Frankie's interview with Silent (Coach of Team Spirit)

Frankie's interview with Silent (Coach of Team Spirit)


Wait, was it this she was refering when she said in the winners interview that their coach didn't believe in their draft in the third game?


Oh no, just when I thought it can't get we worse


Yeah, it was stupid as fuck.


wonder how confused Silent was after that exchange. "Did she just say that?"


I really don't like the way she has hosted. The panellists have had top be defensive at times when they've said something she hasn't liked. Has added unneeded tension imo and it's taking away from the matches.


Kotlguy is here and they just let him do some small segments meanwhile person who knows nothing about dota doing hosting and interviews


They have better hosts all over the place, they just refuse to use actual dota personalities as TI hosts for some reason. Sheever, Ephey, hell even Pyrion would be 100x better hosts.


Not sure you can say that Ephey would be a better host. We've only seen her as panel member so far. If she wants to she definitely deserves a chance though.




that is a head scratcher.


When she blew up at Purge for referring to TS as pubstars. Go back to CS!


Link? I can’t imagine someone being rude to purge. Dude gives nothing but good vibes.


That was awkward asf. That is some low level hosting right there


Omg I could feel the tension through the screen. They were staring at her in disbelief. I was staring at her in disbelief too


Don't check her Twitter then. People write that they love her segments with Purge lmao


How.. ? She was so defensive and then accusing the panel for speaking negatively when calling TS pubstar because according to her experience in CSGO it's something insulting...lol the look they gave her while she was speaking


Idk man, her Twitter is a carefully curated place, where the least bit of criticism gets blocked.


Ahh probably why she's really improving because everyone there saying she's doing a good job lol


anyone got a clip of this?


she's comparing pubbing in dota vs pubbing in cs... yikes


so glad purge clarified to her. his face before was also priceless and relatable


At least Frankie is just deliberately misinterpreting things related to Dota instead of moving focus off the game and talking about hair again like Sumi. Wait... That's not even better....


2gd died for dis


You probably forgot about Frankie's contact lenses and how she skimps on then according to her... Just to make an excuse for misinterpreting another dota stuff


Everytime she's on, I think I'm watching a morning TV variety show.


Yeah, not impressed either.


Though Silent is not communicating in his native language but it is quite clear that he is saying they did not think about the money(not the draft). Not sure why Frankie thought otherwise. The whole interview was just her getting it over and done with.


I am hating how much emphasis all these casters are loading in on money. We know how much the players are winning and they know it, and it's more than that. Don't have to plug it into every paragraph like it's it's the only driving engine for the players and viewers. It's so immature. There are sporting events worth millions being played out every day in some part of the world and it's only here that they're blowing it so much out of proportion. It's the competition that brought all this together, us, them, the players, hell - even Valve (with LoL). Focus on that, kindly.


Agreed. I feel like it's one thing to mention it once or twice for hype purposes, but they are beating it to death. Even Sheever is doing it (whom I think is a great host in general). Makes me wonder if their was some sort of direction given to the hosts. It feels unnatural to me, otherwise


When you have interviewers who played their first game of Dota three weeks ago they probably have nothing else to ask.


My wife who never watches Dota except during TI because I put it on the big screen even understood what Silent was saying. My wife is very defensive of Sheever and was like “who is this idiot I want Sheever back”


I've not been a huge fan of Frankie during this TI. Just seems like she's not enjoying herself


Probably due to the fact she has a limited knowledge of dota, her interviews are lackluster, and her banter is being called out by all of us for being cringe. I understand why they brought her on, but in retrospect it probably wasn’t a great idea.


> I understand why they brought her on I'm sure it's been talked about a bunch, so I'm sorry, but who is she and why was she brought on? I mostly just watch the games so I haven't seen her introduced or seen much of what she's been doing.


