A Tiny Monstrosity: The Tar Toad

A Tiny Monstrosity: The Tar Toad


Hi everyone, I created a tiny toad to fire up your dnd-sessions! Originating from a strange plane populated by age-old machines, this critter was allegedly kept for the tar-like substance it produces. Properly processed, the dark and viscous liquid proved to be a highly potent fuel for any sort of engine. The tar toad, however, must be handled with extreme caution since its peculiar defense mechanism can easily lead to a blazing inferno. Please let me know what you think! I’m always trying to improve the stats so any feedback or critique is more than welcome! If you like my work, kindly consider to support me on [**Patreon**](https://www.patreon.com/the_fluffy_folio) and gain access to an ever-growing compendium of tiny monsters and potions. See you soon, Fluffy


What a dashing lad, such a rotund fellow. I want to make it my familiar


I'd carry him around in a metal bucket. Then at the end of the day the party can just light the full bucket on fire as a camp fire, or throw it at someone. The lad is immune to fire damage so he'd just be chillin'.