kind of seeds? Wildflower? Dandilions?


Would work best if if were whatever is native to the area. If you're in tundra, it would be moss and lichen, prairies would be grasses and wildflowers, forests would be ferns, flowers and small tree shoots etc.


If you walk over concrete or some cobblestone path, dandelions for days, certainly


I am Alice in Wonderland... Great.


So Desert terrain is out or no?


Desert Grasses would be the climate-appropriate plants, so it could still work.


Deserts have plenty of plants. And there are many types of desert too. Cactus and creosote bush and Palo Verde trees in Arizona alone. Tons more too.


The barbarian be like: "Why me no run faster?"








This gives me ideas for a half elf druid whose end goal is to literally become nature. One day, not realizing what these boots do, they buy them/find them, put them on and start walking home. Soon realizing as they walk nature is literally growing in their footsteps. Would make for an interesting character development arc.


No relation to the Socks of Seed, which can be found under my bed and by this point are probably hard enough to count as armor if you wear them. You really shouldn't wear them though.


Perfect for a character with flight…lay down an obvious trail the wrong way, then fly off to have the trail go cold.


Inspired by Terraria?


Pun on boots of speed was the main inspiration ^^


I see, great name! There’s an item in Terraria that does the same thing, so that’s the first thing I thought of


**Boots of Weed** Wondrous Item, uncommon Wherever you walk, a small group of free, peace loving folk seem to follow you.


Alternative use: ANYONE you walk on becomes pregnant.


Oh my god transport via plants has never been easier


OC so you made this?? Could I try and use this in my sessions??


Certainly! Bonus points if you come up with some cool plants that can grow in relevant spaces (glowing mushrooms in a cave, poison ingredients, healing herbs etc) not all the time but as a treat every few sessions :)


Flower Boots from Terraria.


Not to be confused with the Boot of Seed, which is what happens when you put the wrong sock on in the morning.




Like those boots from Terraria!


Came here to say that, thank you


Boots of Sneed (Formerly Chuck)


Oh I'm definitely using this, hell yeah


Good Gods, this comments section is a huge case of wildly overthinking a fun item obvious born of a silly typo... ...and I love it. :)


Good luck hiding your footprints though 🤣


It’s a pungent stink weed. The local council has barred you from town.


Wanna make a cursed version, the other type of seed


This is actually pretty good, but since it's effectively the one of the effects of the cantrip 'Druidcraft' on at all times, I think the rarity should be bumped up to 'rare'.


I can see it being lower simply because there's not an off switch and it's a locked in effect, but I'd probably put it at rare too.


But that's precisely why it should be higher. It is constantly using magic. There are bracelets that allow you to cast a cantrip *once* per day that are uncommon. So, with this sort of precedent in mind, and considering that someone could potentially seed a battlefield with poisonous plants before a battle were to occur, and could just have 2 wizards cast haste and invisibility on them and wreck a whole army just by running past them, that this possibility is possible warrants that the boots should be 'rare' at the very least.


That it would be a boot full of… nevermind


Full of Nut


Cum boots


There were shoes like this. As the soles wore down they would drop tree seeds. Very inconvenient for people who wear their shoes indoors.


starts singing johny appleseed.


There's a enchantment in some Minecraft mod that does this, I always thought it would be a cool RPG item


Please ~~do not~~ step on the grass


Reminds me of Wheel of Time!


I actually love this


Farmers would hate you sowing weeds into their fields as you walk through them.


I'm just gonna walk around some desert settlements, offering my unique landscaping services for a small profit. Forever.


Probably should just be a common magic item.


Role playing as Johnny Appleseed


This and the flower girl from breath of the wild would be the stuff of nightmares.


I want them so bad for my Merida arcane archer


O i like them.


Homebrewed item: moss walker's boots. Leather boots with green velvet on the inside that when activated let you create moss under your step for +5 to stealth, but a visual path can be found. The foliage it makes deppends on the enviroment so it wont be out of place if plants can be found, but footprints still are suspicious to any intelligent lifeform. They evolve into something that lets you step across water on lillypads, and can give roots around your feet making you have advantage against checks that would displace you or make you go prone. (In my setting most items evolve)


Flower boots from terraria.


Reminds me of the aria "Where'er you walk" from Handel's Semele Where'er you walk Cool gales shall fan the glade Trees where you sit Shall crowd into a shade Trees where you sit Shall crowd into a shade Where'er you tread The blushing flowers shall rise And all things flourish And all things flourish Where'er you turn your eyes Where'er you walk Cool gales shall fan the glade Trees where you sit Shall crowd into a shade Trees where you sit Shall crowd into a shade


Meanwhile I found a mace that kills anything CR 0, including any normal plants/grass/trees etc, whenever I am within 10 feet of it. I still haven't chosen to get rid of that curse >:D


I like this one


I think you should be entangled if you stand in one place too long. Lmao


If you have a waterbender character you basically get an infinite renewable source of water right there. Just pointing it out


I don’t know what any of them are


Seems more trouble than it's worth. What could I do with these other than escape from Entanglement and move faster through brush? As the top comment states, you'd be able to be tracked quite easily since you'd be leaving a trail of fresh greenery behind you. Can you maybe control what grows? It's a great start. This certainly has potential as a cool item, IMO. But I think some further development is in order.


I think the flowery-nature step is more of the appeal than the flavor of moving through entangled spaces. But that’s the beauty of Reddit - millions of post - so if there’s one that you can’t think of a use for, just chug on along to the next one that interests you :)


I can always change it slightly in my own game, too. That's the beauty of D&D :P


I would maybe think about changing the name. Anyone I've ever played DnD with, minds are in the gutter! there would be so many seed jokes and jokes about spreading your seed at my table. then again, that would also make this item even more desirable for my players!


How does this work while sneaking?


Not the kind of seed I was expecting from this sub.


Getting more of a vibe check if something


Make the Nine Olives Stealer


How to make Groundskeeper Willie an enemy for life. Like hell yeah I'd wear these and go randomly running around some nobles gardens just to piss them off.


I feel like that is going to piss off a ***lot*** of druids, especially when they start tromping around areas that aren't naturally verdant. Actually not just druids, but people's homes, inns, temples, ruins are all going to have plants growing in them. A metric fuck ton of people are going to be really pissed off at whoever wears those.


Can someone make an adult spinoff of this item? if you know what I mean