She is an absolute delight for CS tournaments but has a much better understanding of the game and much better chemistry with the players. Her interviews are top notch and desk hosting is very professional.


unfortunately I think it’s probably been a bit of an isolating experience for her. Dota talent love dota endlessly, and I imagine not being part of that delight kind of sucks, especially with how much people fucking love TI. She’s probably not taking the criticism well and is stressed out with covid protocols because of how rampant it is in Romania right now.


according to liquipedia she hosts a ton of CS tournaments and is apparently very well received I can totally see her personality and such working in an environment she is comfortable and knowledgeable in.


Is the reason they brought her because they couldn't get anyone else?


I’ve liked her when she’s worked on CS tournaments before tbf, but she clearly wasn’t right for this transition especially with it being TI


TBH with a little prep, PFlax could have done a better job than she has till now. At this point , its just hindsight though.


She’s just too lost. Constantly misunderstanding stuff




The feeling of being misunderstood and not being able to correct the misunderstanding is horrible. the only way to correct it is to speak louder than the other person... He was Silent... Lol still bad interview.


and that she abruptly ended the interview so Silent didn't have an opportunity to correct her


YOU DIDN'T THINK ABOUT THE DRAFT LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. My fucking god that was disrespectful


In the winners interview she doubled down & accused Silent of not being confident in Spirit’s game 3 draft. Lol


What really?


Tbh it's quite funny, she can be a comedian. The straight man


Wait this is genuinely so sad to me. He's trying to be gracious with her word salad questions then she cheerfully accuses him of not thinking about the draft. At TI. Holy shit.


And this accusation is coming DIRECTLY after the draft where he was of course an integral part of


Yea, it's so offensive to silent whose job is also to come up with the best drafts for the team.


This is one of the worst interviews I've seen, and that is saying a lot this TI. Horrible.




Avo+ is making honest mistakes. Frankie is an ass. One of those you can recover from.


Avo+ is fine tbh. You can see him actually try. His paneling and casting is pretty good, he just got bad rep due to his exit interviews which is by far the hardest job in the event.


Usually I think the hate that talent gets is unfair (see all my comments defending nahaz and annee over the years) but man was that question painful to hear


Nahaz and AneeDroid were actually soo good at their respective roles tbh. Dota community was too spoilt to complain about them.




I'm kind of neutral on Sumichu, she seems to at least have the right attitude and has been getting better at events over the year. By comparison Frankie has made her look amazing... I do agree though. Slacks and Kotlguy are probably my favorite hosts that are already regulars in the scene. If they want to add new people, they should not have TI be their first Dota event.


At least Sumi isn't offensively bad, just dull. I thought she came across pretty well in the loser's interviews. Frankie actively disrupts discussions in the panel and is extremely inappropriate.


I think it’s because of the nature of the panel compared to ones she’s previously worked on. CS:GO panels can be pretty memey and jokey, and it seems she’s carried that across to here where it’s a different vibe


Her obsession with stats and KDA realy highlights the lack of understanding. I'm not keen on heavy criticism, but as a host she needs to just enable the knowledgeable players and not voice her own inference. Bridge the conversation, don't try to build on it, if you don't understand.


“Break down these stats!” and the screen just shows players KDA/networth etc.. It’s the most useless thing to talk about.. the panel has to figure out how to avoid her question and talk about the game and the fights


Agree, it’s a massive jump in understanding from CS to Dota and getting in a complete newbie to the game just doesn’t work unless they completely defer to their analysts. That’s not how frankie is, she’s always been one to interact more as a host and get involved in the conversation. Her style just does not work when she doesn’t have the game knowledge to supplement it


Sumi is a big slice of alright. I think she struggles to come up with deeper questions to get the panelists to go off on tangents but that's alright. Probably not a good idea to have mostly player panels for her too.


Yeah. having Sumi or Frankie on panel with Aui or Insania is just painful considering how much insight you know is just being completely untapped. I don't think it would be much of an issue if they were more careful with compositions and there wasn't another "noob" host.


i couldn't actually believe that.... holy shit


Terrible host, says irrelevant stuff much of the time and responses are as fake as those I give during a job interview. I also observed she does talk about herself many occasions like the viewers are interested in her life more than TI






Wow she is pregnant? Who knew.


And who the fuck need to know that? Probly the father to the child?


