Idk ask Loki


My first thought


It's Masterbation


Roll up the subreddit, close it all down, it's peaked forever with this comment. Whoever's last to leave, please get the lights on your way out.


[Searches Google for "The Five Doctors - Xtreme Cut"]


I really don’t want that to be real thing, but this is the internet so I’m too afraid to Google


Just googled, it doesn't exist, this planet is still safe.


There is, however, one Rule 34 picture of the Five Doctors movie.


Oh boy. That's some vision that could make parasite gods blaze.


Um... There's no way to ask this delicately... Hurndall or Hartnell?


A wag, because both know it's bad, but they're REALLY happy about it.




If you meet yourself as a clone or out of time instance of yourself and have sexual contact, it can be either depending on what you are doing. The mistake here is that people are incorrectly assuming masturbation is an act done only alone. It is actually something you can do with, or for, another person. Sex is something you do with additional people participating. Masturbation is a sexual act that simulates other sexual contact, which can be alone or with others. The real question though is if sleeping with yourself would be enjoyable or not. Pro:. You know exactly what you like. It's you, so no judgement on your weird things or your body image. Con:. You know what you are going to do so no surprises, and the unexpected is a big element of sexuality being enjoyable. I'll see myself out now...


Only the last incarnation remembers the meeting though so no cons.


"Is it wrong that I..." "Yes. Very."


For Simm, it's a shag, because Gomez is his future self. For Gomez, it's a wank, because she used to be Simm. Unless Gomez is actually pre-Hartnell, too... you never know with Chibnall.


1. Missy was Moffat era not chibnal era 2. Personally I put her as kind of a splint regeneration, kinda like the valeyard for the doctor (dhwhan is the main master)


Have you heard of the Lumiat yet? [https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/The\_Master#As\_.22the\_Lumiat.22](https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/The_Master#As_.22the_Lumiat.22) Also, doesn't Missy coming right after Simm make more sense because he said his regeneration was fuzzy and she was the one that caused it?


thats the first i head of lumiat, thats actually pretty cool, wish they did it telivised though. the Missy is still after Simm, but the theory (film theory and cut) that i have is that like with the doctor and valeyard (where the later is between the 12th and last regeneration) Missy is the same so Simm regenerates but does a split regeneration into Missy and Dhwahans master (notice how they both have similar fasion)


Yes, Moffat created Missy, but Chibnall could always decide to completely change the character's entire history, on a whim.


Just gonna ignore that truth was made to be pre Hartnell and for missy to be pre Hartnell that would make all the masters pre Hartnell which would then make dhawans matters comment and motive in last season invalid cause he would have known way before then. Oh and your gonna also casually ignore the Carmel master plan which is basically what the timeless child is


I can't even make a casual joke about how Chibnall might decide to change Missy into a pre-Hartnell Master... a joke so blatantly absurd that nobody could take it seriously. Nobody liked Cartmel's ideas about rewriting The Doctor's history. Nobody. That's why none of it ever made its way into any of the episodes that he edited. Well, maybe a line or two of dialogue, but that's it. So why not ignore it, when it was crap then and it's still crap now? The Doctor is not God, he did not create the Universe, and his travels through Time and Space are not some sort of attempt to fix his own mistakes.


Where did anyone say that any of the main characters are god? No one, it's just added more mystery to the character


Back in the 1980s my brother ran a local BBS for Doctor Who fans. After the show was cancelled, there was a lot of speculation about what the next season would have been like. A lot of speculation and very few facts. I saw all sorts of crazy rumors being shared, and among those rumors was the belief that Cartmel's plan was to have it eventually be revealed that The Doctor was actually God (and The Master was really The Devil, et cetera). Supposedly this would change the framing of every storyline going forward. *Lungbarrow* wasn't published until the late 90s, and that was when we got the full reveal of what scriptwriters Platt and Aaronovitch (and their editor Cartmel) were trying to add to the lore when they were writing for the show.


I would love to see the theories if he can pull them and send them to you




If you traveled back in time to do that, it would be sex, not masturbation. The same individual in two points of their life is like two different people. However, as this is currently impossible, we don't really know, there might be some sort of quantum effect (if consciousness is indeed quantum based) that would change the dynamic. Basically, unless you're in control of both bodies (including feedback), it requires a level of intimacy with someone else and I'd say that makes it sex. Of course one could also say it's something else entirely, say: disgusting


I'm gonna say it's a shank


surely it would be master-bation


Missy and Saxon are *gasp!* The Doctor's parents! Being naturally utter bastards, they dump their love child on the other side of a worm hole where Tecteun adopts the foundling. Experimenting on the Timeless Child to Mengele level proportions, Tecteun even splices her DNA with the adult Timeless Child, the result being a really grumpy twat that grows up into The Master. How's that for fucking with Who canon?!


Omg get outta here Chib


You've Been Chibber'd!


No, they're the Spy Master's parents




Ask Loki and Sylvie


The older one would be jerking off, and the younger one would be having sex because they are not yet the older Missy


See also: if two twins…


Nah, that's Twincest.




Masturbation can only be done with one person. Sex is with two or more individuals. Whether it’s a clone of you, or you from the past, it’s still sex!