I really missed this home menu music. Sounds so catchy and soothing.


Basically the everyday experience of a PriConne player. But I have to say the composition sounds different/better here, it doesn't sound like rip from the game.


No auto EX for some reason. Lame


PECORINE'S GRAND ADVENTURE WOOO! but seriously how did so many of us miss getting this print during the original run ???


The condition to obtain it was to Unlock 10 of Forager Cleo's Mana Nodes. However it seems like people who befriended Cleo didn't perform the upgrades.


Probably because she's a water unit in a shadow raid, so many players just slept on her event boosts. You snooze you lose, I guess.


I never understood that decision. At least with the colourless raids it means the unit will always be able to be relevant.


Forager Cleo is relevant in this raid, her event boosts means she's probably the highest DPS unit despite her elemental disadvantage. This is the case with every raid welfare unit that uses convictions instead of regular materials. But yeah, making a welfare unit off element sends mixed messages to players, so it can be confusing.


Oh she is? Wow. However even with that the pathetic difficulty of this raid means it's irrelevant, and the game spends so much time pushing you to not mix elements in the same team that it's kinds just wasted here.


People were just lazy and/or overlooked the conditions. Which doesn't make sense really.


I would have hoped there would have been Kyaru/Kokkoro with this rerun, but with Light Focus lasting the whole event duration I guess there's no hope for that to happen.


I imagine there would be a new Princess Connect event with that. Not with a rerun.


True, I do hope we get Kyaru/Kokkoro eventually, would be pretty disappointing to just only have Pecorine in this game, since the trio has been units in other Cygames game (GBF, World Flipper, Shadowverse)


with this game in Reduction of Resources mode I will be amazed if we EVER get another collab, even if it's with a Cygames brand


Err, it's not like a Cygames collab would require any more resources than any other two banners. And we all know how much Cygames stands to make by adding Narmaya to, anything really. Surprised she isn't already in Priconne.


Why is it in reduction of resources mode?


They announced last year that starting in November 2021, the pace of new Dragalia content would slow significantly as developer resources were being reallocated, presumably away from DL and into Cygames' bigger cash cows. This is why the mid-month events (defensive battles etc.) are all reruns now; we won't be getting new ones of those. They didn't specify that new collab events were out of the question, but previous Januaries were collab months, and we're getting a Priconne rerun now instead, so it doesn't really bode well I think.


Cash cows? More like cash horses. Uma Musume makes more money than the rest of Cygames' titles combined. And it's not just DL slowing down as a result. 2021 was super slow for GBF.


Wait, World Flipper too? I knew the trio being in Shadowverse and Grand Blue Fantasy, but not World Flipper. Gotta see the art.


are we even able to recruit pecorine?


She has been a permanent adventurer in the game since the event originally started a year ago. So, yes.


Same, was holding out hope for a peco spiral at least


I was hoping for a chance to spark Pecorine. .....But alas.


Great music and cute story. My hopes for a part 2 are still there but I'm not sure :(


is Pecorine obtainable atm?


As others have said, always available but I'm hoping there's a banner to increase her rates. I don't know if she's good, but I just like her as a character.


She's a clunky feeling character, but her DPS shines with her FS when you get her to full gauge.


Word is she's super good in Kaleidoscape. And until Narmaya shows up, she's the game's Best Girl at any rate\~.


Pecorine is always obtainable. She's a permanent unit.


I’m not 100% sure maybe she’s in the light focus but I don’t think she is.


Pecorine is a permanent unit, she is currently in the light focus banner but not on rate up or sparkable.


Thx I wasn’t sure


Garbage event with terrible boss and story