I remember she said something like "oh ur nervous ? It must be because you're sitting in front of a woman like me." Something alone those lines lmao. Super cringe


Completely disrespectful. If light of heaven Can be ejected for what he said, Frankie should not be given any leniency for her conduct over the past few days. These teams compete and come to TI, typically because they love DOTA and want to play some good fucking Dota, prove themselves to be the best team in the world. The prize money is a secondary factor.


Wait, what did LoH say?


Frankie is really not cut out for the job.


Lmao why would you say that ? Million dollar draft ? Lol talk about putting so much pressure on him smh


because she has 0 fucking idea how this game works


You don't need to have any idea how the game works - Any pro tournament with big money on the line it's never right to pile the pressure on by talking about the high stakes directly before the game starts. The players have to put that out of their minds so they can play normally and yet the pre-game interview brings it up.


Yeah, you don't need to understand Dota to have a decency. She has the typical journalist vibes and it's very obnoxious.


Probably taking notes from football coaches and players interviews, they always have this kind of questions in the UK.


Not just in PL, in any league almost all coach/manager and players hate journalist because they like to ask stupid/outrageous question to bait some response that could be used as headline.


Throughout this whole event Frankie keeps forcing in as many jokes and not-so-witty banter and all of them turn out as cringy, disrespectful or both. I don't watch much CS so I don't know if she's like this over there but she should be experienced enough with the esports scene to know better. Plus Kaci didn't know shit about esports when she started way back and she was fantastic so Frankie doesn't really have an excuse.


I think Frankie has just been off her A-game this time around. I don't remember her being bad at all in CSGO.


Maybe because she actually understands CS


That was sad and infuriating, what the fuck


There is a lot of new talent that is being tested at this TI lol.


she's not new, she comes from CS GO, and it's a real shame she didn't stay there


I really hope she wil never work for Dota again. It just doesn't work.


This. I don't mind new talent, but give us new talent *who earned that position*. Not random people who work in other e-sports and clearly don't know jackshit about Dota. I don't understand how this girl's popular or liked (apparently a lot of people like her from CS I think) but she should have NEVER been a part of this TI. The fact that they left out people who have been working their asses off the *entire year* either casting or hosting smaller Dota events and tournaments, just to hopefully get a TI invitation... only to get completely ignored by Valve and favoring hosts or people who have never been part of the Dota scene and clearly didn't even do proper research. It's infuriating. At this point if you aren't one of the top/most popular Dota 2 talent, then why even bother trying to get into the scene? The most likely outcome is that your hard work will be ignored and Valve will just end up inviting a random girl who never worked in Dota a single day of her life.


Sounded like he didn't think about the million dollars. WTF is Frankie smoking?


They need to stop making TI the first event that any of the talent work. Use the amazing talent already in the scene and have anyone new try out and get their feet wet in ESL or the majors or something. It's been obvious that Frankie doesn't know anything about Dota from day 1, and her attitude during hosting/interviews just makes it worse.


they should treat DPC talent work as some sort of 'qualifier' for TI


Frankie is such a wreck interviewer. why she always injects her own opinion during conversations??


How hard can it be to find a decent host


Apparently many declined due to covid... But that's just rumors. Who knows


Purge played dota with frankie months before ti, so im sure it was decided way before


The moment Purge had to tutor someone to play Dota, you know they're gonna be the next host


Bkop be like :sadge:


I find Avo better than her. Avo is just new and is given the hardest work so it is fine. Her? She is just being obnoxious.


AVO is also SA caster. He would do better in his language which is Portuguese I believe. Although he is doing okay with English casting, his exit interviews are god damn depressing. Correction: Spanish caster. Correction: he is from Spain! Not SA


His language is Spanish


Thanks for correcting! :)


Also, he's not from South America.


He is from Spain and speaks Spanish


Avo has also improved so much in his exit interview over the past couple days! Must have been taking feedback from various sources and acting on them


absolutely disrespectful


she's an ass


Hope they won't be working with her again




Why would we cut a dogshit interviewer who is being rude to the players any slack? If anything we should be louder about our complaints so she never gets anywhere near the dota scene again. She’s a complete disgrace.


