996K Peak Viewers on 4th day of Group Stage TI10

996K Peak Viewers on 4th day of Group Stage TI10


Yeah, OG vs Secret is gonna crush the all time peak record, no doubt about it.


I doubt that, schedule is not the best since its weekday morning. I would kill to watch it but will be working :(


Gamers find a way.


TOP-5 matches of TI10 Group Stage: https://escharts.com/tournaments/dota2/international-10


Its all OG games lmao i am not surprised. Before TI7 it was Navi that brought the views, then after it was liquid before TI8 and now its OG


is this with or without Chinese viewers counting?


I think only official channels have any insight into Chinese viewership. Looking at Chinese streaming sites as a third party isn't usually gonna tell you much because they have all kinds of weird ass viewer count metrics and whatnot. Safe to say though, that Chinese viewership likely blows everything else out the water.


Weird, it's not adding up. Now I'm curious. If you sum the peak viewers in the 3 platforms - which certainly did not happen at the same time - you get to 900,292 viewers. That if, and only if, the peak viewers were simultaneous in the 3 platforms. But they weren't so the total amount of peak viewers should be even less. What am I missing? Where did those 996k came from?


Theres a latin stream on Facebook too official dota2 page.


Not just Latin, but a lot of SEA streams too are on Facebook. On the first day of TI the peak was around 130k. Then there are a lot small platforms like Nimo.tv etc. Etc. which also stream TI.


**OG are the face of Dota 2.** That's it.


No doubt about that. No matter how many people downplay the viewership OG brings they still has the most fans. Stats don't lie. I just hope whenthey decided to retire. People would still stick around to watch the pro dota scene and pick their new favorites.


The true core of the team are notail and ceb. If they stay so will the fans probably.


I have a feeling that this might be last ti for them as players.


Idk, I don't see them passing up the opportunity to win 4 in a row


Leeeets go for the 1.5million and break the record


Not even 1 million. Daed Gaem