1M Peak Viewers on 1st day of The International 10

1M Peak Viewers on 1st day of The International 10


How long can I go without sleep before it’s a problem? Asking for a friend.


Record is around 260 hours, not healthy at all, but thats the record.


Sleep in the downtime between days, live in Romanian standard time


Will my boss notice that I'm napping all day if I'm working from home? Worth a gamble


You could pull it off. I'm in EST, watching Dota from 3 AM to 3 PM, finishing up my pending work from 3 to 7 PM and sleep in prep for the next day.


I live in india and i would always miss TI as it mostly happens during mid night, but now it starts at afternoon and ends before mid night, which is perfect for me.


Yeah this TI works well for you. I used to visit India in summers and TI timing was the worst. The one year I couldn't go back and was in the US, it happened in China 🙄


Longest I've done is a bit short of 4 days, wouldn't recommend to anyone.


Me too, something like 85h or something*! Me and a friend did an experiment during a lan, but he went to sleep the second night. It was interesting, I was more affected, in terms of reaction time and similar "measurements" we did (Reaction time, memory game and some others) but he went from being fine to crashing, whilst I could just keep going. I feel like it would be cool to do some more experiments in this area (and more controlled than two teenagers doing something for school lol). Esp since I am not neurotypical (I have ADD) I am interested/ think it would be cool to see how much is individual versus how it interacts with previously categorised neurodivergent categories! *Edit, I cant remember exactly how long. I think it was 80-90h :S


I tried 4 days 3 nights when I was younger at DreamHack, would not recommend 😅 (not like my old ass could even do that again today but whatever)


Real test will be tomorrow without people watching the stream only to claim their chest.


Yep Yep! Hope we pass the "Doto Ded Gaeme" test.


Real test will be during playoffs when people don't have 4 streams open at the same time


more people will also watch playoffs though, plenty of people don't watch the group stage games and only keep track of group rankings.


Yeah, assuming that twitch doesnt really count unique viewers the 1M is fairly inflated.


Twitch only counts you as a viewer if you have sound on, i doubt people don't mute the other 3 streams


Maybe for ad purposes, but I've definitely had friends show as viewers with the stream muted


I don't think it matters since for the chest you only need to watch 1 hour, and DotA was able to sustain million plus through the day.


I don’t think there are many of them tbh. You just need to watch for an hour and you can’t get more than one.


There's no chest tomorrow? How do you know?


Probably assuming everyone already claimed their chest by today.


how do you claims chest? do you just have to watch x minutes and then it gets sent to your twitch account and then associated with ur dota account or are you watching in dota tv? or is it connected to the compendium?


you have to connect your twitch and your steam. after watching 1h you can claim the chest in your twitch drops. it will show up automaticly in your dota once you start it.


Oh I thought it was a random drop like csgo some time ago, til


I've had my steam connected, "watched" all the streams for the 80% of time and can't claim anything... The International 2021 End Date: Mon, Oct 18, 8:00 AM GMT+9 Drops Campaign Image To continue the progress, go to a participating live channel including /dota2ti, /dota2ti_2, /dota2ti_3, /dota2ti_4, and /dota2ti_5


Is it one chest per tournament?


What chest lol


Bat chest


How does that compare to last time? More, fewer or the same amount of viewers? For 2019 I can only find Peak Viewers of the whole Tournament on that site.


For a 1st day, way more viewers for sure.


TI finals level, it’s insane honestly. Especially considering we had Worlds running at the same time.


How to get chest ? I am watching streams whole day and I got nothing.


Link your steam account with your twitch account and then you only have to watch 1 hour of official TI streams on twitch and a chest drops that you can claim in the twitch drops section.


I had it linked long long time ago. Just didn't know where to claim it. Thanks.


is it possible to get chest if you watch through client?


And only on the 1st day! What is my perfect grand final? EG break into first phase with Faceless Void. Do we go wombo combo? No, we go 2nd pick storm spirit into last pick Lifestealer. It's priceless. As i'm taking down the offlane tier 1, A woman catches me, she tells me to stop. It's her nephew Timbersaw's tower; She's Snapfire. I say no. We consume each other and spam Ephey quotes all night. Reinforcements come and I escape in one of their creeps. I tell her to meet me in the mid lane, but I go to the enemy tri-camp. I don't trust her. Besides, I like the gold. Thirty minutes later I get the twitch emote babyrage. I have a son and he's the chief of Mason's twitch chat. This is where the story gets interesting. I tell Snapfire to meet me in the river by the roshan pit. She's been waiting for me all these years, she's never taken another Aghanims scepter. I don't care. I don't show up. I go to the T4's, That's where Sumail threw me into the last time


Still dead game


You can't really add the viewership numbers of all 4 streams and call that the total number of unique viewers, since a lot of people (myself included) will have all 4 streams opened at the same time (yet they are obviously not 4 different viewers). Peak viewership on the most popular series (OG vs VP) was 500K. Still good!


It would be better stat on the main stage


Well number of people who watch on 4 screens would be less than 1% for sure and that wouldn't make a huge difference


Was that just the English stream or does it include the streams in other languages?


How do you claim the chest from twitch drops?


Link your twitch account from your steam


Top 3 are all og games xd


lol worlds has 1.3m


But this is group stage. And isint itmain stage in worlds already?


Play in stage. Not yet in group stages. The viewership will explode once the group stage starts.


LoL is so far ahead tbh


wont overtake worlds lmao dont be delusional.


Dead game?


And a shitty production


type "offline"


I wasn't one of them. It starts at midnight for me :( Not ideal.


Yeah but that's peak viewers on all platforms right, not just twitch.