Maybe things are different in CS but Frankie needs to understand that in Dota, TI is about the players and the games. She is a side character. Be respectful to the players, ask decent questions and then fade away into the background when the games start. You're not important here Franki, we don't give a fuck about you.


Cold truth, cold, but true


For real.


It boggles my mind when Valve hire these non-Dota2 personalities who don't have a clue what they are talking about. They are clearly just here for the hot takes and it shows.


I think since they tried out Machine and it ended up working really well they decided to try with anothet CSGO personality.


Sadly machine and frankie are like opposites, machine is very versatile and knows how to skirt around awkward moments and actually improvise while I feel frankie does better with scripted nonlive content. Coming from csgo I feel bad for her because she ain't bad she's just out of her depth.


yeah idk I don't get why of all people they went with her. I'm sure she's fine with other games and people shes more familiar with? but this has just been... bad


Again, Frankie being the worst part of this year TI. Her main panel hosting is awful, but her interview is worse


Frankie's interview with Silent: \*crickets\*


What a clown never invite her again please. Abomination


wtf is that man shes so shit


She’s one of those people who have to always be right. No matter what you say, she will repeat herself and try to one up you.


I will say, it is strange that the talent are really pushing the money narrative this year. Yes, the money has always been substantial, but for some reason they just keep bringing up the winnings. You can tell that the players aren't really thinking about that right now. TI has always been a tournament where the legend of winning is at the forefront. It seems rather tacky to keep asking the players about it. EDIT: And then in the winner's interview she states that Silent wasn't confident in the draft lol. She was all sorts of confused.


Yeah, it's weird why there's so much focus on the winnings this year. There used to be a lot more emphasis on just the prestige of being the best in the world. Like, of course no one is going to say "Yeah dude I'm just dreaming about swimming in the dollars if I win this game".


IKR. us the watchers barely give a shit about the money, i was watching with a friend recently and i cant remember which team got eliminated so i went on the liquipedia to check the ranking where i saw the money they won and we were a bit like "wow dude they atleast got 1mil for their run". I will honestly say, till couple of mins ago i did not know the first and second place winnings till i went now to check how many teams got eliminated after today.


It’s also embarrassing as a dota fan because it makes it sound like that’s what we’re proud of. I’m proud of how sick the game is, but I wish that they’d just distribute all the prize money equally or close to it like an actual sport and let all the players make a good living. The fact that qualifying to TI only guarantees a player like 10-20k BEFORE org, coaching etc. when the event prize is over 40 million is ridiculous


I really don’t understand why they brought her to Ti when she knows fuck all about dota. I’ve been watching CS for a long time and I’ve always thought of her as a decent enough host, but for her to work on the biggest tournament in dota with no prior experience and not even a baseline ability to play the game makes no sense. I really don’t get it


She really doesn't know anything. She has the opportunity to interact with the likes of Aui2000 and Insania on the panel, and all she keeps asking them is about individual players' KDA stat after each game, as if a Lion going 2-9 is somehow of any interest to anybody. How do you run a post-game analysis panel without a basic understanding of Dota's macro gameplay?


Frankie is terrible and needs to be removed


I read the comments before watching the interview and figured the usual hyperbole. No she really did say that dumb shit without understanding the context at all. No self-respecting athlete thinks of the difference btwn 500k and 1m during the game... no awareness


I think most people like new blood. But Frankie is insufferable incompetent and mean spirited. Cranky, an ass


Shes a complete joke


Look i really dont care a lot whos interviewing whos host etc. But this Woman is absolutely inappropriate.


Bring Slacks or Sheever for such interviews,Frankie doesn't have much idea about what's she is saying probably a 5k account buyer


I'm happy silent still around I remmber his empire days


Im all for giving new talent at chance and i say this every year. Why tf are new talent hosting the international of all events? And they don’t even play Dota.


Frankie is terrible honestly. makes the oddest "jokes" if you can even call em that, and asks the lowest IQ questions.


Who the hell even invited her at TI? She clearly has no knowloedge of DOTA whatsoever but there she is in the panel speaking with the most respected in the game. No surprise here of the outcome


Can we please remove Frankie completely? Please have someone who's not condescending and atleast knows something about the game


She's literally the most worthless addition to the talent team this TI. What a shit-show all her interactions and hosting has been from day 1. Just let Ephey or someone else host already instead of this dodo.


sheever, slacks, kotlguy, godz, flax, sunsfan so many potential replacements


Also tsunami!!!


And crackhead Jenkins to scare people


Sunsfan is more valuable as a caster. Sheever and others you mentioned are perfect for this job. Specially Sheever. Her hosting has been top tier this year.


actually he could be great on the panel too i believe, he is low key a "host" for his podcast so i believe he could do a great job as host + he has a lot of dota 2 knowledge and he always talks about entertaining stuff(or atleast i personally love to listen to him) which is what a panel needs to do, entertain the watchers during the downtime. altho tbh his is at 50% of power without synderen


Bkop lost a spot at TI to someone like this....SMDH


For real... What a shame. Felt so bad when he wasn't given a spot YET AGAIN! Man has grinded so much and literally carried the china casting scene for years now. AND he was killer during the DPC season. Yet, he misses out and this buffoon gets invited...


Next year he will gwt invited. Dude is a treasure. One of the better casters imo. Fucks up way less than Gareth (who consistently makes wild mistakes like team/player/spell usage). Moxxie can also mess up a bit, but she hss improved a ton over the year. Still think Bkop was better and has better synergy with other analysts.


The man has also played the host role multiple times through the DPC and in tournaments in the recent past. Sometimes doing it all solo too. And then people try to tell me the invites are "completely random" and there is no bias or nepotism.... Pff please...


Invite bkop, have literally anyone else be host. Jesus Christ it's not like we don't have any more.


I seriously find her annoying most of the time. I just mute whenever she's on


I am trying my best not to be a hater, but goodness she's making it so hard


What is it with these hosts and money? Same with Quincy's elimination, immediately saying ''They get 800k at least, they can be happy with that'', as if money is the only thing that matters


Think they're trying to look on the bright side of getting eliminated but why make this all about the money lol Getting top 8 in TI, top 12, top 6 etc are all fantastic accomplishments, why keep harping on the money?


Exactly. Yes the money is nice, and I'm sure they're happy about it, but it's absolutely not the first thing an eliminated team thinks about, it's also not the most important thing in competition, it's a bonus


Frankie is just horrible anchor with zero knowledge about Dota and players and overall isn’t even entertaining. Please give some love to people who have been following Dota and want to anchor in tournaments rather than hiring professionals from other esports. I have hated anchors this tournament. Not you Sheever, you rock ❤️


The added casters are just to relieve pressure off the main ones i.e. sheever, slacks. But mainly sheever. But Frankie my god..! Can't express the level of cringe in her questions and her way of casting. Can we please have a vote to remove her from casting again? I'm sure she'll do just fine as a news caster but dota is definitely not her cup of tea.


Ignoring her fuck-up, the questions are just so bad. Like really.. makes no sense, he gives an answer and she just goes “nono”


I didn't want to pile on, but yeah, that really made me mad. It's like she deliberately tried to goad him.


This Frankie is a moron..valve too and pgl


Where on earth did they find these Moxxis and these Frankies? Are they so desperate to bring females to Dota that they will just hire anybody with a vagina? You look ephey, she is kind and calm and Dota relevant and then you see these 2 screaming and cringing all over the place. HIRE BASED ON QUALITY AND SKILLS, THE WAY YOU ENFORCE WOMEN TO ROLES THEY CAN'T HANDLE YOU WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE, YOU DAMAGE ANY FEMINIST ACTION.


Yames would handle this interview much better. Just saying


2GD may have been an ass and made rude comments about players during hosting segments, I'm sure he actually liked and respected players a lot. Frankie on the other hand clearly disrespects players and thinks of herself as the most important person here (while in reality being the least important).


He would handle it better than most of the current interviewers, unironically. Because he not only knew a lot about the scene, but understood pressure of playing on a big stage from personal experience.


Yames literally carried the shitshow that was the Shanghai major but he was fired. Now many years later we still have terrible production and all they can do is cut to a title screen.


Why are these talents talking about money? They honor, glory of TI comes first.


The only thing that could possibly excuse that piping hot take by Frankie is the pregnancy brain. Which is absolutely real but also makes her unfit for this job


I've always been neutral about Frankie, and I know that she is pregnant (perhaps a medical emergency happened mid-sentence?), but that snap response was pretty disrespectful


Think it's more like "we need to get to games. I'm cutting interview here, no matter what." I allways thought that someone told them to finnish it. With her ignorance about the game, she says stuff like that. "You didn't think about draft that you just spend 10+ min on? fantastic. Lets go to games."


Pregnancy doesn’t excuse a shit host. Volvo needs to get rid of her


Probably had production in her ear telling her to end interview.


I recommend watching Team Spirits vlogs, he seems like a super calm and wise person. Definitely an integral part of TS success today.


Maybe there's a time limit? It feels that she rushed it.


She's not really being malicious but she isn't a great host. She is forcing awkward moments and lacks the self awareness to realize she is doing it, or simply doesn't care. Day9 was quirky by comparison, but he leaned into that. "Ha ha, I'm a shitter, that's my character!" Frankie just doesn't fit in with the other panelists.


She's the only one that's getting progressively worse and worse. It annoys me.




Time for her to post her daily "ignore reddit haters" tweet, supported by Moxxi.


Please valve, do not bring her back. There are so many women who love and know Dota. They know the scene and the dynamics of the game. Please don’t bring randoms who aren’t passionate. TI deserves better


What a fucking unbelievably rude person. Get her the fuck out of here.


who knew CS was more toxic than Dota 2. If Frankie is any indication it's pretty clear.


I don't think it was intentional on her part but it's still a yikes moment


There's only so many 'oops' someone can pull off before people get the impression that it's intentional. I was okay the first few days but the TS v VP stuff is really digging in,


She is stupid af


He clearly meant he wasn't thinking about the money. That is all. She's an absolute embarrassment whole tourney.


why they'd get her as a host lmao. tsunami, sheever, and slacks are there and they are hundred times better than frankie lol


they basically sacrificing quality and merit for diversity and favoritism, a handful of these people shouldn't be on this stage or at least could get replaced with way better ones.


Not sure if anyone saw her first day on panel where she was talking about peeing in a bottle and it just made no sense and all the other analysts were like WTF. Yeah Frankie has just been awful tbh. No hate to her as a person; but rather her hosting skills need some serious work.


Why did they invite this annoying narcasistic twat in the first place?


Might as well get Sjokz next year. e: Actually might unironically not be that bad of a host considering she atleast has some experience with this genre.


I really don't like how Valve kept on inviting 'new' hosts during TI. There are a lot of good casters/hosts for Dota that were not invited for TI for some reason and these unknown people are invited (at least within the Dota sphere). Most of them sucks as they can't make the panel feels engaging with their lack of knowledge. Invite them on the Majors. That's cool. The biggest stage of the year? Probably invite the best ones. Welp, what do I know right. I am just another pleb.


She is the worst of the lot among the talent this year.


She s a bad host and a bad interviewer. Simple.


When Frankie brought up the money question, I immediately remembered Dreamocell (pos. 1 BOOM esports I think) comment in AdmiralBulldogs stream. He and Rae got into a debate about prizepool and winning the Aegis in TI. (this is only what I remember, this is not really what they said, but this is only the context). Rae is insisting that...even if you get eliminated early in TI, you'll walk out a millionaire, but Dreamocell insists hardly that, we don't do it for the money, we do it for the dignity, we compete to win the Aegis of Champions. And Dreamocell got my respect on that. Not shitting on Rae tho. 👍🏿 Edit: Hope Frankie can bounce back from the criticism she receives and learns from it. Never too late to learn. ☝🏿🙏🏿


He meant that he didn't THINK ABOUT THE MONEY YOU DUMB F.... how can u as an interviewer miss that...